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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Superbowl Commercials

In keeping with my theme of Superbowl for the week, I give you my top 5 favorite Superbowl commercials. I am sure that there are ones which you feel are better than these, but keep in mind this is my list and what I find funny.

Number 5 – This is the ad that Lindsay Lohan sued over. I still find it funny. Milka-what?

Number 4 – Who doesn’t like Betty White?

Number 3 – Terry Tate was hilarious in this commercial.You will have copy and paste the link for this one since the "embedding" was disabled.


Number 2 – Now of course I had to have a Steelers related commercial on this list.

Number 1 – This one is hilarious. No comment is necessary for it, as it speaks for itself.

I hope you enjoyed this little list of my favorite Superbowl commercials.


  1. good choices... i love the milka-what commercial...and the jackass is funny too...

    hell they were all funny! great post!

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    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
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  2. I love the Superbowl commercials...especially the beer ones!

  3. I love them lol However, I'm gonna miss the Super Bowl this year so I'll have to catch all the new commercials on Youtube!

  4. @ Bruce, thank you sir.

    @ Birdshit, same here. I love the beer ones as well.

    @ Blah, that sucks. Sorry to hear that. But at least there is youtube.

  5. the betty white one still makes me laugh

  6. I like the shitty local adds that RCN bumps into the broadcast. Oh wait, that's not just during the superbowl, that's all the time.


  7. Those are great choices. In general I think the Super Bowl commercials from the late 90s through about 2007 were better than they have been the last couple years. The Betty White spot is an exception though.


  8. Great choices! These are hilarious!

  9. @ Becca, same here.

    @ Kev, I am sorry.

    @ Simpledude, I agree with you. They have gone down in quality over the years.

    @ Hannah, thank you.

  10. I can't watch any of the videos because my work just loves to block everything fun. But I do love me some super bowl commericals.

  11. These are hilarious, though the third one creeps me out a bit. Lindsay sued? What an idiot. Hasn't she got better things to do - like sobering up? She didn't win that lawsuit, did she?

  12. I love those e-trade commercials. "Apparently riding the dog is frowned upon in this establishment!" Those were some great picks you made. Lindsay only draws attention to her stupid ass by suing.

  13. @ Mash, that sucks. Watch them when you get home.

    @ Robyn, thank you. The third one is funny from my point of view. And yes Lindsay is a complete fool. I don't remember if she won or not.

    @ Krissy, I love that one as well.

  14. The Betty White commercial is fantastic. It's just too bad that our local television usually cuts out Age Vigoda.

  15. The snickers onees always crack me up. Oh and Terry Tate is an absolute fave. I think that crop of commercials were ahead of its time.

  16. That's right, I forgot-we just saw the Terry Tate Office Linebacker one this morning in class (it was about inertia). That one was a scream.

  17. @ Al, thanks. And sorry about that.

    @ Copyboy, they do me as well. And the Terry Tate ones were ahead of their time.

    @ Al, yes it is a good one for an inertia lecture.

    @ TS, thanks.

  18. haha! the terry tate one was my favorite. i like how violently he tackled even the girls.

  19. Hey man, just wanted to let you know that my Firefox has been fucking with me and keeps telling me your blogspot page doesn't exist. It's happening with you and about 8 other bloggers. Finally started working today.

    So sorry, wasn't ignorning you. ;-)

    I love "I believe that's a zebra"!

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

    Also think that Betty White is the shizz nit. Or nat. Or however that is supposed to be said to sound cool.

    Oh, who am I kidding...

  20. Oh my the groundhog one is HILARIOUS!


  21. I love the commercials during the Super Bowl...it's the only time that I don't flip channels (I usually hate commercials and have no patience for them). I must say though that I love all the etrade baby commercials and somehow had never seen that one. I laughed out loud. The zebra was priceless! haha. Definately my favorites of the list.

  22. My favorite part of the superbowl

  23. The best part of Superbowl Sunday since I never have a home team in it - Commercials, Puppy Bowl and food. Oh, and saying Superbowl Sunday without having to pay a fee..... YET!

  24. @ Kage, I agree with you.

    @ Stepanie, It is ok. I love the zebra one as well.

    @ Ditz, I agree it is pretty good.

    @ Jewels, I also love me the commercials. That is why I posted this post.

    @ Emily, when my favorite team is not playing the commercials are my favorite as well.

    @ Kristen, the puppybowl is great as well.

  25. @ Sharaf, do you copy and paste "interesting" out of Word? I mean if I posted a blog with a picture of my shit in the toiler would you say "interesting?

  26. They could have kept making those Terry Tate commercials for years and I'd still find them freak'in funny.

    "Ya kill the joe, ya make some mo'!"
    "That ain't your cake, Phillip! How bout some of Terry's special Pain Cake?"

    Never gets old.

    I think my all-time fave SB commercial was never actually aired... the Bud Lite "Swear Jar" spot. If you haven't seen it, you can find it on YouTube. Busts me up every time.

  27. hey... thanks for playing along on my He Said She Said... if you check out my blog today, you will see who you are up against and what your topic is!

    I have to say I don't watch the superbowl.. yes I am a Canadian girl who has been tortured by hockey so much that I can't stand sports! I know what I am saying huh... but man did I love that Betty White commercial!

  28. I love these commercials. Good choices, senor.

  29. @ Bluz, yes the Terry Tate ones were beyond good. And I will have to look up that one you suggested as I don't think I have seen it.

    @ Average, I will get to writing that once I get my house cleaned up.

    @ Janie, thank you.

  30. Okay, these were great. I'd forgotten just how funny a few of them were.

  31. For your added convenience, here's the Swear Jar commercial:


    (If you haven't found it already...)

  32. @ Teach, thank you very much.

    @ Bluz, omg that was fucking hilarious. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. It's a shame they didn't air that one. That would have been number 1 on my list if they had.


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