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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sucking Head And Eating Tail

This is not a story about me getting head and getting my salad tossed you bunch of perverts. This is a story about something that I love to eat and that is boiled crawfish.

You see here in Texas it is officially crawfish season now. The only season I love more than crawfish season is football season. And well you all know exactly how much I love football season.

All of the restaurants here are now serving fresh boiled crawfish. I love going and sitting outside on a patio with some friends and my kids, and throwing down five to ten pounds of crawfish in a sitting. Just a couple of weekends ago I took my kids and went to a place and met some friends for some dinner time crawfish.

If you have never eaten boiled crawfish, than get your ass to Houston or anywhere in Louisiana and get you some. There are tons of places in and around Houston to eat them at. Ragin Cajun, Big Woodrows, The Crawfish Shack, Papas Seafood, The Mardi Gras Grill, and Guildry’s are all great places to consume them.

They are best with (and usually served with) corn on the cob and red potatoes.I often like to have a big huge bowl of gumbo when I am eating crawfish, or some spicy french fries.

My love affair with these little bugs is shared with my Cajun “cousins” over in Louisiana. They love them so much over there that the crawfish has been named the state animal. They even have their own version of Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin” remade into the “Great Crawfish”. Now that is what I call love for an animal.

I know some of you are saying that the Bible says we are not supposed to be eating them bottom feeders of deliciousness. I don’t care because I am pretty sure that if the writers of the bible had ever been to Louisiana and had themselves a crawfish boil, that these bottom feeders would not be banned from eating.

Well I was on a diet; I guess I will resume my diet at the end of July when crawfish season is over.


  1. These things are bad for you? Go easy, I'm Canadian, crawfish are not something we have in great supply anywhere I've ever lived. So, are these things doused in butter or something?

  2. After all the boobs and bikinis you can't blame us for thinking it was more of the same.
    And this is a very arousing tale of your attraction to bottom feeders lol

  3. It's been a long time since I had crawfish (when I was a chef) and no where near Houston or Louisiana to try them again and football season is still a good bit away for me.

  4. Is it bad that I want them for breakfast?

  5. One of my college roommates was from New Orleans, and we went down there for spring break a couple times. We ate a lot of crawfish on those trips-amazing!

  6. I agree about your comments on crawfish. My favorite memory from childhood was when I visited my aunt/uncle in Lafayette and they had a crawfish supper. They pouring boiling water into trashcans filled the little crawlers. I'll never forget how I squealed as some of them rushed to escape their destiny and people chased them down only to plot them back in!

  7. I take it the oil spill in the Gulf didn't affect the crawfish? That is wonderful news. I've never had them but my late hubby did and he raved about them. Someday!!

  8. eating crawfish is mandate!

    however, i prefer the oyster to the crawfish...

    that is why i have my own version of the bible...

    i mean king james has a version, there is the living bible...all kinds of bibles and interpretaions...and even comes in different translations...

    and anyone that has put together a piece of sauder furniture really questions the wisdom of trying to translate chinese...

    i have even heard of bibles that condemn homosexuality...and beastiality

    i can agree with no sex with animals, but girl on girl action, is well, angelic!

    i have the bruce bible...

    anything i disagree with is removed...

    it is only like three pages!

  9. I am surprised that you couldn't find some way to fit a boob picture in here..

  10. Ok, that does it, I'm going to Mardi Gras Grill for dinner!

  11. Oh, I would eat that. In a heartbeat.

    We have crayfish in Minnesota, living in the cricks, but they are pretty darn tiny. I've never tried to eat them.

    But the pictures you posted? I would eat those...


  12. @ Joseph, thank you.

    @ Venom, no they are not bad. And you can dip the tail meat in butter kind of like a lobster if you want to.

    @ Mynx, well you know how it is. I always try to have a catchy title to lure you in with. And thank you.

    @ Lurker, they are good. Even when not boiled. The tail meat is good in other dishes as I am sure you are aware.

    @ Laughingmom, no it is not bad that you want them for breakfast, I mean I do to.

    @ Tim, they are good in New Orleans for sure.

    @ Anne, I have very similar memories as well from my youth.

    @ Barb, crawfish are inland creatures. If the oil spill would have affected the crawfish there would have already been a revolution in the South.

    @ Scots Lass, I agree so do I.

    @ Bruce, I have to get my own version of the bible as well. George Carlin did a pretty good job of knocking down the ten commandments to just two.

    @ Random Girl, just for you I will go back and add some boobies.

    @ Anonymous, I have not had any from there yet this year so I am not sure how good they are. I was at Ragin last weekend and they were great.

