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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rape Is Not The Victims Fault

Over the years we have all heard how some people have made excuses for or have justified rape. Most of these are really lame like, “she was asking for it” or “she was wearing a low cut skirt”. I have even heard stories of men whose wives won’t have sex with them and have raped them. While I can sympathize with you for being in a sexless marriage, raping your wife is not ok. Divorce her and find some skank who likes to have sex.

Basically what I am saying is that there is never a reason or an excuse to rape someone.


Back in November of 2010 in Cleveland, Texas just outside of Houston an 11 year old girl was raped. Not just raped, but raped repeatedly over the course of a month by 19 boys and men ranging in ages from middle school age to 27. It made the news both locally and nationally and has been updated over the last couple of months as more charges were added.

Some of the suspects have already pleaded guilty, some however have not. All of them are currently awaiting trial.

This story pisses me off to no end and it should piss you off as well. Even more so once I tell you some more about the case.

How could an 11 year old girl be raped repeatedly? Well apparently this girl’s parents were not at home when all of this happened. And since the police got involved because of the crime, Child Protective Services has taken the girl out of their care. DUH! I don’t know the details of how and why the parents left this girl alone, so I really can’t say much about that nor will I judge them since I don’t know the details. But it does break my heart to hear that this happened in her own home while her parents were away.

As if the rape was not bad enough in and of itself, a local “community activist” has run his mouth in the local media making all kinds of crazy statements.

The first dumb thing the “community activist” said to the media was “why are the only people charged in this crime black?” Umm maybe because that is who committed the crime? What a “defense” to rape charges that is. Never mind the fact that some of the “suspects” recorded the incidents (both pictures and video) on their cell phones and these videos and pictures made their way around schools. And said videos show the “suspects” in the act (no the videos were not released by the police commented about them). Yes in 2011 someone made this claim.

Later on the “community activist” made a comment to the effect of “this girl had posted provocative photos of herself on Facebook and she looked older.” Really? That is your defense of these 19 scumbags? I don’t give a fuck if the 11 year old girl posted a picture of herself in a bikini while hanging from a stripper pole. That is NO FUCKING EXCUSE for raping an 11 year old girl. Hell that is not even an excuse for raping any woman. And if these young men could not tell the difference between a grown woman and an 11 year old girl, then they need to be locked up for that alone. But regardless of how old she is, rape is not acceptable to do regardless of how old the victim is.

As if those “excuses” were not enough from the “community activist”, he then claimed that “he has knowledge that people of other races were involved.” Well if that is true then why did you not pass this on to the police instead of telling the news that? Don’t get me wrong, if other people were involved, the police should investigate them as well. Instead of having these young men own up their actions you are claiming racism here? That is no excuse for rape.

Before I go I will tell you that the victim is hispanic, the accused are black, and the police/law enforcement are white. Does that really matter? I don’t think so.

What matters to me is that this “community activist” has a rather LONG HISTORY of claiming racism where it does not exist. I think instead of claiming racism all the time, this “community activist” should preach the message of “you need to get an education, you need to get a job, and you should not be out committing crimes”, then just maybe there would be less crime out there. But preaching that message does not pay nearly as much as the racism gig does. And it sure does not get your face in front of the cameras for the prime time news either. Now if this “community activist” had come out and told this community, “look you can’t be raping people and committing crimes”, then I might have some respect for the guy. But alas he has not said that or anything like it.

Now you might be asking why this story pisses me off so much, and that is a really good question. I will tell you. It pisses me off so much because my daughter is the same age as this young girl who was raped. And no girl should ever have to go through this. I hope all these young men are taken to trial, convicted, and sent away for the rest of their lives for what they have done.


  1. Rape is an act of violence and power. It has nothing to do with sexual urges - that's why you have a right hand!

    This story REALLY fucking pisses me off. The fact that an 11 year was raped (regardless of her colour or whether she even posted naked pictures of herself) this does not make what the scumbags did to her acceptable.

    Do do the crime - you do the time - whatever colour.

    The dudes caught on camera doing this should be fucking castrated and forever locked away.

    As for your "community activist". He/she is just as guilty for not standing up and speaking out on behalf of the victim.

