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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Commenter’s Award And Pay It Forward

I was recently given another couple of awards.

The first award is "The Kickass Commentor Award" which was given to me by Pencilgirl. She gave me the award because I always comment on her blog. Thank you to Pencilgirl, and please go check out her blog if you haven't already.

And in turn I am giving this award to all of you who comment on my blog.

I was also recently given another award as well. I was given the “Good Bloggers Pay It Forward” award by Random Girl.

The rule says that I have to pay it forward and pass the award onto five other bloggers. But since I am trying to pay it forward big time, I am giving this award to all of you who read and follow my blog.

So thank you Random Girl and thank you to all of you who read my blog and actually enjoy it. Please go and visit Random Girl's blog.


  1. Jaysus! That's 512 awards you just bequeathed! Fuck me but you're generous!

  2. Wow! I like that commenter award! Very cool. And you are very deserving of it.

  3. @ Lass, yes that is very generous of me.

    @ Lurker, thank you.

    @ Chio, thanks.

    @ Dejch, thank you.

    @ Copyboy, yes it is a very cool award.

  4. I've been trying to link other blogs to mine but can't get it to work. Me and computers don't get on.

  5. Everybody's a winner!

    It feels like a 4th grade race again, where everyone gets the 'participant' ribbons.

    Grats on the award!

  6. That is fantastic! I just wanted to say, that it was myself and another blogger that created the Pay It Forward award, and this will give it a good run for it's money! Thanks for spreading the love!

  7. Well congrats and thanks!! And what a good idea for an award :)

  8. Randy is too good to us, isn't she?


  9. @ Rosie, thank you.

    @ Lost, yes. I had a hard time picking just a few blogs that I like, so I picked everyone's.

    @ Heather, thank you very much for doing so.

    @ Texa, thank you.

    @ Lance, yes she is. And thank you.

  10. You definitely are a great commenter Oily. Congrats on both of your awards and for being so generous as to pass them on to all of us!

  11. Congrats OT. I love the Commentor Award. We both got them from her. Comments are what I look forward to most.

  12. @ Empress, thank you very much.

    @ Sara, a really big thank you.

    @ Barb, it appears that way.

  13. Well deserved, congrats!

  14. Awesome post man! Keep up this excellent work!

  15. I feel guilty as I've only just met your blog but an award is an award and the person who dies with the most awards.....well has a blog page that takes forever to come up on your screen. LOL Thanks Oil!

  16. Well thank you! I happily these awards and thank my mother, my father, and this bottle of chlled tequila I keep at my desk...

    ! :-)


  17. @ S, thank you.

    @ Jason, thanks.

    @ Bushman, it is ok Bushman, better late than never.

    @ Pearl, did I hear chilled tequila? Yes I did, it is time to drink.

  18. Congrats on the awards!! You deserve them. I always look forward to your comments on my blog.

  19. Congrats on your awards...both are well deserved! :)

  20. What about a..."Good Bloggers Pick Up the Check" award?
    Oh, wait a minute, left my wallet in my other pants. Sorry.

  21. Congrats, OT! Both are very much deserved--especially the commenter one because, not only do I always love the comments you leave me, but when I've the occasion to read comments on other blogs, they are always brilliant there, too.~

  22. @ Laynee, thank you!!!

    @ Jewels, thanks.

    @ Al, I would love to have someone pick up my bar tab at the end of the night.

    @ Cajun, thank you.

    @ Katsidhe, thank you very much.

  23. Man, if this were the Olympics, you'd be dominating...

  24. That is awesome.
    You are always a great commenter.
    The other day when Blogger had it's problems and comments went away, all did on one post except yours. You know what that means? Your comments have staying power.

  25. Damn that means I received two awards in one day I am on a roll.......lol Thank You.

    But I should be humble and say congrats to you that is the right thing to do so congrats and I am humble.......I am really I am I an not jumping around the room saying I got another award I wouldn't do that I am such a nice quite girl.......
    truely I am stop laughing I am nice and humble.....

  26. I think you need another bookshelf (or house) for all of your awards. Congrats.

  27. @ Teach, I am not sure if these "awards" really count.

    @ Ruth, thank you. I guess I have a staying power. Wait that is not what my ex said about me. lol

    @ Jo-Anne, thank you.

    @ Robyn, I might have to get another blog just for that purpose.


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