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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh No She Didn’t !!!!

Men you may not want to read this if you just ate your lunch. Or breakfast.

I don’t know if you heard about this or not, but this woman cut off her husband’s penis and stuffed it down the garbage disposal and turned it on.

Yes you read that correctly, she cut off his cock and put it down the garbage disposal and destroyed it.


Double ouch.

This whole story is beyond disturbing.

The guy was apparently divorcing this bitch/cunt/crazy demonic piece of shit woman and allowed her to continue to live at the house until she could find a place to live (mistake #1-you kick them out).

At some point she drugged his dinner (mistake #2-you never eat food cooked by crazy bitches) and the man went to lay down (mistake #3-never turn your back on a crazy bitch) because he felt ill. Shortly after going to bed the man passed out.

It was at that point that she tied him up, cut his dick off, and proceeded to the kitchen where she put it down the disposal.

The woman called 911 asking for medical help for the man. The police showed up and arrested her. She told police that he deserved it. She was charged with false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, and aggravated mayhem. Now why does aggravated mayhem sound like that dude from the Allstate commercials.

The man was taken to a hospital where they were able to control the bleeding. A poor cop had to retrieve what was left of the penis from the sink (now there is a job I am very thankful I don’t have-can you imagine coming home from work and explaining how your day was?) and it is unclear if they will be able to re-attach it. If they can’t re-attach it they will be able to make a prosthetic penis.

Now I have a few comments about this. Ladies, it is not ok to do this. I don’t care if he fucked your mother and you walked in on it, nobody deserves this. You get a divorce and end it. Period. End. Of. Fucking. Story. The only time this is ever allowed is if the man is beating you and you slice it off to protect your life while he is beating you. That is the only time it is ever acceptable to do this.

There should be a law for this to where they can charge someone who does this kind of heinous crime with capital murder. Hey Trash did you just say capital murder? Hell yes I did. She killed his sex life. Forever. So yes this should be a crime punishable by death. Yes I am serious.

I feel sorry for this man. I really do. I have not seen an update to the original story to see of they were able to save his penis or if he had to have a prosthetic penis attached. But after seeing this picture of a garbage disposal below, would you really want it back?

Poor man, I will drink a beer, light a candle, and play Taps in your honor tonight.


  1. "Now I have a few comments about this. Ladies, it is not ok to do this."

    it isn't??!?! why did no one mention this before?!?!?!

    haha! just kiddng. GROSS.

  2. I hadn't heard this. Sick. I'm sure there will be lots of snide jokes around and such. Imagine, though, the uproar if a man cut off his wife's breast(s) out of spite. It would be heard the world over. Yes, men piss me off sometimes but they do get the short end of the stick, especially when it concerns abuse and such. Nothing justifies permanently mutilating another human being.

  3. Bitches be crazy. Gotta watch those crazy bitches.

  4. At least she didn't feed it to the dog.

  5. Aggravated Mayhem= Penis Removal and Disposal......wrong, wrong and my legs are crossed in sympathy.

  6. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Oh my gosh.
    That is too crazy for words.
    I hurt just reading this and I am not even a boy.

  7. I heard about this. It makes me remarkably sad.

    I think she should have her clit chopped off, and her nipples for good measure. Stupid Crazy bitches.

  8. Holy jeez, I saw this story. I totally agree with you, nobody deserves this. I just heard a story about how acid attacks are growing in third world countries (in which one throws acid at someone who has angered them and then disfigures them for life). I have this whole theory about how if one wants to be the better person then one actually has to BE the better person.

    Caveat: rapist and child molesters should be castrated (albeit in more humane way than this). Period.

  9. Dick move. I’m sure the fashion magazines are already lauding this woman as a hero.

  10. @ Kage, exactly.

    @ Li, you said it perfectly.

    @ Dawn, that is so true.

    @ Beer, true. But she instead fed it to the disposal which is about just as bad if not worse.

