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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Politically Speaking

One of the things which pisses me off is the way that politicians talk. They have a habit of saying something and then stopping short of completing the sentence as a way of making their little lie seem like the truth.

A simple example of this would be if a man were to tell a ugly woman “you are very attractive”. But what he really means is “you are very attractive on the inside and I would need a case of beer in me before I would fuck you”. See how leaving out the rest of the thought and the end of the sentence works?

Here is a fine little gem of an example that President Obama uses regularly or rather damn near every day during the 2009-2010 health care debacle. He often uses this one when he is talking to people in front of his teleprompter and says, “The Republicans are the party of NO”. This makes me cringe when I hear it. I want to scream at the tv and yell, “finish the fucking sentence”. What he should be saying is “The Republicans are the party of No, as in No they are not going to go against the will of the American people”. Or say “The Republicans are the party of NO; as in NO we don’t need the Republicans input on anything because we control Congress”. See how the way he says it that makes you angry? It is like he is telling a lie and if he would have completed the sentence it would make more sense and be truthful at the same time.

Now don’t think my criticism on this is limited to a Democrat. George Bush had one of these incomplete sentences that would make me want to kick a midget every time I heard it. Do you remember when he would be talking about illegal immigrants? He used to always say that “these people are doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do”. My blood boils just typing that. No Mr. Bush that is a lie and an incomplete sentence you damn well know it. What you should have said is “these people are doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do for less than minimum wage”. You see how when the sentence is finished it suddenly and magically becomes truthful?

Lastly here is one that President Obama has been using every day in the last few weeks while out trying to get people to vote for Democrats in the 2010 mid-term elections. When describing the state of the economy he likes to use an analogy by saying that the economy was a car being driven by Republicans. He says, “The Republicans were driving the car and they drove it right into the ditch”. Which if you are a Democrat zombie this sounds good to you, blame Bush after all it is his fault right? What President Obama should have said was “The Republicans were driving the car but the Democrats, they were the whore in the blue dress in the passenger seat blowing the Republican while they were driving which helped cause the car to drive into the ditch”. Because we as Americans are smart people and we know that you are lying. Do you see how that makes much more sense? It was not one party alone that caused the economy to crash, it was both parties. But you will never ever hear that come out of his mouth.

So you see how speaking in complete sentences can bring out the truth and how not completing a sentence can make you lie? The world revolves around grammar and how you use it. I wish people today would speak the damn truth. But then again it is a pipe dream of mine because politicians lie every time their lips are moving regardless of whether they finish the sentence or not.


  1. AMEN!!! Say what you mean....... all of it.... and mean what you say. Dont blow smoke up my ass thinking Im stupid. Politicians and their spin drs seem to forget that the American people are indeed smarter than the average bear.

  2. OOOOO what about Bill Clinton....

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman ......( to complete the sentence he left off now read it again and add to it: I am married to, I did however fuck the shit out of the intern with my cigar!

  3. Oh I completely forgot about Bill Clinton. Thanks for reminding me.

    What Bill originally said was, "I did not have sex with that woman". When he should have said, "I did not have sex with that woman, but she did suck my cock and I shot my load all over the back of her dress".

  4. LOVE IT!!!!! He shoulda Hooked up with me! Ida swallowed the evidence! Hells Yeah I just Said that!

  5. So I take it you like older guys with big noses?

    I guess if a woman were to 69 with him the lady would be getting a two-for-one-special with him because the oral part plus the nose tickling you as well. Maybe that is why Hillary has stayed with him so long. lol

  6. awesome and so right on point it's painful. I worked in government and there is no one that does not have a price tag.

  7. Like "I will not date anyone again" should be "I will not date anyone again if she has your name and shares your DNA"
    Or "I will not sleep with you" should be "I will not sleep with you unless I'm blindfolded, gagged, held against my will, drugged and unconscious" (I can think of a few men who would receive that line)

    OR... my favorite "Make me a sammich" should REALLY be "Make me a sammich unless you want to blow me and win the lottery, pay all my bills give me a threesome and get some hot chick to make me a sammich"

  8. No matter what, a man still wants a sammich lol

  9. Politicians are a unique breed of tards. It doesn't matter if they are Reps or Dems, they each have their own brand of bloated statements.

  10. I sure hope those two can't use the force because in the pictures it sure looks like they can. Maybe that is how they have been getting elected. "Vote for me" and a wave of the hand fools the weak minded.

  11. Stephen Colbert calls it truthfullness. haha

  12. The only comedian who has ever had a grasp on the world of politics was George Carlin. And while Colbert might be funny, he aint no Carlin.


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