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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Am An Inspiration. Apparently.

One of the blogs that I follow, My Joy Project posted an interesting post the other day.

Joy was listing the way that she wants to feel with a man. The list included adored, safe, desired, valued, wanted, appreciated, loved, and respected. The list is actually a pretty good list when you think about it.

I commented on her post that most if not all women want/demand to feel that way, but really if ever make men feel the same way. I also told her in an email that men want to feel that way as well, but we don’t say it out loud. Well all of those things except safe, unless you are dating/married to one of those body building weight lifting type women.

So ladies and men folk, what do you think. Is that list a list of reasonable things to want to feel from your partner?

So my comment to her in her original post caused her to write a post today about what she as a woman wants to give a man (I hope it includes a naughty email to me with nice pictures of her since I am pimping out her blog). 

So head over to My Joy Project to see what little Oilfield Trash inspired her to write.


  1. In addition to all the characteristics she listed, I'd add "abs," "funny" and "attractive."

    But that's only because I'm shallow and fifteen.

  2. I think Joy's list is damn good.
    But, again, I would add to the list of things I want to feel from a man: his tongue.
    Just sayin'. ;)

  3. Nice one. Did her pics come out all right? Care to share with the class?

    Worth a shot.

  4. Check out her new list, it's damn good.

  5. When you think about them, they're reasonable and right.

  6. @ Lemons, there is nothing wrong with that.

    @ Dawn, that is one thing I am good at giving a woman. lol

    @ Joshua, I am still waiting to see if I get any. Pics.

    @ Sausage, you are right about that.

    @ Lass, yes I guess so.

    @ Lurker, yes they sure are.

  7. ugh. i think i might be guilty of the "take not give" lately.

    i'm gonna go call my boyfriend.

  8. I'd say the ones you mention. Oh and I want things said to my face instead of with the friends over a round of tinis.

  9. Very good point. And very true. I'll jump over and see her.

  10. I think a woman can make a man feel safe. A place to be where you can let your guard down emotionally. That is what I think of when I think of safe.

  11. @ Kage, good call.

    @ Copyboy, I can agree with that.

    @ Tony, thank you.

    @ Ruth, that is true. I didn't think about it like that.

  12. Wow OT thanks for the pimpin' you are indeed an inspiration... and I know just the photo I want to send you later :)

    I had a lot of fun writing that list and am really looking forward to gettign the opportunity to put it into practice - hopefully sooner rather than later!

    And cheers @Dawn... I have that on my mental list... do you think it needs to be added to my written one too?

    ox Kelly

  13. Your comments are right on. Too often it's about the woman and her "list of demands" while the guy becomes an underpaid lawn boy. It was refreshing to read a woman talk about giving some of the love back.

  14. I think the list is right and justified. I understand much better now than I used to, the importance of supplying what I want to who I'm with. I overlooked the actual emotional/care/security needs when I was married assuming because he didn't say he needed it, he must not. Lesson learned. I'll do better next time around.

  15. I wanna feel him poking me on a very regular occassion....yeah...I'm horny.

    But it IS a great list and I'm pretty darn sure that what I get I also give...on all accounts. So if I'm feeling I'm getting all of the above I'm also giving it at leasat 10 fold. :o)

  16. Absolutely agree with her list. I don't think it's asking too much for those things from a man...and I don't think a man is asking too much to want those things from a woman. I've never known a man who can make me feel that way, though. It's sad, especially when you know you have so much to give and share...

    I think, for whatever reason, people make relationships more complicated than they have to be.

  17. @ Joy, no problem on the pimping. And your list is awesome.

    @ Thomas, thank you. And you are correct about the underpaid lawn boy theory.

    @ Random, yes you are correct.

    @ Daffy, nothing wrong with that.

  18. I think her list is winner! It's certainly everything I would do and more, to my man, if I had one. hahaha

  19. I agree with her list but also agree with you I know my man loves to feel needed and wanted and of course appreciated and I do my best to make sure he know he is.........

  20. We really do expect a lot so it's good to be gently reminded every so often that it's a two-way street. Good luck with your photo request. Fingers crossed for you!!

  21. @ Virgin, you are right people make it way harder than it needs to be.

    @ Yvonne, same here.

    @ Jo-Anne, thank you. I am glad three people agree with me.

    @ Vixen, yes that is true. And I ain't telling. lol

  22. Every woman should be as lucky as I was to have a great man who loved, trusted and respected me unconditionally. Every man should have a woman who does the same. It's so simple yet so hard to find. It was good of you to offer her your input (even if it was just in hopes of Rack shots) haha

  23. i think her list is reaonable must so see what she wrote today

  24. A gentleman then! Well done Sir.

  25. @ Barb, yep I agree. And I don't post my opinions to get boob shots, but hey that might be an idea. lol

    @ Becca, yes you should see the post.

    @ Vixen, yes I am.


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