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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Is True Tragedy

If you think about it there have been a lot of tragedies in recent times. The earthquake and resulting tsunamis in Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, Justin Beiber, flooding in Pakistan, George Bush getting elected not one but two times, all of these recent tornados, the Sopranos ending, Hurricane Katrina, and the events of 9/11 are all good examples of recent tragedies.

And if you look back over recorded history, there have been tons of tragedies that have taken place long term. The sinking of the Titanic, World War 2, the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, the Cold War, Winter Olympics, Judas selling out Jesus, the Detroit Lions, and the fall of the Roman Empire are all great examples of tragedies throughout recorded history.

But all of those pale in comparison to this tragedy I am going to tell you about.

How in the fucking world is one of my favorite bands Rush not in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame?


Yes they are not in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Nor have they ever been nominated.

This has to be some kind of crime being committed here.

Some kind of conspiracy bigger than the JFK one has to be at work in Cleveland.

Love them or hate them, they are talented.

The singer Geddy Lee is in the top five of bass players in music all time if not number one. He inspired Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers and the guy in Primus. I have him at number one for bass players all time.

The drummer Neil Peart is in the top five all time of drummers. I personally have him at number two only slightly behind John Bonham from Led Zeppelin.

So here is a little list of bands/singers that are in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame that I don’t think should be there before Rush.

U2 (they were still in junior high school when Rush started), Neil Diamond (ok he has been melting panties for a long time but I don’t like his music), Dr John (who? Exactly), Abba (yea I know a lot of people love them but what have they done since the 70’s?), Metallica (they should go but after Rush), Run DMC (they weren’t even smoking weed yet when Rush started), Madonna (she hadn’t lost her virginity or thought about making an album when Rush started), John Melloncamp, REM (Michael Stipe was straight when Rush got together and no I am not gay bashing), Sex Pistols (while they were influential but they were only together for TWO YEARS), Prince (he had a real name when Rush got together), The Clash (had not discovered teen angst when Rush started recording), Bruce Springsteen (no need to say anything), and Ike Turner (all he did was beat Tina). There are many other people I could list but I couldn’t think of something sarcastic to say about the rest of them who don’t deserve to be in the Hall.

Do you see how ridiculous that list of people who have gotten in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame is? I think Rush should have gone in there a long time ago. And other people agree with me.

When Metallica was inducted a couple of years ago, their lead singer during his speech said it was disgraceful that Metallica was going in before Rush. Yes he really said it because I watched that on tv.

Rush has put out 19 studio albums, they have put out multiple live albums, they have been together for 37 years, they still sell out every where that they play in concert, and two of them are in the top two all time for their respective instruments. Oh and they are also the best thing to come out of Canada besides hockey, Kokanee beer, and Boston Pizza!

So Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, please get your fucking heads out of your asses and get them in the Hall. Fix this tragedy now!!!!


  1. I guess this is what you say about society. ;)

    (Actually Rush is one of the characters in my book's favorite bands. And please don't hate me, but she gets ridden for it by the other main character. ^_^;)

  2. Wait a minute...the Titanic sank? Oh, the humanity!

    All kidding aside, that's amazing about Rush (maybe the Hall of fame thought it was Limbaugh...? Then, I'd get it).

    But, really, it sank!!??

  3. Okay, in the interest of my hubby whom I dearly love and has gone to about a zillion Rush concerts since he was a young pup. (And we even made a pilgrimage to several Rush sites when we visited Toronto . . . Alex's nightclub, the corner of some bizarre street, etc.)

    According to him, Rush has been blackballed by some writer at Rolling Stone magazine who has considerable sway with the Rock and Roll HOF. Until this person retires (or dies), they won't get in.

    End of story. Sorry.

  4. It's 'cause they're Canadian. No one wants to admit that we actually make some pretty kick-ass music. Noo... everyone wants to focus on Celine Dion and Nickelback.

    It's a piss-off, I tell you.

  5. @ Katsidhe, no problem. I know people either love them or hate them.

    @ Al, yes Al it really sank.

    @ Anne, that right there (the thing about Rolling Stone) is probably true. They can kiss my ass for that.

