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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Blog For The Menfolk

Back in January I tried to post a rather hot video of Natalie Portman from the lesbian scene in the movie “Black Swan”. Well I posted the post and sometime shortly after the video was yanked from the internets.

I felt really bad about this and letting all of you men out there down.

So to make up for it, I give you this lovely little blog called Guess Her Muff. It is a nice blog that a friend of mine sent me where it shows you are picture of a woman dressed in normal clothes and you silently guess to yourself whether she is hairy, trimmed, landing strip, or completely bald down below.

All you have to do is click on the link for see answer “here” and a new tab will open up for you to see if your guess was correct.

It goes without saying that this blog is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or for people under the age of 18.

Ladies I am sure there is a blog like this out there for you with pictures of men on it, but I am not searching for it just for you.

Men, you can thank me later after you go through the hundreds of guesses.


  1. I'm thanking you now. I will be looking at it tonight, I may even skip the golf course.

  2. @ Sausage, you are welcome.

    @ Lurker, your welcome.

    @ George, I wouldn't skip golf for it but you are welcome.

    @ Dejch, no problem.

  3. I don't know if I will get more enjoyment out of the title or the blog itself, but I'll keep you posted...

  4. You are such a giver OT. Fun times for all on your blog!

  5. @ D'Artagan, I say enjoy both.

    @ Randomgirl, if you only knew. lol

  6. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! I cannot wait to show my husband. lol

  7. I thought it said guess her pup. A dog site. Now my boss wants to talk to me. GREAT!

  8. Oh man....lol... people really CAN make a blog about anything! HAHA!

  9. I almost clicked on the link. I'm not sure why.
    Glad you found some entertainment for you and the guys.

  10. Mr. O.T, sharing is caring. It's a good to know you care.

  11. They need to invent a for real ANSWER button to carry around.

  12. @ Texa, let me know how he likes it.

    @ Copyboy, I am sorry....

    @ Heather, yes they sure can.

    @ Robyn, yep cheap entertainment is always good.

    @ Nubian, so check it out.

    @ Emma, thank you.

    @ Kev, I agree.

  13. not fair i demand you search for a site that equals this for us ladies it is only fair if you can be nice to the boys you can be nice to the ladies..lol..have a great day sweetie

  14. That is hilarious Oily! I'm now off to troll around the net to find out if there is a similar type of site for us ladies called "Guess the size of the dude's Dong".

    The Ranter’s Box

  15. Having problems blogging and leaving comments, etc. This comment is a test. It is only a test. Should a real comment be coming your way, it will have witty and loving content. This is middlechild.

  16. men are so weird. anything about weenies is always geared towards gay men. don't you know that?

  17. @ Becca, nope I am not gonna do it.

    @ Mash, yep.

    @ Empress, thank you.

    @ Middlechild, blogger has been fucking up again I see.

    @ Ally, since I am not gay, I did not know that.

  18. Nice one Oilfield - remind me not to check out your blogs when ths missis is around.

  19. very Interesting! You have struck muff!

  20. Hey great. Thanks. I'll have to check that out after the clowns go to bed.

  21. I knew I should have stopped at the title. Damn curiosity...

  22. @ David, exactly.

    @ Greg, if only I had.

    @ J-Tony, no problem.

    @ Mrs Hyde, you know you want to look.

  23. Hahaha! I looked at it! Hilarious. I'm not a fan of the totally bald look though, that feels creepy. Like, I'm an adult - I've grown some hair down there. I am not comfortable with a man who wants my mon publis to look like I'm 10 again.

  24. @ Cake, I don't mind a little hair. But I don't want to chew through hair to get to the mother land either.

  25. Holy. Smokes. I'd say I was surprised, but I'm not... just kind of a strange mix of admiration that someone had the brainchild for this and, well, I don't really know what else...

  26. jesus christ on a cracker, do we really need to be so gender-biased and closed minded boys?
    it is 2011, is it not?
    maybe we ladies [not the lady-like though] enjoy the beav too, or surveying trends in muff.
    i found the site inoffensive and european feeling.
    they aren't as uptight as we are @ bodies.
    it wasn't porny at all.
    women get naked.
    aside of a few i saw-they all were quite...

    but what i want to know is-
    why were they almost all the same?
    either bare- or sporting the hitler/landing strip.

    are we, as women afraid to rock a curly or two?

    trends in "to bush, or not-to-bush..." this is the question

    oh- p.s. for sharing oh scrotum-haver!!! waaaay better than the fakeass faux lezzy scene from the black turd. i totally passed this muff site onto my friends- mostly women. who don't eat pussy but aren't afraid to peep the puss.

  27. @ Thomas, I was pleasantly surprised as well.

    @ Violet, I was not trying to offend the ladies and hence why I said what I said. Women can look at that all the time.

  28. Last week, I was getting some strange traffic on my blog from Guess Her Muff. The Aussie got a "Please explain" as I was certain he had "done something" to cause it. Turns out google friend connect was acting up again, and the traffic was coming from you. :) I had some apologizing to do, and The Aussie thanks you for sharing.

  29. @ Cajun, tell the Aussie he is welcome.


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