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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Osama Bin Laden To Rest

It has been a little over week since it was announced that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by our military. I must say that I am glad that he has finally been killed and I hope his death brings some closure to all the families who were affected by the events on 9/11 and the war on terror. This guy was truly evil and in my mind was in the top ten of the world’s most evil people of all time along with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, and etc.

Just like everything else under the sun, I have some opinions / thoughts / concerns about this whole shin dig. Some of you may not agree with me on some of these points, but I can’t please each of you all of the time.

The Media

The media had fucking kittens over this story and I get the fact that this was the biggest news story since 9/11 happened 10 years ago. But could you get the facts straight about it? First it was reported that Navy Seals had a 40 minute gun battle with Osama and his people and that he was killed. Then it changed to it was a 20 minute gun battle. Then they said that Osama was actively fighting back. Later it was reported that he was about to shoot one of the Navy Seals when he was shot. Later that changed to a woman lunged at the Seals and they were both shot. Then finally it was reported that Osama was unarmed and hiding behind a woman when he was shot. I mean holy cow, just once in my lifetime can the media get something right for a change?

The Pictures Of The Body

I can understand the reason why the President said he would not release the pictures in that he does not want to anger the Muslim world. But the Pakistanis already released the pictures of the bodies of the others who were killed that day. I mean if you think for one minute that by not releasing the pictures that the terrorists are all of sudden going to stop wanting to kill Americans, you are gravely mistaken. I mean the act alone of us going and killing him is enough to make others want to continue the fight against us. I mean the Democrats (who were foaming at the mouth) during Bush’s time released the pictures of the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and I am pretty sure those pictures were like pissing gasoline on the fire. And the pictures of Saddam and his kids when they were all killed were released as well. See my point?

I digress though, I don’t want to see the pictures myself but I don’t want any nut job conspiracy theorist to have more reasons to act and think like jackasses. I can’t stand the conspiracy theory jackasses, you know the ones who said that 9/11 was an inside job yet are the same people who said Bush was so dumb he could barely speak English. If you combine the lack of picture evidence with the fact that Osama’s body was dumped at sea, you just gave every conspiracy theorist a raging hard on. Please for the love of god shut them up once and for all with this subject as I don’t want to hear their bullshit for the rest of my life.


I hate politics and I just knew the typical bullshit politics would come into this story. Democrats are saying Obama is the greatest thing since Jesus and Republicans are silent. If Osama was found while Bush was still in office, it would be the other way around with the Republicans singing the praises and the Democrats silent. I have heard and read all kinds of things saying how Obama was a hero for ordering the mission. Really? A hero? He is “Commander In Chief” and that is his number one job to issue orders to the military. I mean Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, and Nixon all ordered troops into combat or combat missions, that does not mean they are “heroes” as well? You know who the “heroes” are here? The members of the military who participated in this mission are the heroes. I mean no disrespect by saying that, but the president is not a hero for ordering this mission. I have a lot of respect for him now for ordering a mission to kill him using the Navy Seals instead of just dropping a bomb on that compound, but that does not make him a hero.

I don’t know (and never will know) if torture was used in getting the information that ultimately led to the finding and killing of Osama, but I am not against it if it was. I do find it mildly ironic that those people who spoke against it publicly are silent right now about it. I also find it ironic that those same people are against torture but do not have a problem with killing someone (ie Osama).

That Sunday night I actually got into a heated argument on Facebook with a fucktard who made this issue political by saying Bush let this all happen and since it happened under a Republican they are all evil. I went off on his ass reminding him that December 7, 1941 happened while a Democrat was in the White House, and you could suddenly hear the crickets. Sheesh some people really do drink the cool aid.

I mean the killing of Osama transcends politics; it is greater than either party. Just like the events of 9/11 was a greater issue than politics. Now can you sort of understand why I fucking hate politics?


For 10 years now Pakistan has been saying that none of the leaders of Al Qaida are inside of Pakistan. Is it just me or is Pakistan full of shit? I mean two of the top three Al Qaida leaders (Osama Bin Laden and Kalek Sheikh Mohammed) have been either captured or killed inside of Pakistan. Osama was living in a town of a million people of which roughly 100,000 were members of the Army. His compound was 400 yards from Pakistan’s version of West Point and yet no one knew he was there? I mean Osama only had a few people there protecting him; there was no larger force of terrorists with him. Why is that? Is it because maybe just maybe the Pakistani government or their Army was so close that they were protecting him? And why is it that with those 100,000 members of the Pakistani Army so close to the compound that not one single one of them responded to the three US helicopters which were there and the ensuing gunfight that lasted 40 minutes? Someone had to have known he was there and someone had to be helping him.

