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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The LOL Award

Well yesterday I had the honor of receiving the same award twice in the same day. That has happened twice this month actually. Maybe we need to call Scully to see if this is something for X-Files. If it isn’t maybe she can show me her XXX-Files.

I also got the same very award today from another blogger.

I guess by getting the same award three times in two days I am taking off, and I am on my way to achieving my plan of taking over the blog world.

"Gee Trash, what are we going to do today?”

“The same thing we do every day, try to make people laugh Pinky.”

I was given the “LOL” blog award by Bruce (see his blogs here and here), Mrs. Hyde over at A Bitch Called Mom, and by Blah Coo Coo Blah. I guess I make them “LOL” although I am not quite sure what that means exactly. I sure hope it does not cause chest pain or something that requires a trip to the emergency room as it sounds painful. Speaking of painful, have you noticed how much it fucking costs these days just to take a deep breath inside of a hospital? Can’t fucking afford it is exactly right.

Anyways, I was given this nice little award for making them laugh. Thank you Bruce, Bitch (she’s not a bitch; I just wanted to say bitch), and Blah for the award . You should go check out their blogs as they are all funny bloggers.

This award comes with some rules where I have to thank the people who have given it to me, pass on the award to seven bloggers I find funny, and list seven things that no one knows about me.

So in no particular order here are seven bloggers that I find fucking funny. Please go and check them out as they are good writers and need some more peeps checking out there stuff.



Muffin Logic



Sugar Free Thoughts

The Twins

Here are the seven things which no one knows about me.

1. I am horrifically shy. I don’t hit on women when I am out in public.

2. I have a list of over 150 blog ideas which I need to write about. Some funny, some serious.

3. I love to read, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me.

4. I am the son of a raging alcoholic but I rarely drink. Except when I am out of town and don’t have to drive. Then I become a happy drunk.

5. My first job was as a pizza delivery guy. My first day on that job was on Super Bowl Sunday 1991. My first car was a lowered Nissan mini-truck which had a targa top and small tv inside it. No I didn’t miss the Superbowl that year.

6. The Most Interesting Man In The World and Chuck Norris both refuse to play me in chess.

7. I used to skate board when I was a youth. And I was actually quite good.

Well there you have it in a nutshell. I will try to keep the “funneh” up so you can laugh at what I have to say around here.


  1. Nice one and congrats on the two-fer-one award.
    I wonder of Sculley's XXX files are red?
    cheers, Sausage...

  2. Congrats on the award - you deserve it. :)

  3. Thanks for the award darling!!! you made my day (does this award come w/ one of those giant checks?) LOL

  4. i love to read to and isn't strange how some children of alcoholics rarely if ever drink like me yet we were surrounded by it daily.

  5. I try to be funny....but then I get depressed...thank god for psych meds!

  6. @ Sausage, thank you. I think she was a bottle red, but I would love to find out.

    @ Sam, thank you.

    @ Birdshit, thank you. And if I had a big ass giant check, I would give it to you.

    @ Becca, yes that is very strange.

    @ Jarhead, it takes practice. So get out there and practice.

  7. congrats on the award. You are one funny twisted man...love it.

  8. Congratulations on the award. Jewels said it perfectly when she said you were one funny twisted man.

  9. congrats on getting the award, and twice no less. great job. you deserve it!


  10. haha! you accidentally put my name on there.

    you silly ;)

  11. @ Jewels, thank you. I will try to keep the funny up since it is what you the readers love about me.

    @ Bothered, thank you.

    @ Amber, thank you.

    @ Kage, yes I am one silly motherfucker.

  12. Pizza delivery guy! Never would have guessed. Maybe a "sammich" delivery guy....

  13. @ Jumble, thank you ver much.

    @ Kelly, back then when I started this job they didn't have sammich delivery guys. I guess that means I am old.

  14. Congrats!
    Your answers are great! You are a dedicated football fan to watch it while working! And on your first day at work no less...

  15. Congrats on your award(s) and here is to Scully showing you her xxx files!! ...Very interesting tidbit about you re: chess. Cool indeed!


