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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Superbowl Day That Was Not So Super

Well as most of you know my Steelers lost to the Packers 31-25 in yesterdays Superbowl. I had hoped that the Steelers would have pulled it out and won, but they didn’t. I am not sad that they lost, nor am I angry or bitter that they lost; after all they were in the Superbowl when 30 other teams wished they could have been there. And the game itself was a good close game, which even in a loss is still a good thing as it was a great game in my book.

My life is ruled by the 10% theory, so it should be of no shock to you that my day was not a good one (in addition to the Steelers losing).

Saturday my daughter came down with a bad case of the flu plus strep throat. She was up all night puking and coughing. And when I woke up on Sunday morning in addition to my daughter being sick, my son had also came down with the flu as well. Oh and my ex was also sick with the same stuff that my kids had, so when she came over I had 3 people useless sick people laying on my couch all day.

Because they were all sick, I had to clean up my whole house, do all of the laundry, shop for the game, cook all of the food, clean the post party mess, and pretty much do everything all by myself. And since my kids were sick, I couldn’t have all of the company over which I had planned on because they all have kids and well I just didn’t feel like serving them great food along with a few cases of the flu as well.

I also made the mistake of watching the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game in the early afternoon. They got blown out 3-0 against the Capitals so I guess that in addition to my kids being sick, this should have been the writing on the wall for my day.

I also would like to say that I blame Ms Miley for the loss of the game because she said last week that the Steelers would play like crap. You should check out her blog and leave her some damn hate comments on her blog as she is sometimes funny and she needs more readers.

I was also kind of disappointed in the Superbowl commercials. They seemed to lack imagination in my mind. I did like the “Bud Light home remodel”, the new VW beetle one, the “Pack it in the boot” from Mini Cooper, and the “House” one where they played off of the old Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial.

I was highly disappointed in the Pepsi one where the guy was saying out loud that he wanted to sleep with his date. Seriously Pepsi kids watch the damn Superbowl and are impressionable. Shame on your for showing that commercial because both of my kids saw it and laughed. I covered my kid’s eyes and ears during the Go Daddy commercials, but I didn’t think I had to do that with a fucking Pepsi commercial. So yea Pepsi I am done with you and my 15 year love affair with Mountain Dew now. You will get no more of my money, and I will lose 50 pounds as a result.

The real reason I am sad today is that the future of the NFL is uncertain. You see the greedy NFL owners and players can’t come to an agreement to come up with a new contract for the players. I think both sides are pissing me off and just being fucking greedy. Oh well if there is a lock out they will just have pissed off a lot of fans, me included. At least the colleges and high schools won’t have a lock out next football season.

But Sunday was not a complete wash; I got a Super Blog award from Peachy. I guess she thinks I have a Super Blog. I don’t think my blog is award worthy (especially one of this significance) maybe historians one day will judge me better than I judge myself.

The best part of my day came after the game as me and my kids sprawled out on the couch together and watched Airplane (the edited version for those of you who read my rant about the Pepsi commercial) together. There is no better way to end a rough sad day than to curl up with your kids and watch a classic comedy. I always say that humor is the best medicine.

I hoped all of you enjoyed my week of Superbowl posts that I posted all week long.

Yes Nikki this is my last Superbowl related post till next year so I hope you can sleep good tonight.


  1. I undestand the feeling....I didn't have all the sickness but my Orlando Magic lost to BOSTON before the game even started :(. ALSO, I'm not depressed it was a great game once the first half was over...Plus, we still have 6 :).

  2. bro i will be giving you some blog love when my post goes up, later today.

    sorry bout the steelers, i was with a steelers fan and a packers fan so one of my friends was happy and one was not.

    i hate the pack, but the three T.O. were the game changer.

    and i will prolly not live to see my team in an SB...

    i feel you on the pens, my WINGS have dropped 2 straight and been shut out both games...

    oh and don't even get me started on the lock out, wiht the lions winning 4 straight to finnish the season, that man mountain, wrecking ball, Suh and the belly bumping high-fiving feeling like we are finally gonna be at least competitive...

    wait...what? FUCK! lockout? seriously. ALL you guys suck! it is like a fucking fuckeroo of wealthy guys fighting over a handfull of change...

    and both sides are fucking greedy!


    fuck you pro fball.Now.I.am.done.