As for the Pakistani government being angry that we conducted this mission in their country, well get over it as our country is pissed off that your country has been harboring terrorists and allowing them to operate in your country. The United States gives Pakistan three billion a year in “aid” and I think it is high time to stop that flow of money to them since they have clearly been half ass in helping with the war on terror. I also think that we should send Pakistan a video of Bush’s speech after 9/11 where he said something to the effect of “we make no distinction between the terrorists and those who support them” to remind them that they need to get their damn house in order before getting angry at us for doing something they should have done a long time ago.


I don’t know about you but I was a tad bit pissed off at the people who were celebrating in front of the White House that night the news of Osama’s death was announced. Especially the people who were singing the “na na hey hey goodbye” shit I heard on tv. Now I know that most of the people who were there were college aged kids who were sipping capri suns for lunch in 5th grade when 9/11 happened. But I was old enough on 9/11 to remember seeing all the video on tv of fucktards in the Middle East partying, burning American flags, and celebrating on the day after 9/11. You people on that night in front of the White House looked to me how the people in the Middle East looked ten years ago. If I was the President I would have personally walked out of the White House and told all of those people to go the fuck home and that American’s are a better people than to celebrate the death of people like that. And why is it that no one in the government told them to leave since they are so worried about inciting violence in the Middle East? Don’t they realize how this block party would be viewed by the people overseas?

This moment was meant for private reflection, thoughts, prayers, a candle light vigil, crying, and anything but a fucking block party. If you want to have that kind of “American” moment on the steps of the White House, do it when our country wins the World Cup or wins the Gold Medal in Olympic Hockey. Then that kind of celebration would be called for.

Future Threat

Lastly I would like to remind you that the war on terror is not over with the death of Osama. Osama is just but one sprinkle on the cup cake. There are hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions of people) who wish to commit acts of terrorism against innocent people. Nothing has changed in that respect. There were nut job terrorists before Osama and there will be nut job terrorists long after Osama. Please don’t ever think for one minute that we are any safer anywhere in the world because of his death. If anything we are more at risk as his death has now given more people motivation to commit more senseless acts of blowing themselves up for the invisible friend.

Well that sums up my thoughts on the whole death of Osama Bin Laden. I am sure I rambled a bit here and it may not have made sense, but I had to get this out.

The irony is not lost on me in all of this that as much as the terrorists made Osama Bin Laden out to be such a capitalism hating badass warrior that he was killed while hiding behind a woman in house filled with Coke and Pepsi. You can’t be any more of a capitalist pussy than that right?


  1. I disagree with you on a few points. However, I do not have the time or energy to go there. However these are the things I do agree with.

    1. I too was so ashamed of the people who went to ground zero and to the white house to literally celebrate the death of someone was ridiculous. It did remind me of 9/11 (I was in 10th grade) and the people running through the streets and celebrating our attack. It ashamed me and made me feel that we had stooped to their level.

    2. The Media needs to stop talking about it period. By continuing to focus on it we give them even more power. The War on Terror is never done so we need to take this as a small victory and move on.

    3. I don't think the photos should be released. Just because Bush released photos...and Pakistan released photos doesn't mean we should. Let the consipracy theorist have their fun....

  2. Seemingly 6-7 years living in that compound in Pakistan, somebody at a high enough level bloody knew. On a weirder note, a company who make miniature models has made one of his compound in resin in 1/285 or 6mm scale!

  3. This is why I love your blog. Every single thought you've ever had on these matters made its way in here. Outstanding.

    I didn't really have any emotional connection to obl gettin' got. I was surprised for certain, but I didn't really care. I was only hoping that those here and abroad gained closure and perspective. That the people of New York and everywhere could finally stop waiting for that other shoe to drop. If only for a day.

  4. I agree with what you wrote about the people celebrating. Those people were probably some of the same people who were pissed when we saw people celebrating 9/11. I don't think death is something you celebrate, no matter what the situation is.

  5. The number one rule of news reporting - if you’re not sure, make it up. People think that’s a joke until they get to read a story about themselves and realize 80% of the details are wrong.

  6. A voice of reason. I read your title and nearly skipped the post for some of the reasons you mentioned within it. I'm happy I stuck around. Well done you.

  7. Pakistan is our "friend" because we give them money. He was always in there. We knew it. They knew it.
    No matter what anybody did or said there would always be theories. Like that picture isn't really real. I don't really care what they do.

  8. @ Krystle, I am glad to know that I am not alone in what I think about the people who were celebrating.

