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Friday, April 1, 2011

Final Four Baby!!!!

In case you did not know it, the Final Four of men’s college basket ball is here in Houston this weekend. And I am going to it. No I don’t have tickets to the games on Saturday or the final on Monday, but I am still going.

You see I am taking my kids out of school early on Friday right after lunch. Reliant Stadium (the site of the games this year) has a deal where you can get in free and park for free (I get to keep an arm and a leg) to watch all four teams practice. And after the practices are over, there is a college all star game to be played. So since the Final Four has not been here in 40 years, I would say that this is a once in a lifetime deal for me and the kids. So we are going to go and soak it all up. And the NCAA will be giving away tickets on Friday to people at the practices to the actual games this weekend. So cross your fingers, meditate, send positive thoughts, pray for me, put a bucket of KFC and some rum in front of Jobu, or do whatever you have to do to get me some tickets to the games.

Now I wanted Texas to be in the Final Four but they did not make it. So I will just have to live with UConn vs. Kentucky and VCU vs. Butler. This year’s tournament has played havoc on my bracket since my bracket was fucked by the end of the first weekend. Normally I do fairly well in my bracket with my friends but not this year.

All in all I am not really excited about the match ups as I would be in most years. But since this year has been a tossup I guess I will just have to live with it. It will be interesting though because a small school (either VCU or Butler) is guaranteed to be in the final.

Although I must admit to you readers that I am really excited that Kentucky has made the Final Four. Why you ask? Well I will tell you why. You see Kentucky’s number one fan is going to be here in Houston this weekend. And she happens to be one of the hottest, girl-next door, I would lick every inch of her naked body, bake you a burnt apple pie and you would still eat it types of women on the planet. And that woman is Ashley Judd.

I sure hope Kentucky makes it to the final so that they show Ashley on tv a lot.

Ladies you might want to look away from this point forward unless you like hot brunettes. Men folk, you can thank me in the comment section. God she looks good in them jeans.

By the way, it is only fitting for this blog that my 100th post has pictures of a very hot woman in it.


  1. I'm not a big fan of rum, but I'll make sure Jobu has a good cigar just for you. Good luck, Oilfield!

  2. Have fun with the kids and games. BTW...I don't even mind the sexy girl pictures, because you chose a woman with a real body, real curves. Ashley's jeans are no size 0. And that makes me feel great!

  3. I give her a 7. Let's go HUSKIES!! Go UCONN!!

  4. @ Sam, thank you for your support.

    @ Dawn, I plan on having us some fun. And I like women of all shapes and sizes. I just happen to like this one because well she is just damn hot.

    @ Manager, I would give her 7 and then some. Bada Bing!!!!

  5. ashley is hot!

    i killed a bunch of chickens, set fire to lambs, prayed to all the big guys, the great spirit, jesus, allah, god, buddah, confuscious, the donald, larry moe and curly. (in no particular order)

    did a ticket dance, an irish jig, smoked some peace pipe, did the chicken dance, and the hokey-pokey minus the reacharound er. uh. turnaround, stood on my head and even bowed my head and prayed.

    I also drew an x on the neighbors door with pig blood...

    good luck! and hope you get the tickets, or at least get to lick...i mean see ashley...

    and the pig blood? i did that to my nieghbors just cuz they are wierd...

  6. here's to 100 more, with 100 more hot women

    that should be your milestone marker, hot women

  7. @ Bruce, thank you for the "offerings". You have gone above and beyond your call of duty.

    @ Ryan, thank you sir.

  8. A hundred posts! Hot damn, OT, time flies!!

    As for the Final Four, I've been living it. Dolly Gee's bracket may be a thing of the past, but the dang cat still loves the hoops.


  9. crossing my fingers you get some tickets.

  10. Have fun at the games. Happy weekend.

  11. @ Pearl, yes time has flown by. And tell Dolly Gee not to be sad, my bracket has been completely messed up since the first weekend.

    @ Rosie, thank you.

    @ Robyn, I will try.

  12. I've got my fingers crossed for you man, good luck! Get those tickets!

    Also, Ashley Judd is totally super hot. I'd bang her.

