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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Superbowls

Well this is the last of my Superbowl week posts. And I saved the best for last, my top 5 Superbowls that I think are the best.

Number 5 – Superbowl 27 which had the Dallas Cowboys beating the Buffalo Bills. I liked this Superbowl because I was pissed that the Bills knocked the Houston Oilers out of the playoffs as I was hoping for an all Texas Superbowl. But that didn’t happen so it was great to watch the Bills get destroyed.

Number 4 – Superbowl 42 had the New York Giants beating the New England Patriots. Since I hate the Pats I was just happy to see them lose. David Tyre’s catch towards the end of the game is in my opinion the second greatest play in Superbowl history.

Number 3 – Superbowl 44 was the New Orleans Saints playing the Indianapolis Colts. I enjoyed this Superbowl because everyone in the media had picked the Colts to win and they didn’t even come ready to play. The Saints destroyed the Colts with superior play and coaching. And the win finally got the “monkey” off of the Saints back and made the city of New Orleans forget about Hurricane Katrina.

Number 2 – Superbowl 13 was my earliest Superbowl memory. It was a pivotal matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers beat the Cowboys in a shootout that saw Terry Bradshaw throw four touchdown passes and was the games MVP. A lot of people have said over the years that Terry Bradshaw was a dumb quarterback, but if you look at some of the passes he threw and completed, he is a damn good quarterback.

Number 1 –Superbowl 43 was in my mind the best Superbowl ever. It was the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals. The Steelers played a great game and was able to pull off the win by going on a "length of the field" come from behind touchdown drive that ended with (in my opinion) was the greatest Superbowl play in history when Santonio Holmes caught the touchdown pass on his tippy toes to win the game. Also James Harrison ran an interception back for a touchdown 100 yards at the end of the first half which set a record for the longest touchdown play in Superbowl history. Even if you disagree with me on the ranking of this one, Santonio Holmes play at the end of the game has been ranked by a ton of people as the greatest play in Superbowl history.

So there is my list of the Top 5 best Superbowls. I hoped you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed my week of Superbowl nonsense.


  1. nice choices and i cannot argue with them...
    super(bowl)post per ususal!

  2. If you had been football-conscious then, you may have included Super Bowl X as well. Between Swanny's amazing catches and the Steel Curtain's bone crunching defense, it was a real sight to see. Steelers beat the living shit out of Staubach all game long, including 7 sacks. (He was a tough little bastard, I'll give him that.)

    But to me, the epitome of it all was seeing Jack Lambert take Cliff Harris by the face and throw his ass to the turf, after Harris was mauling our kicker after a missed FG.

    "Nobody intimidates the Pittsburgh Steelers. We're the intimidators." ~Jack Lambert~

  3. @ Bruce, I know that you would not be pleased by this list. But I thought you so drunk you don't remember much from the Superbowls?

    @ Bluz, you are correct sir. I only included ones from the era of my memory. But I have seen Superbowl 10 and I loved that game.

  4. Your choices are perfect. Although I would've placed the Giants/Patriots at #1 (probably I'm biased, though). I also really enjoyed last year's Super Bowl. That onside kick to start the 2nd half-wow! The reason I wouldn't have the Steelers all that high on my list is that I pretty much always thought the Steelers winning was a foregone conclusion (like I think tomorrow will be).
    BTW, I ALWAYS loved watching the Bills take it on the chin. Especially when they got beat by the Giants. I had a truly obnoxious neighbor who was a Bills fan that year. Good times, good times.
    Great set of posts.

  5. Super Bowl XXV - Giants & Bills! One of the greatest of all times!!!

  6. don't watch football so can't comment very well

  7. Ah god! Finally the last football post! Yeah right... you will do re-caps about the superbowl, and analyze the commercials and their cost, and ghaaa. This is about the only time I'm a total girly-girl. "Football? Ew. How boring!"

    haha... I'll have to come back though and watch your favorite commercials. Those are always so bewildering.

    ツ my cyber house rules

  8. I bet on #27. I said the Bills would not win. I won, of course, much to the dismay of the asshole.

    You know which of your list I would switch around and why.

  9. Of course I couldn't care less about football, but you Mr. Oilfield Trash have seen me through many MANY girlie topics, so I'm here to say "Hi! I hope you have a great Superbowl Sunday!" Oh, and don't forget there's a new Glee airing on afterwards! :)

  10. I really enjoyed whatever super bowl it was that finally had john elway getting a ring, when the broncos beat the packers.

