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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Food, Why Thank You

I am not sure if you have read this story or heard about it on the news.

Up in Michigan a man won $2 million dollars in some kind of lottery. This was pretty cool if you ask me, and I am a little bit jealous to be honest with you.

The messed up part of all of this is that despite winning $2 million dollars, the State of Michigan is not cutting off his food stamps. Wait Oilfield Trash did you just say that this guy won $2 million dollars and is still getting food stamps? Why yes I did just say that.

I have a couple of problems with this whole thing.

First the federal government has guidelines and rules that govern the food stamp program as far as eligibility goes. You have to apparently be under a certain dollar amount of income in order to qualify for the free food stamp program. Federal rules do not count lottery or gambling winnings towards the income amount used to determine income eligibility requirements for food stamps. And as such the State of Michigan could not revoke this man’s food stamps. For those of you who think that the government is the best thing on the planet and should completely run our lives, where is the common sense in this fucking mess? There are people who need food stamps and we are using our tax dollars to buy the groceries of a fucking lottery winner. Shouldn’t government “regulations” make sense because this one does not make sense to me at all?

The second problem I have with this is the guy who won the lottery to begin with. He has told the media, “If you are going to…try to make me feel bad, you aren’t going to do it.” You got a million fucking dollars after tax and you don’t have any problems with taking my tax dollars on groceries you are more than capable to afford. You sir are a complete fucking douche bag in my opinion. Sadly our country is full of people like this who apparently have no conscious what so ever.

This ladies and gentlemen are two problems of just a million or so that our country faces today. The fucked up government and douche bags with no sense of right and wrong. Now I know that this guy has only taken a thousand or so dollars in free “money” but that is beside the point, this shit adds up. And given our countries dire financial circumstances at the moment, this jackass should be forced to repay what benefits he has received.

Just because you can do something, does not mean that you should do it.


  1. Not surprising. But fucked up.

    (sorry for the multiple comments; damn clicky fingers.)

  2. Great. Now you've managed to piss me off and the day ain't even good and started yet.


    If he put that money in a regular savings account, the interest alone would be more per year by at least twice than I've ever earned in a year. And he can STILL collect food stamps? That's just so fucked up.

    The attitude doesn't surprise me in the least. The sense of entitlement on a personal level in the the general populace is phenomenal. But does that in any way translate to entitlement as a whole society, as in us peons shouldn't have to pay for some rich assholes groceries ... oh hell no.

    We really need to stop the madness, problem is it'd probably take Armageddon to do it.

    The stupid ... it burns

  3. Asshole!

    Curious to see how quickly he's on the news as a fallen lotto winner to the extent of blowing all his money on stupid shit in a short amount of time.

  4. Speaking as one of the most bleeding-heart liberal share-the-wealth types, even I can see the profound what-the-fucking-fuckery at work here.

  5. Or you could look at it as he had to pay $1 million in taxes from his winnings so maybe he considers it pre-paying for his food stamps? I know it's weak but I'm trying here....

  6. What an arrogant prick!
    I would like to know how much money he spent on lottery tickets while receiving food stamps.
    He should be cut off and he's a selfish cunt for continuing to accept the food stamps.

    Hope he gets stomach cancer.

    Ok that was really not nice of me and I shouldn't wish fatal illnesses on people but dammit he's a douche!

  7. I hadn't heard about that. The update says they are trying to close that loophole. That's good.
    I can't figure out why anyone would want to use food stamps when they don't have a need. I understand he paid taxes and I paid taxes several years ago when my family was on food stamps. But we needed it.
    I think it's a pain going through all the paperwork not to mention it just feels crappy not being able to afford food for your kid.
    What an ass!

  8. @ Lurker, yep.

    @ Joshua, yes it is.

    @ Sally, you said it perfectly.

    @ Jeff, that would be funny if he was.

    @ Pickles, yep.

    @ Randomgirl, I am not sure if that is it.

    @ Galore, yep he is a douche.

    @ Lost, yep.

    @ Ruth, yep he is an as alright.

  9. I hope this guy gets hit by a truck full of cancer.

  10. Wow. Some people. Hard to believe they're out there.

  11. hmmmm....... perhaps you should send up to Canada. He would not get away with that here. Social Assistance (i.e. welfare) keeps a pretty close eye on any money whatsoever a person receives. In fact, if you were in a car accident and got say a measly five grand for your injuries, they would cut you off immediately from everything.

    Just Fed/ex him up here, we will take care of him for you! :)

  12. This is sad. I know not everyone loves Cinderella Man like I do, but my favorite part of that movie is when he goes and pays back the relief money he received. Do you know why that part is so awesome? Because a guy acted honorably. This lottery winner has no honor. Makes every honest person who needs food stamps look bad.

  13. I read the story awhile back and was pretty darn upset about it.

  14. A fool & his money is soon parted. They're probably figuring that, being the obvious idiot that he is, he'll be broke in a couple months anyway.

