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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Blogger, We Need To Talk

Dear Blogger,

We have now had a nice nine month relationship together. It has been mostly filled with fun and laughs without much of a problem.

Occasionally you have eaten my comments here and there but for the most part you have been great to me.

Last Thursday during the day you walked out on me cold turkey with no explanation. You just up and quit talking to me, why is that? I know we all need a break from time to time but you just stop talking to me with no warning. You just took off for 24 hours and left a wake of destruction in your path.

Don’t you know what you did? I lost all of the comments on my Osama Bin Laden post which was somewhere in the ballpark of 70 comments. It was one of my best posts this year. I also lost all of the comments on my post about my 250 followers where I had posted a couple of pictures of myself for the ladies. Those ladies were all stroking my umm ego.
I also lost the four or five posts that I had set up to automatically post in the future. I had a really great post about self humiliation which I will have to post again on another day. Thank goodness I write all of my posts in MS Word and save them on my hard drive. Otherwise I might have lost those posts forever and be upset.

Now that you are back I can still see the signs of the damage you have done. Other peoples post randomly show up on my list even though I have read them and commented on them.

I am not sure why you went away on your 24 hour bender, but now that you are back can you please behave in the future so my blogging experience can be great? That would be great.

Thanks a lot.

Your friend,

Oilfield Trash


  1. Communication is key. Way to call that b*tch out OT!

  2. :) I'm glad blogger is working for you again! I enjoy all your posts!

  3. In a drunken haze I may have stumbled upon the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Unfortunately I wrote it in the comments section of your Bin Laden post and can no longer remember myself. Thanks blogger!

  4. @ Randomgirl, yes it is.

    @ Lurker, yep.

    @ SSW, ah you are back. We have all missed you.

    @ Drake, blogger ate that comment so quick that I didn't even get a chance to read it.

  5. well said, well said my friend

  6. Time to dump that b**tch and come over to the dark side (WordPress). We have cookies...

  7. Oh so that happened to everyone. Whew, I thought I had broken the blogger for a while. Although did you get an error message in Hungarian? All of my blogger error messages seem to be in Hungarian. I'm not sure why?

  8. That Blogger bitch needs to go to rehab to avoid circumstances like this in the future.

  9. I have intensedebate comments set up on my blog, so I didn't lose anything. However, I wrote a few lenghty comments on other peoples blogs and now they are gone.

  10. @ Rosie, thank you.

    @ Thomas, if she doesn't get her shit straight I might have to.

    @ Anna, yes it happened to all of us. I did not see any error messages in Hungarian though.

    @ Opto-mom, yes she sure as hell does.

    @ Heather, hmm intense debate comments. Sounds like fun to me.

  11. blogger took us all into a back alley and screwed us all.

  12. Hello OT
    I don't believe we've actually met yet, but I've read comments from you on Bruce's blog (and perhaps others) for months ... I have been lurking while hiding under my rock. I've been meaning to make my way here and check out your blog for some time, and today I finally made it.

    I'm sorry about the Blogger Bust, I think it was my fault. My return seemed to make Bloggers head explode. I hope you get your comments back, they are the best part of the blogging experience IMO.

  13. Couldn't of said it better myself.

  14. @ Paige, I wish I would have gotten a little back alley action.

    @ Sally, why thank you for coming by!!!

    @ Laynee, thank you.

  15. Word has it that blogger was hanging out with that Lohan train wreck. They were playing their fun little cracked-out game called "Let's pick an Unworthy Blog of Note".

    For extra kicks they thought it would be fun to go AWOL and screw us all up the arse.

    Let's hope they finally get their act together and retrieve all of your wonderful posts and accompanying comments.

  16. I think blogger needs to check itself into a 12 step program, to fix all these 'problems' it doesn't think it has.

    The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have a problem, right?

  17. Blogger deleted all my comments I left on other blogs. Such a bummer. I feel like I wasted all that time.

    BTW, Blogger keeps failing to update my Reader. Two or three days later, it finally tells me about a new post. But by then it's no longer "new" - it's "old".

