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Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Inventions # 5 –Spring Break Edition

Welcome to another addition of my series of “Great Inventions”. These posts are where I tell you about some great inventions that have been invented during my lifetime. I did not invent all of these cool things, I am just writing about them to remind you of all of their greatness. And since Spring Break is here I offer up to you the Spring Break edition of Great Inventions.

Digital Video Cameras.

Video cameras have been around for a while, but they have always been huge, bulky, had low battery life, and required a PhD to operate them. Over the years they have become smaller and more user friendly. I got one about 8 or so years ago and use it all the time for filming my kid’s soccer games, plays, etc. The only bad thing about it was the little video tapes you constantly have to buy for it. Now the ones today have built in hard drives which do not even require an expensive little tape. You film and within minutes can have your video uploaded to youtube (or youporn if you are a freak like that). I know some of you are asking what does this have to do with spring break, well what do you think you capture video of hotties your vacation with.


This little gem was invented just for spring break drunken shenanigans. There is really no explanation needed for this one. You simply put your alcoholic beverage of choice in the top, and then open up the line and chug the entire contents of the funnel. I have never really been a fan of these things as I like to slowly enjoy my beers, but hey it is spring break and tons of college kids love them.

Margarita Machine.

I know some of you are thinking that margarita machines have been around for a long ass time. And you are correct. But this margarita machine comes with a plug in for your car. Yes people this one can go to the beach with you. What more could you ask for on a warm day at the beach than a margarita right in your car. I have a friend who has one of these and it rocks.


Bikinis were not invented during my lifetime, but they have been perfected during my lifetime. I don’t think you need any words or description from me on this one so here is some pictures for you.

Well I hope you enjoyed another great post from series of Great Inventions.


  1. I'm definitely with the video camera and bikini, one of the many times I wish I was amercan is spring break.

  2. I'm sorry, did you say something? I couldn't hear you over all that cleavage...

  3. You know, the bikini could be a very BAD invention in the wrong hands.

    Now a booze machine that you plug into your car - that's just pure genius!

  4. Oily! You looking for excuses to post semi-naked pictures of girls lately aren't you!?!!!! Haha I think that's fair given that it's almost summer and all women in North America are thinking about the dreaded bikini-wearing seasson.

    I personally was shopping online for some new ones just this weekend. I like the first photo you posted. The other ones show a little too much cheek for my comfort zone! But good on them!

    Happy Monday!

  5. Funny, I don't remember giving you permission to post that pic of me in my purple bikini...

  6. That portable Margarita machine might be the most ingenius invention of all time.

  7. I have never been to a beach during spring break. True story. For the most part, I was always passed out in someones front yard wearing someone elses underwear with a can of ashed-in beer in my hand, that I would subsequently drink upon awakening.

  8. @ Lurker, I have sympathy for you.

    @ Lost, I can't hear you either.

    @ George, you are welcome. I added some more for you.

    @ Cake, that is why I included the booze machine, pure evil genius it is.

    @ Williamsgirl, yes that is why I did it. But it is that season so it goes with the times. Oh and post pictures when you get the new one. hint hint. lol

    @ Laughingmom, I am sorry. Can I post it? lol

    @ Katsidhe, yes I agree.

    @ Deus, hey there is nothing wrong with that either.

  9. I'm definitely looking for that Margarita mixer. Oh yeah! And I think I looked like those girls at 12. At spring break age, I was rockin' a baby and keeping a house. Oh to be young again. Fun Post!!!

  10. I had no idea there was a margarita machine, I thought you just put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Outstanding knocker shots, by the way.

  11. Where's the speedo? J/K. I'd rather look at those bikini shots.

  12. @ Barb, I know how you feel. I am not young anymore either.

    @ Tony, yep there is a nice lovely machine for it.

    @ Robyn, there is no speedo here. Sorry. lol

  13. Ahh, buttcheeks on a Monday morning. I feel better now. Thanks for that!

  14. Not only do I LOVE this post, but since I'm an avid reader of your blog I know where you found those B-pics. Yes, I'm a creepy old person.

