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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Thoughts On Casey Anthony

Unless you are dead you have heard about Casey Anthony, the death of her daughter, the trial, and the not guilty verdict in her trial.

Well as all of you who read my blog regularly know that I have an opinion on anything and everything, and this subject is no different.

So here are a few thoughts to think about with regards to this whole thing because I seriously think that America has lost its collective mind about this case.

Yes she was found not guilty of murder. Get over it. The jury found that there was not sufficient evidence to convict her of capital murder. Yes I know there have been people convicted on little to no evidence before (think Scott Peterson) but in this case there was no way that with the evidence presented that they could convict her of murder. They couldn’t even prove how the child died and that right there means they couldn’t convict her of murder (ie if it was an accident and covered up that is not murder). Did she actually do it, I am pretty sure that she did but it couldn’t be proven.

The justice system is not perfect but yes it worked in this case. It is not broken as the news media has suggested. The jury did the right thing. Remember it is better that a guilty person go free than to have an innocent person behind bars or executed.

The prosecution should have done a much better job with this case. They should have charged her with a lesser crime than capital murder where the burden of proof would have been less. They could have got a conviction with a lesser charge. I blame them for this complete bumbling of this case.

A not guilty verdict does not equal innocent. It just simply means that someone is not guilty in a court of law. Remember OJ Simpson, yea he was found not guilty but we all know he killed his ex wife. The same statement about OJ applies here with Casey Anthony and her case. Yes we know she had something to do with it, she lied her ass off to the police about this from start to finish.

Shame on Casey Anthony for letting her defense team openly accuse her father of molesting her in court while he was on the witness stand. What a complete cunt for that. I don’t care if her father fucked her or not, that fact remains that is not an excuse for killing a two year old kid or lying to the police.

And all the people who have been threatening the judge, the jury, the lawyers involved, and Casey Anthony herself, you need to stop. Violence is not the answer here. The only acceptable form of violence would have been if she had been convicted of capital murder and would have been put to death as a result.

I waited and waited for Nancy Grace’s head to fucking explode after the not guilty verdict was read, but alas it did not happen.

Look I know all of you know me and how I am with crimes against children, and you are right that I think they deserve horrible things to happen to them. The same week that the trial ended a man in Ohio raped his 6 month old baby. Yes he raped his own son. So trust me when I say that people like this man and Casey Anthony will get theirs in the end.

Casey has pissed off more than just us. She has pissed off God/mother nature/higher power as lightening struck a tree at the site where Kaley’s remains were found just after Casey was sentenced. But more so than God, she has pissed off the biggest bitch on the planet and that is Karma. And we all know that Karma catches up to people in the long run. Hell just look at OJ and where he is now. Casey will fuck up again and she will get hers.

She will have to live underground for a very long time since so many people want to do her harm. She was offered a spot in a porno and they took the offer back because so many people were upset about it. So you know you are one hated bitch when you can’t even do porn. The only job left that she can do is become a two bit stripper.

So everyone please take a deep breath and put your faith in Karma as that bitch will take care of her. And when Casey gets to hell, just take pride in the fact that she will have to spend eternity sitting next to Barney the dinosaur, Saddam Hussein, and Michael Jackson with the only songs being played are from Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.

On a side note, why am I always the voice of reason?


  1. Guilty or innocent, the American people will punish her for the rest of her life.

  2. Once I put my faith in karma she got pregnant.
    Sorry I have been drinking, again...
    I am glad the case is over, for us Floridians it has obliterated any other news and I am sick of the sight of all of them. Correct you are by saying that karma will collect on her debt, I would not want to be around when that mama K strikes....

  3. Heard a little about this but you have put a different spin on it, good work from the new voice of reason.

  4. The jury came back with the only verdict that they could. The prosecution and the investigation were the ones who should feel the burden of not having a conviction by going for the sensation "first degree murder" instead of something less glamorous yet more plausible.

    What pissed me off about this was that, like many cases (most?), it became about winning, and then it became about was to blame for Casey walking, and through it all people seemed to forget that at the end of the day a little girl was still dead. I'm furious that we live in a world where horrible crimes are committed against children in the first place.

  5. The voice of reason indeed! Well said OT. I love the line about you know you are hated when you can't even do porn... that's a new level of low.

  6. I wait for Nancy Grace's head to explode every day, regardless of what's going on in the news.

  7. I believe she is guilty but the prosecution couldn't prove beyond a doubt that she did it. The justice system may be flawed in some ways but I agree with you. It worked this time. Karma is a bitch and that woman will get what's due to her.

