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Monday, November 15, 2010

Your My Boy Blue

A couple of weeks ago it was reported in the media that actor Charlie Sheen had been all high on cocaine banging some skinny porn star and had caused $7000 worth of damage to a hotel room. And since no crime was committed, he was not charged with anything. He paid for the damages and that was it. Or it should have been it.

But the nice little biased media decided to constantly report about it and try to make him into some kind of bad guy. The coverage on the news here was almost nonstop and he wasn’t even in a white Bronco running from the cops. They made him sound like he was an out of control guy who had no grip on reality and I am getting a little tired of hearing about it.

Now keep in mind Charlie Sheen is the star of “Two and a Half Men” on CBS, which is one of America’s most watched tv shows. On the tv show he plays a smart ass guy who drinks, cusses, is a jackass, and gets lots of poon. Basically for all practical purposes he plays a guy who is my idol.

And then outside of work he goes and drinks, snorts, cocaine, and shags a bunch of women and the media says he is a bad guy. So let me get this straight, he plays a drunken manwhore and you act all shocked and shit when he does the same thing in real life. Give me a damn break.

I worship the guy now because basically he gets paid $1.25 million an episode (one of the highest paid tv actors by the way) to just be himself on tv. That’s right he has the dream job, he gets to show up to work and just be himself like he is at home. That has to be the easiest acting job an actor has ever had, he doesn’t even have to act. I wish I could have that job.

Now I know he has been accused of beating women, and that is part of him I don’t like and don’t condone. I am referring to the drunken benders with hot women that I am speaking of.

Now stop acting so shocked when he goes out on a bender with some hot chick and destroys a hotel room fucking her stupid against a wall. You are paying him to act like that on tv, so don’t be so damn shocked when he goes out and does it at the Holiday Inn, leave my idol alone.


  1. Well said, although I think he needs to have consequences for his actions, if the po-po didn't step in then why should the media? He is a grown man and he gets paid to be himself, I agree he probably does have the easiest job in Hollywood. Besides even bad publicity is still publicity, which =$. As long as there are stupid women willing to be money whores he will continue to fuck them stupid, against the wall or anywhere!

  2. Well put. He may not be a role model for kids, but he is for me. If I could get away with trashing a hotel room and locking a hooker in the closet I'd do it all the time. Hell, my lady friend would even get a kick out of it.


  3. Agreed. We love him this way on TV. So why should we be shocked when he acts that way in real life.

  4. We only build people up in this country so that they're easier to tear down at the first opportunity.

  5. @ SSW, The media stepped in because they want to tell us how to live.

    @ Simpledude, I concur.

    @ Copyboy, you said it exactly the same way I feel.

    @ Bluzdude, Why tear him down? He gets paid to be a jackass. I say left him jackass away.

  6. Couldn't agree with you more. To each his own, I think. As long as he pays for whatever damage he does to other people's property, then just let him be...

  7. I don't get why this should be considered prime-time news in the first place. So he got wild and crazy...tore the hell out of a hotel room... and locked a hooker in a closet (So glad I'm not the only one who does this...). Big deal. Pay the damages and accept that you'll probably be banned for life from that hotel establishment.

    ANY publicity is good publicity when you're living it up in Hollywood.

  8. I don't see why this is even news. AT ALL. Why are you blogging about this, further perpetuating the drama? j/k
    No doubt about it, Charlie Sheen is no role model for anyone. I mean, shit, my friend Doug gets all the poon from the young chicks and doesn't destroy hotel rooms, although if he does/did, he'd just pay for it out his phat bank account and that would be the end of it (I know, he's your role model)
    Point is, people don't look up to Sheen for being some great guy with all the morals in the world. He's looked up to because 1. he's a rich ass mofo and 2. he's a bad boy.
    So what if he fucked the shit and toilet paper out of some bimbo in a hotel room? SO what if he made her take the faucet up her ass or tore the shower curtain off the shower and wrapped her in it and did a "pigs in a blanket" sex show?
    No crime committed, who the fuck cares?!

  9. Oh wait. I'm sorry. The mass media and the celebrity glorifying americans care. My bad.
    And everyone is just soooo shocked that this could possibly happen in our society. Give me a fuckin' break.

  10. what can i say? if i had all that money, i'd prolly do the exact same thing. i mean, who can resist a sleazy porn star who just stole your watch and wallet?! YUMMY!

    ol' chuck's not the only celebrity who's doing it, he's just the only one who's been caught (in the last 2 seconds). i say at least he's honest about his lifestyle, and at least it's consentual - they're both adults, they both chose to be in that hotel room.

    at least he's not some high school fucking guidance counselor with a stash of kiddie porn under his desk.

  11. I quite frankly just don't give a shit about celebrity gossip. I don't watch his show...and don't care what he does on tv or in his life. The more we give them media coverage the more they do shit like this...it's free publicity. Ugh...horrible cycle. Whatever...

  12. People do what they can get away with. This should not be shocking, you're right. I think he's slime, but I can understand why he's your idol. xo

  13. @ Uninspired, you are very correct.

    @ Sam, that is kind of my point. It shouldn't be news.

    @ Miley, you are correct all the way around. Especially about Doug. That guy is my hero.

    @ Kage, I agree with you. Especially about the kiddie porn.

    @ Jewels, That is kind of my point as well.

    @ Robyn, Thanks for agreeing.

  14. Charlie is, was and will always be a crazy, partying man whore. I think people take exception to his behavior because he appears to be untouchable and nothing he does seems to warrant any sort of significant consequences. Instead of being hauled off to jail for his night of debauchery he had the option of going to stay at the 'hospital'. His spin doctors then claimed that Charlie had an allergic reaction to medication (didn't realize Columbian Tang was classified as a medication).

    I totally get why he would be your idol because the man can do whatever the f*ck he wants, he bangs chicks like there is no tomorrow and he rakes in tons of cash for a job that is basically one big party old party for him. The fact that he lives above the rules and laws of the common people is probably what pisses off his detractors.

    With all that being said, I'm still glad I never banged his dirty ass ; )


  15. I agree with you here and good for you for standing up to it and saying it like is!

  16. @ Empress, You are correct.

    @ Marsy, one thing you can always count on is that I will bring common sense to the dicussion.

  17. It would be more newsworthy if he *wasnt* doing manwhorish things . .. its what he does.

  18. I'd bang hot women for $1.25 million....and ugly ones too!

  19. @ Holly, that is also true.

    @ Daffy, I agree I would do that as well.

  20. "Fucking her stupid against the wall"...Ok, I think I just fell in love with you.
    I agree on all the points. I do think in the tv show he's essentially playing himself, although I bet in real life he doesn't wear those horrible shirts!

  21. Sandra, Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like my sick twisted sense of humor.

    Your blog is pretty funny as well. I will be following it as well.


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