    @ Lurker, I am not shocked that they are making that.

    @ D'Artagnan, thank you.

    @ Chio, thank you for agreeing. The only time you celebrate death is New Orleans on the way out of the the cemetery when the band is playing.

    @ Drake, I could not agree more.

    @ Sex, thank you very much.

    @ Ruth, yes that is true.

  9. good job man...

    you will be my director of common sense in my bid for office...

    so. fucking. tired. of the media...

    but mostly tired of the political fuck-fucks that try to spin everything to show how fucked the other guy is...

    i refused to watch one little bit of the shennaigans, the speech, and tomfuckery of this overblown fucktardness...

    you know this is my take

  10. I couldn't have said it better myself. The celebrating was the dumbest thing ever. I was ashamed when I saw that. Am I glad he's dead? Yep. I remember 9/11. I remember the fire and smoke, but am I going to dance a jig on tv and party because the bastard who killed so many is dead? No. It's wrong and I am better than that.

    I agree with you on all points of you post. It's like you read my mind. Thank you for saying this.

  11. OT - Way to go and put your thoughts out there! I love reading what is going around in your brain. Your points are spot on in many ways. I'm not here to agree or disagree - just want to praise our Navy Seals for doing what was asked of them!

  12. Very good points! I'm on the fence about the celebrating thing. I understand why people did it, but I still can't decide if I agree with it or not.

  13. @ Bruce, thank you sir. And I read that post and agree.

    @ Laynee, thank you very much. I am glad you liked it. And yes I sometimes can read minds.

    @ Laughingmom, thank you.

    @ Mash, trust me when I say that it was "tacky".

  14. I'm not much into politics and the news in general (easily depressed) but I got that he was dead and that was good enough for me.

  15. Everyone is ignoring the 'future threat' scenario right now, and they need to stop. Retaliation is big in extremist cultures, so expect some sort of vengeance being planned.

  16. BTW - great post... you got my BP up ;)

  17. My FB status that Monday morning read: Proberbs 24:17 Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice.

    I don't rejoice that he is dead, rather I am fearful of what is to happen next. I thought it was very tacky for people to cheer that he is gone he is dead. Really? You should never rejoice when someone is dead.

    I (Republican)was also in a heated debate with my cousin (Democrat) over the fact that our fearless leader should not be praised or be a hero. I feel like that was used to get his approval ratings up. I'm sorry, I don't like the man, and I never will. The true hero's are the Military that went in and got the job done. I call them hero becuase they are fighting for our freedom which is one thing our President has never done.

    as far as the pictures... I don't want to see them and I don't want my family to see them, but I feel that they should be released for closure. When people are put to death in prison don't the families of the victims get to witness? What would be the difference here?

  18. @ Brandy, that is good enough for me as well.

    @ Lost, I agree with you 100% there.

    @ Rosie, I agree with you. And thank you.

  19. agreed agreed agreed! So tired of it all. Unless you have something new and relevant to say, shut it. It is making me miss the media hole we lived in in Germany!

  20. While it is great that an evil terrorist is no longer around to perpetrate his hate upon the world, his death will not bring back any of the victims who were subjected to his reign of terror. ...I wish the media would shut the hell up about this matter. They should have never revealed the special ops team involved with the mission and should have the decency to try and protect the identities of the military personnel involved. ...As for the shameful celebrating, I couldn't agree with you more. We should be above doing anything that we don't appreciate having the 'enemy' do as well. ...Okay, off my soapbox now...

  21. 1. I think there is something VERY wrong with a person who wants to see pictures of a man shot. No matter what he did- I think you have to pretty fucked up to willingly want to see that.

    2. I said it on FB and I'll say it here too, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what political party you are on, because we're all one country. A win for the country is a win for every party.

    3. With that being said, why are we partying it up over the death of another person? I get he's evil and wrong but so is a mother who kills her own child.. and you don't see parading in front of that court house screaming for her death.

    4. And we'll be retaliated against. So hey everyone- take your pat downs and ass grabs at the airport with a smile.

  22. Ugh. Politics ...I hate discussing them. I'm going to hang with Laughingmom here and not agree or disagree. The Navy Seals rock, and I am pleased with Obama for the way he handled it. I have to say, OT, that I hear Republicans saying plenty about Obama, and most of it is unprintable in my book.
    Love the way you get your thoughts down. Very logical and organized.

  23. That's why I tune in to you. You have such a concrete cool view on everything and you're not afraid to say it like it is. I especially like your spin on the politics. So true.

  24. @ Texa, sometimes I wish I was the one in Germany.