    @ Lurker, you and me both.

    @ Kaishon, yes it does seem pretty painful.

    @ Hero, I was sad as well.

    @ Mama, yes it is crazy.

    @ Mel, yep that is true.

    @ Drake, you are probably correct.

  11. I heard about it a couple days ago and was horrified. Makes one cross their legs while reading, doesn't it?

  12. Everybody is calling her crazy and a bitch. How do we know he didn't deserve it? haha jk. That is pretty scary stuff. Hope there's a good surgeon around that knows what he's doing.

  13. Wow! Some women really do have snakes in their heads. I know a few and I wouldn't put it past them to do something, but nothing that bad.

    Poor dude

  14. I must say that the garbage disposal part is a wee bit harsh... just a wee bit....

    Disposals creep me out at the best of times, and now that I have the image of a shrively limp bleeding penis getting diced and sliced, with skin and blood spraying everywhere, I feel pretty nauseous.

    Why do you post these things so early in the morning OT??


    Kelly @ My Joy Project

  15. @ TS, yes it sure does.

    @ Barb, I hope so as well.

    @ Rosie, yes they sure do.

    @ Kelly, sorry for the early morning make you sick part. But hey at least it isn't morning sickness. LOL

  16. You're supposed to use lemons to freshen the garbage disposal.

    Sugar Free

    (Blogger insists that I'm not logged in....fucking bastard)

  17. @ Sugar Free, that is what I have heard. Sorry Blogger hates you.

    @ Copyboy, exactly.

  18. I'd heard about this and totally feel for the guy. Women may joke about wanting to do something like this but to actually have the balls to cut of some dude's happy stick is incredibly sick.

  19. "Ladies, it's not okay to do this." OT, you're too funny.
    I feel sorry for the guy too. That's horrid. It's not like he deserved it. Were he a rapist, it'd be justified.

  20. I am interested in hearing this chick's inner monologue when she thought this was a good idea. Bitch be crazy!

  21. Unless of course the guy is freaking pedaophile, than he deserves his willy to be whacked... as for this poor guy, I really do feel unbelievably sorry for him.

  22. @ Empress, yep you said it.

    @ Robyn, thank you.

    @ Jess, I would like to hear it as well.

    @ Average Girl, ok I will give you that one.

  23. This is really sick. Was she trying to literally dispose of the evidence? I need some brain bleach for this one!! Who would plan to do this to somebody??? It's akin to premeditated murder. Immature of me but Li's "short end of the stick" comment made me chuckle.

  24. I just don't even know what to say. She maimed the man for life. I'm just....seriously....have no clue...this my equivalent of stuttering.

    Unreal. And gagworthy

  25. I think the charges include some extenuating circumstances, like she really wanted to do great bodily harm. What I really want to know is how the implant is going to work. I read somewhere that the 'organ' was not re-attachable, so I wanna know what they're going to do. Btw, the guy is over 60, so even though she put a crimp in his future dating life, maybe it wasn't going to be a very long life.....Just kidding.

  26. At least Lorena only bobbed it and tossed it on the road...not the disposal you crazy bitch. Oh and there is another justification for a penis trim and that is child molestation. Cut it off and make 'em eat it. oops getting a bit emotional now!

  27. @ Laughing Mom, yep. And I have no clue, I can't read minds. Much less the minds of crazy women.

    @ Daffy, I felt that way when I saw this story on the news.

    @ Alessandra, I have no clue. It doesn't matter his age, it is still sick.

    @ Bushman, yep that is so true.

  28. First thought when I heard about this last week: Lorena Bobbitt.

    Second thought....well, the second thought would probably get me cruxified on this blog if I say out loud.

    Third thought would be that I agree with what you wrote here.

  29. Wow. Yeah I got nothing else. That just hurts to think about.

  30. This is horrible. Good grief. SICK.

  31. @ G, you crack me up. Thanks for agreeing with me.

