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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey Blogger, We Need To Talk. Again.

Dear Blogger,

I know this is the second time I have had to have a little “chat” with you in the last month, but you keep on having problems.

You see people have been trying to leave comments on my blog, and they haven’t been able to. And people have been trying to respond to my comments on their own blogs and they can’t.

Now I realize you have been on a month long drunken Charlie Sheen like bender celebrating the end of winter, but can you please check yourself into rehab? Or at least get someone to fill for you when you are too fucking drunk to do your job.

While I am offering some support to you in terms of getting your act together, I want to offer you some suggestions. Would it be too much to ask for you to do some simple technological improvements? I thought so.

When people have “comment moderation” set to on so they can approve each comment, would it be too much to ask that you disable the “comment captcha” shit? I mean if they are approving each and every comment to their blog, I shouldn’t have to type in the damn words to get my post to be accepted. It should be one or the other, but not both at the same time.

While we are on the subject of the “comment captcha” shit, would it be ok with you for you to change it up a bit? I mean if I am a frequent visitor and commenter to a blog, could you make it to where I don’t have to type in that damn little word in the box? That would be a pretty easy thing to do if you could sober up long enough.

Can you set up a comment notification thing similar to how it is on Facebook? I mean it is a pain in the ass to “subscribe by email” to each and every single post to see the comments to my comments on other peoples blogs. I have an email address for work I have to check, I have my personal one to check, I also have the one for my blog which I have to check, but I don’t ever check my g-mail. NEVER. I only have it because it was required to set up my account here. I don’t think it would be too hard to set up this item, I mean if that Zuckerberg fucker can set it up for Facebook, I think you could set it up here.

Well I think that is enough for you to work on for now. So sober your ass up and get busy on my list of demands improvements. Don’t start to compete with Comcast as the king of the douche bags.

Your Friend,

Oilfield Trash.


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  2. Sounds like the beginning of an epic fight...
    Comcast are shite. Good luck

  3. I had some of the same probs. I switched back to IE8 browser and haven't had a single commenting problem since. I also turned of the comment mediation on my blog, since it pisses people off, and I have yet to get a piece of spam or offensive "anonymous" comment. One thing that does irritate me is a few people have so much crap on their blogs that it takes forever to load the page. I eventually unfollow them. A shame, but I have limited time and can't spend it twiddling my thumbs while 100's of photos, music tracks and animated cartoon animals load up. (Fortunately, yours loads instantly. :)

  4. It's giving me a pain in the crackers today especially.

  5. OMG... I totally agree about the moderation or captcha thing. I hate those. And.... ummm... if you have 15 followers, I'm betting you don't need that captcha either. That annoys the piss out of me.

  6. You're totally right about Comcast!!! They promised me a credit for my internet being down for half a week, and then I get the bill and it's actually MORE than it usually is, so I call and find out that not only did I not get the credit, but they CHARGED me a bullshit "technician fee" of thirty dollars!

    So I fought for like, fifteen minutes 'til they agreed to take off the fee, and the lady goes, "just so you know, things like this wouldn't happen if you had our equipment protection blah blah blah" and I was like, "really? it protects against incompetence from you all?"

  7. I disabled my comment captcha shit awhile back. It's pointless. I get maybe 2 - 3 spam comments per month if even that. And I read all my comments regularly so when a spam does pop up I delete it right away. The captcha thing does nothing but piss people off.

    You know... you gave me a good post idea: Captcha Hate.

    The Simple Dude

  8. Totally needed to be said OT. Hope your intervention works! Great suggestions!

  9. Strike two, blogger. Don't push me.

  10. ahem...testing, one, two...


  11. Couldn't agree more!! If you start a petition, I'll sign!

  12. WORD.

    As in wordpress.

    I'm considering it...

  13. @ Michael, it has not bothered me at all since I use Firefox, but others have bitched about it.

    @ Sausage, yep I agree.

    @ Li, that is true as well.

    @ Lurker, I am sorry.

    @ Heather, yep.

    @ Chio, yep they suck donkey balls.

    @ Lass, thank you.

    @ Simpledude, I agree with you. And glad I could help ya out.

    @ Heather, thanks.

    @ Drake, I agree.

    @ Kage, I can hear you.

    @ Mash, thank you.

    @ Lost, I have had that very same thought as well.

  14. Well said. But, knowing blogger, it probably think it's "winning" right now.

  15. Charlie Sheen has all the fun--HE doesn't have to sober up.

  16. No captcha? But, we'd miss all the fun words.
    Yesterday I got guana and instantly it made me think of guano and start to wonder if Blogger was secretly trying to tell me my comment was shit or the post was.

  17. Oilfield - I agree with your argreement.

  18. @ Vinny, thank you. And you are probably right.

    @ Emma, exactly.

    @ Ruth, that is true to a point.

    @ Drake, thank you.

  19. If only I had your eloquence. I also want all of those things.

  20. PS Dear blogger, would you just freakin feed my posts into the reader so people will know I'm posting? If not, would you simply respond to my numerous requests for help?
    This is too frustrating. I agree. I like your line about Zuckerberg.

  21. I can't comment on my post, I can't comment on yours....

    People are going to think I'm unappreciative of them!

    I*'m seriously thinking of moving to WordPress.


  22. @ Paul, I am not "eloquent". lol

    @ Robyn, thank you. And I know how you feel.

    @ Pearl, it is getting beyond frustrating.

  23. If Blogger checks into rehab, they'll be able to get Amy Winehouse's autograph.

  24. I actually have both, only because during my first year of blogging (2008), I was stalked fromi the chat rooms to my blog and that person left some pretty nasty anti-gay comments on my blog. I got rid of them as soon as I saw them, but from that point forward, I started moderating my comments. Been doing the captions almost from day one.