    @ Empress, thank you. And I don't mind when you get on the soap box.

    @ Sara, I agree with you. As for the TSA bit, I don't agree with you when they pat you down all the time but yet our Souther Border is WIDE OPEN for all to cross including terrorists.

    @ Dawn, thank you.

    @ Dr, that is true.

    @ Copyboy, thank you sir. I guess I am starting to become a voice of reason around here. And that in and of itself is scary.

  25. Very well written and points well made. The media is ridiculous anymore and when politicians us it to their advantage to promote their already inflated egos, it pisses me off.

  26. Yeah, I feel pretty neutral. Course, it's good when evil beings are killed. But nothing's over. In fact, some tensions are only intensifying. What's to celebrate?

  27. I agree with some points, disagree with some other points - but overall, I think you present a very well-thought out post.

    And while I am mortified by the fact that Americans were "partying" in the streets over his death (shit, they don't even do that when someone gets executed on death row!) - I can honestly say I am NOT surprised in the least bit. The vast majority of Americans have become lemmings - which is WHY political fucktards are able to lead them to whatever political cliff they want. Not enough people THINK critically anymore - they just regurgitate whatever they hear off of the news (and you were SPOT ON about the fucking media!) or whatever rhetoric their candidate spews. It's sickening. And not enough people realize that you can have different opinions on a variety of things - we've become so polarized (left or right) that we think in an "all or nothing" kind of mentality. I can have some left leanings and some right leanings, but the bottom line is - I form my opinions based on what I believe is important - not what someone TELLS me I should think. I like this post a lot bc you did just THAT - you owned your opinion. Good job, bro!!

  28. @ Barb, thank you very much.

    @ Robyn, I was neutral about it, but I started to get pissed off the more and more I thought about it.

    @ Reck, thank you for partially agreeing with me. I agree with what you said. And you are right. And yes I always own my thoughts.

  29. While I may not agree with 100% of what you said, I do agree with most of it and totally respect this post.

    "You people on that night in front of the White House looked to me how the people in the Middle East looked ten years ago." - It's shamful and I'm embarrassed. This is why I can't watch the news anymore.

  30. I have been waiting for you to take this one on. Very well done.

    The media here had a field day with the partying in front of the White House (which I personally thought was in very poor taste and was sad to see that reaction), but not once did the media here mention the partying in the streets that we all saw in Pakistan after 9/11. I remembered it, but I was beginning to think I was the only one. Thanks for proving me right.

    My question is, do you feel any safer now that OBL is dead? I sure don't

  31. I agree it was media overkill - in saying that it seems the White House and other departments kept leaking info that didn't jive and changed.

  32. I think you voiced many of our concerns very well, I agree with almost everything you said.

  33. I agree the media never gets things right and I didn't like seeing people celebrating so I do agree with most of what you said.

  34. @ S, yes the celebrating was very shameful.

    @ Cajun, you are the second person to tell me that. And funny how the media always leaves out things. And to answer your question, no I don't feel any safer.

    @ David, thank you.

    @ Allesandra, thank you very much.

    @ Miley, I always preach it.

    @ Jo-Anne, thank you.

  35. As always, brilliantly rendered. Come for the "sammich," learn a lot along the way.

  36. Once again, well said. I second your hate for politics--it's like high school.

    What happened to doing what's right for America, rather than placing a political party's agenda first? Why is it all about the political party? It feels less and less about America and more and more about the party.

  37. Good job! My thoughts similar! Especially "aiding' the very people who want to cause US heartache!

  38. @ Al, thank you sir.

    @ Virgin, thank you.

    @ Cajun, thanks.

  39. I was almost afraid to read this post, but I'm glad I did. Although I disagree with a few of your points, at least in a minor way, and suspect we may "lean" different ways politically, I find MUCH here that I can agree wholeheartedly with.

    I, too, HATE politics. As far as I can determine, neither "side" gives a shit for ANYTHING except promoting their own viewpoint ... or "spin" as Bruce put it. And I so agree that this was bigger than politics, and should have been treated as such.

    Too, I couldn't agree more with your take on the celebrating. I'm glad we don't have cable at the moment, so I didn't see any of it. It probably would have made me puke.

    As for the media, and what passes as "news" these days OMG that's enough to start a rant worthy of 4 or 5 blog posts. I'm not even going to try to tackle that in the comment section ;) so let me just say "Hear! Hear!"

    And while I may disagree with a few things, you have presented them well, and I appreciate the thought that went into this post. I'll definitely be coming back, I love to debate/discuss the hard subjects with reasonable people.

    Glad to make your acquaintance sir.


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