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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winner Winner Zombie Dinner!

Last week I wrote a review of my friend Jason’s new book that he has written about zombies. The name of the book is “The Dying Of The Light:End”. The book is pretty awesome.

You can buy the book through the publisher’s website for a paperback copy. Or you can buy the Kindle version here for only FOUR bucks. Yes I said FOUR BUCKS!!!

In that post I announced that I would be doing my first giveaway here on Make Daddy A Sammich by giving away a copy of the zombie book.

So on Sunday night I wrote down all of your names who wished to participate in the giveaway. I then cut out the names of all you who wanted in and placed them in a green plastic cup.

I then put on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” song on my laptop and made my kids walk around like zombies. Yes I know “Thriller” was about werewolves, but that is not important right now. So after making my kids walk around like zombies while listening to “Thriller” for five minutes, I let my daughter stop and pick one person’s name out of the cup.

And the name that my daughter picked was………………….

Bushman over at "The High Cost Of This Low Living" is the official winner. So please go check out his blog. I will be contacting Bushman soon to get his address to mail him the copy of the book. As soon I as get the book in my hands, I will be sending it out.

Thank you to all of you for supporting my friend by liking his facebook page, buying his book, and spreading the word about his book through your peoples. I really appreciate of all your help. And thank you for participating in my very first blog give away.


  1. Wasn't Thriller about zombies, too? I know Michael Jackson became a werewolf (Before becoming something else. Which was before becoming dead) , but wasn't that the undead getting all jiggy wid it?
    Sad that I devoted three lines to a question about a music video which has been duplicated in countless elementary school dance recitals.
    Think I'll go hunt some zombies now (or eat breakfast).

  2. I thought thriller was about zombies led by a werewolf, or perhaps a zombie werewolf.

  3. @ Lurker, I am sorry.

    @ Al, it was to a point but Michael was a werewolf. Ah hell I don't know, now I need a drink.

    @ Lass, yep.

    @ Drake, I am not sure I quit sniffing glue this week.

    @ Rosie, yes.

  4. Congrats to Bushman - a worthy winner!

    I think Thriller was actually about a jackass leading zombies.


  5. Rigged! No, but that's a brilliant idea if I ever get around to doing a giveaway. That way I can pass the blame to a four-year-old. Congrats, Bushman.

  6. Are there any sex scenes? Because that's how I make all my book-buying decisions.

  7. @ Simpledude, in hindsight I think it was a molester leading zombies.

    @ Joshua, no it was not rigged. If I had a video camera I would have filmed it.

    @ Mrs Hyde, I can't give away details like that. lol

  8. I'm with Mrs. Hyde - I buy my books that way, too. But also for zombie content :)

    Congrats @Bushman!

  9. Congrats to the winner. Yes, to confirm, there were zombies too.

  10. Thanks OT.
    I will contact you shortly. I'm at work now!

  11. @ Blond, maybe I should start buying my books that way as well.

    @ Vinny, ah ok so now I know.

    @ Bushman, no problem. Congrats to you sir!!!

    @ Yvonne, yes congrats indeed.

  12. Next time you got to youtube the zombie jr. dance.

  13. Congrats to Bushman. I enjoyed reading your winner picking process and much as I'm sure he'll enjoy reading his prize ;)

  14. nice win Bushman - looks like a neat book .. might have to take a look once i am done with keith richards' book

  15. Congrats to Bushman and to you as well for a successful first blog prize give away!

  16. @ Copyboy, ok I will check that out.

    @ Sally, thank you.

    @ Ryan, yes you should check it out.

    @ Empress, thank you!

  17. Dude I love how you played Thriller and got your daughter involved. When I did a drawing a while back, had to drag the kid from Mario Kart. He was most annoyed to lose 10 seconds of play.
    Have a great week, Mr Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Addict ;). I may not be around to give u my valuable opinion as much next week.

  18. Congrats to Bushman and I'm starting to think I have to do a giveaway soon....I'm feeling so left out of what the cool kids are doing. :)

  19. @ Dawn, my daughter is always happy to help me out most of the time. No problem, enjoy your time away from here.

    @ Jewels, I am FAR from being "Cool". Or a "cool kid".

  20. Congrats to your friend! How exciting this must be for him!! Awesome...

  21. @ Janie, thank you.

    @ Anna, exactly.

  22. What good is bribing you if I don't win? Dammit, I'll make sure to give you a case of spam next time.

  23. Congrats to the winner. Knowing I didn't stand a chance of winning I bought it. Hope to start on it next week.

  24. @ Toastman, I am sorry.

    @ Pat, thank you for your purchase.


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