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Monday, January 10, 2011

I Have Been Pimped And Awarded

Recently one of the blogs I follow The Ranters Box pimped me out on her blog. Her blog is hilarious and you need to go and read it. Seriously, drop what you are doing and go read her blog now. She really deserves to be Bon’d (Blogs Of Note you perverts) on here as her blog is great. So give her a read.

I was also given a pretty sweet award on Friday and again on Saturday by two different bloggers. I was given the award on Friday by Jewels and on Saturday by A Redhead Named Sam. Both of their blogs are good and you should go check them out. Jewels writes about her experiences with trying to find a man, turning 30 years old, and her big Greek family. Sam writes about her life and some pretty tough choices she has made in the last couple of years. You should go read both of their blogs.

Now onto the award and it is called “The Irresistibly Sweet Award” and was created by Mynx and you should also check out her blog as well. The award is “for bloggers whose posts are always dragging you back for more. Someone who makes you smile when you see that their latest post is on your reading list.” So I guess this makes my blog very addictive. And the award comes with a few rules which means I have to pass the award onto 3 other bloggers that addictive to me and I also have to list 5 guilty pleasures.

So to comply with the rules here are 3 bloggers that I follow that are great:

First is Life By Chocolate which is a nice little gem of a blog by a middle aged young funny as hell Jewish lady. She writes about her wild experiences with dating, chocolate, and life in general. She always leaves me in stitches from laughing so hard at her.

Second is a blog by a guy who writes stuff that is crazy funny. His blog is Not Worth Mentioning and his blogs always tell a great tale and are filled with information you probably have never even thought about knowing that you might just need to know. Go check it out.

And last but not least is Peachy over at Being Peachy. Her blog is hilarious and often filled with great stories of her family and friends and some of her posts from Facebook. She is seriously funny and deserves your attention.

Now for my 5 guilty pleasures that I must tell you about:

1. I enjoy watching the ID Discovery Channel and all of the forensic shows that they have on there. The shows on there are both sad and hilarious to me as how some dumb asses think they can get away with murder and also kill someone over such stupid shit.

2. I am a history nerd. I spend hours watching the History Channel and also reading books about history. Just tonight I took my kids to a used book store and walked out with 5 used books about World War 2 history. If I ever hit the lotto I plan on going back to college and getting a PhD in History so I can either teach or write a book.

3. I enjoy watching the tv show Hoarders. It blows my damn mind how some people live like that. I watched one episode last night that had some woman in a house that was filled with rabbits and rabbit shit everywhere through the house. I make my kids watch it as well so that they see what their house would look like if it was not for me cleaning all the fucking time.

4. I blog and share my fucked up sense of humor with you the reader. It makes me feel decent inside to know that some of you enjoy reading about my messed up life and my even more messed up sense of humor.

5. I watch the tv show Cops whenever I can get a chance to. It cracks me up to see how dumb some people in this country truly are. Like you are really going to out run a bunch of cop cars when there is 10 of them and a police helicopter in the air as well. And don’t even get me started on the dumbass youth of today who think they can out run a cop on foot when their pants are hanging half way down their legs. Fucking morons I tell you.

Well there you have it. There is my sweet award. Remember to check out the blogs that I follow and show them some love. And help spread the word on my blog because when I get to 100 followers, I will post another hot picture of me from back in the day when I was a stripper.


  1. Wow, go you! Congrats on the award, I'll defo check out the other blogs you suggested. BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE COPS!!!!

  2. Well deserved!


  3. Congrats on your awards and deep felt thanks and many yummy sammich returns to you dude. Appreciate the shout out/pimp call, and holla. Also "I" don't think you need to be fucked with a sammich, "the chick (?)" in the poster thought that. Who am I to tell her no?

  4. @ Blah, thank you.

    @ PM, thank you.

    @ Sharaf, I am glad you enjoyed it.

  5. @ Peachy, the "woman" (and I used that word loosely) probably has a penis and does not need the sammich to do the deed.

    And you are very welcome. Your blog cracks me up and hence the award.

  6. Congrats on your award. Found you on several comment threads of blogs I also follow. Had to stop by.

    Going to go check out more of your links, but I already like your language.

    Seriously??... Reeeally?..... Seriously?


    Even if you are joking, I want a stripper pic!!!

  7. @ Stephanie, thank you very. I am glad you enjoy my language. And yes you should stop by to check out the stripper picture when I get to 100 followers.

  8. Look at you Mr. Awards-y!!! you definitely deserve the recognition!

  9. btw, Forensic Shows are the best...they may keep me up at night, but I am so fascinated by them

  10. Nothing like the sweet taste of recognition!
    Enjoy the reward, you deserve it.

    Also, thanks for dropping by and checking out my site, much appreciated!

    I'll be back, Jenny

  11. CONGRATSSSSSS! ON THE SSSSSWWWWWEEEEEETT AWARDDDDDDD! Yay! I love your 5 guilty pleasures. Have you seen my mom on hoarders yet? She'll show up eventually, I'm sure.

    p.s. you called Rawkyn Robyn middle aged? Ouch!

    惄 my cyber house rules

  12. @ Bird shit, thank you. And yes the forensic shows are great.

    @ Pearson, that is true. And thank you.

