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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dirty Blog? Clean It. Or Not.

There is this little website going around right now where you can paste the link to your blog and it will tell you if your blog is clean or dirty.

Well if you have been reading my blog for a while now you know my blog is not exactly “clean”.

But I went and checked it out anyways, and well the result was what I already knew and that was that my blog is “dirty”. Everyone act shocked.

You can check your blog for yourself by going here.

Anyways I just wanted to say that I am sorry that I have not blogged at all this week. I normally write all of my posts for the week during the weekend, but this past weekend I worked and I was super busy. And there was Father’s Day as well where I was also super busy. And this week work has been working me like Pharaoh did the people who built the pyramids.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to being a supreme smart ass for you soon.


  1. just checked my blog on your meter of prudity... definately in the red however I am fairly sure that most of the "dirty hits" are from comments left by readers...


  2. Hehe, I created a monster with this thing...

    And I can't stay consistently in the red! It's bothering me.

  3. Good to have you back! And major props to you for also breaking the naughty meter. Well done my friend. Well done!

  4. I just checked and my blog is just barely on the red line. It's gotten a little cleaner the past two weeks. My "Sexual References" are down to 8, my "Crude Anatomical References" only 1, my "Potential Crude Anatomical References only 1 (by the way, what the frick does POTENTIAL mean here?), and my "References to Deity" only 1.
    Well, I'm just going to have to go onto my blog and up the ante, goddam it. If not, my nuts are going to be in a vise. I guess it's shit or go blind time.

  5. I'm not pegged out in the red like you, but I am in the red.

  6. You can tell how dirty or clean a blog is by reading it. I'm dropping of the radar for the next 4 days as I am at a metal festival in Belgium with my mates. Just thought you ought to know.

  7. Pfft! I don't need someone to tell me my blog is "writing" dirty! (see what i did there?) Do you really write out your posts for the week on the weekend? That's impressive! I couldn't do that! Heck, I "can't" do that! Silly JT, once a smart-ass, always a smart-ass! ;)

  8. That was spectacular. Apparently there is sexual solicitation on my blogs :)

    Hope your Fathers Day was awesome.

  9. @ Lass, thank you!!

    @ Pax, that might be true.

    @ Lost, you need to step up your game then.

    @ Empress, thanks.

    @ Al, you said it perfectly.

    @ Lurker, maybe you need to throw in some dirty history.

    @ George, well done sir!!!

    @ Tony, have a good time.

    @ Yvonne, yes I do it on the weekends normally when my kids are sleeping. It seems to be the only free time that I can get.

    @ Brandi, thank you.

  10. I am pretty clean. No surprise though.

  11. hahaha... my blogs dirty too!! wow. who knew?!

    glad your are back!! :-)

  12. Haven't seen this, but thanks. I'm in the red, but I'm shocked at only:

    Sexual references: 1
    Anatomical references: 1
    Sexual profanity: 1

    That's fucking bullshit. Time to get my game on.

  13. WOW - Does this only judge you by 1 post? Your numbers seem a little low to me.....

    ox Kelly

  14. Interesting. I'm smack dab in the middle. Well, I'm not. I'm very clean, but my blog isn't. I actually think it should've been ranked as dirtier. What's with the insult category? I have one insult. I wonder what they're referring to.

  15. i try to keep the swearing to a minimum, but apprently i talk about boobs, bras, god & sperm too much. i was definitely headed to the end of the red zone. damn it. how funny that "references to deity" is on the naughty list on that site.

  16. @ Ruth, that is true.

    @ Mama, thank you.

    @ Joshua, you need to step it up!

    @ Joy, I am not sure. And yes they seem low to me as well.

    @ Robyn, yay for you. lol

    @ Sherilin, yes you sure do. lol

  17. *knuckle bumps for the dirty birds* I'm not even going to bother checking mine on the meter. Just gonna pop a beer top and pass it down to ya :O)

  18. Shocking!

    I am going to go check my cleanliness right now.

    ps - thanks for your really awesome comment, it made my day. :)

  19. Mine may be fairly "clean," but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy yours! Carry on my friend!

  20. This was fun! I have 126 instances of vulgarity, but only 4 of profanity. Four instances of profanity on MY blog? Yeah...that's accurate.

