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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey You! Yes You, Check Out This Blog.

I want all of you Trashy readers to go check out a blog that I follow which is very well written and pretty funny.

The blog is “Just The Cheese” written by Powder Toast Man. The blog is a lot like mine in the humor sense and he writes about “randomness at its best and reviews you can’t use”.

Anyway Powdered Toast Man was in college this past semester and did not have much time to blog and lost a lot of his readers, so I am trying to lure you fine people over to his blog.

Right now he has a really good series which just started over at his blog which is battle of the Sesame Street Characters.

So stop by his blog and show him some love as his blog is pretty good and funny as well.

Thanks a lot.


  1. Thanks for the plug buddy. Ill return the favor if u ever need it.

  2. Damn you, OK I'll go over there then.

  3. Dammit, OK I'll go over there then, stop pushing.

  4. Cookie Monster will pwn them all.

  5. I love it when bloggers pimp other bloggers... i'm off to check it out.

    The Simple Dude

  6. I'm already a follower! yay for Rosie!!!

  7. Look at you pimpin' for your buddy.. what a good guy!

  8. Look at you pimpin' for your friend... what a nice guy!

  9. Yes Drill Sargeant! I am on my way!
    (Although when I saw this post title I was hoping it was me you were pimpin'. But I know I know - pimpin' ain't easy.)

  10. Dude! This blog is awesome. Thanks for the pimpin.

  11. @ Toastman, no problem.

    @ Lurker, thank you sir.

    @ Djech, thanks.

    @ Lurker, lol.

    @ Drake, maybe. Maybe not.

    @ Timmy, I fixed the link.

    @ Simpledude, so do I. And thank you.

    @ Joshua, thanks.

    @ Rosie, thank you.

    @ Randomgirl, thank you very much.

    @ Dawn, you are right pimpin aint easy.

    @ Lost, thank you.

  12. Powdered Toast Man!

    Man I used to love Ren & Stimpy!

  13. Reviews I can't use? Just what I've been looking for...off to see.

  14. This is so funny, because I just came from there!

  15. @ Galore, same here.

    @ KLZ, exactly.

    @ Pat, that is cool.

  16. I totally will do that. I think he follows me on Twitter and vice versa. You are not on Twitter, are you? Why not??

  17. @ Ruth, thank you.

    @ Averagegirl, thanks.

    @ Pearl, thank you.

    @ Kelley, thank you. I am not on twitter.

  18. Thanks for the blog tip. Heading over to check it out : )

  19. PTM and I go way back and I hope Oscar wins.

  20. OT says its good......I'm there.

  21. @ Empress, no problem and thank you.

    @ Robyn, I know and so do I.

    @ Bushman, yes it is good.

  22. always looking for more gorgeous bloggy boys so I am popping over right now. Thanks for pointing the way OT.

  23. @ Becca, thanks.

    @ Mynx, no problem.


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