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Monday, July 11, 2011

I Love The USA!!!

Soccer is one of my eight favorite sports and I watch it regularly as I am lucky enough to have an MLS team here in Houston. But when the World Cup (men’s or women’s) is going on I am glued in and watch most if not all of the matches because there is a lot of good soccer being played. 

And yesterday a wonderful thing happened for our country. Over in Germany right now the FIFA Women’s World Cup is going on and our country’s team played against Brazil. Win the game and they advance to the semifinals and lose and they pack their bags to come back home.

Well the ladies from the USA won. Not just won but won in a dramatic come from behind fashion kind.

This game was in my mind one of the best World Cup games ever in both the men’s and women’s cups that I have ever seen. This game had everything in it from an own goal, a player sent off with a red card, a penalty kick, overtime, and finishing up with penalty kicks.

The game started off quickly with the US attacking and within two minutes they had a great shot on goal that a player from Brazil put the rebound in her own goal. The first half finished with the US leading 1-0.

Shortly after the second half started the ref called a foul on a US player in the box and awarded a penalty kick. The foul when shown on the replay was a complete bullshit call and the red card given to the US player should have never been pulled out of the ref’s pocket. But alas Brazil took the penalty kick but it was blocked. Then the ref claimed that the US goalie Hope Solo moved and gave Brazil another kick which they scored on. Complete bullshit if you saw the game. It was really funny to hear the English guy who was calling the game say multiple times that “the ref has lost the plot” since I knew what it meant. Yes I do know some Queens English terms and phrases.

(you can clearly see that this was no foul as the player from Brazil jumped in the air to go after the ball)

So with the scored tied 1-1 and playing with only 10 players, they kept Brazil out of the goal for the balance of the game.

On came the overtime period which Brazil quickly scored a goal to go up 2-1. The US never lost their composure through the balance of the game and kept playing. At the end of the overtime period one of the players from Brazil faked an injury trying to take time off of the clock but thankfully the ref added two minutes of stoppage time because the USA scored the game tying goal with just 30 seconds in the game (at this point I flew off of the couch and was screaming and yelling).

Thus the game moved onto penalty kicks to decide the winner. The USA made all five of their kicks while Brazil only made four of theirs (thanks to our goalie blocking one of theirs) so the USA won and advances to the final four and will play France on Wednesday morning.

Now if you saw this game then you know how much of a great game it was. And if you didn’t see the game, let me just say that this game summed up this team and America in general. These women played through adversity (in playing against both Brazil and the shitty ref as well as playing a man down due to the penalty) and never gave up and continued to play hard until the final whistle sounded.

Ladies of the US Soccer Team I am flying my flag high today. Thanks for all that you do and for not giving up when the odds are against you. You snatched victory from the arms of the grim reaper.

Oh and to our goalie Hope Solo, you are beautiful and you have a very nice set of athletic legs and thighs (she is the one in the gray outfit). You can email me anytime Hope, just take those big gloves off before you do as I don't think you can type very well with them on.


  1. Kudos to the American lasses, they played their socks off (Another British term.) It does not hurt that the keeper is a cover model beauty but it does make for good TV.
    I am pulling for them to win it all and wifey has offered a "Special Bonus" on my birthday if the Americans win......USA....USA....USA....Lube...USA

  2. I’ve never seen women’s football (women in soccer kit? Rawr!) but then I don’t even like men’s football. And playing through adversity with the ‘never give up’ mentality hasn’t been American since the 80s. :P

  3. I used to play soccer when I was a kid. I sucked at it.

  4. Watched the France/Great Britain game on Saturday.

  5. @ Timmy, yes it sure as hell was.

    @ Sausage, you are right she is hot. I hope for your sake that they win it all.

    @ Drake, I think they (the US team) has never lost that mentality.

    @ Ally, I am sorry.

    @ Lass, yes maam.

    @ Lurker, I missed some of it because I was at work, but I watched part of the re-broadcast when I got home.

  6. I am not a soccer watcher. But, now I know when someone on Facebook mentioned the World Cup it's the women's and not men's.

  7. So happy for team USA and what they do for everywhere women in sports. Though sadly my best memory is off Mia H and the um bra thingy. Yes I'm scum.

  8. It was a great victory! Too bad nobody did a "Brandi Chastain" afterwards...

  9. I am truly impressed, OT. Most men I know don't watch women's sports at all, let alone write an entire blog post about it. Kudos, dude. I mean it. USA! USA!

