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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Got Awarded Again

A while back I was cool enough to receive another blog award. It was the “Cherry On Top Award” which is “for beautiful blogs with that little bit extra”.

This award was given to me by Jess over at Ramblings Of An Emotional Idiot. Her blog is pretty good so you should go check it out if you have not already done so.

This little award comes with two main rules. I need to write three things about myself which I love and I also need to pass the award onto five other blogs which I liked.

So here is three things which I love about myself.

I love that I am a good father. I was really worried when my kids were born that I would not be a great dad since my dad was such a piece of shit. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how crappy my father was when I was growing up. And I then remember that I have to be better than that to my kids.

I love that I have such a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility. I learned both of those mostly by having to move out on my own at age 16 right before I started my junior year of high school. If it was not for having to grow up way earlier than I did, I would probably not be so responsible today.

I love that I have such a great sense of humor. This sense of humor has gotten me through some really tough times in my life. And I really love that I can share this sense of humor with the world through talking to people and through this blog.

Now I have to pass this award onto 5 other bloggers. I decided to pass this award onto people who are new to blogging and or have a small following. So in no particular order we have:

Bold Remarks

Brandi’s Place

Don’t Mind Me. I’m Discombobulated.

William’s Girl

Lowered Expectations

Thanks Jess for the award!!!!


  1. Congratulations, OT! I'd venture to say that those three things are what we like most about you too.~

    {I am WAY behind on my roll, & it doesn't help that blogger eats 1/3 of my comments but I'll go back and read your entries from the past couple of days soon.}

  2. Congratulations on the award!

    And congratulations on the award recipients!

  3. Grats to you, and the fabulous 5 you chose! I'm gonna go hop over to those blogs, and get my cherry on.

  4. Those are indeed 3 things worthy of loving about yourself. Congrats to you sir!

  5. Those are pretty deep things to be sharing. Thanks :)

    Funny how it works out sometimes. You got responsible from moving out at 16 whereas I did the opposite when I got the boot at 15. At age 32 I'm pretty responsible I would like to think. I would have to attribute that partially to my Manfriend. He has helped to smooth out the rough edges, but I'm certainly not going to tell him that. hahah

  6. awards whore! ha, sounds cool to me.

    agreed, a sense of humor goes a lot farther than people think - it gets you through difficult times

  7. Congratulations on another award, a sense of humour is the main thing I like in a man:P

  8. awwwww shuckssss!! Thanks Oiley! You are easily my most favorite person in all of Houston :)

    And I love your sense of humor!! xoxo!


  9. @ Katsidhe, thank you very much.

    @ Sam, thanks.

    @ Lost, thank you.

    @ Randomgirl, thanks.

    @ Galore, I am glad I am not the only one who has gone through that.

    @ Ryan, I can't help that people are giving them to me. It's not like I am out advocating for them. lol

    @ Chio, thanks.

    @ Lurker, thank you.

    @ Beer, thanks.

  10. We do need your humor. Keep rolling with it. Congratulations on the award. You're highly award worthy.

  11. Glad that you have such strong, defined, great things that you love about yourself.

    Too bad your father sounds so awful. That clearly has impacted you. Booooo to your dad.

    Congrats to you and to your recipients!



  12. Congrats on the award and great answers!

  13. Congrats on your much deserved award OT!

    Your humour is only matched by your awesomeness....and both are off the charts! :)

    Also, thanks for passing it along - you absolutely made my Thursday morning!

    (Now I feel guilty about not blogging more lately...LOL)

  14. WooRah! Congrats Brandi for the award!!!


  15. Oh...I did a congrats to Brandi (don't see it posted yet) and forgot to tell you I like your blog post!

    Life is hard but it makes us who we are...


  16. @ Rosie, thanks.

    @ Anna, thank you.

    @ Robym thank you. I don't plan on stopping.

    @ Stephanie, thank you. Yes my dad was a dirt bag.

    @ Mash, thank you.

    @ Tav, thank you very much, that was very sweet of you to say that.

    @ Houston, thank you.

    @ Becca, thanks.

  17. I'm sorry to hear you had a rotten childhood, but look at what an amazing person you turned out to be! :-D

  18. @ SOMS, thank you.

    @ Cake, it is ok I am not bitter about it. Actually like I said it was a blessing in disguise so to speak.

  19. Jess is a smart one because you do have a great sense of football...oops humor. Sorry.

  20. I think the very same thing about being a father! Mine was the combination of Fred Flintstone, Ralph Kramden, and Archie Bunker. The man passed away last November of being fat. Which gave me some comfort: Evil DOES eventually die.
    And I think your sense of humor is spot on (a British saying, I think, for great).

  21. Congrats! Great recognition for a site well run!

    Also, I'm really impressed with the three things that you love about yourself. Truly excellent.

    Sometimes having parents that were a letdown helps us rise above the bar they set - not too difficult if the bar is set really low. But still, it takes an awful lot of patience to excel in the parenting department. And, from what I've read in previous posts you definitely do "Dad" great!

    As to work ethics and being responsible - you couldn't have more enviable characteristics - these two have gone by the wayside over the years and really need to be making a comeback! Passing these two traits on to your kids surely will be your finest accomplishment!

    And about a sense of humour - without this little attribute one might as well just call it a day - nothing great is ever achieved without a sense of humour! You need it to be a parent that's for sure! (I speak from experience - or as Al P would say - I write from experience - but you get it anyway - right?)

    Again, congrats - you deserve the accolades.
    Blog Hugs coming your way,

  22. congrats, oilfield daddy! you are funny ;)

  23. @ Copyboy, thank you very much sir.

    @ Al, that is very true. Thank you.

    @ Pearson, thank you very much for your kind words. It means a lot.

    @ Kage, thank you!!

  24. Congratulations to you and to those you awarded!
    I'll be checking out the links!

  25. Wow...On your own at 16? You were a lot stronger at that age than I was at that age!

  26. @ Ditz, yes I was out on my own at 16. And hence why I don't listen to people who tell me that they can't work or can't do something in life.


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