    @ Pearl, those ones up there are tiny for sure. The ones down here are huge. If you ever get a chance to take a trip to the south in spring or summer, you should eat some.

  13. Damn you got me all excited with that title for a split second because I've read your blog enough, I knew you were referring to the chowing down on bottom feeders.

    You know what? I'm so selfless I'll give you my lifetime share of crawfish. It's all yours. You're eating for 2 now.

  14. Sweet! I'm proud to say that I knew exactly what you were talking about when I read the title. And that's saying a lot for a girl who's sucked a hell of a lot of head in her lifetime.

  15. Does the Bible say you can't eat crawfish? Thats a bit specific.

  16. Oh, well done getting a picture of a nice looking lass sucking on something tasty.

  17. @ Galore, yea I knew the title would throw a few people for a loop. And thank you for that kind generous offer there.

    @ Deus, I am glad you got the joke. And I like a woman who has sucked a lot of head in her lifetime.

    @ Tony, the bible does not mention crawfish specifically. I think it either mentions shrimp or something to the effect of bottom feeders.

    And thank you very much.

  18. The New Testament actually changes the rules for eating unclean food. Only those eating kosher can't eat them.

    I used to love wading through streams up in Canada and catching them.

  19. Love to eat some mud bugs! We just had a boil this past weekend... well... we have one every weekend till season is over. My friend Shelby has it down to a science. Perfect every time!

    next time you go to a boil, try this for your taters: Coon-ass Dip

    1 cup mayo
    1 cup ketchup
    3 tbsp worstershire
    2 tbsp Tony's creole seasoning
    1 grated boiled egg (you don't have to, we do)

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  20. i love crawfish. we always used to go down to the creek during summer and flip the rocks over and catch em. you always had to flip the rocks slowly so you wouldn't make the water all murky..

    wow i'm getting a flood of nostalgia now. good times *sheds a tear* everything sucks now.

    haha thanks for the nostalgia-rush.

  21. @ TS, ah thank you for the clarification. And they are fun to catch. Sometimes.

    @ Lonely, I think they are both good.

    @ Miss Rosie, I am glad I am not alone in my love for the mud bugs. I will have to try that recipe.

    @ Arcita, glad I could take you for a trip down memory lane.

  22. I had gumbo for the first time when I was in Orlando last month (at the House of Blues), I really loved it and now I want to try making it myself.

    Never eaten a crawfish....

    If I ever get to Texas, I am lookin you up and you can take me out for crawfish. Yep, I just asked you for a date ;)

  23. your post title is very misleading, ot.

    this is NOT what i came here for!

    you should have a bloody 18+ disclaimer before making innocent porn seekers read that filth. chuh.

  24. @ Joyproject, that is cool. Gumbo is some damn good stuff. And bring it on down, I am a good tour guide in addition to my other services that I offer. lol

    @ Kage, I am sorry to disappoint you.

  25. @Tony: I think the Bible says in Leviticus, "Thou shalt not eat crawdads."
    I think the Israelite took that to mean someone's father.
    Modern biblical scholars have updated it to, "Don't eat crawfish with your fingers. Fingers need to be consumed separately."

    Had a mess of "mudbugs" when I visited "Nawleans." Even had a crawfish Po-Boy.
    Good eatin'.

  26. PS... if we do go out for crawfish, may I request that you don't call it a "mud bug"...?

  27. @ Al, that is hilarious. That is cool that you got to eat some. A fried crawfish po-boy is what keeps me sane in the membrane when it is not crawfish season.

    @ Joyproject, that is fine with me. If you come down I will call them whatever you want me to.

  28. interesting post

    p.s if you want to stay on ma "daily visits" list, come to my place and leave a comment.

  29. Yum. Had the very best ever crawfish in New Orleans. But then again, I haven't yet tried them in Texas. Come to think of it, there's a lot i haven't tried in Texas. Time for a road trip. ;)

  30. Ooh, I do love me some crawfish. Especially for my birthday. Crawfish and Shiner Bock. I'm sad that I'm living so far away from the coast. I don't think it's safe to eat 'em this far north. They cost too much and they're too small. I may have to visit my in-laws for Easter, like they're asking, just to get the crawfish.

  31. @ Sharaf, I don't always have time to look at the 200 plus blogs that I follow. If you want to bail, bail.

    @ Jayne, they do have some good ones in New Orleans. Very good ones in fact.

    @ Georgia, I had crawfish and Shiner last weekend. Good stuff. And you should take a trip down south just to get some.

