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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bob Nails It

If you did not know it, over the weekend another nut job went on a shooting rampage and killed roughly 6 people (including a 10 year old girl who was born on 9-11-01) and wounded around 12 more (including a Congress Woman from Arizona). When I heard about this shooting my heart sank for the family and friends of the deceased and the wounded people who were shot by this jackass. I am tired of hearing about senseless murder and crime in general. Why couldn’t his jackass just gone in his back yard and taken his own life instead of doing what he had done. He has gone and destroyed so many lives in just mere seconds and now he is going to be in jail for life getting free room and board, 3 square meals a day, cable tv, access to a library, and you and me have to foot the bill. I sure hope he gets the death penalty for what he has done in ruining so many lives.

In addition to the sadness and anger I felt over the shooting, I got even more pissed off when I saw the news reporting on this tragedy. If you have read my post about the lame stream media, then you know what I am about to say. If you have not read it yet, then please do so, so you can understand what I am talking about. You see the news media outlets did not even bother to get any facts together about this case. Nope. Not one of them. They all started to say the shooter did this because of the political rhetoric in the country the last few years. The left (CSB, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, my local paper even) was saying the shooter was a right wing Sarah Palin loving nut job. The right (Fox News) was saying he was a pot smoking liberal. Hey media, how about getting the facts before you declaring judgment? You know how about digging into this guy’s past, find out how he got the gun in the first place; try to find out why he did it. You know find out something for fucks sake. The blood on the concrete was not even dry before judgment was passed by both sides on why he did what he did and it makes me fucking sick. Shame on you the media for doing this, SHAME ON YOU.

Blaming anyone (or anything) other the shooter for what was done, is ridiculous. It would like blaming video games and McDonalds for why your kid is fat and failing in all his/her classes at school, when it is really the parents fault for not getting the kid off of the couch and shoving shitty food down his/her throat. Put the blame where the blame is.

Anyways, this guy here that I follow on Facebook often posts some pretty funny rants on youtube. And the one he did on this very subject was spot on. You can see his Facebook page by going here.

I agree with him.

Edited to add: If you remember when the Fort Hood shooter went off killing people, the media said we shouldn't rush to judge the guy as a terrorist simply because he was a muslim. Yet in this case the very same media who said we shouldn't rush to judgment with Fort Hood shooter, went off and rushed to say that this sick guy was a tea party member/Republican/Conservative just because he was an mentally disturbed angry white man. Do you see the hypocrisy?

Edited to add again: The Washington Post had an article which complained about rhetoric of people like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin. And then posted this picture right here. By doing this cartoon isn't the Washington Post doing the same damn thing that they are complaining about the right doing? I think they are. I hate fucking politics. Nothing has brain washed more people in history than politics, schools, and religion.


  1. It shows what kind of crazy world we live in. It's all about ratings instead of being right...right after this commercial break.

  2. this was such a tragedy so sad

  3. Just this simple -


    Well said.


  4. Is it lame that I simply do not watch the news anymore or read the paper? I know it is totally head in the sand, but I can't tell you the last time I saw something positive/uplifting/heartwarming on the news. It is always blood and murder and fearmongering.

    So sad about the shooting though. I wish idiots like that would only harm themselves if anyone has to get hurt.

  5. @ Copyboy, yep that is so true.

    @ Becca, yes it was.

    @ PM Taylor, thank you.

    @ Stephanie, sometimes not watching the news makes you smarter. And yes it is very sad.

    @ Horuss, thank you.

  6. Dunno, sweetness. Not sure I agree 100%.

    Certainly the sensationalising of such a tragedy is repulsive beyond all imagination, and without question this kid was a nutjob.

    I have to say, though, that there is a really ugly undercurrent flowing through American political discourse, which I think can lead only to very bad places.

    No one knows why this kid went on a shooting rampage but him - there's no disputing that.

    But can it be a bad thing to shine a light on an intensifying and alarmingly divisive political landscape?

    Not sure.