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  3. wow. I hope you don't end up getting it. Sounds like it wasn't a fun weekend :-(
    hope everyone is feeling better :-)

  4. It was a tough loss for me too... not so much because I wanted the Steelers to win as much as wanting the Packers to lose. I hate those cheesheads.

    Commercials were average this year, nothing special. I actually think our commercial expectations are too high. Every year there is just a few that stand out and we say it was a bad year for commercials. We forget that every year is the same way.


  5. That House/Mean Joe spoof was hysterical. It's almost a shame one of the best commercials the entire night was for one of the network's shows.

    Sorry your Steelers lost, dude, but it was a hell of a game.

  6. I was happy to see the Steeler's lose, actually. I live about an hour away for Pittsburgh so I get tired of hearing about them. I don't even really like football, though, so I don't think my vote mattered.

  7. You have such a good attitude about the Steelers' loss. Good for you. That still makes them losers, though and you too by association. Just in case you didn't know...

    Hope your babies feel better.

    a bitch called mom

  8. @ Krystle, I saw the score of that game, but I don't really follow the NBA much anymore. And yes we still have 6.

    @ Bruce, oh man you had to watch the game with a fan from each team. That must have been hard. I can't watch a game with the enemy around. And I hear you about the lockout, they all suck for that. And my Pens have been playing like shit, but with Crosby and Malkin out, they can't seem to find the nets.

    @ Mama, I woke up today feeling like crap so I will probably catch it as well.

    @ Simpledude, yea the game was decent. And the commercials were average as well. I think we do put to much expectations on them.

    @ Jeff, yea I think that was one of the best ones of the night.

    @ Mash, I can understand how you feel. I live 3 hours from Dallas and I am tired of hearing about them.

    @ Mrs Hyde, you are still bitter about your teams loss. lol

  9. Hey, at least it was a happy ending to a flu ridden day. Sorry the penguins and steelers lost. BTW...I thought the bridgestone tires "reply all" email was funny too.

  10. Sorry to hear about the flu shit storm to land upon your household. Poor girl..the flu and strep throat! My hugs go out to her.

    We got lousy commercials. Just lame Canadian stuff.

    Funny how the highlight of Superbowl, for many, is commercials. People look forward to advertising.

  11. Airplane is a great antidote for that game. And because it was edited, at least you didn't have to explain the "I used to sit on your face and wriggle" line.

    I did like the "Nice rack," commercial but my favorite was the Audi/Rich Jail spot. Or maybe that was just the one I remembered best because I was relatively sober then.

    My Super Bowl extravaganza recap post is up now. Long story short... I'll live. Wasn't nearly as bad as the SB loss to the Cowboys.

  12. @ Copyboy, that is very true.

    @ Ckrets, it is ok. I hope we will all live. I guess in Canada you have to make do with Rexall and Canadian Tire commercials.

    @ Bluz, that is very true. Hence why I was happy that it was on. I will go and check it out.

  13. Sorry about your Steelers...take some time to heal, I know it must hurt! lol

  14. Meh, it sucked. Maybe next year a Texas team will make it to the big game...I can dream...

  15. Airplane humour is the best. Glad you ended your lousy day in a good way.

  16. I'm so sorry your Steelers lost. Really. I was rooting (sp?) for them just for you. I actually spent the day at the beach, but hoped they would win. Also sorry to hear you had a house of sick people. That's never fun.

    Now I have to go find the commercials on YouTube so I can see what you're talking about with the Pepsi commercial.

  17. @ Birdshit, I am ok with them losing. I am not ok with everyone being sick and having the flu. Which I am now coming down with.

    @ Jarhead, if a Texas team makes it to the next Superbowl please let it be the Texans since I am no fan of Dallas.

    @ Robyn, yes it is the best.

    @ Kernut, it is ok I am fine. And that is cool that you were on the beach all day. And yes go check out the commercials.