  25. Comcast and Time Warner Cable! Kings Douche Bags is correct!

  26. Sorry you've been having problems. Honestly, I feel like I'm the only one not having problems. Then again, there are so many things blocked at work that I probably would have chalked it up to the network filters.

  27. Had the same issues. You have to uncheck the "stay signed on" box on your log in screen and everything goes back to "normal"

  28. Right On. Not to mention half the time you have to squint to even read the captcha.

  29. PS Does moving to wordpress mean having to start from scratch with followers?? I think we're all tempted, but I'm not about to start over. It's taken over 2 years to get here.

  30. Thanks for being the voice of us all :)

  31. @ Al, you might be onto something.

    @ Bushman, yep.

    @ G, I can see the moderation thing but not both that and captcha.

    @ Barb, yep they sure are.

    @ Joshua, you are not alone.

    @ Amy, I have heard that as well.

    @ Robyn, I think you would have to start over. And I am with you, I don't want to do that.

    @ Cajun, you are welcome.

  32. I use IntenseDebate, which eliminates most of the issues you mentioned. It does act up sometimes, but for the most part, it's great. I use it primarily because I need it for CommentLuv, which is fabulous for my readers, and I can reply individually to each comment on the post.

    As for moving to WP, if you do, move to Wordpress.org (self hosted) and there some fabulous people out there who can help and even move your GFC followers.

    Having said that, Blogger is much easier to use than Wordpress, and Google knows that. Hence their lacklustre attitude to fixing shit for their users.

    I use Google Chrome and despite my resistance to world domination (Google's in this case), I love it. More than Firefox and definitely more than IE (which attracts viruses like nobody's business).

    Sorry that was a long comment!

  33. Captchas make me want to bitch smack people. I have never been more annoyed than when I have to deal with them. There is no need for them people...no need!! UGH!

  34. Ooo A Captcha frequent flyer membership. Cool!

  35. @ Alison, so basically you are saying we are all screwed? And no problem about the comment.

    @ Jewels, I feel the same way.

    @ Becca, yep.

    @ Copyboy, yep that is exactly what it is.

  36. Dear Oilfield Trash

    I hear your complant but I am to drunk to give a shit captcha's are my way of pissing people off that and just not giving a shit......so take my addice ring lifeline they may give a shit.....



  37. Couldn't agree more! So much for all of the alleged wonderful stuff that was suppose to happen once the google cocknozzles took over blogger. And yes, captcha's are annoying and redundant. Everyone should disable them.

    The Ranter’s Box

  38. Oh, sure you are. You use all kinds of big words that will make Blogger feel small. That is the meaning of eloquence isn't it? :D

  39. @ Jo-Anne, you are probably correct with that.

    @ Empress, I agree with you. Damn they piss me off.

    @ Paul, I guess you have a point. It is just that no one has ever said that about me before. lol

    @ Yvonne, thank you.

  40. Don't forget about Verizon. It's douche bag central over there.

  41. i agree i especially hate when u comment someone and that captcha shit pops up makes me want to RAGE!

  42. @ Mrs Hyde, oh how could I ever forget those damn bastards. Thanks for reminding me.

    @ Jesus, I agree.

  43. fucking hate blogger...

    so glad i missed out on the fun...

    sorry you had issues...

    blogger hates everyone...

  44. Today i couldn't log in. Why? cause now it's mobile friendly. I hear you, but switching is a pain in the...

  45. @ Bruce, yep you said it perfectly.

    @ Antares, oh that is a pain in the ass.

  46. Agreed. You've described my issues exactly. Alot of my comments end-up "Anonymous" even though I'm definitely logged-in. Stinks.

    - Minxy.

  47. First time for everything I guess. :)

  48. I don't know what's going on. People have been having a tough time leaving comments on my blog, I've had a tough time leaving comments on blogs, etc.

    I don't know if you saw it, but the disappearing post and comments from the Blogger glitch returned, but somehow ended up re-publishing in June, when the original post was from early May!

    Some of the posts get these bizarre blank spaces or a change in font...it's frustrating.

    Your ideas are spot on, btw. ;)

  49. Cheeseandrice did these bastards listen to ya? Good sound advice is hard to find these day and FREE no less! I'm gonna move...its bonna be a pain in the ass but I do believe I'm headed to wordpress. Kinda of a dirty word among Blogger lovers but....... fed up is fed up.

  50. Blogger can be a nasty lover sometimes...

  51. Blogger can be a nasty lover sometimes...

  52. I had the word verification off for a while and I got a TON of spam garbage...I got tired of looking at it so I turned it back on. Comment moderation? Well, let's just say, I turned it on originally because of my dad...

    Enough said.

    I know it's a pain. Thanks for putting up with me. If it makes you feel better, I'll switch off the word verification again and give it another chance.

  53. LOL! Blogger has been a little bitch lately. Now you have me envisioning Blogger as the drunken uncle that makes everyone upset and uncomfortable at family reunions.

  54. @ Minxy, yep you said it.

    @ Paul, that is very true.

    @ Virgin, thank you.

    @ Daffy, they never listen to me.

    @ Janie, that is so true you said it twice. lol

    @ Teach, it is ok I know where you are coming from. It is your blog you can do as you see fit.

    @ Dr, yes she sure has been a bitch lately.

  55. I hear you!
    I've had so much trouble for the past couple of weeks. Somebody advised me to log off of blogger and then log back in and "unclick" the keep me logged in box. So now I have to log in all the time, but at least I can comment now!

  56. @ Pat, I have heard that the unclicking of that box does help.


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