  11. Wait...wait...was Super Bowl 27 the one where, when the Bills played the Oilers in the playoffs they had the best 2nd half comeback in the HISTORY OF THE NFL?!?!?!?

    Best.Game.Ever! (I was a hardcore Bills fan as a kid)

    Yet they go to the Super Bowl four freaking times in a row and lose. Go Chargers! :D

    hed www.hedabovewater.com

  12. @ Al, I know you are biased. I am biased as well. It is not always a given that the Steelers will win the Superbowl, what is a given is that they will damage my heart in the process of winning. And I agree about the Saints, who the hell does the onside kick like that. That took some seriously HUGE BALLS to do.

    @ Manager, that was the wide right field goal one correct? IT was a good one as well.

    @ Becca, that is ok I don't mind.

    @ Nikki, you are probably correct. I will post 2 more Superbowl related posts just for you.

    @ Miley, that was a good bet. And I know which was your favorite. I put it on the list because I loved that game.

    @ Sandra, thank you. And I won't be watching Glee because I will be in the er getting a new heart put in.

    @ Jarhead, that was also a great Superbowl. It was nice to see Elway finally get a ring.

    @ Hed, yes that was the game I was referring to. All the damn Oilers had to do was keep the lead and they would have played in the Superbowl.

  13. I think your picks are pretty darn good. the games are sometimes snoozers, and the ones you picked do stand out.
    I hope people can get to the game...

  14. oh yeah! I did enjoy your superbow series! Looking forward to next years also...

  15. @ Pat, thank you. Some of them are snoozers, but I tried to pick ones which weren't. Ok the Cowboys/Bills one was a snoozer, but I had to post that one since I was mad at the Bills that year.

    And I am glad you enjoyed the series.

  16. So if I wanted to do this the right way, I would go back to your post about Suberbowl food, but I'm too lazy at the moment. Anyway, I went grocery shopping this morning and I have never seen so many men grocery shopping at the same time before. And what made it even more funny was that they were picking out shit like Velveeta and Ro-tel tomatoes (that they would most likely not shop for on any regular day.) Then to top it off they were conferring with each other about what brands they like best for different recipes. I immediately thought of you and your Superbowl week so I had to share.

  17. I can smell a Steelers fan, not one Raider's Bowl in there? Jim Plunkett is not pleased

  18. @ Hannah, that cracks me up that you saw male bonding in the grocery store. It happens very rarely and it is usually Superbowl weekend.

    @ Issac, yes I am a Steelers fan. And yes there was not one Raiders bowl on there. If I had 10 greatest Superbowls, the Raiders would have made the list two times.

  19. i hope the team you like wins this wknd! i'll be thinking of you while i'm doing my half time show tomorrow ;)

  20. Oh, man, I'm lost on the Super Bowl talk. I can't wait for halftime! Who is performing again? I'm pathetic...

  21. The New Orleans win really was an awesome game, however, being an Eagles fan, I cannot support anything where Dallas won. ;)

  22. dude you are funny...the list is fine...

    but yeah, i do not remember any superbowl since the early seventies...

    i love me supersunday tho' it is like an excues to drink....

    bte dude this week were some great posts, and even if i cannot get totally behind all your choices, i definitely can understand your passion...

    oh and go steelers! hate the packers

  23. @ Kage, just think of me while you are slapping your ass.

    @ Kelley, it is ok. I forgive you. It is the Black Eyed Peas.

    @ Katsidhe, look at why I chose Dallas. It was only because they beat the Bills who beat the Oilers in the AFC Championship game.

    @ Bruce, I would not say I am funny per se. But I agree with you it is a great reason to get shitfaced. And thank you, I am glad you enjoyed this weeks posts. And thanks for your support.

  24. Oh, yes. As a Pittsburgh fan I must agree with your rankings. And, as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I'm hoping for number seven this year. And, by the way. You have got a Stylish Blogger Award over at my place. Please come get it.

  25. Oh yeah, that #3 win was so great for New Orleans and the country. What a victory.
    Happy Superbowl Sunday and go Steelers!

  26. I love these small moments in sports...my favorites are always the highlights in ESPN. It's like the 'greatest hits' of every game.

  27. @ Jeff, thanks for the agreement.

    @ Robyn, yes it sure was. I loved that Superbowl.

    @ Teach, yes I agree with you.

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