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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yep, She Is A Terrorist

Most of you know that I am no damn fan of the TSA and how idiotic they are as a “government” organization. Well they have gone and went batshit stupid in how they handle “security”, and I use that term “security” very loosely.

Here is a video of a TSA agent feeling up patting down a six year old girl. If this does not piss you off, chances are do not have a pulse.

Don’t the airports have the full body scanner? Why not put the little girl through the body scanner? I know terrorists overseas use children in their plots to blow shit up, but this is America not Lebanon. Let the TSA agent do the full body scan of the girl where you won’t find anything, and let the woman and her kid move on. Where is the common sense here? Is it just me or would scanning the kid make more sense than having your child felt up some “stranger”?

Can you imagine having to tell your kids, don’t let strangers touch you. Unless you are in line to go through security at the airport and then it is perfectly normal to have someone put their hand in your pants.

Now if this was my daughter being molested at the airport in this video, the clip would be a lot different than what you just saw. I would have demanded the body scan and if they refused and touched my baby girl, you would have seen me beating the fuck out of that TSA agent.

No child should ever be touched by anyone like this, never.

I guess I was a man ahead of my time when I wrote this post last year about "how to talk to your child about the TSA."


  1. Yikes...that is disturbing!!!!!

  2. Holy Hannah...if she were my kid, I would have had words as well...

  3. That's really bad and really wrong.

  4. Some days I wake up and just wonder, how the fuck did we get here? Between this shit and the kids that have actually ended up on the no fly list I just wanna hit something...

    On a much lighter note, the "My First Cavity Search" book was so sick and wrong and hilarious that I almost pissed myself!

  5. Oh if only common sense like yours would prevail, what a different place it would be. I worried about this when traveling with my princess last year because I would react exactly like you say you would if it went this far but luckily, she just got to stand in the scary body scanner with her arms above her head and terrified look on her face instead. That was a winning moment too.

  6. that seems terribly inappropriate. i can't imagine what the kid or her parents might have done that made this seem like a good idea to the airport security personnel.

  7. Whats the age limit for respecting law enforcement? Despite your strong feelings, the TSA IS law enforcement. Just as your local meter maid and code enforcement officer - usually also power-drunk people.

    Common sense has no place in law enforcement. We are a nation of laws - not common sense. You have a choice when it comes to the TSA, if you don't like them, don't fly.

    I'm glad they are there. To take one instance out of a kajillion to condem the whole service is not appropriate.

    And you would be "beating the fuck" out of a TSA person for doing their job? Really?

  8. @ Chio, yes.

    @ Teach, I agree.

    @ D, I so agree with you.

    @ Randomgirl, sadly there is no common sense in the world today.

    @ Sherilin, yep.

  9. @ Goinglikesixty, there is no disrespect here. It is purely a common sense thing. Regardless of law enforcement or not, common sense says you scan a child not feel them up.

    In the most targeted country on the planet in Israel, they do not do this to kids. And there there is a legitimate threat from a terrorist using a kid as a human bomb there as it happens a lot there. You say there is no room for common sense in law enforcement and I call bullshit on you and everyone else who says the same thing you do.

    You seem to be so high and mighty on the TSA being there and how glad you are that they are there. Yes they serve a purpose, but at what cost and how efficient are they? The TSA itself tests their own people and still get guns through the security people. Why put a person through being felt up when the mail and packages going on planes are not scanned? Yea that makes perfect sense to me.

    And yes if someone touches my child, they will get fistfull of knuckle sammich.

  10. I saw this the other morning on GMA and it made me furious. I have 2 girls and I would beat someone's A$$ for that.

    @ Goinglikesixty.com - NO ONE has the right to touch my child... NO ONE! Do you have children?

    They did say that the security guard was very upset about it, that she tried to be as gentle as possible, and was doing as she was instructed. Still... inappropriate. I would have refused if I was the employee simply on the grounds that it could be considered child abuse. Someone can look at #1 and #2 the wrong way and I want to fly off at them.

    The other thing that makes me mad… WTH did the parents let this happen? When they were instructed to pat the child down, I would turned around and went straight to management and canceled my flight. They should have NEVER subjected the girl to it in the first place.

