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Friday, May 20, 2011

Do It For The Kids Roger Goodell!

In case you were not aware of it, there is a lockout right now in the NLF. This lock out means that none of the players are getting paid right now, and there may or may not be an NFL football season next year.

The NFL Players and the NFL Owners are in a fight over you guessed it, money. The two sides can’t come to an agreement on how rich they will both become in the future. I really could care less if there is or isn’t an NFL season in 2011 as there will still be college and high school football for me to go and see in person and watch on tv.

This lockout and work stoppage will not really hurt the owners or the players much as they are both rich already. I am more worried about the average people that this lockout will hurt. You know the cheerleaders, the score board operators, the beer vendors, and merchandise vendors, the guys working the chain gang, the referees, the ticket takers, and everyone else involved in the game without a million dollar contract. That is who I am worried about as those people have real bills to pay as well.

But as sad as it is that those people I listed above going without paychecks are, the real victims here are the children. Yes I said the children are the victims here. You see a lot of these NFL players have kids and need to pay child support. And with the lock out here, these players don’t get paid so in turn the baby mommas out there aren’t getting paid. And that means the children will starve.

Take the New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie who has nine kids that he needs to pay child support for. Yes I said NINE kids. With eight different women. Yes I said he has NINE kids with EIGHT different women. On a side note, I know my vasectomy surgery story is world famous, but damn dude you are losing half of your money each year. It might have been worth it in hindsight.

I am not sure what state or states his child support is under but in Texas, that would mean no less than 40% of his after tax salary would go to be divided up for child support. So with his 2010 salary of $1.7 million dollars would mean that each kid would get around $45,000 a year tax free.

One of the women he owes child support to was brave enough to speak to the media about it. She is a nurse in California and says without the money she won’t be able to pay for child care. A nurse makes around $30,000 or so and with that and another $45,000 a year tax free you can’t make ends meat? Honey you are making some bad choices with your cash. Hell if men could get knocked up and have a kid to collect $45,000 a year tax free I would so be in that line because I could live the high life with $45,000 tax free.

So Roger Goodell you need to get an agreement in place so the lock out is over and these players can get paid and in turn pay those baby mommas so these kids don’t starve. Remember it is all about the children.


  1. "Yes I said he has NINE kids with EIGHT different women", dude couldn't find a condom once or maybe these are the nine times he couldn't find one and there could have been hundreds more! Dammit it though about the NFL, I need me some.

  2. I'm with you, OT. I don't give a shit if those guys play or not. They're paid extremely well to play a game. Granted, it's a game that makes a lot of people a lot of moeny, but then again, it's been set up that way. Maybe some day intramural volleyball will be set up similarly and we'll be forced to endure the volleyball scandals.

    College football? A completely different story, and we'll have that to watch even if the NFL sits the next season out.


  3. I am pissed about the NFL Lock out but not because of the baby momma angle, although it is a valid "concern". The SuperBowl is to be in Indy this year. Which is basically my hometown and I already had some massive celebrating planned for the blessed event. So yeah, I hope that both sides can get their shit together so I can have an epic SuperBowl party. It's all about me, after all.

  4. Holy hell. $45K in child support alone. I'd be laughing if I even made near that.

  5. wow... maybe i need to get knocked up by a football player... lol. cuz i barely get 4500 a year in cs. and some how i make it... ugh... talk about bad choices!! lol. *note to self.. go after rich men!!

  6. Perhaps the NFL salaries would be better spent on some snip? And a bag o' frozen peas. Amen.

  7. wow... I would be more than happy to rent my womb out to an NFL player and get an extra kid so I could get $45,000 a year tax free. Wonder if the hubby would go for it, I've been wanting to have a #3.

  8. @ Lurker, thank you, I agree.

    @ Pearl, I am glad that you agree.

    @ Randomgirl, yea that would piss me off as well.

    @ Yandie, exactly.

    @ Mama, maybe you should try that route.

    @ Dawn, I agree.

    @ Rosie, hell if i could do it I would.

  9. To quote Kanye West: "I ain't sayin she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke..."

    Well, maybe she is. Sorry, sympathy bus done broke down. And I suspect as a nurse she makes pretty good bank. Average starting pay for an LVN/RN in Texas is around $55k.

    From what I've read, plenty of stoopidity to go around. Like Pearl said, I'm watching college ball anyways. Hook 'Em Horns!

  10. NFL... who needs it. Watch real football the CFL. For you Yankees that would be the Canadian football league. The basic differences are 1 less down and a bigger field, makes for better football. I'm just saying...

  11. Well, I guess I now know that I should be hanging out around football locker rooms, instead scouring the Want ads.

    Oh wait. Lock out.

    Add another to the last of victims of the lock out here: women looking to get knocked up and collect $45,000/year.