  18. I must've been one of the lucky few in that I didn't lose any of my posts in the outage, just a few comments that came back about two days later and fortunately I was able to go through my gmail trash and find my response. The only real side effect that I went through was that my Friday post got no hits over the weekend.

    Twas a funny one about tutoring for the public schools.

  19. You are much nicer to blogger than me. I got a little cranky myself.
    I have no idea how many comments I lost but a whole post is missing still.
    There is a form thingy on the blogger buzz button on you dashboard that you can report stuff.
    At least you still have copies.

  20. Dear OT,
    I apologize for the hardship I have caused. I was having an existential moment, wondering why I was being asked to do new things to invade everyone's privacy.
    I took a sick day so I could ponder my issues. I learned that comments are very important to bloggers.

    Yours truly,

  21. Dude!!! It was your whole TSA article that started this thing in motion.

  22. Yeah I'm a llittle busted up over here too.
    I've had like 5 comments in a week which is about 4 more than I usually get so I know something is wrong. It's a fustercluck!

  23. @Paige: That's why I felt so cheap and used last week.

  24. @ Empress, it was either Lohan of Charlie Sheen. Either way we know the result.

    @ Lost, yes I would think that would take care of the problem.

    @ Minxy, I have heard of that problem as well.

    @ G, I feel your pain.

    @ Mynx, I was only nice because this was the first time I had experienced a problem with it.

    @ Antares, that sounds about right.

    @ Copyboy, it might have.

    @ Bushman, so that means only me and Bruce have been commenting?

    @ Al, that might be exactly what happened.

  25. If this were a petition, I'd sign it! Well said.

  26. Glad you called Blogger out and saved me the trouble because I lost posts, posts magically un-posted...stats were messed up...I lost lovely ego feeding comments...not cool Blogger. Way to put a bitch in her place.

  27. Oy, the ramifications of a 9-month stint. Practice safe blogging, I say. (I don't know what that means and I never actually said that til now. It probably means switching to wordpress, but we've all gotten rather cozy over here.)

  28. Seriously agreed. So annoying. And I do like you do, and save all my posts on notepad so I do have backups. But still, most people don't and all those posts were eaten up. Thanks blogger, hope they tasted good!

  29. @ Barb, I would to.

    @ Jewels, I am pretty good at calling people out.

    @ Robyn, thank you for the safe blogging advice.

    @ Texa, I agree with you as well.

  30. cyborgtechnotwatbullshit keeps on f'n with us.
    kill the cyborg

  31. No shit. I couldn't comment on yours nor anyone else's blogs! WAAAAH!

    I guess I take too many things for granted.

  32. Everyone has been blogging about this disaster that happened last week... I'm glad I was on a blogging hiastus! Sorry it's giving you such grief!

  33. I hope blogger isn't becoming one of those flaky friends... She's been so true up until now. I wonder if she's hanging with a bad crowd?

  34. That outage was one time that I was actually thankful that I don't pre-set posts. At least, that's my excuse. Sucks, didn't it?

  35. @ Violet, hmm I don't know if I have the skills to do that job.

    @ Janie, you and me both.

    @ Williamsgirl, I wish I would have been on a blogging hiatus.

    @ Paul, I think she may have gone to see one of Charlie Sheen's shows.

    @ S, yes it did suck.

  36. I'm just glad to know that Blogger is back online...

  37. I am still missing stuff on mine. Have you gotten all yours back or are you still missing stuff? The help page says they fixed the problem, BUT there are plenty-o'-comments that say people are still missing stuff. GRRRRRRRR!

  38. @ Teach, same here.

    @ Momma, I did not get all of my stuff back. I lost a shit ton of comments.

  39. Yep, I had a post go missing, only to come back without any of its comments. They still haven't come back and a new label I had on that post now appears at the start of the label list with these odd little boxes on either side of the words. I don't know what to do about it. :/ Have you e-mailed them about it? I saw somewhere that they are trying to restore everything.

  40. @ Virgin, that happened to me as well. I haven't email them, it is almost a waste of time at this point.


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