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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Favorite TV Shows

A while back I posted a couple of lists of my favorite movies; well here is my list of my favorite tv shows. Some of them are really 70’s and 80’s and cheesy. But hey this is my list remember, so here you go.

Airwolf – Yes I watched err loved this show when I was a kid. I know that most of the helicopter shots of it flying were reused throughout the whole series, but I still loved it just the same. I built a Lego Airwolf and also an Airwolf from my erector set. Yes I am that old that I had an erector set.

Battlestar Galactica – The original one, not them modern one done on the sci-fi channel (although the new one was not bad either). Like Airwolf this series re-used a lot of the same shots throughout the series, but it was still good. For me this was the best all time tv show. It was a great show except for the later episodes where they actually made it to Earth.

Friends – Yes I watched this show I am sad to admit. But I only watched it because not an episode went by that I did not want to fuck Jennifer Anniston.

The A-Team – There are no words that can describe how I feel about this show, but needless to say I loved this show. Although this show taught me that people are stupid. Each episode Mr T was afraid to fly and yet every episode they drugged him and got him on a plane or helicopter. How come Mr T didn’t wise up to their tricks?

Magnum PI – This show was awesome and started my obsession with the Ferraris. And this show taught me to always have a friend who is black and knows how to fly a helicopter.

Chef Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares – Words cannot describe my love affair with this show. You get to watch Ramsey go batshit crazy and go off on some idiot cook or owner of a restaurant. And you also get to see the sad fucking state of some restaurants. I sure hope the places I eat aren’t as fucked up as the places they show on this tv show.

Two And A Half Men – You either love or hate this show, and I happen to love it. It is full of sarcasm, humor, wit, jackassholery, and women. Basically Charlie Sheen’s character is my idol on this tv show. All he does is be a jackass, drink a lot, and fuck a bunch of women. What more could you ask for in a tv show?

Miami Vice – Not a Friday night in my youth went by without me watching this show. This show had it all, hot women, fast cars, cocaine, and Ferrari’s. Oh and the music was good as well.

Sportscenter – I don’t need to say anything about this show the title speaks for itself.

Seconds From Disaster – This is a cool show on National Geographic channel that features different accidents and breaks down how and why they happened in a nice little chronological order. They have featured airplane crashes, the nuke plant in Russia blowing up, and countless other disasters of the 20th century. This tv show is a very informative show to say the least.

Sanford And Son – This was I think one of the best tv shows ever made. I used to watch this show almost every single day growing up. I loved watching Fred say “you big dummy” to his son. As an adult I still love this show and watch it as much as I can. It is funny to watch this show with my kids as I now get all of the jokes on the show, and my kids don’t get all of the jokes much like I didn’t when I was a kid.

Family Guy – This one show is probably my all time favorite as it makes fun of everything and anything. Mostly it pokes fun at all of the things I knew as I was growing up. If you can’t laugh at this show there is something wrong with you.

I hope you enjoyed this little in depth look into the mind of Oilfield Trash and some of what makes me tick.


  1. Nice mix, I have only seen like 2 of those :D Never even heard of some of them! I love Chef ramsey as well btw, it's so entertaining to watch him get pissed off!

  2. I think that you are the product of my high school boyfriend sci-fi melding with my teenage son! Either I'm in love or totally grossed out???

  3. hahah, man, you've got a range. BSG to Sanford and Sons? Nice variety.

  4. I love the British version of Kitchen Nightmares so much better. Two and a Half Men and Friends are on my list too.

  5. @ Blah, you should check some of them out as they are all good. And Ramsey is hilarious.

    @ Mom, I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

    @ Erasmus, thank you.

    @ George, I am lucky that I have BBC and can see the British ones. There is a lot more of him going apeshit at people on there.

  6. Wow. You came all out on this one. Not very many people are brave enough to admitting to having liked some of these shows. I think the first non kiddy show I got totally addicted to was "Happy Days". For a 10 yr old, THAT was so grown up!


    惄 my cyber house rules

  7. @ Nikki, thank you. I have no problems at all admitting what I like in the way of tv shows.

  8. Actually I neither love nor hate Two and a Half Men. I go through periods where I'll watch it but than I get tired of it pretty quick.

    Frickin' love Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

  9. Ah Miami Vice.
    I was in Miami for those years and it was freaking awesome. I even did a extra spot in one of the episodes.
    Cheers, Sausage...

  10. I love Chef Ramsey! That show is one of my favs too! And of course, Friends. Friends was the best.

  11. nice mix i was willing to watch everything but sportcenter

  12. I agree about Friends. The writing and acting are excellent, and I personally find Jennifer to be pretty darn hot. I used to be obsessed with Magnum too, but for different reasons than you. It has to do with the pretty-darn-hot factor. Seems 2-1/2 Men may be ending.

  13. @ TS, I agree about Ramsey. That guy should be a politician with the way he yells at folks.