  18. As I told you last night. I DO. NOT. accept blame for the loss of the Steelers. You know I love Mewelde Moore, since he and I go way back to probably before his first real boner. You know I was rooting for them. Also, what I said was that with your luck, the steelers would not play well - I NEVER said they would lose, simply that you would be disappointed- just as I was disappointed every Saturday this year for LSU. They played like shit but still cranked out wins left and right.

    I hope Sissy and Big Man are feeling better. I'm glad you didn't do some woe is me shit and just eat a damn sammich (oh. wait. Who would have made that for you?!) and that you still cooked and enjoyed it FOR YOU.

    I really think it's just the universe saying that you should continue to hold up your middle finger to the cowboys fans here when talking about how many superbowl wins Pitt has. I mean... after all, if they win another one, you'll have to do a peace sign and that's no good. Not for cowgirl fans, at least.

  19. @ Miley, Wow someone can't take a joke. I was blog pimping you out here.

    And yea they are not feeling better. Flu confirmed today at doctors office. And I am sick as well.

    Yes I still need to hold up the middle finger more in life. And not just to Cowboys fans, but a lot of other people as well.

  20. I know you were fake blaming me, just wanted to set the record straight for the potential hate mail I am sure to receive ;)

    You are not allowed to get sick because your health insurance plan changed and you are allergic to all the good shit. Please see January 2009 for more information.

  21. Ah ok. If you get hate mail it wont be from the Superbowl. lol

    And yes I am allowed to get sick, just not the kind that lands my ass in the hospital because I don't have 2K to spend on the good meds.

    I am considering no more smoking. I already gave up Mountain Dew last night thanks to Pepsi for their douchbag commercial.

  22. Sorry about the Steelers. I thought they were going to pull it out (gee, as I write that, it sounds dirty). But, kinda hard to overcome three turnovers. I guess the Pack did what they had to do (like completing a 31 yard pass on 3rd and 10).
    Oh, well.
    I thought the same exact thing about the Pepsi commercial.
    I did like the Doritos commercial where grampa cam back to life. Other than that, the commercials blew.

  23. Great post!

    I'm just heading out to take my mom for a late lunch - gotta go - but, as my dear friend Arnold would say, "I'll be back..." to finish what I started!


    PS thanks for stopping by and enjoying the pics.

  24. I'm sorry for your loss, Oilfield. I don't really follow professional football but from what I understand there are plenty of Steelers fans who are having a bad day today.

    As far as the commercials go, did you notice a theme of 'hit people with a Pepsi can', kick, or harm them in some other bodily manner? SO many commercials included someone getting some kind of injury.

    I think the little darth vader was my favorite :-)

  25. We are always our worst critic so take the award and say thank you, damnit!

    Oh wait....you did....

    Congrats on the award!

    Hope everyone is feeling better or at least keeping things inside where they belong.

    Humor DOES go a long way to making things better.

  26. @ Becca, it is ok I will live. It is only a mere flesh wound.

    @ Al, it is ok. You can't win a game with 3 turnovers like that. You are correct the one with the grandpa coming back to life was great.

    @ Pearson, thank you. Yes they will be back one day. And you are welcome, you take great photos.

    @ Cake, it is ok. The Vader one was hilarious. I loved it.

    @ Daffy, that is so true. So true. Thank you.

  27. Sorry to hear you had a shite day but very glad to hear you received another blog award. And YES, your blog is indeed worthy of the bloggy love bestowed upon it. Hugs and Happy Monday!


  28. my team didnt even make it to the superbowl...but at least you got a blog award and hopefully nonsick kids soon

  29. Oh and...The Black Eyed Peas? Seriously fuck off.

  30. @ Empress, thank you. Happy Monday to you as well.

    @ Paige, thank you. I am hoping that the kids will be well soon. But now I am sick.

    @ Ckrets, I agree. I forgot to mention in my post about their "stellar" performance.

  31. I just realized... I really should take blame for this loss. I did not wear my steelers undies.

    I'm sorry.

  32. Ugh sounds shitty man. Kids sick+ sick ex-wife+ having to make ur own stuff...dude thats when u pack it up and go to B-dubs. Gotta say was hopin the steelers woulda pulled through but shit happens..After I watched the bowl i wrote a blog about how i got visciously assualted by a bunny rabbit. check it out. i love when people laugh at my misfortune lol


  33. @ Miley, yes I told you it was your fault.

