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Monday, January 17, 2011

100 Followers And Another Award

This past Thursday I received another award on here. It was my fourth award in one week (I guess the word is getting out about me) and I was very happy to get this award. The award seems to fit me pretty well and it comes with no rules (not that I am against rules, but I am a rebel so to speak). The award is the “Your Blog Is Bloody Brilliant” award and I got it from The Empress over at the Ranters Box. You should go check out her blog as she is funny and she writes really well. So thank you Empress, I really appreciate the award.

On Friday I also reached another milestone in addition to getting 4 blog awards in one week, and that is I surpassed 100 followers (well 110 at the time of writing this post). I never thought I would get to the 100 follower level. No really I honestly never thought I would get to this level. Having 100 followers is like starting a business and it taking off really well. And this mark is really an accomplishment for me since I only have 60 posts and that is like almost 2 followers per post. So thank you to all of you who have stuck around with me, and have read the little stories that I like to tell as well as my nasty perverted jokes. Don’t worry, I won’t sell out now that I have reached 100 followers and change my content or my jokes and stories. I plan to continue writing about all of the things that have got me to this level. So stick around because there will be a lot more of my style of humor, common sense, and stories of my life.

So since I got a following now, here is a little bit about me. I like to write but more importantly, I love to talk and tell stories. My sense of humor would be best suited for standup comedy, but since I don’t have my own show I will have to continue to write. I did not always like to write because I suck at grammar and the English language in general. English was the one class all through school and college that I sucked at. But I have found that over time I seem to be getting better (well at least in my small little mind at least) with writing and trying to get what is in my head to come out of hiding and jump into Microsoft Word.

Well you the lovely follower did not come here for me to babble on about myself, you came here for the picture I am about to post. You see if you didn’t already know, I promised a while back that for each 50 followers I get on here that I will post a picture of myself for you guys to see. So without any further delay, here is the picture of myself that I promised you the lovely reader back from my college days when I was a stripper.

When I get to 150 followers I will post a picture of myself from back when I used to be an internet model. Have a great day everyone. I hope this picture of me makes you have a great Monday.


  1. Your picture has me drooling. Love it!

    Congrats on hitting over 100 followers and for all your awards! Keep the good stuff coming.

  2. Wow 100 followers! I've been blogging for about 3 years and have 88 LOL You are awesome though, thanks for keeping me entertained!

  3. Im hoovering in the Mid Twenties and the mid Thirties~ if you look at both of my blog follow sources! Google keeps picking up my Gi Gi and Frankie Post and Ill wear that Same out fit up there for 90 followers!

  4. Haha.. love the photo. congrats on the award and the milestone. You might be too good with the photo shop though - people are going to start re-thinking that 'follow' click.


  5. @ Simone, thank you. Glad I could get someone salivating this early in the morning.

    @ Birdshit, you need more followers. I will have to pimp you out. And thank you.

    @ Brans, I will have to do some blog love and blog pimping to help get your numbers up.

    @ Simpledude, thank you. That software is a "secret" and these women don't see or know the difference. Damn if only I was that skinny.

  6. Is it bad to be having an 'Elmer Fudd' moment?

    Congrats on the followers

    [looking about for the blunderbuss]

  7. @ Bruce, thank you. I would not have gotten here without some blog love and pimping. And you certainly helped with that so thank you.

    @ Paxford, no it is not bad to have an Elmer Fudd moment. And thank you.

  8. Dude, watching you take off is like watching your kid grow into a successful member of society and then getting a higher college degree than you, so you want to smack your fucking kid in the nuts, WAIT, no it's not really like that( sort of) I mean the fact that I followed you when you were but a wee blogging babe and then you blew my out of the water despite the FACT I LOVE WRITING and always have makes me so stappy for you. ( new word- stabby happy). I appreciate the pic of you, it was a real pallet cleanser after the last blog of all Mario Lopez pics. I thought I would need a cold shower to get over that, but then I came here and viola, you fixed everything ! But in all seriousness Dude, you have been busting your ass, putting out great articles an it IS noticed. I am super proud of you, you make me smile 5 days a week and don't use my AA batteries, this makes you solid gold in my book baby. HATS, uh er, PANTS OFF to the Bloody Brilliant Blogger Oil Field Trash.

  9. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr! You wear pink so well. Mama like!! :o)

    Congrats on all your blogging success!!

