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Monday, April 25, 2011

Meal Mondays – Shrimp Pasta Salad

Here is another from my series of “Meal Mondays” and this one is Shrimp (or as they say in the dirty south, skrimp) Pasta Salad. This is a great meal which is good served hot or cold and can be used as left overs for days.

The only down side to this meal is that you need a large Tupperware that you can mix up the salad in and also use to store the leftovers.

Ingredient List:

1) 3 bags of mixed pasta.
2) 3 cans of slice black olives.
3) 1 jar of grated parmesan cheese.
4) 3 pounds of peeled, cooked, tail less shrimp.
5) 1 jar of pesto.


1) Boil the 3 bags of the pasta in a large pot.
2) Defrost and cook the shrimp in a large skillet with some butter over low heat. Be careful as to not overcook the shrimp as they will shrink a lot when cooked.
3) When the pasta is done, drain the pasta and put the pasta into the large Tupperware.
4) Mix in the shrimp with the pasta.
5) Mix in the whole jar of the pesto.
6) Mix in the 3 jars of the black olives.
7) Mix in the grated parmesan cheese.
8) Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together and serve.

Then sit back and enjoy the mixture of flavors as you devour the pasta. This meal to me is a quick easy one to make and it will last you forever. I eat a bunch of this hot and then take it to work to eat for lunch for 3 or 4 days.


  1. That looks and sounds delicious. I love a good pasta salad and never thought to put shrimp in it. Thanks!

  2. Alrighty then...

    You are no longer allowed to post recipes unless you can transport yourself through my screen, make your way into my kitchen and rustle up your offerings.

    Nothing like a man that can cook!

    I'm tempted...and since Mini Master is coming for dinner and I'm required to feed her I could break down, get in my car (try not to stop at Micky D's to pick up her favourite burger) and get the needed ingredients to make an Oilfield special!

    I'll let you know the outcome of my pondering...
    Cheers, Jenny

  3. Never mind 'make me a sammich.' Make me some skrimp.

  4. @ Rosie, it is. Trust me.

    @ Barb, it is good you should try it.

    @ Pearson, I am sorry. Ok let me know how your pondering turns out.

    @ Al, sometimes a sammich is not what is called for.

  5. I don`t trust anything that needs to be de-pooped prior to eating.

    Or, de-pooped in general, actually.

    Just sayin`.

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


  6. I love pasta salad! I could eat it everyday.
    Sounds yummy!

  7. I'll take out the olives and put in broccoli, mmmk?

    Sounds amazing, and I haven't had shrimp in a few weeks. I'll be making this soon!

  8. @ Stephanie, it is ok because I don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die. (bonus points if you know where that joke came from)

    @ Ruth, you should try it.

    @ Lost, that is ok.

  9. I bet that would be really good if you added in some cherry tomatoes and bacon.

  10. @Stephanie: Olives need to be de-pooped? Huh.. who knew. I guess thats another reason I shouldn't cook.


  11. i was cool with everything but the shrimp..YUCK

  12. @ Rosie, you can never go wrong with bacon.

    @ Simpledude, awesome!!!

    @ Becca, why don't you like Shrimps?

  13. I just can get enough of Pesto. Glad you second my emotion!

  14. And you're still single? I don't understand.
    ;~> xo Robyn

  15. Nice touch with the pesto! You know what else I really like with shrimp? More shrimp!

  16. @ Copyboy, yep same here.

    @ Robyn, I know right? I don't understand it either.

    @ Bushman, thank you. Shrimp is always good.

  17. I found your blog via Miss Rosie.

    Lovin' the recipe, but I must leave out the "skrimp". I may be from the south, but I don't eat anything that lives in or near the water. With the exception of Gator Tail. :o)

  18. Wouldn't mind a bowl of that, that movie quote rings a bell....South Park?

  19. Thanks for that!!! Was just wondering what I was having for dinner tonight! Yummy~~

  20. @ UnSoccerMOm, thanks for stopping by.

    @ Lurker, you should try it, it is good stuff. And yes that is from South Park.

    @ Semi, you are welcome.

  21. Too bad I'm too lazy to actually try making it...

    Looks great, though.

  22. Damn. Now I'm hungry. And my pantry is EMPTY.

  23. Even though I don't like seafood, I would probably try this one. I love pasta, and shrimp isn't bad. :)

  24. That just makes me hungry damnit!

  25. This looks yummy! I'm totally going to make it tomorrow!

  26. @ Cajun, thank you.

    @ Teach, I hear you. Though this is a pretty easy meal for the lazy person.

    @ S, I am sorry.

    @ Virgin, I am sorry. But the meal is good.

    @ Brandy, I am sorry.

    @ Sandra, let me know how it turns out.

  27. I don't like shrimp so I'll pass on that...however, every time I come to your page - I want a grilled cheese.

  28. You know Oily, ladies LOVE a man who can cook. Between your cooking and noble prize worthy other skill, you should definitely be walking around with a pumped up chest. Happy Monday!!

  29. Sounds great but there's no way this is a salad, it's a big pile of prawns and pasta.

  30. Thanks for the recipe and the Mr Garrison impression! I guess I'll need to make some sweet tea as well if I'm gonna do this thing right.

  31. This is the greatest thing ever. I enjoy that your ingredients include '1 jar of pesto' and the directions are to 'Mix in the jar of pesto.'

    You should think about a cookbook!

  32. @ Shelby, I feel the same way every time I look at my blog.

    @ Empress, I do walk around like that. I just need a bubble or sign above me that lists those things so women know about me.

    @ Tony, true it is only a salad in name.

    @ D'Artagnan, you are welcome.

    @ Anna, I would not say it is the greatest thing ever, I would say I am more of the greatest thing ever. lol

  33. No idea where it came from... but a valid case either way.

    @Simpledude... I don't like olives, either, and I second you on not cooking. I have a passion for it. lol.

  34. @ Stephanie, it is from South Park.

  35. Yum! I never met a shrimp that I didn't like!


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