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Friday, September 10, 2010


I just got done watching some of President Obama’s speech about the current state of our economy, and I have to say I am tired of his constant Blame Bush comments. I am no Bush fan (I prefer women to be shaven) but I mean it is really getting old and Americans in general are smart enough to figure out that you are full of crap. It is like yelling fire in a theater every day whether there is a fire or not. Sooner or later people ignore it without even looking for a fire anymore.

Now I do not care what political party is in power at any given time as long as they are doing what is right for America and all Americans. This blame crap is old and each party has been doing it longer than I have been alive, and it needs to stop. I wish just one time in my life a President would stop blaming the other party and take responsibility for what is going on in our country while he or she is in office. I mean if you did not want the responsibility, you should not have ran for and won the office of the President of the United States. Responsibility and accountability (blame yourself) come with the job. Man up (or woman up one day) and take some ownership. Bush has been drinking margaritas for the last year and a half and is not to blame anymore.

So with that being said, “I have a dream…A dream where one day little Democrats and little Republicans can get along and actually work together for the betterment of our great nation. And quit fucking blaming each other for everything."

But at the end of the day I mean if you are going to constantly blame a Bush, blame the “bush” who is really at fault for all of our problems today. Blame the bush who is named Eve. I mean it was all HER fault for us getting thrown out of the garden for that one damn little apple.

Have a nice weekend filled with fun and great high school, college, and NFL football.


  1. My dad always said, "vote the man, not the party" it wasn't until years later that I understood what he meant. Really, I'm with you on this. As long as they are doing *all* citizens of this country right, I couldn't really care less what "party" they attend.

  2. Wow, I think you managed to offend everyone except terrorists in this post... which you did in the last one.

    BTW - marry me.

  3. Oh, and Holly - I don't care what they vote on AS LONG AS they are voting with their constituents. Obviously, they are not.

  4. Well I did warn people that I was offensive, so ye had been warned.

  5. Like I needed to be warned. I bruised you on our first date!

  6. Love your thoughts! Political Wit is my Favorite....Blame Adam....Now There's a sucker that was beating around ol' girls Bush...and he told her he had a serpent!

  7. Thank you. I am glad you enjoy my humor.

    And it is still Eve's fault regardless of what he told her, she should have been eating his apples and not gods apples. lol

  8. So, you mean that she should have snacked on his man bits and taken them off? I always thought men liked them to be licked/sucked NOT eaten/bitten.
    Guess that's where I've been going wrong...


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