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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worldly Wednesdays – Orlando

It has been a while since I posted a Worldly Wednesday post so I think it is about time that I post a new one. If you are new to my blog, this is where I tell you about some of my travels where I get to travel to a nice location (and usually one someone else’s dime). So you should go back and check out some of the other posts from this series to see some of the nice places that I have been lucky enough to travel to.

Back at the end of 2009 I got a chance to travel to Orlando, Florida for New Years with my good friend Miley (who paid for the trip and since tomorrow is her birthday I was ordered obliged to write this post for her).

Why of all places would I go to Orlando for New Years you ask? Well we went because there was a college football game there on New Years Day. And you all know how much of a college football fan that I am. You see my favorite college team is Penn State and they were selected to play in the Capital One Bowl against Miley’s favorite team LSU.

So on Wednesday evening after work, I drove the 4 hour trip from Houston to Baton Rouge to meet Miley at her parents’ house. We crashed the night there since it was too late to start the drive to Orlando that night. The next morning we got up way too early and head to down I-10 to Orlando. On the way there we stopped a few times for coffee and food. I actually told her to “make me a damn sammich” and low and behold she had packed me a damn sammich in the cooler for the trip. And to reward her for the sammich, on the way there I rolled her finger up in the window. No it was an accident and not on purpose. I was trying to roll up my window and accidentally rolled up her window as she was smoking.

Actual broke finger.

After a long ass day of driving (I forget how long it was but it was at least 10 hours) we finally got to Orlando and our hotel which was right near downtown in front of some lake (well there is a shit ton of lakes there). It looked like it was something straight the hell out of Miami Vice because it was all multi-colored and looked like it belonged in Miami. The hotel was decent I guess as it had a huge living room, kitchen, and a big bed room. There was a nice note on the bed side table from the housekeeping staff which asked for feedback and a tip for good service. Now normally I am a good tipper, but when I find 20 pairs of boxer shorts in the dresser left by someone other guest from god fucking knows how long ago, I kind of got the opinion that they don’t clean that well.

 Miami Vice hotel.

So after dumping the bags in the hotel we headed out for dinner and some drinks since it was New Years Eve and all. We ate fried alligator at some cheap sports bar type place and then walked around the block to the block party which the city had set up a few blocks away. We were not really impressed with the party or we were just dead ass tired from the drive into town. Needless to say we were back at the hotel and asleep before long.

I wonder if their service is a good as the Fourth Second Bank?

The next morning we woke up to driving rain, 30 mph wind, and freezing cold. It rained for 5 straight hours before we had even left the hotel. Needless to say I was not fucking amused at all. We checked out of the hotel and got on the road for the whopping 3 mile trek to the stadium. Yes it was still raining. We sat in the car for 30 minutes before deciding to head to the stadium. We got thoroughly fucking drenched before we had even got near the stadium. Did I mention that it was FUCKING COLD? Yea it was about 32 F, 30 mph wind, and driving rain.

We managed to get into the stadium without being blown the hell away and it was BEYOND crowded. We trek up to our seats (which were awesome by the way) and we were facing into the wind which is blowing faster than a car can drive in a school zone without getting a ticket. And it is raining hard right in my face to add insult to injury. I am shivering so bad that I can’t even manage to drink my damn beer because I am shaking. Can you say 10% theory for the weather?

The ticket taker looked like Joe Pa!!!

The first half of the game was good but as it had rained for 8 hours prior to kickoff; the field was a complete mud bowl. And as a result of the mud, the game was kind of slow and limited because of all the players slipping around everywhere. Penn State jumped out to an early lead which they held onto through half time.

Some first half action.

We ventured down stairs to try and find some warm food since we were beyond cold at this point. I managed to find a vendor that was selling delicious fatty gyros. But as I only had plastic and no cash I was shit out of luck. Yes the vendor did not take credit cards. At. The. Fucking. Capital. One. Bowl. Can you sense the irony here? Apparently it didn’t matter to them what the hell you have in your wallet. Thankfully Miley had cash and we were able to eat and get back upstairs for the second half.

Kicking the extra point after first touchdown!

The second half saw LSU come back and take the lead 17-16 with about 4 minutes left in the game. It was then at that point that Joe Pa cooked up a comeback. Penn State drove down the field and was able to kick a field goal with a minute left to take the lead 19-17. And that was how the game ended with Penn State winning a thrilling game. I was happy about the outcome, and Miley was fucking angry, pissed off, bitter, bitching about it ie happy with the game.

 A sad as hell Miley when her team lost. Poor LSU fans.