    @ Yandie, I am not sure it is because they are Canadian. Although they are probably punishing Canada for Nickleback, Celine Dion, and Justin Beiber.

  6. Ha! Good point OT! The nerve of some people!!!

  7. Mmmm Kokanee beer, I personally like Kokanee Gold better but I get your point.

    I also think it is a tragedy that certain people don't get recognized for their skill and exceptional contributions to their respective niche.

    Good read buddy.

  8. @ Yvonne, thank you.

    @ Hero, Kokanee Gold is good stuff. And yes you are right.

    @ Wisdom, thank you.

  9. disagree on springsteen though, i think he deserves to be in there

  10. @ Wisdom, I think he does deserve to be there. After Rush. Not before.

  11. DANG. I didn't realize that. And now I'm sad. *sad face*

  12. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a big joke.
    I could make a list of people that clearly should be in and aren't and probably won't ever be.

  13. I was with you up until your list. A few of those, yeah, shouldn't have been before Rush but most I have no problem with.

  14. @ Shelby, exactly.

    @ Ruth, yes it sure is.

    @ TS, if you read what I said you would have seen that I said they shouldn't be there before Rush. I have no problem with all of those I listed being there, but not before Rush.

  15. I don't understand how Pop music is in with the class of rock and roll? Madonna? Neil Diamond? I don't see them as Rock and Roll. It's not about talent. It's about who you're playing golf with and blowing.

  16. Absolutely right on. Hugely influential band.

    Have you seen their documentary? Can't recall the name at the moment... Fairly new...

    I sent a fan letter to Geddy in 1982, inviting him to my house for dinner... :-) He never answered, but I still have my fingers crossed.


  17. If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure they're on Canada's Walk of Fame.

    Yeah, that's probably not much of a consolation.

  18. One of my closest friends is a GIANT RUSH FAN!!! He so agrees with you. I guess I do too. I really have to check out the documentary. Heard it rocks (groan).

  19. @ Barb, thankfully you pointed out the obvious.

    @ Pearl, I have seen bits and pieces of it but not the whole thing. And you are awesome. Keep those fingers crossed.

    @ Pickles, well that helps a little.

    @ Copyboy, your friend is very wise.

  20. Let's not be quick to 'RUSH" to judgement here....ok, it's cheesy, but I couldn't help myself. I would totally agree with you, but I haven't the faintest idea who Rush is. I heard the name, and I know it's a band, but couldn't tell you a single song they sing. I better go get educated. The R&R HOF is nothing more than a money making enterprise, except for Billy Joel of course.

  21. My old boss was a total wanker and the lead singer in a Rush cover band. He ruined them for me forever. Judge me how you must.

  22. WHAT? They're not in the R&R HoF? That's stupid.

    I'm gonna go get some big hair.

    That's it.

    I'm done with this travesty.

  23. I think the R & R hall of SHAME should be torn down - what a freaking scam the whole thing is, it is about as legitimate as Disney.
    And yes RUSH are legendary in my book
    Exit stage left....
    Cheers, Sausage.

  24. @ Alessandra, you are correct about it being a money maker.

    @ Vixen, I am sorry to hear that.

    @ Janie, exactly.

    @ Sausage, yes it is a shame.

  25. Haha awesome post. Nearly spewed coffee when you listed Bieber in with the natural disasters.

  26. Clearly RUSH is far too cool to be in the disaster that is the R&R Hall of Fame.

    And I bet Geddy Lee hasn't lost any sleep over it.

  27. You are going to make me download their songs in iTunes now. I'm so sorry they weren't there before...

  28. i agree what a huge over sight lets go take care of it

  29. Love RUSH. Got quite a few of their albums and they were really one of the few prog/rock bands that I enjoyed in high school (yeah, I'm dating myself).

    But you can't forget that RUSH is a true power trio. Even when Geddy plays the keyboards, they still remains an awesome power trio.

  30. @ Mash, thank you. I was wondering if anyone would catch some of those.

    @ Joy, you are probably very right about that.

    @ Kelley, you don't have to.

    @ Becca, thank you.

    @ G, that is another great point. I didn't point Alex in the top 5 of anything because there are so many other great guitarists out there (Hendrix, Page, Clapton, etc) but they are a great trio. And what about when Geddy plays both bass and keyboards in the same song?