    - B x

  7. @ Barroness, both parties have been doing that for my entire life. It has not just showed up recently. It has been here for a long time. Hell two months before the election the president himself was out there calling Republicans "the enemies". So yea it should not be this way but it is this way. He even campaigned on bringing the country together, and he has helped make it worse.

    Hell he himself said after the Fort Hood shooter went off that we should not think all Muslims are bad people. Yet here for this incident he is pretty silent about saying anything.

    Oh well.

  8. 11 megafuckerations own all the main stream media in the free world.

    they are not reporters they are opininion flashers, and they say whatever makes the most sense to the fucktarded rught left they lean.

    i fucking hate the on issue mentality that has fuckin guided our political landscape in the past 30 years...

    it is a fucked up fuckin mess...right left or other...it is so tempting to drop out and move to belize...
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  9. @ Bruce, you nailed it. It is a hot mess right, left, or center. I completely agree.

  10. Hey Trash - a very nice & timely rant.

    Just a friendly fyi - MDAS has been added to the scrolling blogroll @ Venom, Secrets, & Lies. Maybe you should buy lotto tickets today!

  11. @ Sharaf, thanks.

    @ Venom, thank you.

  12. Its all about pointing the finger. Thats the world we live in. NO ONE wants to take responsibility for ANYTHING on any level unless of course it makes them look good or nets them a large sum of money.

    Responsibility on the whole is extinct.

  13. I do agree that the political climate and rhetoric out there goes too far..Palin's crosshairs was in my opinion in poor taste. Politicians and anyone who is very visible media need to have a reasonable expectation that there might be one wack-a-do out there that will read what they write and take it literally or worse yet, as an invitation.
    I addressed a different view about this - if you like you can check it out on BlogHer-http://www.blogher.com/would-you-turn-your-neighbor-0

  14. @ Daffy, yep I agree.

    @ Holly, you can't just blame Palin for one graph they should on tv. Both the Democrats (DNC) and the Republicans (RNC) have been using that exact same "bullseye" target graph for decades.

  15. OT - youre right,and I dont. Every side/party is guilty. I just *really* dislike Palin, I think it's her sheer stupidity that makes me stabbier than anything else.

  16. @ Holly, I just wanted to make sure that you knew that and that it was not just limited to one political party.

    And I agree about Palin. I wish her husband would put his dick in her mouth and never remove it so that she couldn't ever speak again.

  17. I agree with you, though I believe the rhetoric and so many other factors - mainly, of course, the deranged monster himself - are to blame. It's telling to look at stats of the levels of violence in other countries that have gun control, actual services for the mentally ill, etc. Our priorities are so warped, as is the media's response to horrors like this - which the general population eats up.

    I am liberal and anti-Palin, etc., but going into that argument only makes things worse.

  18. @ Robyn, when the facts come out on this I am pretty sure that the rhetoric will not have anything to do with this. I have heard today that the sheriff himself knew that this young man had mental problems and that he had threatened others before. And if that turns out to be true, I would not be shocked.

    I would also like to know how someone who was "reportedly" undergoing mental health treatment was able to get a gun whether legally or not.

    And even if you ban all guns tomorrow, criminals who want to get a gun and do harm will find a way to get a gun. Hell they do it today either by stealing one of by getting one on the black market.

    And you don't need guns to have violence. There are tons of other ways criminals can hurt/kill people.

    And the rhetoric makes me sick. Both sides are GUILTY of it. Both sides. And the nice biased liberal media is only saying it is right leaning rhetoric when it is actually both left and right. But they will never say that. Never.

    And personally Robyn, I could care less who you support as long as you are a good person who pays their taxes, follows the laws, and makes a difference on society and in peoples lives. I don't see red and blue, I see all the colors.

  19. WOW!

    Damn nasty bit of business going on down there!

    I'm struggling with how to formulate my thoughts in this wee space.

    Suffice it to say, Oilfield, I share your sentiments.


  20. @ Robyn, and I agree we as a country (and world for that matter) do a crappy job at helping those with mental disease. Legitimate disease, not those who use it as an excuse to hide behind, the really sick in the head people.

