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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Is Here

I am here to tell you that spring is here.

I know that some of you people up north want to kick me in the balls right now because it is still cold there and you still have snow on the ground. I am truly sorry that you still have to deal with old man winter.

But spring is here for me. The birds are chirping and singing, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, and the temperature has been starting to get close to 80 for the last couple of weeks.

Those are good reasons why I think that spring is here, but it is not the main reason that I think spring has arrived. The main reason I am declaring that spring is here is that the college baseball season has arrived once again.

This past weekend was the annual “College Classic” baseball series here in Houston at Minute Maid Park. There were six college teams (Kentucky, Baylor, Utah, Texas A&M, Rice, and University of Houston) playing here with three games on Friday, three on Saturday, and three on Sunday.

You see I take my kids to this grand spring time event at least on one of the days every year. And this year was not any different. Since my daughter was spending the weekend with her best friend at her family’s beach house for Mardi Gras, it was just me and my son this year. There is nothing wrong at all with just some dad and son bonding time at a ball game if you ask me.

We went to watch the second and third games this past Saturday. We first saw my Alma Mater University of Houston play University of Kentucky (or as my son calls them “yucky-tucky”). UofH beat Kentucky 8-5 in a game that saw UofH score 6 runs in the 6th inning. I caught a foul ball during the game and also had myself shown on the jumbotron tv screen inside the stadium.

In the night cap game we watched Texas A&M play Rice. It was a good close game that Rice won 1-0. It was funny because my son wore his favorite University of Texas sweatshirt to the games and we were sitting on the A&M side during their game. The young woman right behind us kept heckling my son about being a Texas fan. My son turned around and told her that “Texas may have lost to A&M this year in football, but A&M still sucks at basketball and baseball”. She did not say another word to my son about being a fan of the University of Texas. Yep, he is indeed my son and not afraid to call it like he sees it.

So in a nutshell, college baseball has come, and that means that spring has come as well. I hope it warms up for all of you “northerners” out there sometime in the near future.


  1. Not only do you mention the weather, you had to post the pics of the park; makes me damn nostalgic for Texas. Baseball become my one & only loved sport thanks to the Astros; Biggio will always be my favorite.

    It's pretty awesome your son told off the Aggie fan...it literally made me laugh out loud

  2. Of all the american sports which is the most popular, baseball, football or basketball?

  3. Almost 80? Seriously?? And I was so giddy yesterday when it was in the 50's.

  4. @ Primed, I am sorry you miss the place. I was a huge Biggio fan as well. I was at the game when they retired his jersey. I almost cried.

    @ Lurker, I would say football. I just happen to love most all sports.

    @ Cake, yes it is hovering around 80 for the high and low in the mid 50's.

  5. hmm, apples and trees, they don't fall far huh? Sounds like your son has picked up on a few of your traits. Pretty cool to see yourself, for better or worse, come through in the offspring isn't it? Glad you are having some spectacular weather, ours will be here soon I hope

  6. Yay, Houston! Thanks for kicking some Kentucky ass for this Gamecock. :) I think your son is one smart kid.. yucky-tucky!

  7. Damn you people that have Spring already. But enjoy it anyway.

  8. Funny thing, when I saw the title in the blog feed I wanted to kick you in the balls...but apparently you already knew that.

    Well the deep freeze is over for now so I'm happy with -8C.
    That's hoody weather.

  9. spring? +80F? birds chirping? flowers blooming?!

    my options are... A) move in with your balls in Houston and enjoy the weather or B) Kick you in the balls for rubbing it in!!

    I think I have to go with the virtual sucker punch here!! Damn you Houston and your amazing weather! But... there is a good side of our crappy situation up north: I am going snowboarding this weekend in Banff!!!

    Your son sounds awesome: quick and witty like his Dad!!

    Wish we had baseball up here...

    Happy Wednesday Oily!

  10. @ Randomgirl, yes my son is a lot like me. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind.

    @ Krissy, you are welcome. Yes he is very smart.

    @ Dr, I will enjoy it.

    @ Galore, I knew some of you Canucks would say that. Hence why I put that comment in there. And yay for hoody weather.

    @ Williams Girl, yes it is supposed to be 79 F today. And the birds are chirping and flowers blooming. And how about just a fondle of my balls? And can I just say that you suck for going snow boarding without me? Yea. Yes he is awesome just like me. And they have baseball in Toronto.

  11. great post! you need to check out wax red threads blog, by ryan, he is on my blog roll.

    he coaches a baseball team...

  12. Waitaminute - it's been close to 80 DEGREES?? That's it, I'm moving.

  13. Well it's in the low 40's here today so we aren't so far off your spring weather...*sob*...unlike William's Girl, I won't rochambeau you for rubbing it in tho.

    The weather may not be turning too the hot side up here yet but the playoffs are about a month away so that always means "spring" to me!

    Sounds like a great time you & your son had together! There's nothing better than a chance to spend time doing something you both love.

    (My dad & I used to do the same thing except it was at the local hockey games in my hometown. He always say his favourite memories are when I used to heckle the refs and visiting teams - he thought it was cute apparently. LOL)

  14. @ Bruce, thank you. I will have to check him out.

    @ Kernut, yes maam it sure has. I was just outside and it was beautiful.

    @ Tav, 40's is better than below 0. And yes it is almost playoff time. And yes we had an awesome time. I live for days like what we shared.