A happy as hell Penn State fan.

As soon as the game was over, we bolted Orlando and headed back to Baton Rouge with me driving all night long. We had to leave asap as I had to pick up my car and drive to Mississippi the next day to pick up my kids from the grandparents, (which Mississippi is halfway between my home and where the their grandparents live in Georgia) as my kids had spent their Christmas break with them.

Even though we only spent a total of 24 hours in Orlando, it was a great trip. I got to see my favorite team play and so did Miley. I also was in dire need of a small vacation and that is exactly what this was. And Miley was a great sport about getting her finger broken, paying for the whole trip, and her team losing the game to my team.

The scoreboard says it all.

I hope you enjoyed this post from my series of my worldly travels, next time I will tell you about one of my travels to South America.

 The stadium on the way out.


  1. It was interesting to read about the broken finger adventures in Orlando, would love to see a live football game.

  2. Mr. OT are you perhaps wearing an Edmonton Oilers beanie on top of your head in that picture? If this be the case...kudos to you for wearing it; that takes some special kind of balls. It is awesome, tho, that your giving a shout out to O Canada!

    I'm thinking Joe Pa up there looks that way from standing in the rain for so long!

  3. MudFest 2010!
    That was a fabulous trip. Best time we ever had together. :)
    totally surprised you left out the part where you made fun of my family's christmas tree lol.

    Before anyone gets all 'omg, why would Miley pay for such a trip?'
    I think you would have shot me if I hadn't! Plus, when we started dating, we agreed to it.

    I am still pissed about the weather. That damn cold front was supposed to come the day after. Grrrr.

    My finger is still scarred. Sigh. I am gonna roll you up!

  4. How does a sammich become damned? I mean, I haven't seen many sammichs make a lot of progress, so how could one stop said progress? Maybe if... I'm just messing with you. Orlando sounds cool... I mean cold. Glad Penn won. :)

  5. Great post. Sounds like a ton of fun and cool pics.

  6. Still trying to figure out how you don't notice your finger getting roled up in a window...she must have been totally entralled with your company...or her cigarette...

  7. I am going to DISAGREE and say that the weather was not 10% because I attended a Penn State vs. Ohio State game here and froze my ass off in sleeting rain. It was MISERABLE. Imma say it's Penn's fault. That makes the most sense right?

  8. @ Lurker, you do know that the NFL plays one game a year in Wimbley Arena right?

    @ Primed, yes that is the case. I was indeed wearing an Edmonton Oilers beanie hat in the picture.

    @ Miley, yes the weather that day did suck ass. And sorry about the finger.

    @ Paul, it is damned if the woman does not make it for you.

    @ Barb, thank you. It was a good time.

    @ Laughingmom, she was not expecting her window to be rolled up.

    @ Cake, well the weather up there is a tad bit worse than say in Orlando. You don't "expect" to have such weather in Florida.

  9. Did everything smell like corndogs there? I've heard that LSU fans smell like corndogs... hehe. I am a HUGE SEC fan, but I despise LSU and Bama. Glad you got to see LSU get that tail spanked!

    here is a link about it http://fromthebleachersblog.blogspot.com/2006/09/lsu-fans-smell-like-corn-dogs.html

  10. Oilfield, I hope you know that I so feel your pain for the whole 10% theory.

    A shitty new years is the worst (for me, anyway)... and cold and wet and wind...

    Though I cracked an actual lol @ "I wonder if their service is a good as the Fourth Second Bank?"

    I also cannot believe the damn Capitol One stadium didn't take plastic.

    Ohhh, man. I'm posting about the first/last tourist day in California next. You'll notice it has a similar theme.

    At least you made the best of the trip!!



  11. @ Rosie, no there was no corn dog scent that day due to the fact that my nose was FROZEN SHUT. And that blog post cracked me the hell up.

    @ Stephanie, thanks for feeling me, err my pain. Thanks, I cracked up laughing when I typed out the bank comment. And there were other vendors who took plastic, just not the vendor which had the gyros. Common sense tells me that if you are a vendor at a "credit card company sponsored bowl game" that you should take plastic. I could be wrong though....

  12. Ah road trip fun! Sounds like a blast...though you got royaly screwed with said 10% theory. Great post.

    Happy Birthday to your friend too!

  13. Uhm, to be clear, the window was not very far down so it only took less than a second for it to be rolled up. I am not a complete moron.
    in this case.
    sometimes I am

  14. woohoo love Orlando that's where all the fun is and Mickey Mouse lives close by

  15. Aw... Florida. Every time I go I secretly hope for a hurricane. I miss horrible rain storms with threats of hurricanes. BUT I'm kind of a freak.. so what can ya do.