    @ Jared, yea it was rough. I will check it out.

  34. Thank is a perfect award for you! Congratulations! =D

    I hope the chidlers are feeling better now, too. D:

  35. Sounds like you were SUPER man on Super bowl Sunday. Congrats on the award!

  36. I'm so sorry your little ones and ex are unwell. :( The flu is a horrible witch-bitch.

    I thought of you when they lost. :( I'm sorry--it sucks to see your team lose. Cowboys fans had plenty experience with that this past season. Frankly, I'm elated--I want this season behind us...now it's onto NASCAR! So help me, I love it!!!

    Let me say this right now--I will not survive a non-football, football season. Thankfully, we do have college, which is every bit as exhilarating, but I NEED IT ALL. I'm like a football addict, I swear.

    Totally AWESOME award!! Very drool-worthy!

  37. Glad you were able to at least enjoy the movie with your kids.

    I hate those bummer days when nothing seems to be going right. I experience them more often than not.

    What did you think of the Black Eyed Peas? What did your kids think? Or is that what had them vomiting in the first place?

    Just kidding. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

  38. @ Katsidhe, thank you.

    @ Kristen, thank you. Yes I was superman on Sunday. Yet not recognized at home for it.

    @ Frisky, the flu is evil, that is for sure. And I bet you did. Cowboys being down did suck. And at least we have Nascar and F1 coming soon. And I agree about the football, I am an addict as well.

  39. @ Stephanie, yep the movie was the highlight of my day. And I hate those days as well.

    I thought it sucked so bad that I forgot to write about here.

  40. I laughed at your interpretation, in my earlier comment, of my Arnold quote, “I’ll be back…” (Good call though; “they” will be back)

    What I meant was that I will be back to give you the full Pearson Report feedback on your, as usual, excellent post.

    So…now that the late lunch with mom is done, here goes…

    As a parent, you get BIG BONUS POINTS from me. Not many dads would rearrange their Super Bowl guest list in favour of sick kids. That was pretty impressive. And, that you seemed to be decent to your ex and looked after “3 sick people lying on your couch all day” is worthy of the Blog Love being tossed your way!

    As a single parent myself, for all of my daughter’s life, (she’s now 23) I know it isn’t easy juggling things on a regular day without the added flu induced puking and a looming Super Bowl.
    But from the way things read in your post it sounds like you sucked it up and basically had the “win” that your team failed to give you. By that I mean your kids will remember who snuggled with them and laughed at a good comedy while they were sick. Trust me, that’s the shit kids remember, not the big ticket stuff – it’s all about making time for them. So it looks like you’re the one that scored a touchdown on Sunday.

    I’m thinking your Super Bowl Sunday sounded pretty good after all! (Puking aside)

    Always the optimist,
    PS - sorry about the length - I'm chatty today!

  41. I'm sorry that it turned into a work day instead of super bowl sunday for you. It did make for a good blog post though.

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I found your blog (a while back). I really like your posts and you seem like a really good guy.

  42. Why do so many people care about the commercials? I really don't get it, it is simple advertisement.

  43. @ Pearson, yes I guess I did mistakenly interpret your "I'll be back comment". Thank you for your kind words. It is not enough often that I hear such nice things. I wish I got to hear that more often. Thank you again. And yes I am beyond nice to my ex, if you only knew how nice I am to her you would nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    @ Pat, it is ok, I managed just like I always do. I am glad you enjoy my blog.

    @ Nie, people often enjoy them because most if not all of them tend to be funny.

  44. Sorry your sunday sucked so much... so ... you got the flu yet too? I was not impressed with the commercials this year either. Apparently I was not alone in thinking groupon really blew it.

  45. @ Jenny, like I said it was not a complete wash of a day, I did get to snuggle up with my kids for a great movie at the end of the day. And the commercials were kind of lame.

    And yes I have the flu. Again. For the 2nd time since Christmas.

  46. CONGRATS on the award, senor! And glad you spent time with the munhkins...

  47. @ Janie, thank you. I always spend time with them. Every day.

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