    Yet another reason I probably will never fly again.

  11. I bought a shirt that said "I got to 2nd base with a TSA agent." I can't wait to fly.

    Now, I'm tempted to buy toddler-size shirts for my kids. This is wrong on so many levels, but I doubt anything's going to change any time soon.

  12. Heated subject I guess! You are right, no one has the right to touch your child like that. Here is who we should really blame, the dumb terrorist f•cks who had considered using children as a terrorist measure. At least that is the TSA reason for patting down children.

  13. I didn't know this kinda thing actually happened! That is so sick, and wrong. I'm still digesting this.

  14. This is a fine example of terrorism winning. They want this sort of overreaction so they can point the finger and shout about how America is oppressive.

  15. @ Rosie, I agree with you.

    @ Lost, you are my hero!!!

    @ Tex, yes it is a heated subject. Especially considering that the "TSA Agents" are not exactly the brightest people in America.

    @ Pencil, yes it is very sick.

    @ Mash, yea that is how I felt when I first saw this video.

  16. @ Tony, that is just a drop in the bucket of the things the terrorists are saying.

  17. I couldn't watch the video, but the picture on it alone pissed me off.

  18. Because of filters I can't watch the video but I'm guessing I'd be boiling right now. I detest flying for many reasons...this just adds to it. I won't fly.

  19. What the hell is this world coming to?

  20. @ Brandy, yep I felt the same way.

    @ Daffy, yes you would be boiling right now.

    @ S, I have no idea.

  21. Just another example of what is wrong in the world since 9/11. The gov't (all over not just in the US) has used the fear of that day to trample all over civil rights and personal freedoms.

    Let's just be honest, the likelihood that the clowns employed by the TSA are unlikely to catch a really determined terrorist/group of terrorists. They are simply there to make people think that they are "safe" and to divert our attention even further from all the crap being pushed down our throats "for our own good".

    I'm sick & tired of all the arbitrary crap (like I can't bring a bottle of water/moisturizer onboard and have to practically strip to my undies to get thru security) foisted on the public just for the "privelege" of being able to travel the skies.

    I can't believe the parents of this child didn't prevent this patdown...clearly it's beyond inappropriate.

  22. Makes me more upset than I already am. I don't mind myself - I just go and do what needs to be done to get where I need to go. But I agree with you - this is hard for parents to teach their children what is right or wrong.

  23. as a mom i fine this so wrong on so many levels "shudders"

  24. Hell I'm an aunt and if they tired to do that to my nephews Aunt Stefi woulda beat the fuck outta some TSA shithead. Is there no decency in the world anymore?

  25. Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you.

  26. It must be fairly traumatic for a child to be publically signaled out by a uniformed person who looks like a police officer, then to get felt up by a stranger in front of a bunch of other strangers must be even worse. Of course everyone wants to actually be safe when they fly but some of the assine hoops we are now all routinely put through are not helping keep anyone safe. This is disgusting!

  27. @ Tav, I could not have said it any better than you.

    @ Shelby, exactly.

    @ Becca, yep.

    @ Laynee, decency left the building a long time ago.

    @ Al, you are welcome.

    @ Empress, yes it is very disgusting.

  28. What an excellent post.

    I had to delete what I first wrote because it was just too foul! Yes, I can talk the talk and walk the walk - but I didn't want to tarnish your image of me!

    My daughter went through this at LAX just after 911 - dare I say it was a nightmare and I have never gone through that airport since. And...you need to know I don't take crap from anybody - but they had guys standing there with loaded machine guns and I kid you not - they would have just loved to pop someone off!

    What is the world coming to when your kid needs to be frisked like that, eh?

    Cheers, Jenny

  29. That is beyond disturbing! My blood is boiling-good thing I'm heading to the gym and can work this off. That is insane. I would be the woman in the background cheering you on as you beat down that TSA agent!

  30. Dude. If ANYONE touched my kid like that, I'd be in jail. You're right...why not use the scanners? My son has never been on an airplane trip yet, and there is good reason. I'm MORTIFIED at the prospect of trying to explain something like this to him. We'll just drive for now...

  31. @ Pearson, well you don't have to hold back here, this is a "Tell It Like It Is" zone. lol

    @ Jewels, yep.