  32. I gotta go all the way to Houston or Louisiana? Aw, never liked crawfish.

  33. I personally do not like crawfish (not a big seafood person), but I do love some gumbo.

  34. I read the first sentence and was heart broken-then I read the start of the second one was was like...yes! A story about something he loves to eat--I just saw that answer on a certain survey!!! :-D But then, no! Foiled again. I have never had a crawfish but love most seafood (all except scallops...they are like big loogies-ick) and imagine I'd love them as well. I don't need another food to be addicted to though!

  35. Two things.
    1. I am so pleased that you used my pictures. I worked really hard on the great crawfish one!
    2. Thank you for buying me crawfish tonight. I tried to get 'em in da bayou this weekend but they were out. You are the best :D

  36. First of all what do they taste like? Are they lobster-ey? Shrimp-ey? Crabby?

    I love me some shellfish but they kind of look like bright red cockroaches!

    hed hed above water

  37. @ Jung, if you want them fresh you do.

    @ Brandi, there is nothing wrong with that. Gumbo is damn good.

    @ Jewels, sorry to disappoint you that this was not about licking poon. And yes you probably would like them. And I love me some scallops. LOVE THEM.

    @ Miley, you are welcome and you are welcome.

    @ Hed, they are kind of a mix of all of them but spicier.

  38. They look like god awful giant bugs...but they are delicious. I haven't gotten to the 'sucking head' part yet, but I'll eat the hell out of the tail.

  39. It's so funny. This is like the 3rd crawfish post I read. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  40. @ Mrs Hyde, they do look like bugs, but they are so damn tasty. And you should try it since all the spices migrate to the head.

    @ Copyboy, I had no idea that others had written about them. Thank you sir for the blog of the day.

  41. I gotta give mrs. Hyde a big" atta girl" for that. I wont suck head either

  42. You have me salivating, and that's before I saw this post. ;0)
    Had some crawfish at Jazz Fest in New Orleans years ago. Mmmmm

  43. cant help it because they are so good :)
    happy season!

  44. yeah, not a crawfish fan myself.....but enjoy!

  45. And here I've been trying so damn hard to stay on this diet...now I'm gonna have to go to Scott's Oyster Bar and get some crawfish! Thanks! :)

  46. I was expecting some erotic reading :(!!

    lol i hate lobster

  47. Before he passed away a few years ago one of my older brothers lived in Lafayette, LA, where I still have relatives. I spent many enjoyable times with my "Coonass Cajun Cousins". Those folks know how to live life at its most enjoyable.

    Corn on the cob goes well with crawfish and many other dishes. I think it's at its best when cooked the way I do it on my old-fashioned charcoal grill.

    I slightly open the husks at the end of each FRESHLY PICKED ear of corn to make sure there are no corn worms there, or to remove them and cut off whatever has been damaged by them. Then I rinse the ear in cold water and close the husks.

    The ears should be kept damp by sprinkling or spraying them with water, and turned often while cooking which may take from 30 to 45 minutes (which allows you ample time to re-freshen whatever you may be imbibing) depending on how hot the coals are.....and the lid of the grill should be kept closed most of the time so the corn absorbs the flavor and aroma of the smoke. When the corn is deemed to be cooked enough (this is a trial-by-error process until perfected), the ears should be submersed in a pan of hot water with melted butter and salt in it, and then kept warming until time to eat and enjoy.

    Eating and enjoying can be rather messy, so be sure to have bibs, shirt tails, extra bras, unused diapers, kitchen towels, or napkins handy. Remove your ear or ears of corn from the hot water, shake off the excess water, and then peel the shucks away from the ears. Most of the corn silks will be removed along with the shucks, but if any remain, just take a finger and brush them off and then enjoy the finest, most delicious corn on the cob you have ever tasted.

    "Corn on the cob cooking 101" class is now dismissed.

  48. @ Miley, yea that is what all you women say.

    @ Robyn, I am glad to know that my perviness got your mouth wet. lol

    @ Tracer, yep that is so true.

    @ Mack, thank you.

    @ Mommy, sorry to ruin your diet. They are worth it though.

    @ Nigma, sorry to disappoint you.

    @ Don, damn that sounds good. Now I want corn. Speaking of which my crawfish last night did not have corn or potatoes. And I am just realizing it.

  49. I have never had a crawfish. I have been bitten by one - but the tables have never been turned...

    is that a deal breaker?

  50. @ Tib, no that is not a deal breaker. Not everyone can live so close to them and eat them regularly.

  51. LOVE The Great Crawfish! I'll have to share that with my mom. She loves seafood, but I missed that gene. Took after my dad--100% meat and potatoes kind-of-girl. Sigh. I just can't do fish...I gag. It's rather humiliating.

  52. @ Virgin, thank you. I don't know how you missed out on the seafood gene, but you don't know what you are missing.


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