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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

200 Followers And An Award

I was recently given the “7 Facts” blog award from Brandi over at Brandi’s Place, so thank you Brandi for the award. All of you should go check her out.

Well the award comes with some rules which were to thank the award giver (done above), to list seven facts about yourself (done below), and to pass it on (I will try to do later when I have time).

So here are seven random facts about me.

1. I love to eat. No I really love to eat. I eat more than I probably should and it is going to suck when I start trying to lose weight to have to cut back on my portions.

2. I am addicted to caffeine in the form of coffee. If I don’t have my coffee when I wake up, someone is going to get yelled at or die. God help you all if they ever run out of coffee.

3. I spend a lot of time lately thinking about things I have done wrong in my past even though I know it is a waste of time to do so.

4. I am now addicted to watching Holmes on Homes on the HGTV channel (I am watching it as I write this). It amazes me that there are some really shitty contractors out there who do such crappy work and expect to get paid.

5. I don’t eat candy or sweet stuff. I am trying to lose weight and those were easy sugars to give up.

6. I keep a list of blog ideas. I started with one sheet of paper and would write down something as it came to me. Now I have a whole folder full of about 25 sheets of paper with all kinds of ideas of things to blog about. And ironically I have gain more followers right after posting my boobs and bikini picture blogs than from any other one I have posted. And mostly they were women.

7. I am still terrified of snakes and sharks even though I know the odds of either one of them eating me for dinner are slim to none.

Well there was a quick list of seven facts about me, I hope you enjoyed them.

Now onto more of the business of blogging.

Over the weekend I hit a new milestone in blogging. I made it to the 200 follower mark. Pretty impressive if you ask me, and I did ask me. I did a little happy dance on Sunday when I saw that I hit the 200 mark. I honestly never thought I would get to this point in blogging. When I first started blogging I did not think that there would be so many people who seem to share my sense of humor. So thank you for all of you who have followed me and enjoy reading all of my non-sense.

If you are new to my blog, I have made an oath to you the readers that for 50 followers that I get, I will post a cool picture of myself. Last time I promised to post a picture of myself from back in the day when I was an actor. Well here you go ladies, enjoy it.

When I get to 250 followers I will post a picture of me in some form of a drunken stupor.


  1. Congratulations on 200, its a good blog, the random facts are fine especially No.6 but No.2 is worrying as I consider coffee to be the devils arse gravy.

  2. I will hold you to this statement: "When I get to 250 followers I will post a picture of me in some form of a drunken stupor."

    Question is - who will the photographer be?

  3. I love this picture! I think you should use it if you ever decided to do online dating; I bet you would get all kinds of messages in your inbox!

    Congrats on the 200 and on the award!

  4. First: Congrats on both.

    Second: I'm right there with you on numbers 2 & 3.

    Third: Dude! You were awesome in that movie!

  5. Congrats OT...I'm so glad to have been included in this 200 mark. And glad to have you join me as well. You have a great sense of humor.

  6. I started checking out the inventions you mentioned. Good job in posting them. I wish that I could give up candy and cookies as easily as you did. I am trying, as long as they are not around I am ok.

  7. Sharks and boobs, always great conversation starters. Congrats on both the award and the milestone!

  8. i'm kind of glad that i don't have any pics of me in a drunken stupor. or a drunken anything because apparently cameras didn't exist during my drunk days. small favors...
    good job on 200 and an award!

  9. Congrats on the followers. Boobs and/or bikini's huh?? Perhaps you are on to something. I may steal your idea, just sayin'

  10. Congratulations on hitting 200! Waiting for the drunken stupor...

  11. Well Congratulations on your many followers! Funny pic btw. Good luck on your weight loss journey I feel the same way about food, its my love affair!

  12. awwwwwwwesome!

    congrats on 200!

  13. Your picture caused me to waste coffee....however since it was on the emission of a chortle, it will be over looked.

    Congrats on the award AND the followers!

  14. Wow 200, I wonder when I'll get there.

  15. Congrats!! Looooove the picture!! LOL!

  16. @ Scots, hmm I guess I could take requests for that.

    @ Lurker, thank you.

    @ Scots, I already have the picture taken. And I don't remember who took it as I was drunk.

    @ Primed, thank you. And if I ever try online dating again, the world will end. And we don't want to the world to end do we?

