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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apparently I Am An Addict.

My kids tell me I spend too much time on the computer. Well I probably do. But they say it is not the computer, but rather Facebook that I spend too much time on.

Last Friday I was on Facebook before leaving work, I noticed that one of the local sports radio stations was doing a giveaway on Facebook.

They said, “like this picture and be one of the first 100 to do so and we will have a drawing for a free copy of the Playstation 3 game MLB2K11.” So I “liked” it and got off the computer and proceeded home.

After eating dinner late Friday night I got on Facebook to check things out. It was then that I noticed a post from said radio station saying, “Congrats to Oilfield Trash, you have won the giveaway. Please call 555-UWon to come and claim your game.”

I jumped up and screamed, “hell to the YEA!!!!”

I then decided I needed to send my kids an email telling them how I got paid to be on Facebook and that I had won the game (because after all they will play said game with me).

This is the actual email I sent to the kids.

Biggie and Sissy,

I don't want you to ever say anything about your dad being on facebook again. Why, because I just won a PS3 video game "MLB 2K11" from a local sports radio stations Facebook page. So take that you two for hating on your dad for being on facebook.

Peace, Love, and free video games!!!!

Love, dad.

My son emailed me back and told me that it was cool that I had won the game and he can’t wait to play it with me when he gets back from vacation. He also apologized for saying I was addicted to Facebook.

Dad 1, Brats 0.


  1. Congrats on the win, both at the radio station and getting one on the kids.

  2. I accuse my mumma of being addicted to Facebook, in particular, FARMVILLE, but I guess I can continue to harass her since she hasn't won anything on it yet. ;P

  3. Yay dad. Congrats on the win

  4. i wait for the post which reads:
    "today my c.e.o. son came home in a suit carrying a briefcase, while i play guitar hero in my p.j.'s"
    for that will be a great day! go dad!

  5. So...did you get the game yet?

  6. Don't let that brat play it.

    Payback time!

  7. My mom is on FB all the time, but doesn't win anything. Mostly she just trolls our facebooks and sends farmville requests :P

  8. Actually, I would have told them (in an email) "You complain that I spend too much time on Facebook. I won this on Facebook. Therefore, you're not allowed to play it."
    Of course, I wouldn't mean it. But, wouldn't it be fun?
    By the way, I get the same treatment around here.

  9. "Winning!"

    Love this...though I think you are the only person to actually benefit from mass quantities of time spent on facebook. I must admit that it looks like I'm on a lot but only because I leave my page for my blog open all day while I'm at work. I really should shut off my chat when I'm away. Oh well.

    So glad that you got the game system...it always feels nice to be a winner.

  10. HA! Dad FTW! Not often that happens, gotta gloat when you can...

  11. haha! that's too funny! congrats on the win! i never win any contests!

  12. "The shot heard round the world." Parents of the planet unite. Good on ya, mate!

  13. Dude you have the best family life ever! And you're a FB winner too. Hey, can I play?

  14. @ George, thank you. Getting one over them was better than the game I think.

    @ Lurker, yes it is.

    @ Katsidhe, that is a valid point.

    @ David, glad to know I am not alone.

    @ Mynx, thank you.

    @ Violet, that day would be great indeed.

    @ Joshua, I am getting it today or tomorrow.

    @ Lass, even I am not that cruel.

    @ Chio, sounds like some of my family members.

    @ Al, I should have done that. And glad someone else gets the same treatment that I do.

    @ Jewels, yes it is "winning".

    @ Thomas, yes I know hence why I sent the email that I did.

    @ Yvonne, thank you.

    @ Ib, yes it was the shot heard round the world.

    @ Copyboy, thank you.

  15. See, good things do come to those who spend hours and hours online. Wait, that isn't the proverb, is it?! :) Congrats, that is pretty dang cool!

  16. How cool is that?!

    Free stuff! YAY!


  17. I don't use facebook but did just join google+ - why? Who knows. I'll probably never use it but my kids are going crazy on it.

    Getting one up on the kids is always fun - rare, but fun.

  18. Congrats. That is awesome. I always think those are scams so I never bother. Have to rethink that one.

  19. @ Texa, yep good things to come to those who waste time.

    @ Pearl, free stuff is always good.

    @ Karen, I have not signed up for that yet.

    @ Barb, thank you.

  20. Now the fun part.

    Say you make $10 an hour.

    How many hours a week do you spend on Facebook?

    And you just won a $60 game?


    let it sink in...



  21. if it's free, it's for me! and how will you know if it's free if you're not on fb to find out about it?

  22. Way to go dude. Enjoy the game. See FB is good for something.

  23. @ Anna, exactly.

    @ Lost, I know.

    @ Sherilin, that is how I feel.

    @ J-Tony, thank you.

  24. That's a win for sure. That's like saving 50 bucks. There are definitely pluses to Facebook. There's a local comedy club here that regularly gives away free tickets to people who 'like' them.

  25. Congratulations!
    If we could all win stuff just for clicking on the thumbs up sign.
    Ahhh, in a perfect world....

  26. @ Becca, thank you.

    @ TS, that is so true. I love free money.

    @ Sarah, thanks.

    @ Ruth, thanks. That would be a perfect world.

  27. Well, hell to the YEAH! Congrats!

  28. Oh how I love proving the kids wrong. Congrats on your epic wim, OT!

  29. @ Desk, thanks.

    @ Vixen, thank you.

    @ Robyn, yes exactly.

    @ Dawn, thanks.

  30. You tell those buggers who's boss. I almost won a covered wagon on facebook. The one featured in Oregon Trail.

  31. @ Rosie, thank you.

    @ Toastman, I wonder if it game with the horse shit smell.

    @ Virgin, thank you.

  32. Amen on wanting to rip the speaker off of the ice cream truck...

  33. thats pretty bad ass.


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