  15. argh! i do want to kick you in the balls!

    it's fucking cold up here :(

  16. enjoying the warm weather thank goodness spring is here i need to thaw out

  17. You caught a foul ball??? How awesome!

    Your son sounds flippin' awesome, btw.

  18. Glad to hear you guys are finally starting to see an end to that snow.

  19. Oily and @Tav... IT'S +1 HERE CURRENTLY!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance*happy dance*happy dance*

  20. @ Kage, I am sorry.

    @ Becca, I agree.

    @ Heather, yes I sure did. It was a foul tip to be exact.

    @ Vinny, thank you. The snow has been gone for a while.

    @ Williams Girl, yay for you.

  21. I am also SO VERY happy that baseball season is upon us. I've been a fan as long as I can remember. As a youngster, I'd listen to Vin Sculley on my little transistor under the covers when I was supposed to be sleeping. If there is one routine that I've carried with me throughout my life, it's checking box scores EVERY morning. I've done it since I could read...

  22. How cool for you and your son! Awesome dad award for you!

  23. I love that you are from Houston and highlight the H-town life. It's a beautiful day today, right??

  24. At first I was thinking Pittsburgh and "What the hey...? We're only on the other side of the state!!"
    But, then I remember you lived near Houston and figured "well that makes more sense".
    Eventually, though, it'll get so hot there that it feels like you're living in a jockstrap (hmm, come to think of it, that's kind of a strange metaphor. I wouldn't know what living in a jockstrap is like. At least my face, which is a relief). So, never mind.
    But...baseball....ahhhhh, spring's coming!!!!!

  25. Congrats on snagging a ball... the Holy Grail of attending a baseball game. I got my first (and only) ball 2 years ago at an Orioles game. (On a nice fat hop, sparing me the broken hand.)

    Please tell me your son didn't chuck that ball back on the field!

  26. @ Pat, I agree. I read the sports pages daily and baseball is one I check all the time during the season.

    @ Laughingmom, thank you very much.

    @ Kelley, yes I give a shout out to H-town when I can. And yes it is very nice right now.

    @ Al, Yep I am down south now. And I am pretty sure that the first time I have heard Houston summer time compared to being in a jock strap was just now.

    @ Bluz, hell no he didn't throw it back. I caught it and gave it to him. If he even would have tried to throw it back, I would have snatched it from him.

  27. Sounds like you had a great time...And your son sound like a trip...I like when kids can put an adult in check.

    Its getting warm in Southern California too and its so nice!

  28. It was a beautiful day here too in Northern Cal, but I'm not going to post about that for fear of my life. You're a brave man. Go Houston! (Right?)

  29. @ Brandi, yes I did have a great time. And yes he is a trip

    @ Robyn, this was more about the arrival of college baseball season than a post to piss off all of the yankees.

  30. Seething with jealousy but glad college baseball is upon you. Ok, not glad. Too jealous!

  31. Every day is one day closer to warm!

  32. Yup, Spring is in the air here too! Got to love it!

    By the way, did that grilled cheese of yours just get bigger - I don't remember it being that big - did it get bigger after the BOOB post - maybe your grilled cheese is trying to compete with big boobs...hmmm...

    Anyway, I'm off to flip and fry myself a sammich!

    Love your post - liked the bit about you and your boy! Nothing like a parental unit bonding with the offspring over a good game of ball!


  33. Congrats on catching the foul ball and seeing yourself on the big screen.

  34. Hey, birds were chirping here in Utah too. Though I know some people who would want to kick you in the balls simply because you had them. I like your son's name for Kentucky, and watching sports with Dad is one of my fondest memories. Glad you're taking the time.

  35. amen to college baseball finally being here - the bats are less ping-y finally, so i am not getting nearly as many headaches (Although our pitchers are walking way too many, so headaches come from that)

  36. @ Copyboy, thank you.

    @ Barb, that is so true.

    @ Pearson, yes the sammich might have gotten bigger. And thank you. I love spending time with my kids.

    @ Tony, thank you sir.

    @ Paul, yep these are some of my most memorable times.

  37. Brb, packing up for Texas. Screw this Michigan place. Although...it's actually warm and sunny today. "Warm" meaning a bit above 40, it's a rather subjective term. ;)

  38. Very cool, taking your son out to the ball game.
    Not cool, teasing us with your 80 degrees.
    4-6 inches tonight. Of snow. What did you think I meant?

  39. @ Erasmus, I am sorry you still have the cold weather.

    @ Dawn, thank you. And I am sorry. And only 4-6 inches huh? Not a lot if you ask me. lol

  40. Give your little one a high-five from a fellow Longhorns fan. Aggies. Ugh. Don't get me started on them. I was raised to love the Longhorns and LSU Tigers. They are my loves.

    All Texas football needs to do is lock and reload, which they are doing. And one more thing...LSU destroyed A&M in the Cotton Bowl. Next time, remind one of those heckling A&M fans of that (some were BAD leading up to that game...vicious).

    Don't get me wrong, it's a healthy rivalry, but a fierce one. I don't like bad sports' fans in general--I mean, to heckle a child? Not cool.

  41. @ Virgin, ok I will do that. And my son did mention the Cotton Bowl to that lady, she was not a happy camper to put it nicely being told off by a 10 year old.


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