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Monday, July 18, 2011

We Lost, But It Was Still A Good Game

Well yesterday the USA women’s team played Japan in the final of the FIFA women’s world cup. And they lost.

The game was very exciting as both teams played an outstanding game. The US had many shots on goal in the first half but luck just wouldn’t put the ball into the net.

Each team ended up scoring great goals during the second half which forced the game into overtime at one goal apiece.

And each team scored a great goal in the overtime period which sent the game to penalty kicks.

The USA did horrible during the penalty kick shootout and Japan didn’t which is what gave the game to Japan.

I am not mad or sad about losing the World Cup final to Japan as both teams played a classy game without many fouls. The both played the beautiful game the way it was supposed to be played, and that is how it should be.

The USA women’s team should not be sad either. You had to win a playoff game to just qualify for the World Cup. Then you lost a game to Sweden in the group stage only to bounce back to play the epic game against Brazil. Then you beat a very talented France team to reach the final.

So USA, keep your chins up you will be ok. You have a very talented team and there is still more soccer to play. Next summer is the Olympics (which they have won the last two times) to look forward to. And I also heard that the next women’s World Cup is in Canada, hmm I may have to take myself and the kids up there to see it.

Oh and to the USA goalie Hope Solo, you can come play goalie with me anytime you hot thing you!!!


  1. Hey women sports won overall, that's all that matters. FYI...the bar near me was packed.

  2. Bad that we lost.:(

  3. Great game and a true testament to both national programs, I found it unique that no fouls were committed until about 30 minutes in.
    Ahh the lovely Solo....Playboy next?

  4. Tough luck OT. Those penalty shoot outs are a nightmare to watch.

  5. I agree, this team is a class act all the way and had a hell of a run!

  6. With a name like Hope Solo, you'd think she would have a furry sidekick or something.

    Or maybe women are just better because they shave...

    Japan dominated their matches, and I'm glad the US kept it interesting. Japan has never won on the big stage, so major kudos to them.

    Now if only the men's WC team could do this well...

  7. Where in Canada? If it lands around the same time next year somewhere near Calgary you can hit up the stampede while you're at it.

  8. @ Copyboy, that is very true.

    @ Lurker, yes it was.

    @ iNews, yep.

    @ Sausage, that is very true. It was a very clean game. And one could only Hope she goes to playboy.

    @ Tony, hell yea they are.

    @ Randomgirl, I couldn't have said it any better than you just did.

    @ Lost, very true.

    @ Hero, it is in Canada in 2015 and I am not sure where. I would awesome Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec, and some other big cities would host games.

  9. I was just telling my husband that I thought the goalie was so pretty! There were some on the team that...uh...well, they didn't look like Hope. This was a great recap. I watched the ending of the game. It was overwhelming seeing Japan get so happy over the win. Good for them and good for the USA!

  10. Hope Solo is such a cool name.

  11. I didn't watch any of the tourny, but find it amazing how many people did. I'm happy that they created such a buzz for soccer.

  12. @ Kelley, yes she is very pretty. Much more so than some others. And I agree with you.

    @ Barsola, yes it is a cool name.

    @ Tony, I always watch the World Cup and I was glad to see it generate so much attention.

  13. Even though I absolutely HATE using PKs to determine a champ (I believe I've ranted about this before), good for Japan. They never gave up, even though they were playing the presumptive favorites (kinda like how the Giants beat the Patriots or the US hockey team beat the Soviet Union in hockey). It's even better for Japan given the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear accidents, and dinosaurs destroying Tokyo. They had (using a hideous sports cliche) pluck.
    The US's penalty kicks were horrendous and I still think Hope Solo was hurt and didn't have any explosive speed off the line. Still, as I said, the US PKs were hideous, so the point is moot.
    Good game, though.

  14. Not gonna lie...I was pretty bummed but SO proud of them nonetheless.

  15. Well, yay for Japan! And yay for women's soccer :)

    Wonder if I could rock the name Solo (Han was always my Star Wars crush after all...)

    Happy Monday OT!!

    Kelly Solo @My Joy Project

  16. @ Al, I agree with you.

    @ Vixen, yea so was I.

    @ Kelly, yep yay for womens soccer. And I am pretty sure as hot as you are you could away with calling yourself whatever you wanted to.

  17. Uggg, the loss made me sick to my stomach. I am going to blame it on poor coaching. The 'stall' technique when you are up never works. Why do they feel they have to go to that!? Blech, maybe in 4 years. Maybe.

  18. Japan needed the emotional boost. I'm glad they won.

  19. I did not watch it but sorry we lost. After watching Nascar all afternoon I had enough of sports after that.

  20. i don't watch sports but that's a bummer we lost

  21. @ Texa, I don't think it was poor coaching because they played great until the PK's.

    @ Robyn, they did.

    @ Barb, it is ok.

    @ Becaa, and that is ok as well.

  22. It Was Still A Good Game was it I will have to take your word for it as I would not know a good game if I fell out of a plane and landed in the middle of one........that said if I fell out of a plane I would more then likely be dead so really wouldn't matter how good the game was I wouldn't know about it as I would be ldead as I just said.

  23. thanks for the words of concern. i hope i get it as well.

    they blew it - it's like every four years, the USA gets amped up for World Cup Soccer and everytime we're disappointed.

    Baseball season is still going on!

  24. It was a great game. I was screaming, then biting my nails, then cheering, squealing, then more nail biting, more cheering, some hair pulling....
    that doesn't sound like I was watching soccer...but I was...I swear. Great game. Well played by the US. I know they are kicking themselves for those close balls early in the game but all in all a great performance.

  25. @ Jo-Anne, yep it was still a good game.

    @ Ryan, always disappointed we are.

    @ Jewels, yes they should be kicking themselves. And little Ms Hope Solo needs a spanking for her performance. And I know just the guy who could do it. lol

  26. i hate being busy and not being able to keep up with your blog...this does not please me.

  27. Oh, I wish I'd seen those games, I bet they were awesome, indeed!

  28. @Powdered Toast: Right after the International Rock-Paper-Scissors-Games.

  29. As much as I hated that that we lost, I'm glad Japan won. That was a great match! I bit my nails dammit! But well worth it! ;)

  30. @ Paige, I am sorry.

    @ Toastman, I Am not sure.

    @ Janie, yep.

    @ Al, But right before underwater basket weaving.

    @ Yvonne, I was also biting my nails.

  31. I'm sensing you have a thing for the goalie? ; )

  32. @ Empress, yes I do. I would bend her like....lol

  33. AGH! I was so sad they lost, but it was a hard fought match and I'm happy for Japan, especially after all that country has been through. I really thought USA would pull it out, though.

  34. I think this victory does a lot for the spirits of Japan right now. If somebody doesn't score a goal and pull a "Brandi Chastian" soon, I'm gonna give up on women's soccer.


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