  10. Sounds like a great game. Way to go Team USA!

  11. @ Ruth, hey you learned something new today.

    @ Copyboy, yes the bra thing with Brandi Chastain was classic.

    @ Pat, yes sir it sure was. And after what they went through, I don't think that they needed to do that.

    @ Dawn, I love women's soccer. Ok well the college games I watch because the women have smoking hot bodies, but that is besides the point.

    @ Kara, yes it was a great game.

  12. Not a soccer fan but I'm glad you enjoy it as much as you do. I feel the same way with college basketball. So excited when UCONN is playing and I get to see it on TV down here.

  13. One of eight favorite sports?!!!


    That made me laugh.

    I love watching soccer, although I must admit I don't understand it.


  14. I don't understand why women's football isn't more popular. I mean you get to watch football and women at the same time, what's not to like?

  15. @ Barb, thank you. Each to his own.

    @ Pearl, well I like a lot of sports. Football, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, softball, drag racing, Formula 1 racing, etc. It is not hard once someone explains it to you.

    @ Tony, I have no idea. I watch it for that reason alone.

  16. LOL ?! Girl and Football = HAHAH I LOLD xD

  17. Do those women soccer players flash their boobs whenever they score a goal?

  18. not a sports fan but glad you enjoyed it

    Everyday Life

  19. I saw the game and OMG I went crazy!!! The U.S women's team kicks ass!!! I saw the penalty against Solo and it was bullshit. I played soccer in high school, so I always watch the World Cup when it is played. GO U.S.A!!!

  20. I had heard in the news that the women's team was going to the finals but I do not watch soccer, men's or women's and missed this one. That is amazing for them though as I know from the news how much a win like this on foreign soil meant to the US soccer leagues. (It was on foreign soil right...or did I just make that up?) Anyway. Congrats to them! :)

  21. @ Choms, what they are hot!!

    @ Empress, no they don't. But most of them don't have much, I would rather see their legs and back sides than their chests.

    @ Becca, thanks.

    @ Tawnya, I am glad I was not the only one who saw the game. They are great.

    @ Jewels, yes it was played overseas in Germany.

  22. I heard the results of this game on NPR while stopped at a red light in my car. Unless it's -7 I drive with my windows down. I literally yelled "YES" with a fist pump then realized I'd startled the car full of Mexicans next to me. Whatev's. It was a hard won, well earned victory.

  23. Hey! Look at you! Yo're teaching me something. Kinda clueless about soccer. Yay, USA!

  24. i am not a huge sports fan, but as a fan of women, i went a few years ago, with my lady-love at the time- to the women's world cup [she was a rad soccer player] in massachusets.
    can i say what an amazing time we ALL had?!? really, it was so darned fun, and exciting to be sitting among fans from all over the world who were cheering and celebrating all around us.
    and the brazilians were, by far, the most fun to party with. we may have only shared a few key phrases, but beer and laughter, and "ggoooooooooaaaaaallllllllllll" is universal!

  25. Sounds like a great game-sorry I missed it. But (and I know I'm in the minority), I HATE it when games are decided by PKs. That's like needing to play a game of HORSE to decide the NBA Finals. In my opinion, they should keep playing until someone scores. Yes, I know this could result in some crazy long games and fatigue could be factor, but so what? I don't think it's fair that a game played between 22 players should be decided by the Keepers. Yes, I also know that those players other than the GKs should have scored in regulation, meaning the PK situation shouldn't be a factor. It just chaps my behind. But, since FIFA doesn't give a good GD about what I feel, it's all mindless blathering anyway.
    In any case, I'll be sure to watch the USA-France match. Should really be something.
    Oh...one other thing.... Is soccer (football) the only sport which uses the word "Nil" describe a scoreless situation? I'm thinking the "NADL" (Nil Anti-Defamation League) probably insists on it.
    Go USA!

  26. @ Vixen, it was epic to say the least.

    @ Yvonne, yes it is!!

    @ Kelley, that is what I am here for.

    @ Violet, I would love to go to a World Cup one day. I have friends who have gone and they say it is a great time.

    @ Al, yes I don't like the PK's either but you are right in that FIFA doesn't care what we like or don't like. And I think outside of the US the word NIL is used all the time.

  27. Oh, it was absolutely incredible!!! When the word "epic" doesn't do something justice, you know it's extraordinarily special!


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