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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wild Thing Was On The Juice

I have made it no secret that I think Charlie Sheen is cool or at least used to be before he went off of the deep and lost his job. I also have told you that you can party like Charlie and how he made a cocaine tour stop here in Houston.

Well one thing I have never told you is that I used to think he was a good actor. You know the kind of actor I am talking about, the ones who really put themselves into their role. Like how an actor who plays a homeless person will live on the streets for a while to get the real life experience or how an actor will gain weight to portray an overweight person.On a side not I would like to know what Natalie Portman did to prepare for that lesbian scene in Black Swan.

Well I am here to tell you that Charlie hooked on drugs Sheen is one of those actors. According to the paper yesterday back when they were filming the movie Major League, Charlie was on steroids for six weeks to improve his pitching.

He increased the speed of his fast ball from 79 to 85 miles per hour which is why he took the steroids in the first place, to make your movie more realistic.

Apparently steroids do work and help pitchers. If it helped Charlie so much, I wonder how much steroids helped Roger Clemens?

So there you have it, Charlie Sheen is a good method actor who researches his roles. But you already knew that since he played a drunk manwhore on Two And A Half Men although I thought I would just remind you.

We need more method actors like that.I am talking to you Lindsay Lohan.


  1. Method actors have always been weird, very weird.

  2. Liam Neeson played Zeus in Clash of the Titans, what must he have been like to live with?

  3. But, wouldn't steroids have given him 'grape nuts' (the testicular malady, not the cereal)?
    Wonder how that squares with his dalliances (NOTE: a euphemism for 'boinking') with the porn stars?
    What the heck, I liked him in 'Platoon.' GASP-OMG, he may actually have smoked marijuana in that movie!!!!

  4. oh charlie. you'll always be that greaseball in ferris beuler's ay off to me.
    back in the heydey...

  5. I think we're all waiting on Lindsay Lohan to make some sort of...what could you call it...crackhead comeback? :p

  6. @ Lurker, that is also kind of true from what I have heard.

    @ Tony, good point there.

    @ Al, I am guessing since he has banged tons of women that it was not a problem.

    @ Violet, yep.

    @ Chio, she would play a good crack head in a movie.

  7. So...it's all Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Major League, and Two and a Half Men's fault he is the way he is? I wonder if he ever drove a fast car while having sex with someone who looked like Kristy Swanson circa 1994. I'll bet he has. Lucky bastard.

  8. That is probably the healthiest thing he has taken. Considering everything, steriods were his good years. And don't even mention Lindsay Lohan, she ruined all of us "Lindsey"s names. lol

  9. Have to admire his dedication to his craft.

    That Charlie is one stand up guy.


    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


  10. And you thought Natalie Portman was badass for taking months of ballet lessons before Black Swan?

    She ain't got NOTHIN on the warlock!!

  11. @ Joshua, I would have been happy to just have Kristy Swanson in a bed.

    @ Texa, you are right on the money there.

    @ Stephanie, yep.

    @ Lost, I am more interested in the months of lesbian lessons Natalie Portman took for Black Swan than I am her ballet lessons.

  12. Thank you, Charlie Sheen, for shooting up, drinking and whoring, all for my entertainment purposes. So selfless! ;)
    I do enjoy the guy's shenanigans and his acting. Hope he doesn't end up dead from all his "research. "

  13. No Way! I am so disillusioned.

  14. I saw this in the paper today. A lot of athletes have taken steroids, this only difference in Sheen's case, is he probably smoked them in a crack pipe...
    I didn't like the guy way before it became popular to do so. I thought he ruined "Platoon." He was by far the weak link in an otherwise amazing movie. Truly, everyone and their brother who was even remotely related to the film got at least an Oscar nomination (if not the actual award). Mr. Sheen didn't even get a sniff of a consideration...
    Wouldn't it be something if he and Ms. Lohan hooked up?

  15. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggg I think Charlie Sheen is too full of Charlie Sheen. I really can't stand Two and a Half Men and that signature shirt he wears makes me want to stab people.
    He was pretty cute when he was younger though.

  16. Hell OT, I'd even like to know what Natalie Portman did for that role. She is one beautiful, sexy lady. I'm not afraid to say that either. As for Al's comment on the grape nuts. Charlie obviously had a reverse reaction and got huge cohones and lost a few good brain cells. Great post.

  17. Never mind the shirt...what's with those stupid socks with those wretched shoes. The 90's are OVER.

  18. Method acting....researching roles....hmmm....me thinks this may be a fabulous excuse for some of my antics. I may have to look into a career change.

  19. Have you ever noticed with actors that they really have curvy thumbs? I have been watching this cruvy thumb phenomenom for years... Charlie has them too. What does this all mean you ask? Well.... hmmm... I have no idea except that they are all lunatics!

  20. @ Dawn, same here.

    @ Ruth, exactly.

    @ Pat, each to his own I guess.

    @ Cake, yes he could have used a new wardrobe for that show.

    @ Barb, I am glad I am not alone in that.

    @ Vixen, that is very true.

    @ Daffy, you and me both.

    @ Tracy, I have never noticed that. Hmm...

  21. Wait! Clemens slept with Lindsay Lohan?

  22. Charlie is a complete douche bag and can go suck a fuck

  23. i'd like to help charlie sheen prepare for his next role: "half a gram a minute, with kage beckons"

  24. @ Copyboy, he may have. I mean he did that other young chick the country singer.

    @ Mrs Pickle, yes he can be.

    @ Kage, you won't have to try hard to convince him. lol

  25. he was a great actor t one time and now he is just an ass how quickly one can fall from grace,

    @Barb i agree with you i want to know to because she was a very sexy woman

  26. So steroids were the gateway drug for Charlie Sheen, eh?

  27. Since way back in the day "He Who Shall Not Be Named" has had substance abuse problems. Steroids were just another pharmaceutical in the Warlock's medicine cabinet, kind of like baby asprin. I'm guessing the roids had nothing to do with method acting but were instead about ego. If only he and that fire crotch LL would finally bugger off once and for all, the world would be a better place...

    The Ranter’s Box

  28. I used to think he was a good actor as well. I guess it was all his research that got us.

  29. @ Becca, yep that is true.

    @ Cheeseboy, yes I guess you could say that.

    @ Empress, yep the warlock is washed up.

    @ Tony, yep you are right.

  30. I am going to miss Charlie. I give that show one season now.

  31. I always kinda liked him. Too bad he turned out to be such a douche. And no, I don't think the "drugs" did it to him. I think addiction is a symptom, not a cause.

    Ever notice how addicts never accept personal responsibility for their behavior? Every addict I know had that same problem long before they ever did drugs. The drugs just give them an excuse.

  32. method acting eh? i should become an actor. I could easily play the role of a total Mack. I've already got it down.

  33. @ George, same here.

    @ Sally, I think you are correct.

    @ Mack, exactly.

  34. I liked him in Wall Street and as Wild Thing. Always thought he was a great actor--even the small roles like in Ferris Bueller's Day Off...he stole the show.

    It's a shame.


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