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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hooked Em !!!!

So blog number one is finally here. This is like the first round draft pick having to play up to the level of expectations in his first game right? I do not know, but here goes.

Since my life revolves heavily around my babes (my own term of endearment for my kids), I shall start with a little diddy about them. I have two kids, they are age 9. Yes they are twins for those keeping score at home or the library or Starbucks. One boy and one girl, and no they are not identical for those of you who do not know any better (yes I have been asked if they were identical when I tell people I have twins-one of each).

Today was the first Saturday of the college football season and THE University of Texas was playing here in Houston at Reliant Stadium vs Rice. Well I knew that this game was on the schedule last year and knew I would be taking my fat butt and the babes to the game. So I bought some really great seats a couple of weeks ago. My kids have had today circled in the calendar-o-mind for a while so you know that they were excited. We all get the burnt orange attire on and head to the stadium. I wanted to tail gate, but my kids said no because it was going to be hot. So after donating my right arm as payment for parking, we parked up close to where all of the people were tail gating in the lot we were in. There were all kinds of people bbq’ing, playing football, and all kinds of other activities both adult and kid friendly. So my son asks why we didn’t tail gate and gets mad, and I was like I wanted to and you said no. So he says “well I did not know what this greatness was all about.” Welcome to big time college football my child.

So we walk to the stadium from the lot (which I am sure was longer than the walk Moses took out of Egypt) and head inside. We go up to our section to get drinks and food (where I donated my other arm as payment and now qualify for disability benefits) and head to our seats. We are sitting there and my son notices that there is a huge “R” painted on the 50 yard line and blurts out, “what the French toast dad? Why do they have an R for Rice on the field?” I explained that this was a home game for Rice and he was like, “dad look around there are 70,000 orange shirts here, this is a home game for UT!” He is not so good with “technicalities”.

The game started and me and my son talked about all the plays and cheered together. However all my daughter could muster to do was give me the play by play on what Bevo (the UT longhorn) was doing. Which I can’t blame her, she was up late because her bff spent the night last night.

The game was good as UT won the game 34-17, but they could have played better. But it was the first game of the season so I forgive them. But we all had a good time. I even met up with my childhood besty and got to talk to him and his mom. My kids had a blast, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The most important thing was that I did what I always do; I spend time with my kids.

So for a brief summary:

3 tickets to a UT Game: $175
Park Lot Pass: Right arm
Food and Drinks: Left arm
Taking my kids to their first college and first UT game that they will remember for LIFE: PRICELESS


  1. Great post! Perfect for a "first blog" :)
    I'm so happy you and the babes had a good time too.
    BTW - if you qualify for disability, does that mean you will finally buy me a happy meal?

  2. I bought you sugar once. We are even.

  3. I'll be tuning in...but $175 for tickets? That would very nearly buy a pair of boots...

  4. Georgia, they were originally $40 each, but you know how ticketmaster rapes err ads all of those fees to each ticket.


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