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Friday, March 18, 2011

I Am Appreciated A Little

A while back I wrote a post about how I did not feel appreciated at all. I was really depressed and was just down about some things which were going on in my life.

Well a week or so later my daughter asked me when I got home from work what I had to eat for lunch. I told her that well I was not eating lunch and had not ate lunch at work in months because I was trying to save money and also trying to lose some weight.

My daughter told me that it was not acceptable for me to not eat lunch every day. She then asked me if I wanted her to make me lunch every morning while she is making her lunch. I told her no, that it was not necessary for her to do that. She is not one who takes the word no lightly.

On my way home from work she called me and told me that I need to stop at the store and buy the stuff that I would like to have in my lunches. And she told me that if I came home without going to the store for lunch stuff, that there would be “hell” to pay.

So I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work and dropped about 50 bucks on lunch meat, bread, sliced Swiss cheese, apples, pears, oranges, fruit cups, and yogurt. When I walked through the door my daughter ran to me and gave me a big hug for listening to her.

The next morning I woke up and found that she had already made my lunch and put it inside one of her old lunch boxes. I took it to work and ate all the contents of what she had packed for me. But the most important thing that she packed for me was a little left over Valentines cards (the type that kids pass out at school) that told me how much she loved me. I almost cried right there at the lunch table in the break room at work.

On my way home from work that day I stopped at the store and bought my daughter a half gallon of her favorite Blue Bell ice cream for just being so sweet.

Since that day my daughter asks me in the morning each day if I would like her to make me a lunch. I of course tell her that she does not half to do so, but every day she still makes my lunch.

I am glad to know that I have at least instilled a little bit of my loving nice nature in her. And I am also glad to know that I am indeed appreciated a bit at home. Now if I could just get her and her brother to stop fighting so much I think home will be perfect.


  1. This is a lovely story and just shows what a good job you are doing with your kids. Well done dad. And you are appreciated, more than you probably realise

  2. I am so thrilled to hear this! A girl who doesn't take no for answer? I can get behind that! This gives me some hope for my kids.

  3. You are obviously appreciated a LOT! That almost got me crying! BTW - don't hold out hope on the sibling fighting..mine are 15 and 18 and still can't keep out of each other's hair.

  4. Aww! That's completely and utterly awesome. What a great daughter you've brought into this world. Good job ;)

  5. Dammit that me a little misty eyed, how old is your daughter?

  6. aww that's so lovely! I would love to be that kind of daughter! :) Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Aww...how adorable! My daughter would never do this for me. My son? would cook me a four-course meal if he could.

  8. That is so sweet! Your daughter sounds like one amazing girl. Its little moments like that that make the parenting thing all worth it.

  9. I miss my daddy so much. My grandfather adopted and raised me so he is "my daddy". He died when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. I use to make him dinner. Steak and frozen vege's. I'm sure it sucked most of the time, but he ate it and acted as though it had come from the top steak house in Houston. Let her do this for you and enojoy the simple pleasures always!

    Beautiful post!

  10. See, your kids to truly learn from your example. What a great parent moment when you see your kids wanting to care for you. Really touching!

  11. Oh dear. This nearly brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing daughter you have. How sweet of her to take care of her daddy like that.

  12. AWWWWWWW. So sweet :-) That made me smile.

  13. Awww, how sweet is she? There's something about Daddy's and their daughters. I was my Daddy's girl. What a sweet post.

  14. You sound like a great dad! Glad you finally feel appreciated.

  15. Awww, Sounds like you've a decent human being in the making there. Congrats. (:

  16. I'm a little verklempt right now. Very cool.

  17. It sounds to me like home is perfect already.

  18. This is freakin heart warming. Moments like these are totally why I want to have kids. Good on ya for raising such an awesome girl.

  19. Aw, you are just a big ole softie! Cherish it, and I hope it lasts. It's almost like she knew you needed that. ;)

  20. Awwwwwwwww you just made me all weepy like! Damn you for defrosting this cold cold heart.

    Seriously though, that's awesome and good to hear!

  21. Holy cow my friend, you made me shed a tear. The valentine card made me pull out a tissue and dab my eyes... She sounds like she is as thoughtful as you... Oh yes you are, don't start with the macho crap... I see you leaving thoughtful comments on everyone's blog. You deserve to be loved that way, you big ole softy marshmellow.

  22. Aw, i always make my dad breakfeast. Every saturday i stop by and make him a six egg omlet. He has decided unstead of being a journalist i should be an omlet chef lol. You daughter sounds nice, i wish somebody would pack my lunch :(


  23. Daddy's girls are the best!

  24. Score for the daughter and well they're siblings they'll never stop fighting. My brother and I are full grown "adults" and we still argue. Well maybe the bipolar on his part doesn't help.

  25. @ Mynx, thank you for the kind words.

    @ Georgia, I agree I like it.

    @ Laughingmom, I can have hope can't I?

    @ Sam, thank you.

    @ Lurker, she is 10.

    @ Bz, thank you.

    @ Dawn, well my son would never do what his sister did so I guess 50% is not bad.

    @ Brandi, that is so true.

    @ Momma, you sound a lot like my daughter.

    @ Rosie, I am glad.

    @ Randomgirl, thank you. It does make me really proud.

    @ Mash, thank you.

    @ Cake, thank you as well.