  15. Is it weird that I just spent 5 minutes deciding which girl had the nicest ass?

    My vote is for little Miss red & white striped bottom...that is a booty!!

  16. Oh, now I can have refreshing frosty beverages while I am tailgating? Wooo hooo!I knew I loved you for a reason, OT. :) I must add this to the shopping list.

  17. @ Random, you are welcome.

    @ Copyboy, thank you sir. And nothing wrong with that at all. I am creepy sometimes myself.

    @ Primed, actually I liked the one laying down in the pool. Or all 3 of the ones running down the beach taking their tops off.

    @ Krissy, you are welcome.

  18. Ah, the portable margarita machine! I should get one to keep in my car for regular use

    on break between classes...think I'll go to the car and have a margarita!

    The funnels I used back in my party years didnt have that awesome little valve that you could turn off

  19. see the digital camera was invented so you could enjoy those bikinis all year around

  20. All life changing inventions! Except for funnel beer bong.... Well, I guess that changed a few also. A DWI will do that for you. A margarita maker in my car? Now that is an option I'd go for...

  21. So unfair, what about some hot guys in boardies. There must be some of those for us ladies. After all the boobs and butts a little mancandy would have been nice.
    I think I might have to put a margarita machine on my Christmas list.

  22. @ Brandi, you should go and get one. Yes funnels have improved a lot since I was in school as well.

    @ Becca, yes they sure were.

    @ Pat, I want one as well.

    @ Mynx, you ladies are always posting pictures of men so this is just fair play. And you should put on on your Christmas list. It is on mine.

  23. I'd like to get one of those funnels. Not for alcohol though. I'd like to see someone down a can of soda like that without crying.

  24. Wow! I am so excited to learn that margarita machines can be plugged into a car outlet. I'll just make sure that when I'm around one it isn't my usual day to play designated driver.

    As for the invention/perfection of the bikini, I'm noticing a heavy ratio of booty shots. Are you trying to tell us something Oily? ; )

  25. @ TS, I can actually chug a Mountain Dew quicker than I can a beer.

    @ Empress, exactly. And my last picture post was about boobs, so I thought I would make up for it with asses.

  26. i see what caught your interest .. lol...nice choice of photos - maybe mix in some of your own for a more personal touch .. just throwing it out there (i guess it'd be creepy to take pics of women in bikinis)

  27. I used a funnel once (no, not for an enema). I was amazed how fast that beer raced down my throat (which probably sounds dirty, but really...it was just beer).

  28. Bikinis are pretty awesome, aren't they. I would like to wear one some time soon....so sick of winter!
    There is an award for you on my blog!

  29. if you had put bikini at the begininig i would have read this post like every issue of playboy i had in my teens...

    good post!

  30. I'm a straight chick and even I forgot what came before those bikinis. I was the queen of beer bongs...but that was long before I was of legal drinking age and chugging them quickly was the best way to not get caught. As for video-I've never once been filmed doing anything scandelous so I'm glad those weren't around for my spring breaks! That margarita machine is going on my next Christmas list!

    Another great post.

  31. You forgot Harry Buffalo's - Bathtub style. Both a great invention and horrible idea all rolled into one big Spring Break.
    PS - I wonder why you got so many comments today??

  32. Keep the fekkin' funnel I'll stare at the asses in thongs.

  33. @ Ryan, naw that would be creepy.

    @ Al, you are not alone.

    @ Jess, you could always wear one and run down the street. Just sayin'.

    @ Bruce, now that was funny.

    @ Jewels, thank you.

    @ Kristen, yes I did forget that. And I have no clue why I got so many comments.

    @ Mack, thanks.

    @ Scots, that is the best comment from a woman I have ever gotten. lol

  34. I see you had to endure more long, hard hours of searching for just the right pictures to illustrate your post. lol ;)

  35. @ Virgin, yes it was a very hard hour searching for them. lol


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