    This really pisses me off.

  2. An 11 year old girl....that shit makes me really angry, scumbags the lot of them, hopefully prison and hell will punish them.

  3. I hope they rot in prison forever!

    If this community activist has knowledge that people of other "races" performing sexual acts/rape on an 11 year old, one must wonder HOW they know! If they have this knowledge and are playing it to the media and not reporting it to the police, wouldn't that be considered a crime in itself??

    I have 3 daughters, one is 11. I cannot even imagine one of them having this happen to them!

  4. For the love of all that's holy I hope they lose the f*@#ing keys to those cells.

  5. You have every reason to be pissed off OT! And thank you for putting this out there. This is disgusting, not just the crime but now how the victim is being blamed and how the waters are muddied by loudmouth people who are diluting the horrors of these crimes and making excuses. Unacceptable! I hope the monsters that perpetrated these attacks are brought to justice and that this victim has the love, support, and resources to begin to heal from this horrific violation. Thanks for shining a light on this OT.

  6. “this girl had posted provocative photos of herself on Facebook....”
    So, a physically and mentally ravaged child behaves in a manner atypical of most 11 year olds. Mr. Community Activist needs to read up on sexual assault and the behavior of child SA victims before opening his festering face hole.
    But, as you said, that wouldn't get him paid as well.
    This is beyond disgusting.

  7. This sickens me just thinking about how ignorant people are. Great post, anything to spread the word.

  8. @ Lass, I couldn't have said it any better.

    @ Lurker, I would hope so.

    @ Momma, I agree with you.

    @ D'Artagnan, I agree.

    @ Randomgirl, thank you.

    @ Samantha, yes it is beyond disgusting.

    @ Tex, yes it sickens me as well.

  9. this is horrible!!!! :-(

    thank you for posting this!! :-)


  10. No wonder you are angry any decent human being would be
    Not only with these 19 scumbags but also the community activist - crime is a crime and race should never be used as a smoke screen (it sets back the rights of decent people). The activist should be charged with incitement and withholding evidence, for making the comment to the effect of “this girl had posted provocative photos of herself on Facebook and she looked older” and for not “providing the proof” to the police of other people that were involved.
    As you say rape is never excusable (just as claiming rape, when it wasn’t, is not excusable – it makes it harder for real rape victims to get justice) but an 11 year old child…. There is a big campaign at the moment to stop sexualising kids and they are so right, 4 & 5 year old kids wearing push up bra’s is not cute but sick. Many fully grown adults struggle to cope with the consequence of relationships, so how can a child who’s emotions and understandings have not developed yet be expected to understand the consequence of their actions especially when they are just copying role models around them. I’m all for freedom for women to express themselves in any way they desire, without being harassed but a child needs guidance and protection no matter how worldly wise they may appear.

  11. @ Stephanie, thank you.

    @ Mama, thank you.

    @ BlackLog, you are very correct in your opinion.

  12. That poor girl. I feel so bad for her.

  13. This pisses me off. I hate that this happened to this poor young child. Regardless of what the situation was, no one should ever have to go through that.

    and for the "community activist", he needs to be strung up with them. I researched him and read his bio... People like that are no worse than white supremacist.

  14. That is awful!! Your points are well made. I hope that this young girl is in a loving environment where she can get the help that she will need!

  15. Yes, this story has made the news here in TN too. I was disgusted when I first heard of it, and I totally agree with everything you said.

    How is this community activist earning a living? Who is paying him? I hope it is NOT from our taxes.

  16. "raping your wife is not ok. Divorce her and find some skank who likes to have sex."

    YES! This is reason #469 I filed for divorce.

    As to the story, a recent report in Cali came out about an 11 year old in the same situation. She was a block away from home at a park when she was attacked by a handful of boys.

    The defense lawyer said "she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She shouldn't have been there." Um, hello? A kid at a park? How is that her fault???

  17. @ Ruth, same here.

    @ Rosie, I agree. Yes he is a bad guy to say the least.

    @ Laughingmom, yes it is very awful.

    @ Minxy, I was disgusted as well. And I am not sure how he gets "paid" but I have heard that people pay him to show up and speak.