  10. Congrats on the awards and the followers! I really enjoy your blogs.

  11. yeah baby you look good in pink..congrats on the award and the big 100

  12. Well you are bloody brilliant, except for the outfit choice. Not sure I'm looking forward to your internet modeling pics.

  13. @ Peachy, thank you for all of the nice kind words. I remember when you and Miley were 2 of my first 5 followers. You have been since the very beginning and I appreciate that. And I am glad you liked the picture.

    @ Heather, I am glad you enjoyed the picture. And thank you.

    @ Manager, thank you.

    @ Becca, thank you very much. Glad you like it. And thank you.

    @ Copyboy, well I did not have much choice in the outfit due to the nature of my job at the time.

  14. you know, i always thought we used to work together. now i know why.

  15. @ Rawr, thank you.

    @ Kage, me may have just worked together at one time.

  16. Wicked sexy ears there! Boink Boink

    Congrats on the followers and the awards!!

    Wouldn't have ever guessed you sucked at English. So glad you decided to overcome your suckiness and pluck out your thoughts here.

  17. Dude, WHEN did I tell you to start blogging? And you were all "Nobody will read" and I thumped your forehead and said "You dumbass, if you write it, they will come". Yet, you delayed.

    You left your humor, wit, sarcasm and stories OUT of the blogosphere for over 6 months while I PLEADED with you to blog...
    I was all "Don't make me roll your window up!" and yet, you delayed.

    My baby is all grown up with his 110+ followers, about to surpass my numbers. *sniff*
    I'm such a proud mama
    Hold on. I need a kleenex. I've got the vapors, darling...

    What did I say? "People will love you"... and here you are, all skyrocketing into fame in the blog world with a bagillion awards just in the last few weeks.
    I think you should do a vlog. Tell a story via video. Really. Seriously. Because as funny as your blog is with the written word, you are far funnier in person.

    I'm just so damn proud of you, NF. So damn proud.

  18. Haha, congratulations on the 100+ followers. I'm sure if you keep posting pics like that you're bound to keep picking up more and more.

  19. @ Daffy, thank you. I am glad that you liked my picture. And thank you, I am also glad that you enjoy my writings.

    @ TS, I hope people enjoy me for my content and not my body. I hate it when that happens.

  20. @ Miley,

    Yes you are correct, I should have listened to you. But you know how it is when you think about something that might be a good idea and are apprehensive about it. I was that way with my blog.

    Sorry for the 6 month delay.

    And thank you for being all proud and non-Jewish vaklempt.

    And thank you for being proud of me.

  21. @ Miley, thank you again for nudging me, because if you wouldn't have nudged me into writing all of my bullshit, I wouldn't have done it.

  22. You are welcome. I really am non-Jewish farklempt about it all... and I really am proud of you :)

  23. I'm glad you are doing it... REALLY glad. I think there's about 100+ people who are glad as well. You have a gift of storytelling and you have a lot to offer this world in many ways.

    Now, if I could only get you to post about our trip to Orlando... ;)

  24. PS - you should learn to listen to a woman the first time. I know it's completely against your character, what with your giant cock and mass amounts of testosterone.

    Don't start getting all penisy about blogging, though. You're not getting paid for it. Yet.

  25. @ Miley,

    Thank you. Thank you. And thank you.

    The Capital One bowl trip is on the list for a future "Worldly Wednesday" post.

    And if I learned to listen to a woman, I would have my balls fully cut off even more than what the doctor did when I got snipped.

    And I can paid to do this? Wait I am getting paid right now to post this. lol

  26. bwaahahhaa, blogging from work=getting paid. Even better, you're getting paid by the French bastards, so it's like EXTRA win ;)

  27. @ Miley, that is very true.

    But people can actually get paid to blog?

  28. Y.E.S.
    Read the Bloggess and click the stuff at the top of her page.

  29. @ Miley, I have read some of her stuff from time to time. I guess I will have to go back and re-read it to see what you are talking about.

    But I am no where near her status as a blogger. And I seriously ever doubt that I will be that good any time soon or ever.

  30. Congratulations on hitting 111 followers!! And thank you for posting that oh-so-sexy stripper photo of yourself ; )

    Keep up the great work. I love reading about all your adventures in life.


  31. Congratualtions on both the award and followers!
    Now put some damn clothes on...

  32. If that is a real picture of you and not something you pulled off of 'Google Images,' I am so in love with you! Not only are you cute, but come on, the underwear...in public places! With my narcissism and your inhibitions we could rule the universe!

