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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Triple Nipple

People with an extra nipple are nothing new. Many people over the years have had an extra nipple on their chest or torso area.

Well this woman has a nipple in a new area. She has a third nipple and it is on the bottom of one of her feet.

Now I have heard of “pussy footing around” but I have never heard of “nipple footing around”.

Yes I said she has an actual nipple on the bottom of her foot.

I bet she never gets turned down when she asks for a foot massage. Hell I bet she even has guys (and even ladies) begging to give her a foot massage.

Can you imagine the shock and look on the little Asian ladies face at the nail salon when she goes and gets a pedi?

I wonder if it hurts her when she is walking around outside when it is cold.

Can you imagine having her on the bed with her legs over your shoulders, you could pinch two nipples and suck on the third at the same time.

Ok I will stop with the nasty jokes.


  1. Such a boy. But you made me giggle.

  2. That's a foot only Glen Quagmire could love.

  3. I'm sorry but...ew. I don't know why this is so icky to me. It's JUST a nipple. But...ew.

  4. omg!!! i can't stop giggling... i love your mind!! :-)

  5. oh my gosh! if i was her pedi lady, i would think it was disgusting and avoid it. especially if she started squirming in delight if i brushed over it accidentally.

  6. Please. Don't stop with the nasty jokes. Ever.

  7. "Why does it feel so amazing when I walk? Honey, let's go out for a jog..."

  8. All I can think about is how dirty this third nipple would be if this lady walks around barefoot at all.


    I am too practical to be fun. ha.



  9. C'mon I was eating a piece of cake with my tea, a little warning:P

  10. Woah! Thats insane, iv seen extra nipples on chests etc. but the foot? Wonder how it reacts to the cold air etc. What if it starts lactating haha

    so many random questions

  11. @ Mynx, glad you giggled.

    @ Lass, but what if it gave you pleasure?

    @ Vinny, you are right!!

    @ Chio, maybe because feet are something that usually stinks?

    @ Mama, thank you!

    @ Sherilin, exactly.

    @ Dawn, ok I will go back and add some more.

    @ Lost, exactly my point.

    @ Stephanie, that is very true.

    @ Lurker, well my blog does come with a warning.

    @ Hero, yep.

  12. That is kind of disgusting. I'd have that shit removed ASAP. Matt has like... a kind of third nipple on his chest but under one of his real nipples. It's weird. It's sunken in which is Ok, because if it were out like a real nipple? Nipple removal asap. It's just too distracting.

  13. Gross! Only YOU would find this somewhere!!! ;) Thanks for the laugh though, I needed one this morning!

  14. ok... das just nasty right there. Could you imagine how she feels with the right pair of shoes on?

  15. @ Bigshanks, questions which need answered.

    @ Sara, but what if it brought pleasure? Just think you could get off while running from that big ass neighborhood dog. lmao

    @ Yvonne, hey it was on the news and I searched for it. lol

    @ Tony, exactly.

    @ Rosie, she would feel twice as sexy.

    @ TS, yes it is.

  16. Sweet turkey gravy. Ain't nature grand. That's one fully formed areola. Makes a man wonder...

    - DT

  17. I saw that. I think it was on Craig Ferguson.

  18. @ Thomas, yes it sure is grand.

    @ Tame Lion, yep.

    @ Ruth, yep.

  19. Yeah I find that a littl gross. I think I'd have it removed too.

  20. Is it wrong that I find her giant fat toes more disturbing than the extra nipple?

  21. I think we’re dodging the most interesting question here – could you breastfeed… err footfeed a baby with it?

  22. I have to go with what Tame Lion said, "Wow! Wow!"

  23. @ J-Tony, oh come on and have an open foot err open mind.

    @ Mejis, I wondered about that as well.

    @ Drake, that is the question of the day. What harm is a little athletes foot err breast milk.

    @ George, exactly.

  24. I had a friend with an extra one on his chest. He wore that thing like it was a medal.

  25. Hey I like your idea about the 3 of them. haha.

  26. You're pretty excited about this third nipple thing. Kinda makes me want to have one...I wonder if her foot lactates when she's pregnant.

    PS So glad my posts are magically showing up. It's strange but good.

  27. @ Pat, I also had a friend in high school that had one on his chest as well. He played water polo and wore it like a badge also.

    @ Barb, I knew someone would catch that.

    @ Robyn, hey it is just a little too weird not to like it, you know?

  28. For real?! Besides the ick factor here, I have to wonder if it hurts during certain times of the month...imagine having to walk on it then?! O-U-C-H.

  29. I am not a fan of feet and would freak out if I had a nipple on my foot. Plus..um owww...I don't want to step on a nipple! EEEK! No thanks...I'll stick with my 2...in this situation more is not better.

  30. I wonder who forwarded the idea to this chick that it was not a cyst, or blister or whatever, but...a nipple.

    God, I am skeeved out by this.


  31. Yuck. That's kinda gross actually. LOL. Maybe its the location that's freaking me out.

  32. @ Virgin, yes for real. I bet it would.

    @ Jewels, I am not a fan of feet either but just think you would have another place to take the money shot. lmao

    @ Married, I have no idea.

    @ Mash, I think it is the location that freaks people out.

  33. That's crazy! I actually have a third nipple myself that I'm very proud of, but it's not on the bottom of my foot!
    +followed by starcraftdinner.blogspot.com

  34. I know it's a nipple, so everything in my manhood should find that awesome. But it's simply disgusting me. What's wrong with me?

  35. That's hilarious - I mean, your take on it...

  36. I pop in for two seconds and this is what I find! Tee hee, fine job on the post my friend. Totally weird and disgusting ; )

  37. @ Lastdays, that is pretty cool. Thanks for coming by.

    @ Cynicism, I am not sure what's wrong with ya.

    @ Jo-Anne, it is to most women.

    @ Janie, thank you.

    @ Empress, you know how silly I am and can be.

  38. Why is it that I think it's fucking adorable that you used the word "pedi" instead of pedicure?

    But seriously, that shit on her foot is just weird.

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  40. Perhaps I've just been staring in abject horror a little too long but what the hell? Is that HAIR coming out of it?

  41. IT HAS HAIR! I repeat: IT HAS HAIR! shudder.

  42. @ Pedi, probably because I am a man who has been married before and know the properly female terminology for it.

    @ Becca, thank you. I emailed you.

    @ Vixen, yes that is hair coming out of it. Nair for bair hair feet nipples?

    @ Anna, yes it has hair. And big toes.

  43. Why on Earth would she keep that on her foot?? I'm going to have nightmares. Thanks.

  44. psssttttt... I got something for you :P http://www.myhusbandateallmyicecream.com/2011/07/this-week-in-blogger-idol-in-true.html

  45. @ Kernut, I don't know. Maybe it feels good?

    @ Heather, thank you.

  46. after i wiped the barf off my chin, i had to ask- sin't the third nipple usually located near a gland, like in the armpit?
    and while i am confused, how did it sprout hair....
    repeated vomiting...

  47. @ Cake, no shit.

    @ Daffy, I was thinking that as well. The nipple makes them better.

    @ Violet, lmao. Sorry you had to see that.

  48. I need extra arch support in my shoes. I wonder how she can go to the store and ask for nipple support in HER shoes... (ba-boom-boom-tish) (in case it wasn't clear that was the classy drumroll for a stoopid joke)

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