  21. @ Pearson, it is ok, I am not out to convert anyone or make them see my way. I was just merely trying to show another view point and something that pisses me off.

  22. Such a sad thing to see happen anytime somebody takes into their hands the safety and lives of others...such senseless hatred in the world. I sometimes wonder how we aren't all agoraphobic and scared to leave our homes. Just sick.

    His death won't bring back those he killed or magically heal all those he wounded. However, I agree the he shouldn't be allowed to live out his life on our dime while those families continue to hurt and attempt to heal.

    Politics in general aggrivate me so much that I stay away from them completely-which before you yell at me-I know isn't the right thing to do...but if I let myself get too involved I would go stark raving mad.
    I lol'd at your "I wish her husband would put his dick in her mouth and never remove it"....hahaha. I concur.

  23. @ Jewels, yes it is very sad to see. I am sick of crime. Really sick of crime. I may a post coming up soon about it.

    And yes his death won't help, but he should never be allowed to breath free air ever again.

    And there is nothing wrong with not getting involved in politics as it tends to drive people bat shit crazy.

    And I Am glad you liked the bit about shutting her up.

  24. hm, me being german I only got half of what happened there. we got our own weirdos shooting stuff up over here.

    also following you now, you've got some interesting reads :)

    my blog, if you feel like giving it a click

  25. the politics is a little over my (canadian) head, but God bless the families of the injured and the deceased.

  26. Jon Stewart did a piece on this last night.. and it wasn't even funny. Just depressing. And INCREDIBLY SPOT ON. I am sure you will appreciate it if you check it out.

  27. @ Wesh, thanks for coming by. I agree.

    @ Kage, it is ok.

    @ Jenny, I don't watch him or any of the others because they are all a little "slanted"

  28. Chelsea was freakin' on the mark about it - that it's a tragedy and it's just wrong. No slant, no nothing. Just there.

  29. It's shit like this that make my husband question moving back to America.

    My aunt posted this on Facebook: "In the wake of the Tucscon shootings I am wondering if the USA is not beginning ro resemble some of those countries we are so fast to condemn? e.g., if you are not like me I should kill you...middle east, Africa, South America. I seem to recall "let he who is without sin cast the first stone". I thought this country was the cradle of free speech and freedom, obviously I was mistaken."

    It's a damn shame, and something needs to be done about the polarization in this country. No one is ever going to take away the right to bear arms, but the gov't and the media should really take responsibility for their actions and words. Well thought out post, OT.

    hed www.hedabovewater.com

  30. @ Janie, I don't ever get to watch her anymore.

    @ Hed, America is not bad. There are nutcases in every country on the planet.

    And I agree with you.

  31. This is a disgusting tragedy. This guy on the video i had to turn off in less than 10 sec. Totally annoying high strung goofball. thats my analysis from 10 sec ;)

  32. @ Mack, I agree it is a tragedy. And I agree the guy in the video is a goofball, but he makes a very valid point (that no one else will make).

  33. My wife is a news watcher. She gets so made at me because I'm always interruping and saying how stupid and slanted it all is! I HATE THE NEWS! I HATE POLITICS!
    that was a great video, thanks for sharing it!

  34. @ Pat, I agree with you. I know how you feel.

    And you are welcome.

  35. this is a huge tragedy. yes the guy acted alone and is very sick in the mind but faux news and the others did influence him to being more unbalanced then he was before. he should have been committed to an insitution long before he was. it's scary to think that he was still allowed to be free even after classmates and professors complained that he needed to be evaulated instead of simply expelled from pima.

  36. @ Kyo, if you think Fox news helped him out then you might want to rethink that. It has already been reported that the kid didn't watch the news, didn't listen to talk radio, and wasn't influenced by any talking points.

    And I agree about the professors and other students reporting him. And the same very sheriff who said talk radio caused this, knew of this sick kid and also didn't do anything about him. Just wait till all the facts come out and you will see it all. But the media won't report about it, you can bet your ass about that.


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