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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Invisible Friends......

Lets talk about the first amendment a little bit. With all of the anger over the proposed ground zero mosque, it has been beaten to death.

The Freedom of Religion allows you to worship whatever invisible friend you wish. It is also the same protection that is allowing the ground zero mosque to be built. No one in America thinks that they should not be allowed to build a mosque there as it is protected by the first amendment. However people think it might be wise to build it elsewhere down the street a little further from ground zero. But the beautiful thing about the first amendment is that it gives you the right to worship a religion also gives us the right to clown said religion. How about if the mosque gets built and someone builds a South Carolina style BBQ pig joint next door called “Swine is Fine?” Or if someone built a gay night club next door that caters to gay Muslims called “You Mecca Me Hot.”  I am pretty sure that the Muslims would say that it is insensitive to open a business like that next to a mosque. Insensitive is exactly what the American people have said about building a mosque next to ground zero.

The Right to Free Speech allows you to do or say pretty much everything that you want with very little restrictions. In this country it is ok if you want to burn an American flag as it is protected by the first amendment. So recently some idiot pastor of some church wants to hold a “burn the Koran” day on September 11th. Well personally I do not think it is very wise to do so because all it is doing is pissing off Muslims. But his right to do so is protected under the first amendment as a freedom of speech or expression. So what did the world do you ask? Threaten Americans with death. Not just the pastor but all Americans. Yep that is the “religion of peace” that the media always tells us about daily.

But here is the ironic part about both of those two things above. The same amendment that protects the right to build a mosque also protects someone’s right to burn a bible. But just because it is legal do something does not mean it is wise/smart/kosher/a good idea to do it.


  1. Bravo!! Well said!
    You put into words what I would never have been able to express.
    I may have to pimp you out now.

  2. I did mention that this blog might have common sense.

    I am feeling like I really need to do stand up comedy.

  3. Agreed. Because it's legal doesn't mean its wise..or even safe. As for the the assbag burning the Quaran, while this is covered under the 1st amendment, it is a move that is ripe for negative repercussions. Somethings are better left unsaid and in this case.. undone.

  4. When was the last time you saw an American threaten a Muslim for going on tv and burning a Chinese made American flag?

    Invisible friends have been making people mad for thousands of years. I think if women where to wear bikinis more, there might be hope for world peace.

  5. Mr Glasses - there will never be world peace b/c people are afraid of sex. Duh.

  6. Yup! All of that and then some! I believe the Mosque is 2 blocks away from Ground Zero and NOT AT ground Zero is my understanding... there is a Park AT Ground Zero! Also my understanding is it was a Muslim Community center that they (the established Muslim community there) are renovating into a Mosque. The Muslim community center that already exists, is not actually being moved to Ground Zero. Also...Its (the Muslim Community Center) in the same neighborhood as a strip joint and a porno shop...they (The already existing Muslim Community) are trying to revitalize the area...My information could be wrong though...it was stated on a natl NPR talk show that I listen too and its a pretty Liberal Show...I haven't confirmed its validity!

  7. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/religion/july-dec10/groundzero_08-10.html

    My FYI regarding the Info I heard! I like how you think!!

  8. Personally I could care less what they are using the mosque for. Yes it says it is a community center, but I think it is tacky and insensitive. Which is why I say build a gay muslim nightclub next door. But the YMCA said the same thing in the 70's and back then it was a bath house for gay men.

  9. I personally don't care if they build a mosque in new york aren't there already like 20 million there and space is limited...lol I don't think it's a smart idea but I'd love to open a gay night club called “You Mecca Me Hot.” I'm sure it would be a bigger more popular place! lol....I'm not so sure my "invisible friend" would approve but hell its mankind that said we had freedom of speech and religion right?!


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