    @ Vinny, thank you sir.

    @ Barb, thank you.

    @ Munir, thank you.

    @ Lost, thank you.

    @ Sherilin, oh I am sure they had cameras back then.

    @ Random, thank you. Perhaps I am onto something.

    @ Bagel, thanks.

    @ Poetry, thank you.

    @ SSW, thanks. I know exactly how you feel as well. I love food.

    @ Bruce, thanks sir.

    @ Daffy, I am sorry. And thank you.

    @ TS, thanks.

    @ Jung, just keep doing what you do and you will get there.

    @ Caffee, thank you.

  17. I think my favorite is that your head is kind of disconnected form your body. ;) I saw a shark once when I was swimming and I peed myself. For real. I totally peed myself.

  18. Congrats OT ! I could have 200 followers too if I could count myself 199 times! Glad to be one of your 200!

  19. Hey, congrats on making the big two-oh-oh!

    I don't think I've seen that movie. Were you any good in it?

  20. @ Sara, I am good at doing stuff like that. There is nothing wrong with pissing yourself when seeing a shark. I pissed myself when I was a kid the first time I saw Jaws.

    @ Laughingmom, thank you. You will get there one day.

    @ Baglady, thank you very much. Ha. I was decent in that movie. lol

  21. Congrats on reaching 200+ followers. Time to celebrate. Doing so should also take care of the druken stupor photos. Oh, and if they run out of coffee you can have my lifetime ration. Win. Win.

  22. I love Holmes on Homes. The DVR went on the fritz the other night and I almost had a coronary because I thought I was going to miss it.

  23. and please share the secret to 200+ followers... I only have 10

  24. @ Empress, thank you very much. You had a hand in this with all the pimping of me that you did. And that would be awesome, thanks for sharing.

    @ Rosie, I agree with you. And you are now up to 11 followers. All I did was start writing and then following some blogs I thought were funny. I would comment and then people came over to my blog. I also got pimped out by a few people which helped as well.

  25. I am so with you on the coffee thing!! As far as sharks go, I'm afraid of anything that lives in the goddamn ocean. That place is fucking scary.

    Congrats on all the good stuff!!

  26. how many followers till you post a naked photo? (of yourself). lol way to go on the followers!

  27. #4 is epic :D keep up the good work

  28. @ Heather, I agree with you. I just like eating stuff that comes from the ocean. And thank you.

    @ Cinderita, I will not ever be posting a picture of myself naked. If I ever did that the internet would shut the hell down because I posted a picture of a beached whale (ie my fat ass self). I may be willing to email you a pic though. lol

    @ Rosie, you are welcome.

    @ Chip, thank you sir.

  29. Sharks and smakes are perfectly legitimate fears as these are things that can realistically kill you given the right set of circumstances. It's when people are afraid of stuff like postage stamps or armchairs that the mental problems start.

  30. Is that Sherlock Holmes on Homes? Man, how cool is that?
    "Holmes, how did you know that grout should be sealed?"
    "Elementary, my dear Watson."

  31. So sexy sitting there holding your great big light saber.. Congrats on the 200 OT. Obviously people with amazing taste because I think you are awesome.
    Hugs. :)

  32. @ Tony, I could not agree with you more.

    @ Al, that right there is hilarious.

    @ Mynx, thank you very much. Thank you again.

  33. And now you're another follower closer to that 250.

    Sharks don't bother me - although it might be a different story if I ever came face to face with one when I didn't want to - but snakes however... I have a major, big-time, I-would-climb-over-my-kids-to-get-away-from-one fear. The parental instinct to protect them wouldn't even enter my head unfortunately. They still love me though.

  34. I love to eat and yes, I do #6 as well – except I use iphone notes. haha

  35. I decided to follow your blog based on a recommendation from Bruce over at JADIP.

    Very interesting blog to say the least.

  36. I <3 food too! :D I hate not being able to eat what I want sometimes. Dang metabolism.

  37. mwor! sexy picture! lol

    i am really looking forward to the drunken one, too

  38. Congrats x2!! Maybe I should post pictures of male models to get more followers??

  39. @ Bub, thank you. And I feel the same way about snakes as you do.

    @ Copyboy, I don't have an iPhone so I don't have that sophisticated a system as you do.

