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Friday, July 8, 2011


Did you ever play the board game Operation when you were younger? I played the game a lot as a kid.

I even played it when I got older in high school and college. The fun of this game was never lost on me. Hell we even turned it into a drinking game.

Then for someone reason I quit playing the game as I got older.

When my kids were old enough to play it, I went out and bought one. I loved playing it with them and watching them freak out when they would set off the alarm. We played that game until it broke and for some reason never got another one. Maybe it got replaced with Playstation and to be honest I can’t remember.

Then last week one of my friends sent me an email on Facebook with a picture attached that she had taken in a Walmart.

The picture was this one below.

Holy Fuck, they make a Family Guy version of Operation.

Needless to say I will be buying one of these on payday. I will let you know how it turns out.


  1. I loved that game! To be honest I wouldn't buy the Family Guy version, but the principle of the game beyond the "version" is awesome for dexterity skills for toddlers!


  2. We had a similar game but it was shaped like a robot. Freaked my youngest out so much when it went off he refused to play it again, ever. He might have been better with the traditional game

  3. I love the old-school version. My parents bought us one at a garage sale and we played it all the time. A few of the parts were missing, but we didn't care.

    I don't think I could handle the new version...Family Guy might be just a bit too intense for me.

  4. I think they have a SpongeBob version too. I hope he doesn't do that annoying laugh when you touch the sides.

  5. I was more of a Mouse Trap kid.

  6. I used to play strip Operation..Try THAT!

  7. @ Canadian, oh this version is for me and not the kids.

    @ Mynx, hmm that would have freaked me out as a kid as well.

    @ Al, exactly.

    @ Teach, each to his own I guess.

    @ Rosie, it is ok it is just a game.

    @ Optomom, I think I have seen it before.

    @ Drake, Mouse Trap was fun. The last Tree House Of Horror for the Simpsons made fun of Mouse Trap.

    @ Lass, pictures or I don't believe you. lmao

  8. that game gives me too much anxiety....damn buzzer gets me every time! Maybe I need to try the drinking game version, that might mellow me out!

  9. Loved Operation though as a kid I remember being freaking out by the buzzing. I too made it a drinking game (shocker, huh?) and now I play it all the time with the kids. Some of the classics just never get old.

    As for Mouse Trap I did enjoy it but I am too much of an immediate gratification type of person to be patient through the set up.

  10. I'm a sucker for board games with tie ins. I used to collect different monopoly editions.

  11. @ Randomgirl, then you should try drinking while playing.

    @ Jewels, why am I not shocked that you did the same thing that I did.

    @ TS, same here. I have a bunch of Star Wars stuff like that.

  12. I know its ok... but I just can't seem to get past it. It stresses me out. sometimes I cry.

  13. I HATED this game! The anxiety was too much and I caved every time under the pressure to perform. Damn my shaky little hands! And that buzzer noise! I still wake up in a cold sweat on occasion.

  14. I've seen the Shrek version too..... I haven't played it since I weas a kid and do NOT have on in my house. I don't like loud noises thart make my jump, hence my random phobia of balloons....

    Kelly at http://myjoyproject.blogspot.com/

  15. @ Rosie, again try playing it when you have been drinking.

    @ Vixen, I Am sorry.

    @ Kelly, ah come on it is a fun game. lol

  16. Not gonna lie, it always scared the poop out of me! haha, and probably still would :)

  17. That's awesome... they need to bring back more cool games with awesome TV Show and/or Movie themes.

  18. And now I know what I'm getting from my kids for my birthday. Freakin' sweet!

  19. @ Texa, a lot of people say that.

    @ Kev, exactly. It is very awesome.

    @ Joshua, that is cool. And yes it is sweet!!!

  20. I'm with Drake in that I was a Mouse Trap kid. And Battling Robots.

  21. I sucked at it too. Never could get that charlie horse.

  22. Looking forward to you demonstrating just how wrong the Family Guy grew has managed to make this game:)

  23. @ Tony, I was not really into Mouse Trap as a kid. I wanted instant gratification and not a lot of setup time.