  18. These bastards need to be castrated first and then sent to prison. My granddaughter will be 10 this year. I totally can relate to being pissed off.

  19. Excellent post, OT. From what I understand, q-tip (what I call him) will "take on cases" that will be high profile (ie, where he can claim racism) but he also only "takes on cases" when he is paid a "consulting fee" by the families. Ever notice how he really stayed away from the Jessica Tata affair? He couldn't claim racism there!

  20. @ Lost, that is another case of stupid people right there. That just pisses me off.

    @ Barb, yep you summed it up.

    @ Anonymous, thank you very much. Q-tip is just one of the nicknames I have for that "man". And I have heard very similar things about what you just said. And that is very ironic he had nothing to say about Tata. And you are correct he could not point out "racism" in that case.

  21. This really hits home for me. I hope they get what they deserve. You are right. Married, young, old. Doesn't matter. Rape is rape.

    P.S. Thank you for sharing this.

  22. Guys like that "community activist" are only out to serve their own interests. All they're concerned with getting media airtime & lining their own pockets, not solving problems.

  23. Maybe there was some racism at play in the arrests, if there were white guys involved that have yet to be apprehended. I don't know. But I do know that this guy using that for a game of 'But why aren't you arresting THOSE people! They did it too!' to take away from the bigger picture is pretty damn disgusting.

  24. @ Laynee, I agree.

    @ Vinny, yep you are very correct with that assessment.

    @ Yandie, I don't think so. Even if there was, his other lame excuse is bullcrap.

  25. Awful. Just plain awful. The next thing that will come out will be that the parent's were selling tickets to their house while they were out.

    It sounds impossible, but I would have hoped that this whole story would be impossible from the get-go.

    Life really sucks.

  26. Years ago, one of my 7 year old clients was raped.
    I don't know if they caught the monster(s). I reported the mother for neglect; there was a pattern of neglect and the girl was down the street on her own when she was assaulted. The flack I caught from OTHER professionals for making the report was appaling.

    The issue brings up so many emotions for people. The kids are doubly traumatized by the way adults react. This is the most ugly topic. Thanks for addressing it.


  27. my daughter is 8 and now my blood pressure's up. and people think you're nuts if you try to protect your kids vigilantly and are overprotective. it's hard to know where to draw that line between too much freedom vs not enough.

  28. Amen, OT, Amen. You are someone I'd really want on my side in a brawl. If I brawled.

  29. @ Kev, yes this whole thing just sucks. I couldn't have said it any better myself.

    @ Robyn, the world needs more people like you and me. And you are welcome.

    @ Sherilin, I so agree with you. I still sit outside with my kids while they are playing.

    @ Dawn, why thank you for that. But I am more of a lover than I am a fighter.

  30. Amen, brother. Castration with a Ginsu knife (which can cut more than a tomato) is too good for them.

  31. It is pure evil what those guys are capable of....on an inhuman level.

  32. as a mom this really makes me sad and angry. I can only hope justice is served and with any luck they will pay for their crimes against this child.

  33. This is absolutely disgusting. This is about a CRIME, a violent loss of a young girl's innocence. My God. The focus should be on helping this poor little angel; the focus should be on the stability of her home life; the focus should be on making damn sure these bastards have the book thrown at them.

    I could care less if they had blue skin and were Avatars--it makes NO difference. They committed the crime. Period.

    Focus on the victim. Focus on justice.

    Sorry, I'm fuming mad.

  34. There is always some wrongheaded idiot out to fight for the right of the assailants. I honestly don't know where this thinking comes from.

  35. Your anger is totally justified with our without a daughter the same age. Rape is a disgusting crime and doesn't go punished often enough or strictly enough. It's horrid and I hope they rot in jail where they'll know the kind of hell they put that little girl through!

    Racism is thrown out by minorities as a defense constantly, it is their go to card. I wrote a post recently on "white guilt" and commented on Lost.in.Idaho's race post as well. I'm not a minority but I honestly believe that whites are so cautious around minorities to avoid being called racist and that it can be a crutch to minorities who are commiting crimes. I personally don't care what race you are, if you are a child raping asshole, then you are a child raping asshole-regardless of skin color.

