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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don’t Save This Tata!!!

About a month ago a 22 year old “woman” named Jessica Tata who ran a home daycare here in Houston had her house catch fire and burn down. In the house were seven kids that she was taking care of. Of those seven kids, four died as a result of their burns and the other three kids lived but were badly burned. Tata herself was not injured in the fire. This happened on a Thursday afternoon.

On Thursday night the news reported that Tata had left the seven kids alone in her home to go to Target to get some groceries. When Tata had returned from Target, the house was already engulfed in fire.

On Friday the arson investigators got a tip that Tata was a flight risk and was planning on leaving the country. The investigators tried to get charges brought against Tata; however the district attorney said that there was not enough evidence to have Tata arrested.

On Saturday night, Tata boarded a flight for Nigeria (she was born here but her parents were Nigerian) and disappeared.

On Sunday night charges were filed against Tata for injury to a child but then they discovered that Tata had fled the country.

This case made national headlines and pissed a lot of people off. A Local reporter even traveled to Nigeria in hopes of actually trying to find her and get her to come back. Since then, Tata was either captured or turned herself in to authorities and is currently back here in Houston awaiting trial.

Since she came back she has been charged with bunch of charges including four counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, and a ton of other charges.

A lot of people have tried to “defend” this idiot and her actions in the media. All kinds of excuses have been made like she was young and had not grown up yet. Now there is no damn excuse you can make for a jackass who puts a pot of oil on the stove, turns it on, and leaves the home with seven young kids alone. Hell even my kids know that you don’t ever do either of those things.

Some people have even gone after the parents of the dead kids saying that they should never have allowed their kids to be left with Tata. Um newsflash assholes, Tata was licensed by the State of Texas as a home daycare operator and had been inspected. What kind of jackass blames the victims anyway? Like the parents had some prior knowledge that Tata was going to do this. Let me tell you something, when you put your kids on the school bus in the morning, you don’t think that the bus driver is going to drive over a cliff and kill the whole busload of kids do you? Exactly.

And since Tata has been in jail, it has come to light now that her juvenile record has been released that she was accused of starting two fires when she was kid. Lovely.

A lot of things about this case really piss me off.

First why the fuck didn’t the district attorney charge her ass on Friday morning with 7 counts of child endangerment and put her in jail? That would have kept her in jail long enough to sort out all of the facts and would have kept her ass from fleeing in the first place. Especially since it was already reported on Thursday that she had left the kids alone.

Second the State of Texas needs to be able to look at peoples juvenile records when they come to the State for some kind of license like this.

Third, why is it that the State of Texas requires between 20-40 hours of training for a home daycare operator but close to 500 hours of training to become a damned barber?

Fourth, what the fuck is wrong with people today? I mean seriously who in the hell leaves seven kids home alone? Damn this one really pisses me off.

It just pisses me off that this damn woman killed four kids and injured three others because she is a dumb ass. Those kids didn’t deserve this. I say they should up the charges to capital murder, try her, convict her, and then burn the bitch at the stake. Now I know this goes against the whole “cruel and unusual punishment” thing but I am pretty sure that in this case more than a few people would be willing to make an exception.


  1. You're right, this pisses me off aswell, an eye for any eye as the book says.

  2. what a sad story :(

    and what a fucking retard.

  3. I know what i'd like to do to that stupid woman. Just cant say it because i'd probably be arrested. When i was little i went to a daycare where if one of the younger kids shit themselves i got blamed for it and stuck in a corner. My kids are never going to a daycare! EVER!

  4. this makes me sick to my stomach.. my heart goes out to all of the families of those kids.. I couldn't imagine. This is why I don't want to work... why I don't want anyone but family watching my kids... but unfortunately being single and having my family all work full time, I have to have outside child care... I just pray to God that the people I have watching my kids are not this much of an idiot. Am I the only person out there that thinks ahead?? I mean seriously?? hell i think about if i lay down to take a nap and leave my 8 and 4 yr old in the family room playing xbox... what happens if my house burns down.. or if someone breaks in... so i end up napping on the couch in the room with them... if you can actually call it a nap. :-) I hope this lady understands what she did... and regrets it and will live with that regret for the rest of her life... I hope that her heart will hurt for each of these kids and their families... and I hope she gets the punishment she deserves.. but know this... if she doesn't get it here... She will get it after she's dead.
    God Bless!