    @ Nikki, thank you. I have not seen your mom on that show yet, but I think next year they might have her on it. And I got the middle aged comment from her "about me" spot on her blog. If she said it, she can't be mad at me for saying it. lol

  13. I wish I was a nerd about smart stuff. Darn my lack of aptitude. BTW...congrats on the award and big fan of Life by Chocolate

  14. congrats yo! you totally deserve it!

  15. Congrats on your award.. very well deserved!!
    I already love me some Peachy and now I must go check out the other blogs!!

  16. @ Copyboy, thank you.

    @ Paige, thank you as well.

    @ Holly, thank you. And yes go check out all of the other blogs. They are good.

  17. Congratulations on the award! Well deserved.

  18. @ Cinderita, thank you.

    @ Rawr, thank you as well.

  19. Nikki, he did what? Damn him. Actually, I call myself middle aged, but OT so sweetly reframed my status. I love him for it.
    Thanks for the award, OT, and for always making me laugh too. Mostly, thanks for calling me young. Wink.
    PS I'm a big fan of NWM/Copyboy too. Off to check out the Peach.

  20. Congrats on the award!
    I love Hoarders, I wrote a post on the lady that hoarded chickens...eww.

  21. I watch Hoarders whenever I need inspiration to clean up the place.

  22. Congratulations on being irresistable!!! By the way you have some more blog love over at my place if you are interested. We'll make you an award whore yet! Muahahahaha.

  23. I once read that the dumb asses who get busted on COPS have no problem signing the releases for the show and actually are excited for the air date!

    Hoarders I liked at first, but it's almost like Intervention, you've seen five episodes, ya seen 'em all.

    PS I can't believe you don't remember watching Parker Lewis Can't Lose back in the 90s. You must have been too mature for that shiz.

  24. Hoarders and Cops just make me depressed. Intervention, on the other hand, now that makes me feel great about my life choices! :-)

  25. See, I told you that you rocked! Congratulations on your latest awards. Well done my friend! Props to those bloggers you awarded in return.

    And thank you so much for the blog mention. I feel honored by your kind words and wishes of my BON'ing ; )


  26. oh my gawd. i know this will be hard to believe, what with my chosen profession and all, but i'm a history channel/WWII buff too - specifically, the third reich. how bout that?

    congrats on your award, you deserve it :)

  27. @ Robyn, you are very welcome. You deserved it. And yes you should check out Peachy. She is awesome.

    @ Becca, thank you.

    @ Jess, thank you. I am glad to know I am not the only one who likes that show.

    @ TS, I do that as well.

    @ Semi, thank you. And thank you for the award. I have another award post to write.

    @ Ally, that does not shock me at all. And I agree, but I still watch it to see the train wreck. And I was probably too stoned back then to notice that tv show.

    @ Jenny, I used to feel that way when I first started watching them, but then I remembered that it isn't me on there and I was just fine.

    @ Empress, I know you said it, but sometimes I just don't believe it. And thank you. If anyone deserves being bon'd it is you.

    @ Kage, I have no preconceived notions about ladies in your line of work. I once knew a lady who was in med school and working the same job as you. She said it kept her sane. And there is nothing wrong with liking history. Nothing at all.

  28. Congrats to both you and to those you awarded!

  29. Cops, Worlds Dumbest Criminals, Wildest Police Chases, America's Funniest Home Videos...they all make me feel awesome about myself. I can't get enough of them. I have found myself holding my eyes open at like 4 am just to finish a COPS marathon. It's TV gold!

  30. 1. On my last trip to Florida (I used to live there) we saw Cops being filmed in Tampa. We were the only white people in north Tampa at midnight. Scary as fucking hell.

    2. I am so stupid when it comes to history. Did you see that show "America: The History of Us"? It was on the history channel and I was addicted! I was so happy to know that the whole Paul Revere thing happened here. I seriously thought he had something do with Britain and over seas. (I'm a disgrace to our country.) (Hubs said I shouldn't say these things outloud.)

  31. @ Pat, thank you.

    @ Jewels, I agree with you.

    @ Sara, yes Tampa after dark can be scary. Very scary. And I am proud of you for watching that show as it was an awesome program. And if I were you I would not be ashamed at all, you watched the show and now you know.

  32. Congrats on all the love, man!
    And I would have never had you pegged for a "Hoarders" type of viewer.

  33. @ Sandra, I love me a good train wreck. And that show sure is a train wreck.

  34. I love forensic shows, but history, it depends. I try to only know enough not to have it repeat itself in my life.

  35. You don't deserve any awards, you suck!! I can have a screwed up sense of humor too.
    You def picked some good blogs to give awards too but where is my award? If I knew that you accepted bribes I would of sent you the best box o' wine.

  36. Congrats! Your blog is awesome though, you know that <3

    Over in Australia we had Discovery ID and I became hooked on the show "Most Evil". I sometimes wonder where I would be on that scale hahahahahahaha!


  37. And oops I forgot to include my thank you for including me. You are the tranq to my Santa.

  38. @ Hyde, and that is enough to get you along. No problem here.

    @ Toastman, I do take bribes. And I have another one to give out.

    @ Hed, thank you. And I love that show as well.

    @ Copyboy, you are welcome.

  39. Congrats on the award! I'm checking out the ones you pimped now. Always love some new ideas and fresh thoughts in my Reader. :)



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