  8. As always, you are absolutely correct. I was a little surprised by the verdict, but I wasn't there so I didn't hear all the evidence. You're right; nobody knows how she died, so it's pretty tough to gen up a murder conviction. Is Casey Anthony guilty of something? Yeah. Did the little girl die under suspicious circumstances? Yep. Was the prosecution able to provide evidence that Casey was guilty of the charge against her? Nope. Is cottage cheese really cheese? Yes and no. Do I ask a lot of questions? Probably. Do you think? Anyway, karma is something and it will mete (love that word) out whatever justice is out there. What makes me really uncomfortable is the mob mentality whipped up into a frenzy by the likes of Nancy Grace. It really reminds me of the pitchfork and torches crowds in all those Frankenstein movies.
    "Can't Even Do Porn." Says it all.
    Good post.

  9. Love this post! Couldn't agree with you more. IF she'd been convicted by that jury, it most definitely would have been overturned on appeal. Yep, she did it. And she'll get what's coming to her, I have no doubt about that!

  10. @ Drake, that is so true.

    @ Sausage, you are right, don't be around when Karma comes a knocking.

    @ Lurker, thank you.

    @ Katsidhe, I agree with you 100%. What about the children is right.

    @ iNews, thank you.

    @ Randomgirl, thank you very much. Glad you liked it.

    @ TS, you and me both. I can't stand her. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

    @ Laynee, yep you said it.

    @ Al, you are very correct. And the mob mentality is very disturbing. Very.

    @ Stephanie, thank you. I am glad you liked it.

  11. Yep. I think the prosecution aimed to high with the charges. Reckless endangerment would've kept her behind bars.

  12. I am not dead but the only stuff I have heard about this case was from US bloggers, it just hasn't registered on out news networks over here.
    One thing that stands out on your post is Anthony blaming her shortcomings on being abused as a child. Now I was never abused and do not wish to belittle the enormity of this crime but it pisses me off when people wheel this out as an excuse for their wrongdoings.
    Their are (unfortunately) plenty of people that suffered abuse as children but they do not let this dictate their actions. People stil knw right from wrong and should take responsibility for their actions and not say they had not control as thisngs happened to them in the past.

  13. i'm pretty sure that girl is gonna wish she had been executed. the american public are gonna make her pay, she will never have a normal life.

    and why you dissing two bit strippers, huh? lol

  14. @ Copyboy, yep those charges would have gotten her a lot of jail time.

    @ Tony, I agree with you, people need to quit blaming their shit on "problems".

    @ Kage, yep you are probably very correct in that. And I wasn't dissing all strippers, just the trashy bitches like this nutjob who killed her kid and then went partying. And you are not in that category. lol

  15. "So you know you are one hated bitch when you can’t even do porn." - HAHA so true.

    Though our country is so sick that people would get their rocks off at her doing porn. Ugh.

  16. As someone far removed from American media (I barely pay attention to Canadian media) I can say this. When I read an article about the case that was written by someone not in the mainstream and they "tried" to be objective I learned a couple of things.

    1. Casey Anthony was found not guilty due to lack of evidence of "murder".

    2. Casey Anthony is a terrible person.

    3. The author had terrible grammar.

    What it boils down to is the only thing that they could prove was that Casey lied to police. Do I think she killed her daughter, I have no where near enough evidence to have an opinion. Casey could have just covered it up. It will be one of the things that I'll probably stop wondering about later this morning.

    The tragedy is the fact that a little girl is dead regardless as to how it happened. It saddens me that a life was ended.

    As for Casey Anthony, the rumor is that she is getting plastic surgery, changing her name, and being relocated all on tax dollars for her protection. Don't blame the government, blame your media for fear mongering and inciting people to violence.

  17. @ Sassy Pants, yes that is true. But there are stupid men out there who will still find her attractive and want to put their dick in her even though she is bat shit crazy.

    @ Hero, my grammar is terrible I know that.

  18. I must disagree. Casey could land a role in a porn video because it would garner a ton of "attention", i.e. money. All joking aside, I agree with Hero, as far as the media is concerned.

  19. Did you hear about the woman-I think this was in Nebraska- got her car rammed by another woman because that woman thought she was Casey Anthony? She does look a little like her and strangely enough has a daughter named Caylee.
    Weird shit.
    About the same time all this was going on a man killed a 4 year boy because he thought the boy was gay. Not much mention of it anywhere.
    The media is just pretty pathetic.

  20. Actually I read something about Vivid video offering her a job...I scan over a lot of crap though.

    I agree with you on pretty much everything and I am way over this crap except for on one point. I think she should have been charged with some form of neglect. Its over and done with now and I would imagine the prosecution is kicking themselves in the ass.

  21. Yes, I was shocked at how so many people were shocked about the verdict. We knew it'd go down this way; there wasn't evidence "beyond a reasonable doubt." That's too tall of an order.

    I agree with all of this except the karma thing. OJ is doing fine. His victims are long gone. Casey's doing fine. Her daughter's long gone. Some bad energy is bound to return to bad people but karma doesn't equalize it all. If only it did.


