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Friday, July 15, 2011

She’s A Chip Off The Old Block

So my kids have been up at their grandparents in Atlanta for the last three weeks and I have been missing them. I couldn’t take my normal month of vacation off from work to spend it with them this year due to stuff beyond my control and it is severely depressing to me.

So for the last year I have been teaching my kids the joys of email and how to use it as a great form of communication when separated by long distances. Occasions like now when they are 790 miles away from me.

So yesterday evening I got the following email from my daughter.


I am the ruler of what?


You never forget that or else!

Bacon lovers unite!

I love bacon and you may to but not as much as me!


Did you see that? It is bacon!

Never forget that I am the ruler of Bacon!


Peace, love and bacon.
* My Bacon*

You see I love bacon and I think my love for it got passed through my DNA to my daughter. The ironic thing about the email was when I received said email I was eating some leftover bacon pizza that I brought home from work that day.

So I guess I have taught her well.

Next I think I will teach her about my love of Brazilian BBQ restaurants. And maybe when she is around 40 I teach her about my love for Patron.


  1. Ah, bacon love. A trait that runs through many a generation :)

  2. This is gorgeous. I bet it put a smile on your face all day.
    You have a wonderful daughter

  3. So, you driving up here to get them or what? They're causing havoc in my city!

  4. Bacon is our state bird! Or maybe I'm confused. Hope you've been well!

  5. This is so funny! I love her drawing of bacon. I wonder where she gets her sense of humor... :) I hope they return home soon, so you won't as depressed anymore. I know that must be tough!

  6. You know you've done good when you pass onto your children the best in life. Beer, BBQ and Patron should be in the top 3.

  7. awesome kid!!!

    bacon lovers unite!

    love it!!

  8. Just don't teach her about your love of strippers. Might get confusing.

  9. @ Chio, that is so true.

    @ Lurker, thank you.

    @ Mynx, yes I did have a smile all day. And thank you.

    @ Joshua, I am getting them sometime next month. Sorry about the havoc.

    @ Lass, same here.

    @ Bushman, that is awesome. All is well here.

    @ Kelley, you know exactly where she gets her sense of humor from.

    @ Sara, that is beyond true!!!

    @ Mama, thank you.

    @ Hero, very good point.

  10. Bacon is meat crack.
    If bacon was a woman I would make...never mind
    I love bacon.

  11. Now Bacon AND Patron together, I think you might have just come up with a new infused drink, my friend. But of course, when she is 40. Or even 50 :)

  12. @ Sausage, that is true.

    @ TS, thank you.

    @ Texa, that would be an awesome combination.

  13. OT, you are raising her well. Bacon truly is God's gift to man. I feel your pain on the summer separation - sucks when things don't work out. The good thing is she'll remember the fun you had & emails like this. Here's a li'l cartoon extolling the joys of why bacon is better than true love:


  14. OT that is fantastic, and like Mynx said, I bet it totally cheered up your day.

    All hail the might bacon :)


  15. God, I hope she doesn't mean KEVIN Bacon.
    Bacon (the Meat) rocks!
    Who needs the 'L' and 'T'? I'll just have a 'B' sandwich.

  16. Gotta love bacon. That and the things your kid comes up with.

  17. @ Thomas, yes I am. And thank you. I will check out that link.

    @ Joy, yes it is fantastic.

    @ Al, hell no she doesn't mean Kevin Bacon.

    @ Ruth, yes you do.

  18. We are a bacon house too! Love it!

  19. Any child that loves bacon that much is off to a good start.

  20. Patron. My mouth just watered which is tragic since I'M STILL AT WORK!

  21. Everyone loves bacon (except pigs), it's the food that turns vegetarians back to meat.

  22. @ Sarahberry, I am glad I am not alone.

    @ Vinny, you sir are correct.

    @ Vixen, I know exactly how you feel.

    @ Tony, pigs and muslims don't like bacon.

  23. Funny. Who doesn't love bacon. I think it's pretty cool that she sent you an e-mail. I bet they're missing you too.

  24. Bacon yum you taught her well


    i can't believe i've been usurped! and this is how you tell me?

  26. @ J-Tony, yes it was pretty cool. And I know they are missing me.

    @ Becca, yes I sure did.

    @ Kage, sorry to tell you this way. But you know how 10 year old girls are, they don't give any warnings.

    @ Al, exactly.

  27. Adorable. Hilarious writing, too. Methinks she should start her own blog.

  28. How adorable is that???! Bacon! Ha! Who knew Bacon had a ruler?! Or even needed one! Awesome!

  29. I think she is ready to have her own blog now.

  30. @ Dawn, no it is still too early for that.

    @ Cinderita, I didn't know it had a ruler either till I got that email.

    @ Sex, yes it is.

    @ Toastman, I am not so sure just yet.

  31. I love Churasco they really know how to put the meat on!

  32. Bacon unites families like no other food can.

  33. @ Bluezy, same here.

    @ Cheeseboy, that is so true.

    @ Robyn, thank you!!

  34. That's adorable! lol You must have loved getting that e-mail!

    And I'm a firm believer that bacon can make just about anything taste good. :)

  35. Bacon and tequila, gotta love it.
    A friend of ours had never heard about Brazilian steakhouses, so we "volunteered" to take her! She's buying. I'm so giving...

  36. @ Virgin, yes I did love it. And bacon is perfect.

    @ Pat, yes. And wow she is in for a treat. Especially when she gets the bill. LOL

  37. Ah, bacon...she truly has her priorities straight.


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