  21. You are one of the best smart asses on here. Love your blog.

  22. You're one of the better smart asses out there. Love your blog. That meter is way off it only gave me 1's for like 3 things. I'm not that nice! haha

  23. I tried this and found it rather puritanical. I don'tn consider my blog really dirty but it was on the border between red and yellow for, among other things, a couple of references to alcohol.

  24. @ Daffy, thanks for the beer.

    @ Jessica, youre welcome.

    @ Pat, I intend to.

    @ Mrs Hyde, yea I think that meter is busted.

    @ Barb, thank you very much.

    @ David, yep I think it may be busted.

  25. welcome back and dang i need to hang out with you and the empress more i'm way to clean well going to go roll in the mud and see if i can dirty it up a bit

    Everyday Life

  26. What an excellent find!! Haha! My stats:
    Sexual references: 1
    Potential sexual references: 3
    References to sexual clothing: 1
    Sexual solicitation: 1
    Crude anatomical references: 3
    Sexual profanity: 22
    Vulgarity: 22
    Insults: 9
    References to alcohol: 1
    References to deity: 7
    Profane references to deity: 3
    Profanity/swearing: 1

  27. This is hilarious! Get this--the virgin's blog is on the line between yellow and red. LOL Maybe it's the use of the word "sex." No idea. The biggest hit was 47 potential sexual references. LOL Yep, I'm just one hormonal virgin!! LOL

  28. Hey Tony! Enjoy that metal festivel. I hear that aluminum is da bomb!
    Ooops, sorry, Oilfield, how rude of me to toss a bon mot to Tony.
    Goddamn, piss, penis, Buddha, tuggin' in traffic.
    Hmm, that Clean Meter stuff probably only works on MY blog, huh?

  29. And, sigh, yes I know. I spelled 'festival' wrong.
    That's just frikkin' craptastic.

  30. SHUTUP!

    You write all your posts for a week ahead?

    That is sick. Seriously.

    Really...I'm SO impressed!

  31. Mine:
    Sexual references: 2
    Potential sexual references: 1
    Anatomical references: 1
    Insults: 1
    References to alcohol: 4
    References to deity: 10
    Profanity/swearing: 1

  32. Im starting to wonder about the clean meter. Dribble rates almost as bad as my naughty blog. And I havent found your blog to be naughty at all..hang on, maybe that says something about me, maybe I am the crude one

  33. Booo blogger ate my comment :( I was just saying that this is just another very 'useful' app! haha. I can't wait to see what it will say my blog is. But with Truck Nutz and frackin' Friday, I can't imagine it will be very good, lol. Have a great Friday!

  34. Just trying to figure out "potential sexual reference" . Is that like being a little bit pregnant?

  35. @ Becca, thank you. And yes you do.

    @ Cake, I didn't find it, I just passed it on.

    @ Virgin, yes that is true but you do often talk about sex. So I guess that explains it.

    @ Al, no problem.

    @ Janie, yes I do that. Most of the time. And you are doing well.

    @ Mynx, yea it is suspect I think.

    @ Texa, I hate it when that happens.

    @ Laughingmom, that might be correct.

  36. I always love learning how other bloggers organize their blogging time. You write it all on the weekend generally? That is impressive!

    Your blog is considered DIRTY? Why didn't someone tell me?!

  37. I guess I have some catching up to do... there is still a little sliver of Red showing, past the black line.

    Sexual references: 1
    Crude sexual references: 1
    Anatomical references: 1
    Crude anatomical references: 5
    Potential anatomical references: 1
    Sexual profanity: 6
    Vulgarity: 11
    Insults: 7
    References to alcohol: 10
    References to deity: 1
    Profanity/swearing: 2

  38. naughty, naughty blog!

    i don't even want to know what it would say about mine.

  39. @ Kelley, yes maam I write everything on the weekends and set it up to post during the week.

    @ Anna, that might be true.

    @ Bluz, go for it.

    @ Kage, your blog would probably crash the website checking for the cleanliness. lol


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