  22. Excellent post OT. She will get hers one day. And I hope too that Nancy Grace's head will explode. What a drama queen and yet people watch her with awe and adoration. Puke!!! You are right about Casey having to stay underground for a very long time. And karma should strike the people that are financially donating to her for her plastic surgery and anything else she needs. That's just bullshit!

  23. @ Choms, thank you.

    @ IB, she could but I doubt it.

    @ Ruth, I heard about that. A woman in Oklahoma was beat up at a grocery store because she looked like her. And Casey hadn't even got out of jail yet.

    @ Bradi, Vivid actually is the company that offered a job and then they took back the offer.

  24. @ Robyn, yep you said it. OJ is not free and that is all he had left. So yea he is ok in jail but he lost his freedom.

    @ Barb, thank you.

  25. great post! She will definately get what is coming to her one way or another. Karma is a Bitch.

  26. Wow! What a great strong post! I always say God sees everything and he takes his sweet time in punishing people like Casey. Just wish he wouldn't take so darn long sometimes :)

  27. @ Mama, thanks.

    @ Rosie, thank you. Yes Karma is a serious bitch.

    @ Cajun, thank you very much. I agree.

  28. very true grandma alway said what goes around comes around one day she will get hers

  29. Fuck us...did you just call yourself the voice of reason? We are all so screwed! ;) kidding. Great post. I agree with you completely. Do not let it go to your head...I promise it won't happen often. I hope you spilled your hot coffee on your Penn State shirt today! :P

  30. Well said Oily. I'm inclined to think that she had some involvement in the death of her child but agree that without actual evidence it would be difficult to convict her and sentence her to death. The prosecutions case was weak and unfortunately this was to her benefit. However, when it comes time to meet her maker, gawd help her because as you say, karma is a bitch!

  31. I'll be happy if I never have to hear her name again.

  32. What Drake said. :-)

    Also, when Nancy Grace's head DOES explode, it will be my facebook status...


  33. @ Becca, yep that is so true.

    @ Jewels, yes I did just call myself the voice of reason.

    @ Empress, thank you. And you said it.

    @ Vixe, you and me both. She is almost now "the bitch who must not be named".

    @ Pearl,yep. And I agree with you there. And I will post video of it on Facebook as well.

  34. I knew there was no way they would get first degree murder. That was just not going to happen. Based on everything, I tend to think there's a lot more to that family than meets the eye.

  35. I don't know if she did it or not. I think it TOTALLY sucks that the news (at least ABC) is trying to find out where she has gone! That is just wrong!
    I really do get a kick out of the whackjobs that were hanging around the courthouse even though they had no personal interest in the case. Maybe she and OJ will hook up...

  36. The public decided she was guilty and she will never be able to escape that it is what it is.....although I do have to say that you started this post with these words "Unless you are dead you have heard about Casey Anthony" well if you where to ask my husband who Casey Anthony was he would look at you with his stupid look and scrach his head the man is clueless......lol

  37. I tried SO hard to avoid paying any attention to this case because I knew the media would make a fucking circus out of it. Of course, I don't live under a rock, so I had no choice but to hear SOME shit about it. What's sad is the attention we have heaped on this ridiculous bitch. We heap this kind of attention on "infamous" retards and stupid celebrities instead of people who DESERVE it (think of paramedics who save lives every day, soldiers returning home from the battle lines, etc...). I'm not worried about this crazy bitch...because like you said, O.T. - Karma's got her number.

  38. I agree with you OT! I knew she would be found not guilty, I just knew it! As you said, the prosecution failed to prove their case. Karma WILL get her, maybe not today or tomorrow, but oh yeah, she'll get her.

  39. @ Virgin, I so agree with you about that family.

    @ Pat, yes that does suck. They are out for blood and are feeding the frenzy like chumming up the water for sharks.

    @ Jo-Anne, well I should have said if you are dead or a married man. lol

  40. @ Reck, yep you also summed it up.

    @ Yvonner, I did not follow the case until the last day so I had no clue.

  41. I'm just gonna ride your coat tails of faith in Karma. I think the bitty has gone on a permanent vacation but that could just be my bitterness talking....

  42. intense blog, like it!
    keep it up +followed

  43. @ Daffy, that seems pretty wise.

    @ Magixx, thank you.

  44. Hey--you're right, the prosecution messed it up royally (as they did in the OJ case). Karma will indeed catch up with her guilty-ness--it will happen.

  45. @ Heidi, yep karma will come a knocking.

  46. This is exactly what I've been saying for the past month. I knew she would not get convicted. I can't believe anyone is shocked about it.

  47. As you know, I feel the same way, being in Orlando it's been diffificult around all the crazies, but alas, I agree with you. Thanks for being a voice of reason ;).

  48. @ Krystle, thanks for the nice comment.


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