  16. @ Brandi, road trips are fun. Yes I did get screwed by the weather.

    @ Miley, not a complete moron, but very close. lol

    @ Becca, yep that is true.

    @ Sara, I guess you just let it rain. lol

  17. What a great adventure and/or ordeal! The kind of trip you'll never forget about!
    Great post my friend!!!

  18. Interesting how your adventures always seem to include massive crowds. You guys were both good sports about the weather, and Miley especially with the broken figure. The fact that the stadium didn't take credit cards at a bowl that was hosted by a credit card company is completely messed up. People would still be paying off their $15 hotdogs that they charged on their plastic all this time later.

    Thanks again for your vote in the blogging tournament. That blog mom is hard to keep down. She keeps matching me vote for vote.

  19. I feel conflicted, most of the description to me sounds like it was as uber-fun as you thought it'd be.

  20. @ Pat, it was a great adventure.

    @ Empress, yes it does seem to always include crowds. Hmm. No problem with the votes.

    @ Copyboy, it was a very good time. I was just pissed about the weather.

  21. it's those random adventures that are alway the best!

  22. OT, I want to let you & Mr Primed know that the headgear you are wearing in that picture is called a "toque." If it didn't have a Canadian hockey team's logo on it, I'd let you call it whatever the hell you want. Consider yourselves schooled :)

    And besides that - OT I finally get to see what you look like!!!!!

  23. @ Amber, yes that is so true.

    @ Joy, ok thank you for schooling me. Here we call it a beanie. And what did you think? I have not had one single comment about the picture of me.

  24. I love that you couldn't use a credit card at a football bowl sponsored by a credit card company. Love the irony. ;)

  25. Ouch. Miley is such a good sport! OT, you did notice it was her middle finger, yes?

  26. All my trips to Orlando have me at the Disney parks. Glad you had fun and that your team won. Driving a lot sucks though.

  27. Sorry OT but I fell asleep reading this. Not because of it, its very entertaining but I was out with the blokes from work last night and woke up at two in the morning on the sofa with my laptop covered in drool. Don't know why I'm telling you this.

  28. Not much into football but big into roadtrips and this one was great!

    Love Worldly Wednesday, even if I don't attend until THursday morning...


  29. @ Paul, exactly.

    @ Sam, I loved the irony as well. Not so much when I was there, but once I left it was pretty funny.

    @ Robyn, yes Miley was a great sport. And yes I know it was her middle finger, every time I see her she gives me the bird to remind me.

    @ Ditz, thank you.

    @ Tony, it is ok, I feel asleep writing this.

    @ Pearl, I also love road trips. And it does not matter when you read it, as long as you read it.

  30. DUDE!!! The ticket taker does look like Joe Pa!! Amazing!!!!

  31. You broke her finger? She's a better woman than I. I wouldn't have handled nearly as well. Count yourself lucky. (:

  32. @ Manager, yes it did. It was scary when I walked up. I was like dude you are supposed to be inside with the team and not out here with us.

    @ Anna, I was kidding about breaking it. It was only a minor flesh wound.

  33. He DID look like Joe Pa! And I ain't Nittany Lyin' (NOTE: Ultra-clever play on words).

  34. Maybe Disney would have been happier?

  35. Good thing Miley loves you because even though I am quite fond of you, I would have left your ass freezing cold at the stadium and watched the game from the warmth and comfort of the dirty hotel room.

  36. Mrs Hyde, I am just as big of a football fan as he is - I bleed purple and gold. There is NO FRIGGIN WAY I was going to leave that game, even if LSU was losing by 30 points. It wouldn't happen. No way, no how. I don't leave games NO MATTER WHAT.
    My finger hurt like a bitch but I actually didn't mind the weather nearly as much as he did. It cleared up at halftime anyway.

  37. I had to come back to this post! I'm gonna have to post one of LSU's crazy finishes (they've had a few).

    That field was atrocious. Poor players.

    That game put me in a right foul mood, but I like Joe Pa, and Penn. State isn't one of those teams I loathe, so the loss wasn't as painful as it could have been (oh, it was still painful, but, you know, I wasn't looking for a rope after the game...just some Advil).

  38. @ Al, that was just awesome.

    @ Mrs Hyde, good point.

    @ Miley, it may have cleared up at halftime but it was still fucking cold.

    @ Virgin, yes the field sucked. And the game was entertaining and fun.


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