  31. I love this band have seen them over 15 times in concert. I have to agree explicitly. +1

  32. We just watched a Trailer Park Boys episode (a really old one) with them trying to get to a Rush concert! They are a pretty great band. Hopefully will get that recognition one day!

  33. I didn't know they weren't in the H.O.F. I'm not a big Rush fan, but I agree they are very talented. And certainly should be in before Ike.

  34. OT, I wholly agree with you on Rush. Neil Diamond is a TURD. Metallica? O-VER-RA-TED! (Although, I dig what he said upon entering) Abba? Disco killed.....you know the rest. I won't even mention some of the others you referred to, as some of them, I absolutly loathe, and others, I can't form an opinion because I don't know their music well enough. And, as a side note, the bass player for Primus is Les Claypool. Or, were you being facetious?

  35. @ Sarah, you are awesome.

    @ Texa, you are my hero for the Trailer Park boys reference.

    @ Tony, yep you said it.

    @ IB, you said it perfectly. And I couldn't remember Claypool's name.

  36. I RUSHed right over...wanted to make sure you were okay!

    On a serious note...I actually went and took a look at the R&R Hall of Fame website - interesting place.

    Here’s my thought - let’s really make a difference; that’s what this blogging community is about, right - we’ve got the power to put RUSH on the R&R Hall of Fame map - so let’s do it.

    What if a form letter, that encouraged the Inductee Nominating Committee members to seriously consider RUSH for a place in the Hall of Fame, was written and posted - dare I suggest on your site - and we did a Blog Tag event.

    Each of us would copy the letter and fire it off to the R&R Hall of Fame Foundation, the blokes in charge of the induction process, then we would feature it on our own Blogs and get our Followers to do the same.

    Sometimes...I think it’s time to stand up and make things happen.

    Then again, I can always crack open a Kokanee and order up some Boston Pizza, while I wait patiently for the Hockey season to start.

    Need help with this, let me know!

    Cheers, Jenny

  37. Just the word Bieber gets my bulimic tendencies going.

    So want me to tweet to the twits at RRHoF? Getting great results so far with Twittah.

    Hubs and I totally agree with you, Rush deserves to be there.

  38. The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame should be for true rockers not Neil Diamond or Madonna. Here's to your favorite rock band getting the recognition they deserve!

  39. When he does, it sounds very cool. Matter of fact, as soon as I got done reading this post, I went to YouTube to watch one of my favorite RUSH songs "Subdivisions".

    Good example of mixing bass and keys at the same time.

  40. I suppose their true assets are folks who swear by them, and the rest, as some will say, don't matter much.

    Even so, some kind of 'permanence' would do no harm.

  41. @ Pearson, your comment was damn good. And I would like to think that I already started it.

    @ Nubian, yes please use Twitter.

    @ Empress, I completely agree. Who did Madonna fuck to get in there I wonder?

    @ G, that is the perfect example of playing both in a great song.

    @ Anil, you are correct.

  42. I tend to think awards, honors, and the like, have an underlying political and/or popularity basis. Really, it's like we never escape high school--there will, sadly, always be game play...well, until people refuse to play.

  43. I would have chipped in on this earlier, but as you know, my PC was down this week...

    Anne Patron is close to the real reason Rush isn't in the Hall... I don't think it's just "any" writer with Rolling Stone, it's Jann Wenner, the publisher of Rolling Stone and co-founder of the Rock & Roll HOF. There isa number of worthy acts that have never gotten a sniff for the same reason... blackballed from the top execs. Look how long it took KISS to get in. (I think they just got in this year.) Also, Cheap Trick has never been nominated. But Neil fucking Diamond is in??

    But the one that busts my hump is that Joan Jett has never been nominated. I mean, all she did was found the first all-female rock band ever, and inspire a generation of women to play guitars. She went on to a career filled with solid (if not blockbuster) rock albums and never ever sold out to the ever-changing whims of "pop." Joan Jett is the living embodiment of rock and roll and should have her own freakin' wing in the HOF.

  44. @ Virgin, you are probably right.

    @ Bluz, you are correct. And I agree with you about Joan Jett.


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