  5. Sad to read this story, but I agree with you. She did a stupid stupid thing, and fleeing the country only sealed her fate. She deserves what she gets and that's that.

  6. This brings to my mind a case (rather several cases) of child neglect that happened in Houston when I was there; namely when daycare workers left a child in a car/bus for the afternoon when it was say, oh about 120 degrees outside. They cooked those poor little kids!

    There is no excuse for people like this. As there is no excuse for the State for allowing unqualified people to care for children; or the elderly. Or anyone requiring care for that matter.

    The justice system(s) (not just in the US but everywhere) seems to have over-corrected itself through the years, yanked hard on the steering wheel & is about to spin off into the opposite ditch! No longer do they care about the innocent; it's all about the rights of the idiots causing harm to the innocent.

    I call bullshit and frankly, if I had any say at all there would be a lot of sterile people walking the earth today. Stupidity is going to be what kills the earth in the end; I'm sure of it.

    Anyhow...enough with the ranting. OT, you've really got me going lately!!

  7. This news p*ssed me off when I heard it too. It's basic common sense that you don't leave kids alone - for ANY reason. This woman is definitely at fault for this. There's no other way to spin it.

  8. dumb-asses are everywhere.

    and great post as usual

    and you pose a lot of great questions...this is a tragedy of huge proportions...and i am by no means excusing her dumb-assery...

    and our legal system is almost as fucked up as the other two branches of government. almost..

    and here i am thinking all these things...

    however, even all this being said, she deserves a fair trial, which because of the media circus this will become she will prolly not get that.

    the problem with our system is freedom is not free...

    the cost of freedom is many things but one huge cost is also the reason we have more than our fair share of dumb-asses.

    the burden of proof...

    and incompetency of our elected officials, such as the prosecutor...

    after something like this, it makes me want to go on a dumb-assicuide.

    innocent until proven guilty. and in this case the prosecutor seems like a fucktard... there is ample proof to have made a move before she fled.

    proven not by the mob of outrage, not by the news media, not by the blogerati, not by the victims, but by the system...

    which is also to blame...

    unfortunately that will not stop this tragedy which has already occurred...

    and then who is to say who is the next one to be called out for dumb-assery?

    so after all that...i got your back...great but truly unfortunate post...

    to often we are left to ask, why?

    thank god you are not involved more than anger...

  9. it makes me sick that someone who's stupid enough to leave kids alone while they run errands has been entrusted with several children. i mean, even on a really bad day, you don't go further than the yard when the kids piss you off! and you certainly don't light up some oil on the stove & take off! she should have just run then & not come back at all. stupid, stupid woman!

  10. @ Scots, yep.

    @ Lurker, I agree.

    @ Kage, yes that is very true.

    @ Catie, I agree with you. I have never put my kids in daycare thank goodness.

    @ Mama, I wish she would carry that burden with her, but I doubt she will. People who are that dumb to leave kids alone like that are not the types of people to have regrets.

    @ Lost, I agree.

    @ Primed, I agree with everything that you said. And I am sorry about pissing ya off. I will try to make you laugh for a while next.

    @ Ryan, yep.

    @ Sassy, you are right.

    @ Bruce, I am pretty sure that even a brain dead idiot could get the conviction on this one. 1 she fled and 2 they have her ass on video at the store alone at the time of the fire.

  11. I'm with you OT, all those things are ridiculous and upsetting and I say let her fry.

    I feel horrible for those children and the families. And as for people trying to shift the blame onto the families who entrusted their children to her care? Please....that's like saying a rape victim deserves what she got.

    Great post. I need to go catch up on your others, I remember now how much I've missed your blog.

  12. The ONLY good thing about that story is the fact that it took place in Texas, so about a week after the trial she will get the chair. At least she had better! She didn't give those children a chance when she left them alone, she shouldn't deserve one either. What a monster!!