    @ J-Tony,yes it does hurt to think about it.

    @ Janie, yep you summed it up.

  32. Wow...that's pretty harsh!

    And I totally cracked up about the All State Mayhem Guy because that was the same thing that popped into my head when I read the charges.

  33. At least he can't go the Bobbit route and get it reattached and make $ off porn with it. Ick!

    Sorry...not the point. This woman is clearly in-freaking-sane. I would never ever hurt a penis. Not cool. Poor thing.

  34. @ Sarah, yes they sure are.

    @ Mama, yes it is beyond harsh. Glad I am not the only one who about that guy.

    @ Jewels, that is true.

  35. I have no words. Well, I do. But, they are either sick humor or other things I think no one wants to hear. So, I'll just keep it to myself.
    I do see an insanity defense coming though.

  36. I literally don't think there is a more horrific thing you could do to a man. And on THAT note, stop by and get your award!

  37. I heard about this story and "ouch" is right!!!

  38. ok cutting it off not axxetable--check but can i at least super glue it to a leg or something..hehe just kidding this was horible and i do feel for him.

  39. I LOVE that fucking Allstate guy! Remember when he played the part of O'Reilly on Oz? Oh, I'm off topic...No, ladies, it is never okay to ruin a perfectly good penis. Unless it's not perfectly good. Then all bets are off.

  40. @ Ruth, I see that same thing happening.

    @ Vixen, yep. And thanks.

    @ Yvonne, ouch is beyond right.

    @ Becca, maybe.

    @ Mrs Hyde, I never seen it.

  41. Haha crazy blog mate just discovered you through a friend, looks promising and looking forward to more great posts!

  42. Even if they did reattach it, how it he ever going to pee straight again? It's going to look like he's playing the recorder in there...

  43. This is why I always apologize profusely with flowers and chocolate covered cherries in tow. It is a proven method for curbing a scorned womans will to wack off my wanger.

  44. @ Bigshanks, thanks for coming by.

    @ Bluz, you are right about that.

    @ Ib, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.

  45. Seriously, how is it NOT a more serious crime than "aggravated mayhem?" WTF? I'm surprised that the D.A. didn't charge her with attempted murder - HEY...the guy could have bled to death, right?! I'm willing to bet that if a dude drugged his wife, tied her up and then cut off her boob, it wouldn't just be "aggravated mayhem." Just sayin.

  46. I don't know whose garbage disposal looks like that but I can guarantee mine doesn't. I regularly sanitize, deodorize and vinegar-baking soda-erize the damn thing. I still wouldn't attach anything that came out of it back to my body though. Actually I have this really intense fear of losing my fingers in the garbage disposal. Shudder. This lady is clearly cray-cray. And I imagine they can build him a penis. If they can build the 7-million dollar man then they can surely build a penis. Right?

  47. OUCH! I'm not feeling too good at this moment. That is terrible! Talk about a whack job! (no pun intended).

  48. This is exactly why I've had my penis insured.

  49. Oh, that is awful!!!!!! I feel bad for him, too. I would have felt that it was really awful before, but now that I have two sons, I really do. No one better ever touch their jewels!!

  50. @ Reck, now you see the hypocrisy here.

    @ Pat, ouch is completely right.

    @ Cheeseboy, maybe I should insure mine.

    @ Kelley, yes it is beyond awful.

  51. I think I might vomit. Between the third nipple on the foot story and now this...*gag* This is absolutely revolting. What a sick, twisted woman! There are some seriously sick tickets in this world.

    Whatever he might have done, there is no justification for this...EVER. This shouldn't even enter a person's mind...EVER. Absolutely disgusting.

  52. I was browsing the internet for rubbish removal blogs and I came across yours. I can't help it but before I will leave your blog I will have to share my opinion with the situation . Anyway, I can understand what the woman did to her husband. That only means that she could no longer stand his cheating. In fact, I thought about it, too but I think that was dreadful thing to do.


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