    @ Sausage, that was cool.

    @ Hannah, I agree. And yes Friends was great.

    @ Becca, thank you. And there is no problem with not watching certain shows.

    @ Robyn, I am glad you agree about Friends and Magnum PI. And I know why you loved that show. And yes it seems you may be correct about 2 1/2 Men ending.

  14. I used to love Two and a Half Men, but as time went on, it just got boring to watch for me.

    The early episodes are a laugh riot!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  15. No Family Ties, eh?

    No Family Guy?

    I just sit online for hours, doing nothing, or moped in my room to music, instead of watching tv.

    I like your list though. I might be a little too young for a few. *hangs head in shame*

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


  16. TRASH BAGS!!!!! A-Team was great!

    I prefer the new version of Battlestar Galactica, though.

  17. @ Ditz, sometimes it does get boring and predictable, but I still like it.

    @ Stephanie, no Family Ties sorry. Although I did forget to add Family Guy so thank you for reminding me about it. I went back and added it to the list. And I am sorry that you are too young for a lot of those shows. But look on the bright side, you are YOUNG. lol

  18. @ Jen, yes A-Team was great. And there is nothing wrong with the new one. I liked it actually but just not as much as the original one.

  19. I love Friends, Chef Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, Sports Center and Two and a Half Men.

    I hate when Kitchen Nightmares is in America...it's must more entertaining in Europe where they all think they know best.....ohhh how I love that show...and BBC America.

  20. Only one thing I can say about Family Guy: "Freakin' Sweet!"

  21. Other than a couple of them, I like your list a lot! Kitchen Nightmares is great. My favorite current show is "American Pickers." That may be because I love history, but either way, it's still my favorite! Sanford and Son was so good.

  22. @ Krystle, I agree with you. Ramsey is better when he is a non-American place.

    @ Vinny, exactly.

    @ Pat, Sanford and Son was great. I can watch that show any day of the week and never get tired of it.

  23. I find myself agreeing with every one of these shows. But, your comment about erector sets gave me pause (as opposed to "paws." That would be on the Island of Dr. Moreau.).
    I think older men DO still have erector sets. Only it's called boxes of Viagra.

  24. Sanford and Son and Magnum PI were great shows back in the day that is for sure. Two and a Half Men is always good for a laugh on Monday nights. I was surprised to discover that Mike and Molly (also on Monday night after crazy Charlie) has some really good one-liners, which is always a nice change from the current and ridiculous reality shows.


  25. Great list. I love Friends, though not for the same reason as you. ;) Sportscenter needs no explanation. And I'm seriously addicted to Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares...although it makes me think twice about eating out.

    Some of my other favorites: Dallas (naturally); Saved By The Bell (What? I was young); Buffy The Vampire Slayer ('cause it was awesome); Frasier (loved the humor).

    Currently, I'm totally stuck on V (on ABC). That show is really, really good. I like No Ordinary Family, too. :) I like Sci-Fi/fantasy stuff.

  26. The episode of Joey having his inner trouser leg measured still cracks me up, good choice. Mmmm might have to dig out that episode again.

  27. I also like No Ordinary Family. It's like "Heroes" without the sadism.

  28. those are some great shows. and while (i'm sorry) most of those shows are a bit before my time (again, sorry) I have watched and loved a few of them.


  29. This is a nice mix. I could share a television with you.~

  30. @ Al, I am glad you liked my comment about the erector set.

    @ Empress, I will have to check out the Molly show. I have never watched it.

    @ Virgin, thank you. I was partial to the original V.

    @ Twilight, that was a good episode.

    @ Bluz, I haven't seen that show.

    @ Sharaf, agreed.

    @ Amber, it is ok you are young. I forgive you.

    @ Katsidhe, thank you very much.

  31. Hey, I admit it too. I love "Two and a Half Men." I also love following Charlie Sheen and his misadventures with crack and whores.

    I also quite enjoy "American Dad" and I'm getting into "The Cleveland Show."

    Have you watched, "Secret Diary of a Call Girl?" Quite funny with a bit of drama and hot lingerie.

  32. I can't believe of all those shows the only one I've ever seen is Friends...shocker...a chick who watched Friends. Clearly I've heard of the others but never watched...still loved the list.

  33. I love Chef Ramsey. I am now watching Tabatha's takeover- simply because she is kind of like him but in hair salons. It's pretty damn funny.

  34. @ Galore, following his madness is funny as hell. Just today on the news he was talking about how to manage his social crack habit. No I have never watched that show but I will have to search for it.

    @ Jewels, you should check out the other shows, they are really good.

    @ Kristen, I saw the preview for that show one day and thought she is the female version of Ramsey.

  35. The hubby also has a strange infatuation with the A-Team. I, like you, wonder at some of the logic (or lack thereof) behind some of the plot lines. Nonetheless, he's still amused enough by the show to have each and every season coming back to us by way of Netflix.