  13. Now I want rum and KFC. Thanks, OT! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. I don't much care for basketball, but I know what a big deal this is for a lot of people. Our boss is on his way there because he's a HUGE Kentucky fan. They were just talking about Ashley being there yesterday. Good luck! I hope you and the kids have a blast.

  14. Good luck and I think she looks just as good out of those jeans...

  15. @ Cake, thank you. And yea I would do her as well.

    @ Krissy, thank you.

    @ Brandy, thanks. And I agree with you.

  16. Oh is that what Ashley Judd looks like? eh

  17. Ashley Judd is a damn good looking woman and nothing but positive waves coming from the angry irishman....go free tickets.

  18. I like the toque... I'm Canadian, so you know, nothing sexier than a woman in a toque.

  19. @ Jung, yes it is.

    @ Lurker, yes she is. And thank you.

    @ Kev, I could not agree more.

  20. Have a great time and thank you. Thank you very much.
    A. Misogynist

  21. i know nothing about sports but great post

  22. Being Canadian, well basketball is not the preferred sport even though we apparently invented it... go figure.

    Did I fail to mention that Ashley is my twin sister... (my idential twin sister!) And that is exactly how i look when I wear a canucks jersey. Okay, maybe not!

    Happy 100th!

  23. @ Al, you are very welcome.

    @ Becca, thank you.

    @ Averagegirl, I don't believe you. Please mail pictures of yourself in a Canucks jersey to makedaddyasammich@yahoo.com. lmao

  24. i wish my dad had been cool enough to take us out of school for something like this when i was a kid!

  25. oh my friend, you wish I looked like that (apparently so do I!) :)

  26. You can't help but like Ashley Judd--she's just fantastic! Now, if you wanted to help out the ladies, you could have posted pics of her hubby. ;)

    Texas. Yeah. Normally, I blog about my teams, but I am so sick and tired of the Longhorns doing the same collapse-deal year after year after year. They start off fantastic--top of the heap, team to beat--then around Feb., they start slipping. By the time the tournament rolls around, they just make mistakes and let wins go right out the window. Where's the discipline? Shortly after this year's loss (admittedly, they got screwed by the refs), some fellow Longhorns' fans and I talked about their yearly downward trend--something has GOT to change.

    Oops, sorry for the rant. :/

  27. Oh, and I HOPE HOPE HOPE you get tickets!!!!! :)

  28. I'm not a Kentucky fan (although I am from there), but now that I know that Ms. Judd is a fan, I just might switch!

  29. The guy in me - yes, I do own a hammer therefore I can appreciate beauty through "beast" eyes - thinks Ashley is yummy and definitely could be that apple pie with vanilla ice cream treat thingy that would make any guy lick his plate clean! Yeah I get your passion and I think you posted some really smashing photos to boot!

    I hope, for your drooling sake, Kentucky is all over the other three!

    And...it rocks that you are taking the kids out of school for this - I always took CP out for "real life" experiences - they never forget these kinds of moments.

    Cheers, Jenny
    PS - thanks for always dropping by my site and leaving a comment - you are one great blogging buddy - and I really appreciate you!

  30. That's rad that you and the kiddos get to watch the teams practice (for FREE!) - I'll send my ticket winning mojo your way so that you can watch the actual games (and I'm not even charging you! bahahaha). And I'd have to say that at least you picked an actual woman with some substance like Ashley Judd to be your "hot woman" to post on your 100th post - brownie points for not picking a nimrod. :)

  31. @ Kage, I agree with you on that. My dad never took me out of school early for anything. Not even to go to a liquor store.

    @ Average, I don't know.

    @ Virgin, you are right about Ashley. And also right about Texas. It pisses me off sometimes.

    @ Pat, same here. Same here.

    @ Pearson, yes she is a hottie. And thank you.

    @ Reck, thank you. Yes I do know how to pick them.

  32. I wish you men folk were obsessed with Rugby. And posted pictures of half naked Rugby guys. Holding their balls. Erm, Rugby balls, of course! :)

  33. I like your kind of Dad! and, who doesnt like Ashley Judd??
    Have a fun week!


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