  13. @ Sherilin, I agree with you.

    @ Semi, thank you.

    @ Ranchermom, no she won't get the chair as she was not charged with capital murder. She will only do prison time.

  14. @ Bruce, your comment was great by the way.

  15. See, I agree with an eye for an eye. We have a daycare worker down here that left a toddler in the daycare van for 6 HOURS. This 2 year old died in the Florida heat. No one checked on this child and another toddler found her! Not an adult, another toddler!!! Inman's defense attorney is calling HER the victim and saying she just wasn't trained properly. Fuck this bitch and fuck Tata.

    Y'all don't want to know what I really think should happen to these women.....but it is well beyond cruel. I think Tata should burn and Inam, as well as other employees of that daycare should be locked in vans, in the Florida sun, on a hot August day with no water until they die.

    Here is the story: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime/katies-kids-day-care-van-driver-is-also-1177591.html

    The issue is that these are uneducated women that take advantage of people that have to go out and work, people that need to trust someone to watch their children because the banks and govt will not help out the average person. A mother or father can not stay home anymore. If you do you risk losing it all for the sake of protecting your family.

    I totally blame local and state government for this and the case of the little girl murdered down here. Nubia Barahona. Her brother is recovering, the assholes that adopted her had complaints to DCF (Department of Children and Families) the assholes didn't do their job, DCF didn't protect these children.


    Its time to protect our old and young folks. The old folks built this country. The young will be taking care of and making decisions for all of us in the future. Vets are treated like shit. The VA hospitals are run down to hell.

    Sorry....had to rant. I'll stop there. You all read and watch the news.

    Great post Oilfield Trash!!

  16. I'm glad that justice will be done, but I feel terrible for those parents. I can't even imagine what I would do if that happened to my children.

  17. Man, this one ticks me off. Anyone who would do that to children is clearly a monster.

  18. I had to stop reading...I'm sure I missed details....details that will keep my blood pressure within livable readings.

    I skipped to comments...read Daft Scots Lass...I wanna join the posse

  19. This one pissed me the hell off too. Everything in our judicial system is falling apart. The accused have more friggen' rights than you or I. And the stupid ass judge who said she wasn't a flight risk should no longer be allowed to work in that capacity again. As for the victims families, what do they get? Nothing. Just heartache. Great post OT. And Bruce!!

  20. @ Mamma, I agree with you. And thanks.

    @ Dartagnan, I hope justice will be done.

    @ TS, I agree with you. This case has taken me to levels of pissedness that I have rarely seen before.

    @ Daffy, I agree with you.

    @ Barb, yep you said it pretty well.

  21. I've been following this story as well. I am shocked and disgusted that ANYONE would defend this woman's actions. Considering the fucking retarded people that exist, I *shouldn't* be shocked...but, I am. OMFG that pisses me off!

    Eye for an eye is totally how'd I'd "fix" this.

  22. wow.... some people are crazy! We only trust DIRECT family with children here....

  23. @ Sam, I totally agree with you.

    @ Elex, yes there are some wackjobs out there. And I only trust family members with my kids as well.

  24. This is tragic. It's easy to be appalled at the loss of life and demand retribution and I try to look dispassionately at cases like this. However I'd like think that if I was responsible for the deaths of four children then I would be so guilt stricken that I would accept whatever punishment was meted to me and not run off to another country. This behaviour says to me she is more concerned with her own skin than at the appaling damage she has caused.

  25. You'd think with all the lobbyists on mega insurance's payroll they would have better laws on the books to keep the state from getting sued by the parents. If one of those children were mine, I'd be suing the State of Texas, The Childcare Licensing Board, the county where her juvenile arson charges were handled, and everybody else on down the line. The low number of hours to receive certification is ABSURD!! And her juvenile record should have been unsealed when she sought a childcare license. I would be shaking down the entire state of Texas if I were one of those parents. Plus she wouldn't live to see trial.