    @ Ruth, lmao.

    @ Mel, I can't wait to try.

  24. Ha! I wonder if there is a blubbery film over the top that makes it really hard to get to the coins or dog bones or whatever it is that is buried inside him. EW!

  25. That's brilliant, hated this game but only because I had a twitch, big twitch.

  26. Love that game, although I was never any good at it.

    Family Guy? :-) Love that stupid show.


  27. @ Kelley, I will let you know when I get it. lol

    @ Lurker, I am sorry.

    @ Jessica, yes it is. And thank you.

    @ Pearl, I was never any good at it either but I still loved it.

  28. That was on clearance at my Walmart for $5! Had I known it would have made you that excited, I would have just gotten the damn thing. BUT.. they were all gone super quick. SO.. maybe yours has it on clearance??

  29. That was a great game. Not only fun but it did teach you patience and dexterity. I'm seeing a few old classics making a come back. It's great.

  30. mom, mom, mom, momma, momma, mommy, mommy, ma, ma, mum, mum, mum.


    Hi. (hehehe)

    Awesome game and an awesome-r twist on an already awesome game

  31. that is fucking awesome! I want one!

    my favorite game when i was a kid was "hungry hungry hippos". i was ecstatic when i found it on the shelve at walmart last year. i immediately brought one home to my stepdaughter, and then hid it from her so i wouldn't have to share.

  32. Penwasser up there cracks me up.
    I loved Operation. Bought it for the kids, but we never played it much. Perhaps we need the Family Guy edition....

  33. @ Sara, I will have to check out my local walmart in that case then.

    @ Barb, you are so right.

    @ Ryan, I love that show. And that game.

    @ Whatshoudibuytoday, yes it does.

    @ Kage, same here. And that was awesome that you did that.

    @ Dawn, he cracks me up as well. Perhaps you do.

  34. I haven't seen that version! We're gonna go get one today!

  35. SWEET!!!
    i had a party a couple years ago with the theme "genital hospital" and we had the original game as a treat for our guests. it was such a hit! i think in my tipsy generosity, i gave it away as a door prize, but after seeing the new option, i'm going to investigate purchasing it again!!!
    cool stuff, o.t.!

  36. I never played operation that much. The buzzer and the anxiety created by trying to get those little plastic bones out with out touching the sides. I think it was this very game that single handedly sidelined by desire to be a dr. when I grew up. LOL.

    This is the same reason that I bought and rather rapidly threw out Taboo. That damn bitch buzzer that was supposed to be used when you said a forbidden word....

  37. hahah gonna go buy this sexy game
    +folllowed! http://yearningandlearning.blogspot.com/

  38. Please have the youtube video of your drinking game! BTW...made you blog of the day.

  39. @ Janie, good girl!!!

    @ Violet, you are awesome for that.

    @ Semi, everyone seems to either love it or hate it.

    @ Scrubby, thank you.

    @ Copyboy, I may just have to do that.

  40. I always thought it was a great game and my kids also liked it. It's a classic for sure!

  41. Oh my gosh!!! I will be buying that game after all my moving business is done and over with :P. I really dont need to buy stuff just to turn around and pack it up and cart it across country

  42. Visit Moody Gardens in Galveston - they have a life size game in the Discovery pyramid ... I still sucked at the game.

  43. OMG! I'd so buy the Family Guy version!!! I used to play this with my dad--I was like this little mini-surgeon, all focused and serious and I still lost more than I won, but I always enjoyed it.

    One of my absolute favorite games was Sorry. Now, that one I kicked some butt on. lol

    There were some really great board games growing up.

  44. A "Family Guy" version of Operation? That's priceless! Now we just need a "Girl's Next Door" version and all will be complete with the world.

  45. @ Pat, yep it is a classic.

    @ Brandi, it is worth it.

    @ McDowell, I will have to check that out since I haven't been there in ages.

    @ Virgin, I like sorry as well. And my son gets all pissy when he loses.

    @ Kernut, yep you said it.


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