  16. @ Path, thank you. Yes I am a dedicated football fan. More so now than back then in 91, but I don't ever miss a Superbowl.

    @ Empress, thank you. I wish she would she me her goodies. She was HOT back in the day on that show. And I challenged them on their Facebook pages, and I have not gotten a response.

  17. Nice to meet you Trash... congrats on the award :)

    Do I lose points for noticing that you only listed 6 things about yourself instead of 7??

    Hope you'll still like me anyways ;)


  18. @ Project, thank you very much.

    Thank you for pointing that out. I will have to go back and add another one. And you GAIN points for that.

  19. 'grats on the award! Your blog does make me 'LOL'...specially during work hours which is fantastic as it makes the other minions think I'm just a little bit more crazy then I am. Thanks for that :o)

  20. Congrats on the award - for the second time.

  21. Twice in one day? There should be some hall of fame place where you can report a stat like that. Anyway it's well deserved. BTW...like your picks as well.

  22. Another award?!!! At least your blog actually deserves it. Seriously, though, looking forward to those 150 ideas. And I want more serious posts, too!

  23. If they don't play chess with you, would they at least play chest with each other?


  24. @ Primed, I am glad I keep you entertained at work. And thank you.

    @ David, thank you.

    @ Copyboy, I am not sure I belong in the Hall of Fame just yet. Maybe once I get BON'd. Thank you.

    @ Jacqueson, thank you. Just stay tuned. I jot down ideas and eventually write them out on here.

    @ Ditz, I am not sure but it would make for a great game.

  25. hahaha love number 6

  26. you know i think you deserve this!

    good job on the second as well!

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  27. To give the name of your first job a little panache (NOTE: snooty word meaning "feathers on a helmet"), how 'bout: "Italian Food Transportation Representative." Feel free to use it, free of charge. Congratulations on LOL. Can ROFLMFAO be far behind?

  28. You definitely deserve it. Congrats! Chuck Norris is a wimp. Your reputation preceeds you, Mr. O.

  29. Was that the "Wide Right" Giants/Bills Super Bowl? If so, I recall that one fondly, as I spent it in Schenedtady NY, at the apartment of my favorite exotic dancer and together we made a dinner for 4. (OK, she made dinner, I made the crescent rolls.)

    Sadly, when I applied the "Massage Gambit" at the end of the night, I only succeeded at putting her to sleep.

  30. Well make that 3 awards! I just gave you another one :D It's on my latest post!

  31. I must say the news you refer to your man junk as "pinky" is quite a brave announcement. Also congrats on the awards ! You're like the Jeffersons .

  32. A window into the past of Oilfield Trash - thanks! And grats on more awards!

  33. No. Way. I make you laugh out loud, man? Thanks so much for the award, OT!

  34. @ Emily, thank you.

    @ Bruce, thank you very much. I would have given it to you as well but I saw that you had already been given it.

    @ AL, I knew what panache was but only because I saw that Clint Eastwood movie "In The Line Of Fire". But your description is way better than mine. I should use it.

    @ @ Robyn, I hope it is a good reputation. And thank you.

    @ Bluz, I think that was the one. And wow, that sucks you got no happy ending that night.

    @ Blah, thank you. I updated this post.

    @ Peachy, have you not seen Pinky And The Brain cartoon?

    @ Dr, yes it was a good window though. Thank you.

  35. @ Kelley, yes you make me lol. You are one funny woman. Your family is lucky to have a funny woman in it.

  36. I was gonna join a support group for children of alcoholics. Then I realized I didn't have anyone to talk to about being the child of a drug addict. Finally, I just said 'fuck it. Somebody pass me a joint and that bottle of tequila.'

    a bitch called mom

  37. @ Hyde, do you like Patron? Because I have a bottle I would be willing to drink with a ravens fan.

  38. Awww, I'm kind of disappointed. I knew all 7 of those. :(

    Congrats on the awards

  39. @ Miley, that is because you actually "know" me.

  40. Thanks so much for the award, sir! Perhaps I can return the favor one day?! :o)


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