  26. Oh man, this seriously pisses me off too! I hadn't heard about this story until reading your post, but this would certainly be a good case for "an eye for an eye" type punishment. It is astounding that she was able to get certified as a daycare with the prior record. I don't care if it was a juvenile record or not. If someone's messed up as a juvy, chances are they're still going to be messed up as an adult. Especially a 22 year old, since that's not much past being a juvenile. Do you know if it is going to be a capital murder case? It's Texas so it damn well better be. As Ron White said, "In Texas we have the death penalty and we use it!"

  27. @ Tony, you summed it up.

    @ JLow, I have not heard anything about the families suing the State of Texas. But it would not shock me at all in the sue happy world that we live in.

    @ Hannah, it is not going to be a capital murder case. So no death penalty is going to apply on this case.

  28. I feel so bad for her children. I actually felt a bit sick looking at her photograph. Just wondering but does the death penalty happen all over America. I'm almost certain it doesn't happen here in the UK.

  29. That story is beyond disgusting. How someone who was intrusted to care for the well being of children was so daft that they thought it was okay to leave said children alone whilst they went shopping DESERVES EVERYTHING THEY GET. It would be hard enough for one qualified and mindful caregiver to look after seven kids by themselves, but someone with the brain capacity of a half-baked flee is bound to have eventually been responsible something as tragic as this happening. Very sad.

  30. The human race never ceases to amaze me.

  31. I love you, OT.

    Another factor is that, due to the economy and the general populace's priorities, licensing departments are scaled down significantly such that one state employee is responsible for overseeing hundreds of day care facilities. This person can only manage one audit EVERY FEW YEARS at most. And it takes nothing but a slew of paperwork to become a daycare provider, plus a background check. Did they even run one on her? Seems not.
    This is all true for CA, and I'm guessing there's little difference across the country.


  32. @ Armand, I felt the same way. No the death penalty varies by each state. Some have it, some don't.

    @ Empress, yep you said how I feel.

    @ Joy, I agree with you there.

    @ Robyn, ok I guess that is cool that you love me. As for the licensing bit, it was reported that her license was current and that she had been inspected in the last year. The point I made about her license is that she had a record of being involved in two fires before she turned 18. When her background check was done it did not (because of the law) go into anything she had on her record prior to turning 18. Which I think the law should be changed to do so. So in this case her background was checked as by law, but the law did not allow it to be checked on stuff she did as a minor.

  33. If it was one of my kids that died because of this asshat.......

  34. oh this is awfully sad....

    i agree with everything you said here!

  35. Oilfield - can I just say...mighty damn fine piece of posting!
    I love how "real and engaging" the comments are and how your readers are putting it out there!

    Normally, as you know from past comments, I can go on and on - today, I yield the space to others.

    I am sitting here with my coffee, reading each and every comment.

    Again, excellent post!

  36. This is so sad. Those poor children and their families. The whole system of home child care needs to be looked at. I can't believe she left children alone like that when she was being paid by parents that didn't want to leave their children alone

  37. @ Al, yep buddy same here.

    @ Williamsgirl, yes it is sad.

    @ Pearson, thank you veyr much.

    @ Mynx, you hit it right on the head.

  38. I tell you OT, you never fail to inform me. Honestly, who blames the parents? She was running a BUSINESS and was liscensed, how could the parents have known? And who, in their right mind, leaves SEVEN children home alone? Boiling oil or none? That's just idiotic. Lot's of stupid people, and who gets to really suffor for it all, the innocent children and their parents. I won't say that I know what should be done to her, but I do know I never want her near my children... who are currently unborn.

  39. I live in fort worth and heard about this when it happened too. Makes me SICK. What makes me even MORE sick is, when she's in prison, we will pay for HER with our tax dollars. She will have her bachelors AND her masters before us hard working citizens even graduated from a 4yr university. DISGUSTING. Lynch her ass

  40. I can't even comment to this as it just plain horrifies me. Gawd those poor children.

  41. that is absolutely heartbreaking. You hear of kids left home alone and horrible things happening but that is absolutely unforgivable. You do NOT leave kids alone...and you certainly don't leave something on the stove when you do. How does anyone with a record of setting fires qualify to open a daycare? Why is that person caring for 7 children (probably of varying ages) alone? Unless they were all over 3 state regs should require 2 people. I know they require a lot more hours than that here in PA for childcare (as I used to work in it) and can't imagine how any state allows such a low number. So sad!

