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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey Can I Borrow Some Ends?

I am beyond sick of Washington and the great debt ceiling debate that is going on right now.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are behaving. And neither have the desires of the American people at heart. They are both only looking to do what we will get them re-elected in 2012. Well guess what, we are fucked in the process.

The Republicans only want to cut spending, and the Democrats only want to raise taxes.

If you want to stop the bleeding and adding of debt, you have to cut your spending.

If you want to get out of debt, you have to cut spending and also raise revenue. To get out of debt you have to do both in cutting your spending and bring in more money.

It seems simple right? Well apparently the concept that my kids understand is not something that Washington seems to know anything about.

Neither party seems to understand the root cause of how we got into this mess in the first place. And that is by spending too much money.

Now don’t think I am taking sides here (remember I am in independent) because honestly both the Republicans and the Democrats are totally guilty when it comes to spending. For decades now both parties (with both holding the White House and congress at alternating times throughout the last 30 years) have spent us blindly into oblivion. It is time to have a serious talk about it.

We need to cut spending. Like when I was born. But since that time has passed we need to cut spending. I know some of you are fans of big government and some are not. Regardless of where your political affiliations may lay, this spending problem is hurting all of us. There are tons of money that are wasted daily by our government and we need to get better returns for our tax dollars. Because honestly right now we are not getting our money’s worth.

At the same time, we need to increase revenue by closing out some tax loopholes and get everyone paying their fair share in taxes (I am looking at you GE who paid ZERO in taxes in 2010).

Seems like an easy solution right?

Well it is too complicated for Washington because frankly the President’s only solution is to raise taxes and not stop the spending. I mean that is like you having a brother who is a meth addict and instead of putting his ass in rehab to help him (ie fix the cause of the problem); you just go out and buy him more meth. Yes it is that insane.

Needless to say we are screwed and it is not looking good right now for our future.To quote a great movie in Gremlins 2, "I am advising all of my clients to invest in canned goods and shotgun shells."


  1. It's quite depressing but also good advice for a zombie apocalypse.

  2. When they both get up there and talk about compromise they really mean, "See it my way". Neither side knows what compromise is. I vote independently, but lean Republican. I think the president talked a good game last night, but I don't feel that he was being authentic about it. I also think that Boehner was authentic, but never spoke about compromise. You need to compromise. The president wins the appeal to the mindless masses by appearance.
    I do agree that the taxes need to be raised on the wealthiest or do away with income taxes as Dick Lugar is now saying and implement the national sales tax. If you spend, you pay. If you buy really expensive things, you pay more taxes. No loop holes.

  3. @ Lurker, yes it is.

    @ George, you said that pretty well.

  4. The political gaming is a worldwide affliction. Here, they aren't ashamed to play the "race" card to gain a few extra votes. It's sickening! Even worse is how easily people fall for it.

  5. It's soooo true, that it's all about re-election.

    Not thinking longer term, the bastards.

    Oh well, could always be worse, right? At least we don't live in the Congo or something.

    Not that that really makes things any better. lol.



  6. @ TS, yes it is.

    @ Vinny, you couldn't have said it any better.

    @ Stephanie, that is true.

  7. The Government unfortunately doesn't get "Duh" factors.

  8. I have so many things I'd like to say about this. I don't even know where to start.
    They waited too long to try and do anything and now no matter what we are screwed. This should have been addressed many years ago, but it was just passed on and passed on for someone else to deal with. Now it's time to pay the piper and no one can figure out what to do.
    I think the national sales tax is a pretty good idea. Everyone would pay in. People complain about illegals getting healthcare and schooling. Well, they spend money so they'd be paying their fair share. Cain- the black republican running for president wants a 15% national sales tax.

  9. I am so tired of hearing people talk and argue and fight and debate over this. Sooooo tired.
    Personally I hate the idea of "parties." Why can't we just pick people that we think are good for the job and not force them to adhere to Democratic or Republican ideals? Maybe if we could stop arguing about which side was more wrong we could figure out what direction we need to go in.

  10. You are so right on so many levels. I think we're too far gone to fix it myself. It's all about greed, money makes money and with a populations boom that's out of control we're f**ked.

  11. @ Brandy, that is so beyond true.

    @ Ruth, you have made a lot of good points. It is worth taking a look at.

    @ Cake, I agree with you.

    @ Barb, thank you.

  12. Yeh I think we all need to just sit down and re-invent the idea of parties, its holding us back in the stone age!

  13. Taxes need not be raised across the board. Just the top 2% of the population, the part that's always been protected from having to spend their b'zillions, could get us out of this mess. Also, the bank bailout is another story. Banks need to be stopped from lending money they don't have. And how much has gone into the war in Iraq?...I'll stop now.
    xoRobyn PS Damn blog feed stopped again. I have a post since the Sunday one that's not showing up. Grr.

  14. I agree with being an independent in this matter. No side is good right now. BTW...kudos for linking Gremlins 2 to this mess. haha

  15. @ Bigshanks, yep that would be nice.

    @ Robyn, the rich didn't get us into this mess, the people in Washington did. Even if you raise the taxes on the top 2%, the people in Washington will just spend it. Not once in our history as a nation when taxes were raised have they no spent that money on something new. As far as the war thing goes, I agree with you.

    @ Copyboy, I am glad you agree with me on this. And that quote was the only one I could think of which best sums up this entire shit hole.

  16. Wait? So we've abandoned the 'buying meth for methheads' campaign? DAMNIT! Whyyyyy does no one tell me these things? Jeez. PS - I kind of agree with you.

  17. Politics gives me a headache.

    On a totally unrelated note, that fried sandwich looks hella good. Now I'm hungry. Can you send me one before I go on food stamps?

  18. It's a lot worse on the state level. My home state is trying to balance the budget ($2 billion) on the backs of 44K state employees, instead doing it the way he campaigned, which was spreading the sacrifice.

    Can anyone say, "bullshit"?

  19. Ha, love the Meth analogy. Sad, but true. What is going to become of the US in the next 5 years?? I really have no idea, and am glad I will be out of the country to not see it happen. Way to take a stand, right?! lol

  20. @ Anna, yes I know you are always the last to know this things.

    @ Kernut, you and me both.

    @ G, I can imagine. I know what is going on in Texas is not fun.

    @ Texa, you are truly lucky to be living where you are at the moment.

  21. this is why i don't follow politics

  22. My new word: it's a cluster fuck, seems to apply...to the situation and to the consequences...

  23. @ Becca, exactly.

    @ Janie, yep.

    @ Wye, cluster fuck is one word that fits here.

  24. This is such a hotbutton issue it actually came up on our camping/canoe trip. We stop at a swimming hole in the middle of the most beautiful serene, quite untouched by man piece of nature and what gets brought up? This.... ugh... I say we scrap it all. Toss everyone out and let third graders run the country. Surely they couldn't do worse, right? I've worked with them. They share a helluva lot better and they are certainly a shitton less greedy all things considered.

  25. @ Desk, yep.

    @ Daffy, I agree. I would much rather have third graders running the show.

  26. I can think of at least three dystopian novels I've read that starts with America going to shit because we defaulted on our debt and couldn't get anymore money.

  27. What disgusts me about politics is all the game-playing. This is our country's future, our people's future--this is not the time to play games and have a pissing match. I loathe the "my way or the highway" mentality. It just turns my stomach.

    Have you ever seen the movie Dave? Good film to watch in these times.


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