    I'm ill over this post but thank you for sharing it all the same.

  36. I will tell you one thing- if anyone ever accused my son of raping a girl? You bet your ass I'd be dragging him to the police department to be questioned. I mean, I'm all for protecting your children when it's needed but if your chid is accused of doing something, be responsible and try to figure out what's going on. And what the hell is wrong with the parents of those boys? If they had an 11 year old daughter and SHE was raped I very much doubt they would be on the "it's her own fault" bandwagon. I keep seeing this story on the news and I get so angry at all of these parents and boys.

    And we'll see if the boys are singing a different tune once they are raped in prison. Just sayin.

  37. @ Al, that works for me.

    @ Becca, I know how you feel.

    @ Virgin, yep you said it well.

    @ Tony, I wish I knew where that "thinking" came from so I could make money off of fixing it.

    @ Jewels, yep I agree with you.

    @ Sara, yes I don't understand what the parents are thinking either. Half of the kids have confessed. Makes me sick.

  38. I started to read this post and had to stop, my daughter is 11, and it brought tears to my eyes.

  39. How disgusting! The poor girl is obviously traumatized by all of this. Someone should now be looking out for her well being and recovery because obviously no one was looking after her before. Her parents should be held accountable for negligence of a child. The perpetrators of this horrendous and repeated act of violence should be punished for their crimes -- and perhaps castrated as well. The community activist should have his damn mouth sewn shut. The entire tragic story is completely inexcusable!

  40. Sorry I'm a little late on the discussion, but you're right, this is disgusting. I think sex crimes should have a one time you're out sentence, but then we would a jail at every corner.
    Rape is such a devastating crime. I couldn't believe that up until a few years ago, in my own country of origin (Italy) a woman could not claim rape if the crime happened while she was wearing jeans. Really, I'm not making this up. The lame ass reason the politicians gave was that jeans are too difficult to take off without assistance from the person wearing them. Then again, my moronic paesans still vote for Berlusconi.

  41. Maybe one day soon this "Q-tip" person will realize that instigating racism in instances where it isn't applicable will only further desensitize the public and law enforcement to actual acts of racism, thus denegrating the many years of dedicated pursuit of equal civil liberties by hundreds of admirable people and community leaders. This should enrage the community in itself. And people who rape 11 year olds aren't people at all; they're monsters.

  42. A truly heinous crime, and my heart breaks for that little girl.

    I admire you for taking on these tough issues. It always makes me angry when the race card is played in an inappropriate situation. I am honestly relieved to now live in a culture without this particular issue.

  43. Oh, God, that story breaks my heart.

  44. what is wrong with people? The "Community Activist" is an idiot. Why would anyone defend the actions of those, and I use the term loosely, men. Has he no dignity?

  45. This poor girl. I hate how these scumbag laywers and "community activists" try and put blame on rape victims like this. She is 11 years old, even if she was being "provacative" she doesn't know what that really entails towards other people. SHe still is just a child pretending to be what she sees on the big screen and what not.

    If these men saw her Facebook and wanted to do these things to her because of that really they should be blaming the media because how else would girls like this one WANT to dress this way? Cause they think it's cool.


  46. Sadly there are some without consience and devoid of emotion. I believe they should pay dearly for their crimes.
    "Ok sir please place your testicles up on the butcher block counter".
    "Hey Bill could you hand me that hammer?"

    Pop goes the weasel!

  47. Community activist Jesse Jackson?

  48. @ Baygirl, I felt the same way when I first saw this on the news here.

    @ Empress, I agree with everything that you have said.

    @ Alesandra, that does not shock me at all.

    @ Anna, you said it perfectly.

    @ Cajun, that is so true. And I am happy that you are in a place like that.

    @ Janie, same here.

    @ Manager, I think you are correct.

    @ Ditz, I agree.

    @ Bushman, that would be a great punishment for them.

  49. @ Jenny, no it is not Jesse. I don't even think Jesse would try to defend these assclowns.

  50. no one should ever "be asking to get it" - that is so fucking ludicrous - short skirts, flirtatiousness, who cares. to do something like that - overtake someone and rape them - is disgusting. it goes to show that there's sick fucks all over the place and even good people think, sometimes, that they had it coming to them.

    no one deserves it, regardless of any other circumstances.


