A recipe of blurbs by a hungry dad-filled with sarcasm, truth, and a dash of that rare ingredient, common sense.


I must warn you that I am blessed with wit. Not the average every day kind of wit, the kind of wit that makes your side rupture open. Please do not read my blog while drinking anything as I am not responsible for you spitting your drink on your monitor or keyboard.

So with that said my wit most of the time is inappropriate, highly offensive, abusive, close to home, cuts to the bone, and makes old ladies cry.

So if you are one of those people who are easily offended, please grow some epidermis and get over it, life is just too short to be offended by me.

Oh and one last thing, I am really not a misogynist. No really I am not. A few people here can vouch for me.

Ye have been warned!!!!