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Monday, August 8, 2011

300 People Like Trash

I am sorry for my absence last week; I was extremely busy getting fucked in the ass going through an audit at work. Most of the time when we get audited at work it is pleasant, but no not this time, this time the audit was more like the Spanish Inquisition.

And at the end of each day I was so mentally drained, that all I did when I got home was drink. And drink heavily I did.

So I am sorry that you had no posts of mine to read. I know each and every one of you who follow this blog was on the verge of suicide since I was not posting. So I am back now and you can step away from the shotgun/ledge/pills/draino and go back to reading my blog.

I am also sorry that I was not able to read your blogs last week as well. I will try and make up for it this week.

But while I was getting fucked audited at work , something good did happen here. I was able to get to my 300 th follower on here. And I could not have gotten here without your support.

Here is a little screen shot of my stats from my blog. Most of the visits to my blog come from people searching for pictures, but a lot of them come from you trashy guy followers. So I thank you.

(Sep-282, Oct-733, Nov-1150, Dec-1594, Jan-2628, Feb-2768, Mar-3490, Apr-8774, May-9908, Jun-9631, and Jul-6611)
As you know for every 50 followers I get here, I post a funny picture of myself. Well here you go ladies; he is a goofy picture of me from a Halloween party from a few years ago. I was dressed as a monk and I was getting a nice spanking from a dominatrix. Who laughs when getting spanked? Well apparently I do.

So when I get to 350 followers, I will post another goofy picture of myself. Someone last time requested I post a picture of myself in a loin cloth in the kitchen making a sammich. Maybe I will do that, maybe I won’t. Until then keep reading my non-sense and have a good laugh.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Do You Watch Porn At Work?


Well don’t feel bad, I don’t watch porn at work either.

But some people do, and sometimes we (us tax paying for us) get to pay for people to watch porn at work.

Do you remember when housing market was going tits up? Well the guys over at the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) were supposed to be watching the market go tits up and not some porn stars tits bounce up and down. Which it came out that a lot of them were watching porn at work. I guess this explains why my 401K got fucked around the same time.

Well it gets even better.

This week here in Houston it has been reported that this guy right here was busted watching porn at work on his personal computer using the company network. No he is not some low level guy either; he is the CEO of METRO (you know the Metropolitan Transit Authority funded with our tax dollars). Yes I said he is the CEO of Metro, you know the people who run the buses and the play cho-cho train that goes between two points no one really wants to go.

So what punishment did he get you ask? Well he got suspended without pay for a week which is going to cost him $4,500. Yes he did not get fired and yes this guy makes roughly $234,000 a year.

The thing that pisses me off is that the paper’s story said that his punishment was more severe than it normally is. Huh? You mean you get busted watching porn at work and you get less punishment than a week off without pay? I am curious to know how many times you have to get busted watching porn at work before you get fired. I know in the private sector you would get fired for this.

The funny thing in all of this is that this guy was brought in to replace the previous guy who was fired for gross corruption. Way to go cleaning it up, keep up the good work.

The one glaring comment I have is do we really need someone running and cleaning up Metro that is not smart enough to at least get a broad band card or an i-Phone to watch porn at work so he doesn't get caught?