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Friday, June 17, 2011

There Has Been A Pigskin Sighting

This past Saturday night there was an incredible sighting of the pigskin that has been missing since January.

You see each year in June there is a high school football game held here in Houston called the Bayou Bowl. This game consists of graduating seniors and all stars from the Houston area versus all stars from Louisiana.

The kids participating in the game are here for a week before the game and in addition to practicing the week before they game, they often get to do a lot of fun activities in the area as well. It is almost like a vacation for them.

The Bayou Bowl is often made up of some players from each state that do not yet have a scholarship. So in addition to playing one more high school football game, this game gives some players a chance to possibly get a college football scholarship as there are tons of college scouts in attendance.

So since the game was just a short hop, skip, and a jump from my house, I had to go get my football fix. I packed up myself, my son, and my adopted son (my son’s best friend from school) and we headed off to the game.

It was a great night for football despite the heat wave we have been experiencing here in Houston. It was about 80 degrees in the stands as there was a strong breeze blowing. We consumed a ton of soft drinks, hot dogs, popcorn, and nachos. It was a pure guy’s night at a high school football game.

The game was decent at best since there was a good bit of sloppy play. But since these kids have not played any ball since November or December it was understandable. But I have always been a firm believer that bad football is better than no football at all.

The Texas team came up short and lost to Louisiana 30 to 23, but I was not sad one bit as I got to see my old friend football once again.

This is the ninth year for the Bayou Bowl and since its inception I have only missed two games. I love having this game here in Houston as it means a nice easy Saturday night of football in the midst of the drought of games between the last game and the start of the next season.

This game also serves as a reminder to me that high school and college football season is just a mere short two and a half months away.

For three hours this past Saturday night, I was in heaven.


  1. I was confused for a few seconds on the title of the post (stolen football) but I now understand you lucky git.

  2. Hmm...I thought football was illegal these days.

  3. Heaven is a good place to be. Glad you enjoyed a lovely pigskin filled evening!

  4. Looks like a nice change of pace too. My son was chosen for the all star game in his conference to be played this month. It is soccer not football but none the less the kids sure like it!

  5. What a cool idea, I did not know that they did this here! (Although, I am not really what you would call in the loop :)). I think it is a great idea for all those kids who don't have scholarships. One last chance to get noticed, or to just have a fun last game.

  6. Spring and summer months are why I DVR my Alabama games in the fall. Gotta have something to get me through til September!

  7. awesome man! fuck these greedy nfl players, it's ridiculous

  8. Rah rah sis boom bah
    Hit 'em in the nose
    Hit 'em in the eye ...

    Football is fun to watch, especially when you can be there.

  9. @ Lurker, exactly.

    @ Joshua, nope not yet.

    @ Empress, thank you.

    @ Bushman, that is very cool. And any sport is good right now I think.

    @ Lass, who is David?

    @ Texa, yes it is a cool idea.

    @ Stephanie, that is very true. I wish I had a dvr.

    @ Ryan, exactly how I feel.

    @ Sally, yes that is so true. It is so much more fun in person.

  10. My husband would SO love everything you have just described. We live within a healthy walk of both the Vikings stadium and the Twins stadium. Get him the good socks and a ticket and he and his friends are in sports heaven...


  11. My hubs would be so jealous. He coaches HS football in Cali and lives for the game. me, not so much! :)

  12. i love going to games.. any type of sport.. :-) better in person than on tv. I havent been to a football game.. well since highschool.. 10yrs.. sad isn't it! :-(

    glad you enjoyed yourself!

  13. @ Pearl, your husband sounds a lot like me.

    @ Shannon, I am jealous of your husband. I would love to have my job be a coach.

    @ Mama, you should go check out a game in the fall. They are fun.

  14. Bad football is better than no football at all=Truth, even when it's eighty degrees.

  15. Glad it was a good weekend. Hope this one will be too. If no football, grill up some unskinned pork.

  16. you think it's hot in the 80s, come down here it's been in the 90s like every damn day for weeks and not a drop of rain for like three weeks. i can't really comment on the football stuff. i hate all sports. yeah, i'm lame.

  17. Hey there hun! Glad you got to go out and have a good time. Guys nights are the best... My favorites are at the strip club :)
    (so what if I am a girl that loves guys night. girls nights always end up with some sort of drama)

  18. I will admit I have no idea about american football (your guys wear helmets and shoulder pads right?) but if you had a fun night out with your boy then I am really happy for you.

  19. I actually started to enjoy college football more than the pros last year, after my son went to Va Tech. Who knows? That may be all we have this season.
    Although, I do think the NFL will resolve this mess. Too much money involved.

  20. @ Paul, that is so true.

    @ Robyn, I am grilling chicken this weekend. I got voted out of pork chops by my kids and brother.

    @ Ally, it was 100 on that day but with the breeze all the way up in the stands it was 80.

    @ Brandi, I would love a night out at the strip club.

    @ Mynx, yes they wear should pads and all but it is still good. And yes it was a fun night out.

    @ Al, college football should be really good this year.

  21. I heard that Vinny Testaverde is the 3rd string QB each year for Houston.

  22. I'm looking forward to it myself. But it's too hot to play football right now!

  23. I'm clueless. I didn't even know about the Bayou Bowl. Hmmm... All that was on my mind this weekend was getting my 6 y/o not to strike out at his last baseball game. He struck out every time he went to bat the last two games. On Thursday & Friday night, I spent an hour and a half at the baseball fields with him on our own pitching balls to him from the mound (that's not easy!), throwing with him, etc. My husband usually does all of that but he's been really busy lately. My little dude was 3 for 3 at his baseball game yesterday and scored two runs as a result. YAY!!!!! I don't think I have ever been more proud of him. Okay, sorry to gush on your blog. One of these days, I am positive that I will be at the Bayou Bowl with all of my boys.

  24. Pigskins in June? A rare site indeed. Happy Father's Day! Made you blog of the day.

  25. Moments like these make life awesome...

  26. Basketball is a waaaay better sport, and remember I'm partial to the body type of the football players so this means a lot coming from me. But it's good you got to see some football. (:

  27. Looks and sounds fabulous :)

  28. How were the Cheerleaders though?

  29. I don't even like football (much) and that sounds like fun!

  30. As we battle 100+ heat indexes I'm totally jonesn for some football! Happy you got some in. Hope it made for a good weekend.

  31. Me be starving for some pigskin. Thank you for this post. But I prefer my football unheated. 65 degrees would be perfect.

    Boomer Sooner!

  32. I have mixed feelings on this. My first thoughts are "Yay, football season is going to start up again soon!" and then I think, "Oh shit, that means it's going to be fall (and then winter) again soon."
    Plus my Buckeyes have really effed up and I'm not going to get my hopes up at all for this upcoming season.

  33. @ Toastman, there might be some truth to that.

    @ Pat, that is true.

    @ Kelley, that is awesome that you were able to help your son like that.

    @ Copyboy, thank you.

    @ Teach, you are correct.

    @ Anna, thanks.

    @ Sex, yes it was.

    @ Kristen, just a tad on the young side.

    @ Janie, yes it was.

    @ Daffy, same here. And it was a good weekend.

    @ Sidney, I would kick an old woman down a flight of stairs for some 65 degree weather right now.

    @ Cake, I have seen and heard the stuff about the Buckeyes. It will be a long season for you and their fans.

  34. Oh Lord, I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Grrrr, I'm so ready!!! Um, you know what I do sometimes? I visit YouTube, listen to the fight songs, and watch some of my favorite plays. *blushes*

  35. @ Virgin, yes I also love football and sometimes do the same thing.


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