  33. ...grrr...I meant uninhitions (not even sure if that's a word, so don't check!)
    But what I was saying was...ahem...let me try that again...with my narcissism and your uninhibitions, we could rule the universe! Mwuhahahahah! ...thought I'd add that last part in for effect.

  34. @ Empress, thank you for pimping me out. I got here through your help. Glad you liked the picture.

    @ Pat, thank you and will do.

    @ Sandra, the head is really me, the body isn't (photo shop is some good shit) lol. I wish I had that body though as I am fat bastard now. Although when I was in high school I was that skinny.

    And I knew what you meant so it is all good. And you are right we could probably rule the world.

  35. Congrats on the followers, I bet you made alot of tips at your old job too

  36. Google Adsense. You're doing it anyway, might as well make a few bucks.

  37. @ Issac, thank you. And the only tips I got were from blind little old ladies.

    @ Sharaf, thank you.

    @ Jen, I had heard that adsense does not really pay all that much. Like a few pennies a month?

  38. Some people earn a lot...some don't. It's free to sign up so I'm trying it out.

  39. @ Jen, let me know how it works out for you. I have always been curious about it.

  40. That is far better than my Canadian flag photo! hahaha. Love it.

    Congrats on the followers...I'm still holding strong in the 80's and not moving much...but what can a girl do? I've posted naked pictures and everything...and still no budging...hmmm...I may start to get a complex soon!

  41. HOT!

    Congrats on the awards and the 100 milestone! You deserve it <3


  42. Dude! I hate photoshop, I was all "yippee we get to see some doozies" and then what? Haha, you got us... And congrats on the bloody brilliant other thing!


  43. @ Jewels, thank you. Try posting more nekkid pictures and they will cum err come.

    @ Hiphop, thank you.

    @ Hed, thank you.

    @ Nikki, I am sorry. Did you really honestly think I was really an ex male stripper? lol oh and thank you.

    @ Cajun, thank you.

  44. impressive - one day I might get an award (sigh) but I did make 75 followers today so it isn't all bad....

  45. from what I can tell your posts are clever, funny, insightful, and entertaining! followed! well done. keep this great blog running man, and keep me updated on future posts!

  46. @ David, thank you very much. And 75 followers is nothing to shake a stick at. That is a good number as well.

    @ Arcita, thank you.

  47. congrats the on the milestone dude

  48. Woo Hoo! ( totally Jealous)
    Put it all ON OIL FIELD TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wait,I think it's really take it all off, but I have never heard that, so pick which one applies here and use it freely. also send me your followers or the kitten gets it.

  49. Don't send Peachy your followers. I don't like her "kitten". It has food on the counter where I want my food to be.

  50. @ BTN, thank you.

    @ Peachy, put what on me? Dollar bills?

    @ Miley, of course she has cats on the counter, she lives in the south and has a transmission in the bath tub.

  51. CONGRATS O.T. - you're the man!
    And the Empress knows her stuff - only the best get a nod from her! Damn you're good!

    I've just cracked open a Krusovice! (a Czech Beer - only the best for you!) (got if from a friend who likes to travel the world via a bottle of beer!)

    Cheers, Jenny

  52. Congratulations on the 100+!! Yay you! I can't wait to see the photo! I may use all my email addresses to get you to 150 just to see it!

  53. Congrats on the milestone, OFT! And that picture is nothing less than amazing.

    Tell me, did it hurt? That tattoo?

  54. @ Pearson, thank you. And that beer sounds good. I now need me a beer, shame they don't allow beer here at work.

    @ Cinderita, Thank you. Ah that is sweet of you.

    @ Janie, thank you. Umm did you not read my post about my fear of needles?

  55. @ Miley, I am going to refrain for once in my life.

  56. Sounds like a plan to me.

    Let the record reflect that on January 20th Oilfield Trash agreed with a woman.

  57. Playboy is going to be available in ipad.:)
    Reminds me of 1 incident where one of my collegue shared his experience where in his prev job, his gift from Playboy enterprises for fixing their issue was free subscription of Playboy magazine to his office :)
    No wonder why people want to stay away from Playboy group , they think all the ladies in their workplace as "gals next door" and all professionals - subscribers of Playboy magazine

  58. Grats on the followers and awards - you're blowing up! Remember the little people when you make it big!

  59. @ Cynicism, thank you very much. It appears to be that way huh?

    And I will always remember the little people. I plan on doing a help the little people blog post soon.


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