  51. Just a warning: I'm about to rant on these sorry motherfuckers, including the "community asshat-ivist."

    When you take a criminal's side over an innocent victim's only because of their race, then YOU are the biggest racist of them all.

    I know that lawyers have to defend their clients, because that is their job within our legal system. And that is fine. But for someone else in the community to just come out in public support of these scumbags because they are the same color as you, that is just deplorable.

    If the police have testimony from the victim and VIDEO showing that the suspects are black, then you don't go out and arrest Asians and Hispanics, and whites just to make it "fair."

    It reminds me of that scene in "Liar, Liar," where Jim Carrey's character couldn't lie, and he takes a call from a client who has been arrested AGAIN. The client wanted his professional legal advice. Jim Carrey screams into the phone, "Stop breaking the law, asshole!"

    This is precisely the advice the asshat should give to the members of his "community."

    I feel so sorry for this poor girl. I don't care if she strutted around her house butt-ass naked. I don't care if she wasn't a virgin (because many girls that age aren't these days). None of these things matter when someone says NO! Because no one wants to be repeatedly gang-raped. Though I do hope it happens to each one of the suspects in prison.

    And I hope the community activist is gang raped, and someone comes out and says it was because he had his shirt unbuttoned too low.

  52. Oh, one more comment:

    When I was in high school, one of my classmates, B, was shot by another boy at school. B was white, and the shooter (who was a year younger than us) was black.

    After he shot him, the guy went and put the gun on the principal's desk and said, "I shot the motherfucker." Plus, lots of students and a couple of teachers witnessed it.

    Well, the next day, we were talking about it in English class, and everyone was talking about going to visit our classmate in the hospital. (He was shot in the chest, but survived, by the way.) Our teacher, who was black, asked why we weren't going to visit the shooter in jail.

    Well, we were stunned! Our school is about 50/50 black and white, and even our black classmates told her because B was our friend, and he was the victim. The teacher berated them for not standing up for their "brother." Back in those days, we were all too polite to talk back to a teacher, but at lunch later, they told us that B was more of a "brother" to them than the younger boy, because we had all been in school together since kindergarten, and they didn't even really know the other boy.

    That day, I was so proud of my classmates, and so ashamed of my teacher.

  53. Can someone say QUANELL X???? I don't know if that is the activist that you are speaking of but it sure sounds like him. This is just a horrible, horrible and sad story. Thank you for posting it and getting us all angry over it. More people should be angry about it and put freaks like that away for a long, long, long, long time.

  54. The race card is always an issue, hell look at Al Sharpton. Anyway, rape is rape. Why would any adult want to touch a child in the first place. That alone is sick!! Ugh, this blog post pissed me off and I was in a good mood today Sammich Daddy blog guy. UGHHHHH!

  55. @ Ryan, I agree.

    @ Opto-Mom, I agree with everything you said.

    @ Kelley, I agree with you.

    @ Ally, yes it is very sick. And I am sorry that I pissed you off today.

  56. Community activist is a blanket term for media whore. This story breaks my heart. I'm close to tears, so I can't even think straight right now. Maybe when I get myself together I will come back and comment further. Or maybe I'll just hug my kids and reload my gun.

  57. I think they'll get similar treatment in prison...They should post those pictures on facebook.

  58. Some scumbags should not be allowed to live...
    I'd be more than happy to make that a reality for them!

  59. More like you and all the commenters could do something about crap like this. Good job putting a spotlight on it - it's NEVER the victim's fault.

  60. @ Mrs Hyde, you are correct. He is a media whore to say the least. And yes you should reload and go hug your kids.

    @ Greg, I sure hope so. But they do say that the people who are most abused in prison are the inmates who are there for messing with kids.

    @ PAt, I agree.

    @ Kristen, thank you.

  61. To fuck with the whole race issue on this one. One, you fucking raped her... Shoot your dick off...
    Two, it was a fucking kid... To hell with shooting your dick off, cut the fucker off with a dull hacksaw... salted...

  62. @ Jeff, I am sure that there are many people who would agree with you on this.


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