  36. Chef Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is awesome!! Love it!

  37. Was your Lego set a pre pack or did you build Airwolf from scratch?
    So, am I to gather you aren’t an Angelina Jolie fan?
    And, how’s that black helicopter pilot friend working out? – Loved Magnum PI!
    If Chef Ramsey was a God – I’d worship him…can that man cuss!

    Okay…okay – if there is one guy I would want to be it’s Sheen – man, on and off screen could it get any better! I laugh when I watch 2 ½ Men – still watch it! (true confessions)

    Miami Vice – old series – yes, new series – I’ll take a pass!
    Sanford and Sons – my Dad hated this show – I therefore loved it! Still do!

    Well, Mr. Oilfield, as you can see we grew up “almost” in the same era.
    I enjoyed reading some of the comments for the “young’uns” – they missed out on some great TV!
    I still remember the “walk-to-the-box-and-flip-the-bloody-channel-before-your-old-man-clipped-you-across-the-head-cause-there’s-no-remote” era? Ah, the good old days!

    Oh…I keep meaning to tell you…every time I come to visit, I have a craving for a grilled cheese…so this evening I invited my daughter over and made us a couple! Damn they were good! I grew up on those puppies…

    (oops, I see I’ve rambled, must be the old age…)

  38. I'm with you on Friends and the A-Team! great shows, I rememebr as a kid I was so impressed. Ramsey's good, I like the show too! Nice list!

  39. @ Yellow, yes I wondered a lot about that show, but it was still good.

    @ Manager, I also love that show.

    @ Pearson, I had to build Airwolf from scratch. They didn't have "themed" Legos or Erector sets back when I was a kid. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who loved some of those old tv shows. And yes I love me a grilled cheese as well, you just can't beat them. Especially when you add onions to them.

    @ Bz, thank you. And you are correct.

  40. You and I watch a lot of the same shows, OT!

    And would it be evil to admit that sometimes I WANT the restaurant to fail in Kitchen Nightmares because the owners are such jackasses?!


  41. @ Pearl, no it would not be evil for that. I often wish sometimes that the places would fail because the owners are a lot of the time douchebags.

  42. great list and as usual very fun post!

    i loved magnum pi. and wathced fiends for all three girls.

    and Sanford and son.... geezzz the Ussies would have a field day with that show now....he is so verbally abusive to his poor son....

    love it!

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  43. OR how come Mr. T didn't skip the bullshit and just take the tranqs himself?

    Love Friends, Kitchen Nightmares, and Family Guy.

  44. Holy Crap! It was akin to spelunking climbing all the way down here past the comments...I'm feeling a tad light headed now!!

    I'm down with all those shows with the exception of Sportscenter...Boring with a capital AS HELL!

    Even though you're insistent on liking watching men play with their balls...(haha, get it? Sportscenter? oh never mind) why don't ya take a break and stop by my page...I've got a nice little number I'd love for you to try on!!

  45. @ Bruce, thanks man. And you are right the pussies today would not like that show. I say screw em, I don't care what they think I love me some Fred Sanford.

    @ Mrs Hyde, that is very true. It was still a good show though.

    @ Primed, I am sorry for the climbing headache. Well Sportscenter is normally not liked by the ladies, so I don't hate you for not liking it. And thank you for the award. I will post about it this weekend.

  46. I agree with you on 90% of these. BTW...I owned the robot dog action figure.

  47. I liked the A-Team. It had a helicopter. More shows should have helicopters.

  48. So, Charlie Sheen plays himself? I am also a Sanford & Sons fan. The rest of your shows? So boyish! I guess there's a reason for that...

  49. yay, family guy!

    and i wish i had national geographic channel. did you see the warrior gene thingummy that my boyfriend henry rollins did? cuz I DIDN'T.

  50. Miami Vice........Crockett and Tubbs.......didn't wear socks for months.

  51. @ Copyboy, thanks. And I also owned the robot dog as well.

    @ Tatty, I agree with you. More shows need a chopper.

    @ Kelley, Yes Charlie plays himself. Sanford and Son is such a great show. And yes a lot of my choices are boyish, but I am a boy so go figure.

    @ Kage, no I did not see him on that channel. I must have missed that show.

    @ Lurker, not only didn't wear socks for months, but did so in the heat and humidity of Miami. Can you say stanky?

  52. Looks like we have a lot in common! Airwolf RULED!

  53. I was with you through Magnum PI. After that, I think I stopped watching tv.

    I'm pretty sure we're close in age, so you should remember these: Six Million Dollar Man (Lee Majors), the Bionic Woman (Jamie Sommers), and Wonder Woman (Linda Carter). Or maybe I'm old.

  54. @ Kernut, I loved all three of those shows as well. Especially Wonder Woman. Linda Carter is the woman who launched my puberty fantasies.

  55. I enjoyed so many of these shows when I was growing up. It's funny how they can become a part of you.


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