  42. I don't have children nor do I look after any....ever. But, even I know you don't EVER leave them alone. I can't believe we have to share the earth with people like this.

  43. @ Paul, thanks. And you are correct in everything that you said.

    @ Stephanie, yep you and me are going to pay for her.

    @ Averagegirl, yep.

    @ Jewels, I knew you would have something good to say about this.

    @ Copyboy, yes it is.

    @ Heather, see even you know that. lol

  44. This is yet another crazy story about kids getting hurt or killed for no good reason. It just makes me so mad. Damn people being trusted with the most wonderful gift who don't take care of those others trust them with. I won't even talk about the whole government system thing...

  45. this is a really sad story; thanks for drawing it to attention; it's very hard to have any sympathy for someone who does this...

  46. Living in Houston, you know I have been following this case closely, too. I keep seeing the image in my mind of her dressed in red looking all upset and distraught outside of her home right after it happened. I have to believe that she would never have killed these children on purpose. That it was an accident. Still, she should be punished harshly. Like you said, everyone knows that you don't leave children ALONE AT HOME with grease heating on the stove for anything. I wonder how many times she had left them before. The whole thing is just so devastating.

  47. @ Krissy, yep. Makes me mad as well.

    @ David, yes it is.

    @ Kelley, I figured you were following it as well.

  48. Great. Thanks for ruining my day with this horrendous story. She needs her ass in a blanket party beat down! WTH?

  49. sorry - typo, I meant to say she needs her ass KICKED in a blanket party beat down.

  50. Oh goodness, this makes me so sad. How can people be so negligent and stupid??

  51. @ Ally, yep.

    @ Cake, I have no idea but if you find out the answer you could be a very rich woman.

  52. Trash, I just re-read my comment and it didn't start out right. What I meant by "better laws on the books" was that one would think that stronger precautionary laws would be in place to keep someone like Tata from ever getting a childcare license. Therefore avoiding such tragedies that would elicit lawsuits.

    Ok. Maybe that's clear as mud.

    But no matter, I can't hit a barn with a handgun but I'm a pretty tight shot with a rifle. She still wouldn't live to see trial.

  53. @ Jlow, I knew what you meant. Mind reading is just one of my many services which I offer.

  54. That piece of dung needs to be boiled in oil. Taking care of children is a sacred duty. When you are taking care of someone else's children kids one should aim to take even better care of them but take this duty so nonchalantly that you kill them is unforgivable. I agree with you oilfield they should exempt this from the cruel and unusual bit because there is not anything that is cruel enough to do to her.

  55. I kept seeing you comment on other blogs so I thought I'd check you out. Pretty cool! I agree with you on this situation. I wonder what the hell was she thinking. But then there are such cruel people who don't deserve to be parents. Great post!

  56. @ Cajun, thank you checking me out. I have no idea what she was thinking.

  57. Wow. This is infuriating because it DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN! This kind of stuff makes me want to choke people like her with my bare hands until she passes out but isn't yet dead. And then do it all over again. Unfreakinbelievable. Thanks for putting this out there.

  58. @ Yvonne, I agree with you this did not have to happen at all.

  59. I say let her burn in a house. I think you know how I feel about this scenario. Total reckless behavior. She would have been jailed simply for leaving the kids at home alone. There is NOTHING at Target - or anywhere else - that couldn't have waited. Even if she was out of diapers or a certain kind of baby food, there are other ways.

    I dislike this cunt.

  60. Some people are simply too stupid to justify their existence...

  61. I think people that hurt children should be tortured with the same pain they inflicted... repeatedly... just saying.

  62. @ Rosie, I would have no problem with that.

  63. That's horrible! Well at least that woman shouldn't be able to be out of jail, she should have known better as a "licensed" home day care worker than to leave kids alone...with a pot of oil cooking as well.


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