    @ Barb, that is so true.

    @ Bagel, thank you.

    @ Anna, thanks.

    @ Tim, thank you.

    @ Aimee, it is not perfect in any sense of the word, but sometimes it comes close.

    @ Paul, thank you. It was moments like this as why I wanted kids as well.

    @ Pickles, thank you.

    @ Krissy, I am enjoying it.

    @ Galore, thank you.

    @ Averagegirl, yes I try to be thoughtful. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

    @ Catie, that right there is AWESOME of you to do. Now I am hungry for an omelet.

    @ Primed, yes daddy's girls are the best.

    @ Ditz, I know but I can hope right?

  26. This by far has to be the most heartfelt and touching post I have seen on your blog. What a beautiful story. I can imagine you taking your daughter's old lunch box and when you are opening it up at work, a whole bunch of love pours right out. Big hugs!

  27. When all is said and done and you're reviewing your entry credentials with Saint Peter (or the Great Pumpkin), you can say that the greatest gift you gave the world was your daughter.
    Lucky man.

  28. @ Empress, why thank you very much. That is exactly how it was.

    @ Al, thank you sir. I would add that I gave two greatest gifts (both of my kids).

  29. That is so sweet. It is nice to know your daughter loves you so much. Very touching story, made me smile =)

  30. I totally would have broken down and cried. The Valentines was such a special sweet touch. Wow. Double wow. Great job on raising such a thoughtful daughter.

    Wanna work for USPS and train these *fuckers* in clientele service?

    惄 my cyber house rules dot com

  31. That is so cute and just so darn sweet of her!
    It's also totally nice of you to let her "take care of you" a little bit...

    Oh yeah, you are appreciated a bunch!

  32. As a Daddy's girl I teared up at this because there is NOTHING more important to a little girl than her relationship with her father. It shapes who she is. That you listened to her, treated her like an adult and really listened to her-that will stick with her for a long time. Congrats on having wonderful kids-it comes from having great parents. Good job!

  33. She is so cute, and it sounds like she's a special girl. You probably did a pretty good job with your son too, but it will take a little longer to see the results, you know how boys are...:)

  34. @ Bro, thanks.

    @ Emily, thank you.

    @ Nikki, if I would not have been sitting in the break room with others around I would have. And no I don't want to work for them since I don't look good in brown.

    @ Pat, thank you.

    @ Becca, thank you.

    @ Jewels, that is so very true. Me and my ex just had a conversation last night about that very same thing. She even said as much that I have a good relationship with my daughter.

    @ Alessandra, I am sure I have done well with my son as well. But like you said that will take a while longer to see.

  35. Kids show us love when we least expected it. This little girl is so gorgeous but she'll never stop fighting with her brother until he moves out.....

    I'm not sure if you will ever get a woman in your life better than her.

    BTW: I should have been offended by that boob post but it had me in stitches.

  36. Very cool post.

    My daughter does the same for me from time to time. Not with lunch but with her artwork. She'll draw pictures and will sometimes give me a few, which I always birng into work and pin up on my cubicle walls.

  37. So sweet and the perfect story to go along with the title of your entire blog! It's your theme post!!

  38. OMG! That is so sweet it made me tear up at my computer!! You're doing a good job to have raised such a thoughtful and caring daughter. :)

  39. This is such a sweet story, OT. I just want to know what's on that lunch box (Strawberry Shortcake, Justin Bieber..?)

  40. @ Tracey, you are probably right. And you are again probably right, she is the female version of myself. And that boob post was hilarious, I have no idea how anyone could be offended by that.

    @ G, thank you. And I know what you mean, my cubicle is covered in artwork from my kids.

    @ Tracy, that is so very true.

    @ Kernutt, thank you very much.

    @ Robyn, thank you. And it is just a normal plain jane purple and black lunch box. It is not a "kids" one.

  41. "i am appreciated a little"?!?!

    that sounds like a lot to me! what an awesome kid :)

  42. Aw man, did you hear that? I think it was a piece of my icy heart melting and chipping off. Way to go, OT!

    What a wonderful daughter you have.~ :)

  43. That is the sweetest post ever. You have obviously been doing something right! What a sweetheart.

  44. @ Kage, you are probably right, that is a lot appreciated.

    @ Manager, thank you very much.

    @ Katsidhe, yes I think that was what I heard. And thank you very much.

    @ Tib, thank you.

  45. This was heart-warming and I hate to take the light off of that, but can we please acknowledge the irony that the blog is called "Make daddy a sammich" and the story behind this particular post? It made me laugh.

    Seriously though, Great job with that little girl of yours. Keep it up.

  46. I think you are appreciated a lot.

  47. @ Christopher, yes there is some serious irony here. I named this blog last year and the events of this story happened a few weeks ago. So yes there is some serious irony here.

    @ Lemmi, thanks.

    @ Cryptos, yes I am starting to think so.

  48. What a sweetheart and apparently very mature for a 10 year old!

  49. Well, this put tears in my eyes. What a darling little angel you have! I think you are appreciated more than you could ever realize, and that's a beautiful thing. :)

  50. Oh my word. That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! I got tears too. Wow!

  51. @ Jenny, thank you. Yes she is very mature.

    @ Virgin, thank you. And yes I think that you are right. I am appreciated a lot.

    @ Cinderita, thank you. Sorry for the tears.


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