    I know of an idiot who won the lottery over here a few years back. He bought two things to start. A new car & a few cases of champagne... Which he used to wash the new car. Needless to say he was broke again before he knew it.

  15. @ Drake, I would not go that far.

    @ Tracy, if only life were that easy.

    @ Paul, I agree with you there.

    @ TS, yep.

    @ Vinny, that always seems to happen.

  16. wow... insane!! :-( I work full time. have a part time job... yea i get cs for my kids and I struggle everyday to make ends meet.. and its only to the glory of God that I can... and yet.. there are people out there that get help when they don't need it. It sucks. ugh.

  17. Well, once again, I'm shaking my head. Why is it I find myself shaking my head repeatedly these days? What happened to people knowing the difference between morals and murals?

  18. I'll tell you why this royally pisses me off. I am receiving food stamps while I am waiting on my disability case to go through. I'm given $50 a week. Because I changed my address when I moved I had to get re-certified. Because my stepson is helping me out by paying my rent and untilities, they have reduced my amount to $37.50 a week because that counts as income. So being honest royally screwed me. And when I get screwed I'd prefer to enjoy it!

  19. @ Al, yes it sure does.

    @ Mama, that is exactly how the "system" works.

    @ Virgin, I find myself shaking my head all the time.

    @ Barb, you see first hand how being honest hurts you.

  20. I have to say. I think food stamps are great for people who truly do everything thy can, and still cannot afford groceries.. I've been there, I understand. But, as a decent human, if you win the lottery, you should give up your foodstamps, so that someone else who needs it can get it. The government SHOULD count lottery winnings, especially if it's over a few thousand dollars...

    AmberLaShell Rants

  21. this is so messed up and yet it does not truely surprise me those who need help can't get it and those who don't get whatever they want..yep that's government for you.

    Everyday Life

  22. Wow. Just wow. I was totally unaware of this guy winning and then still claiming to need govn't assistance. How the hell is that being allowed!? I honestly have no words...well maybe one....GRRRRRR!

  23. How is lottery money not considered "earnings" when you clearly have to pay taxes off the top to get your lump sum? Re-fucking-tarded. And even moreso, just absolutely embarrassing is the dillhole who won the lotto - a real fine "specimen" of a fucked up American with no sense of right or wrong. People like HIM are what is wrong with this country.

  24. @ Amber, I agree with you there.

    @ Becca, yep you said it.

    @ Jewels, it is not so much that he still claimed that he needed it as much as it was the State of Michigan not taking it away. But he was told he could still get it and sure as hell didn't tell them no.

    @ Reck, yep I agree with you.

  25. Hmmm, if we can't count lottery winnings as income for eligibility than why do we have to report them on our income taxes? I agree the guy's a total jerk, but as a positive-polly I'm going to hope that his specific circumstance serves as an opportunity to reflect and evaluate the current system in place.

  26. I blame the state/government, not him. He's been pushing the issue, and they're supposedly changing that loophole. Sometimes nothing else works but a high profile situation like this.
    Who knows what kinds of mental health issues he's dealing with,too, that there are no services out there to address. Sorry, I'm getting on my social worker soap box again.

  27. What the hell how can some people feel good about doing something like that is beyond me food stamps are for those who have trouble putting food on the table not for assholes like him............

  28. @ Jenna, I agree with you there.

    @ Robyn, I don't think mental illness is his issue because he flat out said that no one is going to make him feel bad. So I put some of the blame on him as well.

  29. Yup- our local news covered that. And yes, it's a complete crime if you ask me. It just pisses me off when we couldn't get any assistance and I had NO money to feed my kids for 3 months so I had to decide on lights vs food (chose food). Yet some people I know can get it and are driving Cadillacs and wearing name brand everything and have wads of cash in their wallets and a food stamp card. Um, really?? It's nuts.

  30. @ Jo-Anne, I want to know the same thing.

    @ Sara, I figured you knew about it since it happened up north. I agree with you about the part about Cadillacs and name brand everything. I have another post about that coming soon.

    @ DBS, yep.

  31. With the way lottery winners end up blowing all the dosh they've won in record time, the government probably figures it's less paperwork for them if they let him keep his foodstamps. If he is like the majority of folks who hit the jackpot, he'll be broke in no time flat.

    With that being said, the dude should feel some sort of guilt for taking something he doesn't need which other people could desperately benefit from. For that he is a major asshole.

    The Ranter’s Box

  32. "Just because you can do something, does not mean that you should do it." - A to the Men sir.

  33. i am so keeping an eye on this story, i can't wait for this guy to get cut off.
    what a douche.

  34. @ Empress, I so agree with you.

    @ Manager, thank you.

    @ Kage, yes he is a douche.

    @ Dejch, yes it is.

  35. And to think, I'm eating Ramen on purpose?!?!

  36. @ Anna, I had Ramen last night for dinner so I feel your pain.


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