    @ Reck, I am glad I am not alone in how I feel about this.

  32. They really should have used the scanner if they had one. But if they didn't I wonder what the alternative would be?

  33. Jeeze I remember that post you did. You are ahead of your time.

  34. This makes me beyond angry, because there are alternatives and the country you're talking about know more about security and invest in it, with highly trained personnel.

    I read an article on how they're trained to watch for suspicious behavior, I'll see if I can find it.

    As to the scanners, not that safe for the little ones, the radiation focuses on the skin of a growing small child.


  35. Perhaps the parent refused the scanner because they heard it gives off radiation which they think will lead to cancer in the future especially if the child is exposed to it at a young age.
    As someone who has gone through heavy doses of radiation to treat cancer, I was informed by a physician, while what I received may cause cancer in the future, the chances are slim and it hasn't been reported any earlier than 12 years AFTER treatment. We're talking 20 mins of directed radiation mon-fri for 6 weeks.
    I'm not saying the parents did deny the scanner, but if they were worried about that minimal trace amount of radiation hurting their child, they come talk to me. I would tell them I would take the scan every day of the week, and twice on Sunday before I would ever let someone pat me down like that. Seriously.

  36. This is law enforcement breaking all the laws. They are not legally allowed to touch a young child for "security purposes" - NOT according to the TSA nor according to the National Child Abuse Prevention Act.

    In short, I agree with you. It is appalling that anyone would even condone this.


  37. i am so pissed on the little girl's behalf!!

  38. @ Manager, I am not sure if they did or didn't. But feeling up a 6 year old is never the answer.

    @ Copyboy, thank you.

    @ Antares, yep I agree with you.

    @ Barsola, you have the right opinion there.

    @ Robyn, I could not agree more with you.

    @ Kitkat, you and me both.

  39. TSA doesn't really do anything except catch completely obvious things. Run everyone through the scans, and let passengers carry knives. Good luck to any terrorists trying to hijack the plane. After 9/11, nobody will pull that off successfully on an American plane again. Flight 93 everytime. The scans pick up levels of high explosives completely undetectable to humans, so they actually have a value. TSA doesn't accomplish anything valuable, and are merely a hindrance to the US airline industry.

  40. @ Erasmus, yep you are very correct in your comment.

  41. What is the world coming to makes one wonder.......I would not like it if it was my child.

  42. I thought of you when I saw this on the news a couple weeks ago. I felt so sorry for that little girl and her parents. I was even more upset when I realized that this happened in the New Orleans airport which is our frequent destination. I hope my girls and I can get through unmolested on our next trip in a couple of months.

  43. @ Cajun, I also thought of you when I saw this because I knew it is in New Orleans. I hope you all can get through there unmolested as well.

  44. This infuriated the ever-loving *&^%$#%^ out of me. Absolutely inexcusable!

    Another thing--The Gloves: Are they changing those gloves as a doctor would for EACH AND EVERY passenger? Doctor recently said that it is highly unsanitary to touch one person's skin (which they do going in an around the waistband), then touch another, then another, etc. You can pass rashes and/or skin conditions from one person to another, according to Doctor.

  45. One more thing that PROVES that Earthlings are STUPID!

  46. @ Virgin, yep same here.

    @ Pat, so very true.

  47. I read this a few days ago, but didn't comment then because honestly, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. So I thought about it and now I'm back, lucky you!

    I wrote a post in November titled "TSA, Scan me Please". My kids fly
    a lot and 2 of the 3 have been pulled aside, but not searched as this poor little girl was. I think my opinion would have been quite different if they had experienced this. It's goes against everything we have ever taught our children about allowing a stranger to touch them. I cringed when she searched her, especially around the inside of her waistband.

    This post and the subsequent comments have made me completely change my perspective on TSA and searches. As a parent who would not allow my child to be x-rayed, I am not sure what the solution is. Maybe I'll just drive.

  48. @ Rottenmom, I know how you feel. As a parent it is a huge problem for me.

  49. What the heck?! I went through TSA before with the newer regulations and I have never seen anyone pat down anyone that extensively before, let alone a little girl! This is ridiculous!


  50. @ Ditz, what the heck is exactly why I posted this.


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