  12. dear nlf [nationalist looser fuckwads]
    i am so sorry to hear that the patuitary cases will not be financially rewarded for their barbarism as they deserve to be- in the past. i am also sorry that as a result, those fans will be forced to fall prey to college ball, or even reading words on paper. it is a true shame that they may be judged on their merits of behavior or intelligence, thus proving that this is a cruel world.
    i say give them all a raise and burn down the homeless shelters as an act of celebratory merriment!!!

    i love athletes. and useless celebrities. hooray paris hilton! and that meathead linebacker.

  13. @ Thomas, I agree.

    @ Katsidhe, yep that is true.

    @ Violet, you are cracking me up.

  14. I obviously missed my calling as an NFL baby momma. Maybe after the Rapture this weekend, when all of those poor starving baby mommas are free from this world, I could find me a playa!

  15. I'm guessing that if baby momma isn't getting her 45K in tax free child support due to the lock out, then it would be awfully hard to raise children on her 30k salary alone. Child care costs are astronomical, even in Texas. ....But other than this particular aspect, I don't really give a shizz what the NFL does.

  16. i'll never understand sports

  17. I'm not going to pretend to be crushed over a lockout...the nhl lockout wasn't even horrible because a lot of the players came down to the AHL team I had season tickets for and played (we won the Calder Cup that year!) so that was pretty awesome.

    I will however let you know that my jaw is on the floor, even though I'm not horribly shocked, at the 9 kids with 8 women but hey, at least one of them earned a repeat.

  18. @ Laughingmom, You and me both.

    @ Empress, yes child care is a lot of money but if others can make it on less than her money she can as well.

    @ Becca, this isn't so much about sports as it closing ones legs.

    @ Jewels, I thought about that repeat spot as well.

  19. Hello, Mr, O.T., you make an excellent point and I couldn't agree more. There are children who may still be wearing last seasons Jordans until this is resolved.

  20. I didn't realize how much more this football band really is costing other people. Thank you for informing me.


  21. Wait...NLF???

    National Loser Fucks?


  22. And that is why I love College football. Go Beavs!

  23. @ Emma, you said it!!!

    @ Ditz, yes there are tons of other people employed in the business.

    @ S, yep.

    @ Nubian, same here.

  24. The kids only get about half of that cuz the other half goes to dance clubs and of course crack!

  25. Love this post! NFL can go bankrupt as far as I am concerned. THese players making millions, its just freaking crazy...

    40%? Are you serious? OOhh I would have loved to see my ex's face, he tried talking me down to support our child (no where near 40% of his income)...I was a bitch as he called me because I went down $1 :)

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  27. @ Mack, exactly.

    @ Bushman, well they may not all be on crack. But the odds are good at least one of them is.

    @ Cajun, well it is 40% or more since he has NINE kids.

    @ Tigey, thanks for coming by.

  28. I'm pretty sure Antonio Cromartie went to the Evander Holyfield school of pulling out.

  29. OMG! Some of those poor little boys might have to wait until they are 6 to get their ears pierced! And the little girls might have to wear their sister's hand-me-down booty shorts and halter tops. It's horrible!

  30. Dude! Roger, David and Bud should take league lessons from you. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  31. @ D'Artagnan, you are probably right about that.

    @ Admin, I like the NHL but really I like all sports.

    @ Opto-mom, you summed it up.

    @ Copyboy, yes they sure should. And thank you.

  32. I love me some soccer.

    What's that? Oh, you meant actual football. Meh. I only like it live. I'm also more of a baseball fan than the "it's 1st down with 90 seconds to go, if I run out the game clock and take a knee 3 times, we'll win this game without doing a thing" mentality. Also why I'm not really a fan of basketball. With baseball, you play until the last out. It take an afternoon or evening for one game, and feels like a picnic.

  33. OMG Oilfield.... I used to work at a trash transfer station (i.e. all your city garbage goes here and my drivers would take it to the landfill). These were some RED-NECKS. One of them looked like Alf and had SEVEN KIDS. SEVEN. with seven different mothers, and was paying child support on all of them. Oh, and he was 38. WTF??? How is that even possible?? He probably made $38k a year. That. Sucks.

  34. @ Joshua, I love soccer as well. And it is no different than how soccer teams in the last minutes will play keep away and not let the other team get near the ball.

    @ Cake, I don't know how people do it either.

  35. The idea of a year without my Cowboys makes me sick. Like you said, THANK GOODNESS we have college football!!! I do love college football...The Longhorns will hopefully be better and LSU always brings some rather extraordinary, if not heart-stopping, game play.

    Now, NINE kiddos with EIGHT different mamas?! Um, what happened to things like condoms, the pill, etc? Dang.

  36. @ Virgin, I agree with you about LSU and Texas, hopefully both will be better next season.


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