    @ G, thank you sir for the following. And yes I keep it interesting.

    @ Ditz, I agree with you.

    @ Kage, thank you. The drunken one is a riot. Trust me.

  40. @ Kristen, that might work for you. Maybe.

  41. First, I LOVE the picture!!! Awesome!

    Second, congratulations on 200 blogging buddies!! Well-deserved. I remember hoping I would get 5.

    Lastly, I'm with you on the HGTV show. I also like House Hunters, My First Place, and Property Virgins (don't say it). Snakes scare the crap outta me and I was almost attacked by a shark, so, yeah, totally legitimate fears in my book.

    I refuse to deny myself good food. I just won't do it. It's all about portion, in my book...and eating more of the good-for-you crap. I recently gave up soda...for water. So very blah, but I do feel better for it, which kinds ticks me off.

    Huge congratulations on 200 and a truly awesome award!!!

  42. @ Virgin, thank you I am glad you liked it. And thank you again. Ouch I can't imagine being almost attacked by a shark. And thank you again.

  43. Congratulations on the followers! So glad it hasn't gone to your head and you haven't gotten douchey--still the same old Oilfield Trash I know and love. Keep up the great work.

  44. That is a cool picture. Congratulations on the big 2-0-0! You made it there and beyond quickly, in true trekky form.

  45. Hi, I'm one of the newer followers and I have a confession to make. I read your comments on a bunch of the blogs I read, and for the longest time I thought your name was Holyfield, like the boxer, but the trash part got me confused. Okay, now I really feel stupid, but I like your blog, and I wanna be part of the 200s. Congrats on the award and the followers. :)

  46. @ Jewels, no it has not gone to my head and even if I get Bon'd it wont go to my head.

    @ Robyn, thank you very much. I know it has happened very quickly. 200 is not bad for 6 months time.

    @ Alesandra, I wish I could box but sadly I can't. Thank you for liking what I have to spit out of my little mind.

  47. congrats; ill be watching for that drunken stupor at 250!

  48. I'm late to the party! Damn college gets in the way of my blogging life :P

    Love the picture! Bad ass. I also am a big foodie and I love caffeine (my drug of choice is sweet tea)

    I wasn't afraid of sharks growing up, but I always used to watch shark week and one summer they aired a show that showed a beach from a helicopter arial view and you could see the sharks in the water not to far off from where people were swiming and it wasnt just a shark or 2 there were a lot of freaking sharks...Since that day I have been freaked about sharks and swiming in the ocean.

    *I know I'm an idiot for watching shark week when I grew up with beaches, but its addicting. I still watch shark week every year*

  49. Congrats on the blog award and the 200 followers. :) It seems we have a few things in common. I am also in love with food, haha, and I am trying to lose weight. I'm not gonna lie it has been TORTURE eating smaller portions and eating healthier. I also don't eat sweets, but am kind of addicted to salty and spicy foods. Sigh.

    Oh, and so glad to know I'm not the only one who makes a list of future blog posts. Haha! ;)

  50. Congratulations on your award and 200 followers, OT!

  51. Yay! Congrats on the award and 200 followers! What happens if you lose a follower and then gain another one? Do you post another picture?

    And I totally feel you on the eating too much thing. Sigh. Still waiting on that magic pill that lets me eat whatever I want without gaining weight.

  52. Congrats on your 7 Facts Award! I think it’s cool when awards come with strings attached – as we your loyal followers glean a little extra insight into you!

    I relate to #2 – having just run out of coffee myself, I'm looking for something to break and thinking maybe it’s time to hit the green tea for a while and give my system a mini “purge” from all those wonderful caffeine toxins! God, now I want a coffee more than ever!

    And number #4 – love Holmes on Homes! I’d love to get his input on my place!

    Great post,

  53. @ Mack, the picture will be funny.

    @ Brandi, thank you. I also watch shark week but I tend to avoid the water around that time. Something about karma and all.

    @ Jennifer, I am glad to know that I am not alone in my food desires. And also glad to know that I am not the only one who makes a list of shit to write about.

    @ Katsidhe, thank you very much.

    @ Cake, no I don't think I would post another one. You ladies just want to see more pictures of me. lol

    @ Pearson, thank you very much.


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